MKW Chapter 219

Chapter 219 – [I am a good student]


Chapter 219 I am a good student

“Little Ling are you alright?”

In a hospital, two huge and fierce brothers stand behind a middle-aged man who is staring at Ling Yan who is lying in a hospital bed.

The normally majestic, Xin Dong district hall master Ling Yan is currently looking very wretched.

He is covered with a plaster cast and lying on the hospital bed with a stomach filled with anger.

“Second brother, I am unable to swallow this grievance!”

“Ha ha, but this is the first time I have seen you trashed so miserably.”

As that middle-aged man speaks, he takes out a cigarette, placed it in his mouth and lights it.

The nurse who has just come in instantly chided him when she saw the middle-aged man smoking.

“What are you doing. This is a hospital. You are not allowed to smoke here!”

The middle-aged man glanced at the nurse.

Instantly 7-8 men stand up and glare viciously at the nurse.

“This…you can continue to smoke…”

The nurse was so badly scared that her legs softened as she hurriedly retreats and escaped.

“Little Ling, do you need elder brother to help you settle this matter?”

“No need! Second brother, Xin Dong district is my territory. Let me settle the problems that pop out in my territory myself!”

Ling Yan grinds his teeth and says: “Furthermore that bastard is only a small gang head! Damn it, it is because I am too careless that’s why I got taken advantage of! Wait till I get discharged from the hospital and it will be the time of death for that gang! I, Ling Yan must torture them to death! I must!!”

“Too much anger will harm your body.”

The man’s voice is very calm. “Since you wish to handle it yourself then your older brother will not stop you. But big brother recently has given the word that there are too many different powers in Xin Dong district.”

“Big brother’s intention is?”

“Big brother’s wish is to unite Xin Dong district. Little Ling will there be difficulties?”

“No!” Ling Yan smiles and says: “Since I also want to destroy Red Scarf Army, I can just kill the chicken to scare the monkeys! Right! I just had a good idea!”


“After I am discharged, I will host a meeting and gather all of the bosses of the gangs in Xin Dong district as well as that Red Scarf Army! Later at that time, I will first take down the Red Scarf Army’s people and then threaten the rest to force them to surrender to us! Second brother, what do you think of this idea?”

“This idea is not that bad but you are lacking an expert to help you.”

The middle-aged man orders is a low voice: “Jun Dao, you shall help Little Ling for this few days.”

At the side, a skinny man with a very sharp gaze silently nods his head.

Ling Yan is instantly happy. “That is great! With Jun Dao’s help, the plan will definitely succeed! Second brother, I know that you treat me the best!”

“Hur hur, we are blood brothers thanking me makes me feel like I am an outsider.”

The middle-aged man smiles faintly and says: “But this time you must make sure to do it properly. Do not disappoint Big Brother again.”

“I know second brother, leave it to me! After I am discharged from the hospital, I guarantee that I will give big brother a complete Xin Dong district!”

[TL: warrrrrr!!!!!!!! looks like there be more fighting scene coming soon ^^]

“Good.” The middle-aged man nods his head. After giving a few more orders, he turned around and left.

Ling Yan clenches his fist as he stares out of the window.

Red Scarf Army! This time around I will make sure that all of you are dead!

[KG: Another villains walks towards his death]

[TL: well he needs a grindstone anyways]

Liu Yi just wait for my revenge. I, Ling Yan will definitely repay you back a hundred times, a thousand times!!

Ling Yan does not know that at this time, Liu Yi is badly tortured by his current math exam.

The examination hall is very quiet. It is in the late autumn and they are not allowed to open the windows, to allow the room to have more heat.

The examiners are patrolling the room, their fiery eyes glaring at those students who are thinking of cheating.

Liu Yi recognizes this examiner. He is nicknamed as one of the school’s Four Law Kings.

Law King is a nickname, which means that they are ruthless and completely heartless when catching students during examination.

Whoever gets caught cheating is definitely miserable!

Looking at Chen Cai again, on the contrary, he is actually continuously writing something.

With just these few days of memorizing you can actually do the questions?

These few days as Liu Yi is busy with his cultivation and he did not become lazy..

Even now Liu Yi is still under twenty times gravity.

Even if he is under such gravity, Liu Yi is still way stronger than normal people.

“Idiot. Let this lady help you.”

Lin Tong is sitting on Liu Yi’s table as she looks at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi looks at Lin Tong in shock. “Help? Help how?”

“Ehh, Immortal Fox Sister also knows math?”

“In the past, I learned before but I have forgotten most of it.” Lin Tong expresses regret.

“But this lady can help you look at others! You see that smart looking guy, he has been answering so smoothly. Once this lady sneaks to his table and remembers his answers then this lady will return and tell you the answers!”

This seems to be a good idea!

But making Lin Tong help me cheat during exams… Liu Yi has a sinful feeling.

[TL: no need for Lin Tong I rather have Little Jade]

“No need for such trouble!”

Little Jade’s laughing voice rang out: “Owner, take a look at Little Jade’s ability!”

Saying this, a row of calculations appear in front of his eyes.

In front of Liu Yi’s eyes, on the empty spaces of the question paper appears row after row of answers.

“These questions are too simple! To me a supercomputer, it is a piece of cake! Owner can simply copy my answers and it’ll be okay!”

I’ll be damned.. this is way too convenient!

With Little Jade around, it is way too easy to cheat!

If this is a game, Little Jade will be the legendary cheat engine!

Too awesome…

“Pei! Seizing the opportunity! You can only help with such minor matters!”

Lin Tong snorts unconvinced.

“La la la, as long as it can make owner happy, Little Jade will feel that I have done an earthshaking matter!”

Liu Yi starts to have a headache as the AI and little fox start to quarrel again.

“The two of you stop quarrelling already. Let me finish answering this question paper in peace first.”

Liu Yi starts to work hard in “solving” the question, after all, if he did not do well in this exam, they will invite his parents down!

Liu Yi does not wish for his mother to take leave from hospital to lose face in school!!

Otherwise, he will definitely get beaten when he returns home.

Liu Yi trembles slightly before continuing to copy the answers in a hurry.

[TL: and he looks down on Chen Dahai]

He completely does not understand math. He does not know when he would use such profound math questions in the future, as he will not be a math teacher nor do jobs related to math.

Liu Yi feels that most of the current things that he has learned are of no use, purely a stuffed duck.

He reckons that when he goes to university, he will most probably choose a humanities major and there are some humanities major that do not have math subjects.

After he has graduated, there will be less of a chance of using math… as well as those politics and literature subjects… are completely useless.

As for these future worthless subjects, currently, he has to work hard in studying them to raise his marks to use as a stepping stone for his application to university and future job-hunting.

Human life is really so strange ah…

[TL: agreed… so far I have not use any algebra and the likes after school…]

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh with sorrow.

Copying answer is very fast, within moments Liu Yi has already finish answering all the questions.

Earlier he spent quite some time staring blanking. A short moment after he has finishing writing, the bell for the end of exam started ringing.

After handing in the question paper, Chen Cai runs over and ask: “Boss, how is your test ah?”

There are many examination halls, in this examination hall, only Chen Cai is close to Liu Yi. For the others, they are either from other classes or classmates who are not close to Liu Yi.

“Still okay I guess. Shouldn’t be a problem.”

Liu Yi purposely writes down a few wrong answers but scoring around 130 marks shouldn’t be a problem.

“Right… Boss, this time around the math paper is very difficult!”

Chen Cai says with worry: “I’m afraid that scoring around 60 marks is very good for me.”

150 marks paper, 60 marks…. for the past Liu Yi is already an A* standard.

Usually, he scores 5 marks for his math paper ah… for the 5 multiple choice question till now he can only answer one correctly.

[TL: damn he must be one of those who is unable to do math questions.]

This shows how bad Liu Yi’s moral standing is!

“You see there are so many people grumbling in the exam hall!”

Chen Cai points around the class, indeed there are a lot of people who are complaining that the questions were too difficult.

“Difficult? It was still okay I guess.”

Liu Yi feels that it is still okay, after all…he copied his…cough cough…

“Boss you are angering me… Forget it… come follow me to the toilet and smoke.”

Chen Cai pulls Liu Yi along.

“We are still in high school… smoking is not good.”

Liu Yi slightly nervous.

“Come on…What are you afraid of!”

Chen Cai smiles faintly. “We are all men eh. There is nothing wrong with smoking a cigarette.”

Liu Yi also cannot do anything, who asked him to know this best friend.

He follows Chen Cai to the male toilet and inside there are already a few heavy smokers smoking heavily.

Students are rather depressing, any smokers will be caught by the teachers.

Thus the only place for them to smoke is to hide in the toilet and secretly smoke.

The school is very strict about smoking and if caught, the whole school will be informed.

Despite so, it is not able to stop these heavy smokers, tobacco addiction.

Usually, these people who hid in the toilet and smoke, the minority of them are good students, most of them are hooligans.

Originally they are arrogantly smoking in the toilet, but when they see Liu Yi coming in, they instantly lower their heads.

“Brother Liu…”

“Brother Liu personally came down to use toilet ah…”

The heck… If I don’t come down personally and use the loo then who uses the loo for me!!!

Liu Yi directly rolls his eyes.

“Brother Chen, come smoke, smoke.”

Unexpectedly Kevin is here as well and respectfully helps Chen Cai light up his cigarette.

Since he has become Liu Yi’s little brother, Chen Cai’s status changes along with the situation and wherever he goes, he is respected.

In school, there isn’t anyone who dares to bully him anymore and there is only him bullying others.

Kevin who used to be the tyrant in this level is currently extremely deferential to Chen Cai.

As for his attitude towards Liu Yi, there isn’t anything more to say, he is just afraid to die.

As for Yuan Shaojun, there are rumours that he has already dropped out of school and is possibly mingling in the underworld.

Actually, the one who worries Liu Yi most is Ma Yixuan.

Since that lass has joined the Great God Sect, it is like she has disappeared off the face of the earth.

She did not return home nor go to school.

Ma Yuanyuan’s family has already reported to the police but till now the police do not have any clue as to where she is.

How could the hide-out of the Great God Sect be so easy to find…

A cunning rabbit has three holes, that Great God Sect will definitely have countless of bases.

After Liu Yi has entered, the rest of the students do not dare to smoke in here anymore and quickly escape.

Chen Cai nods his head in satisfaction and blows the smoke out of the window.

“See, this is called life. Boss do you want a stick?”

“Not interested. I am a good student who does not smoke nor drink,” says Liu Yi without shame.

I don’t smoke or drink…but I’m a gang boss.^^



Chapter 219 – [I am a good student]


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