MKW Chapter 218

Chapter 218 – [Snatch everything of his]


All of the Black Dragon Gang members looked on in shock, not daring to step forward.

They do not know what they should do.

“Lick your shoe? Scram from Xin Dong district?”

Liu Yi licks the blood on his face and smiles before saying to the stunned Black Dragon Gang members behind him: “Bring your Boss Yan and scram. Tell him the one who should scram from Xin Dong district is the Black Dragon Gang.”

This move of Liu Yi’s has shocked the Black Dragon Gang. Especially Ling Yan who is injured all over the place, if he does not go to the hospital soon, he might die.

The Black Dragon Gang members do not dare to hesitate, they carefully walk over and carry off Ling Yan in a hurry.

Within a short moment, the stage which was surrounded by the Black Dragon Gang is empty.

Liu Yi receives a towel from a member besides him and wipes off the blood on his face before saying to the crowd watching in the viewing area: “Dear ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s single elimination tournament shall end now and the stage master is me. But there is no need to regret because we will be hosting a single elimination tournament every night here. Those friends who are seeking for blood or excitement, our Cape Bar’s door is always open for you.”

A lot of the viewers cheer in excitement…

Such excitement ah…it is definitely exciting.

With just the strength of a person, Liu Yi manages to save the desperate crisis and pulls Red Scarf Army out of danger.

“Boss… you are too ferocious…”

Hu Rui raises two thumbs up to Liu Yi. “I, Hu Rui am completely convinced by you.”

“Just now you seemed to have changed into another person?”

Sun Haoyuan also speaks up: “It is almost like… a slaughtering devil!”

“What are you saying…”

Liu Yi smiles faintly and says: “I am a good person with *five virtues and four grace.”

*五讲四美: 其中五讲指讲文明、讲礼貌、讲卫生、讲秩序、讲道德;四美指心灵美、语言美、行为美、环境美

   [TL: Five virtues represent, good culture, good manners, good hygiene, good social order and good ethics. Four grace represents, spiritual beauty(I believe it means beautiful soul?), language beauty(the way they speak), behaviour beauty (good conduct?)and environmental beauty(upbring?)]

The group of people instantly raises both hands and raised their middle fingers at Liu Yi

Liu Yi is very clear in his heart that it is because of the influence of his other side.

The other Liu Yi is blood-thirsty, violent and cold-hearted.

But towards the Black Dragon Gang, this group of bandits, there is no need to talk about sentiments or face.

As Liu Yi has the strength, thus he can choose to use violence to curb violence.

But if it is a powerless person, he can only bear with it grudgingly.

For example the people in Peng Hu district.

“But thanks to this times danger… I’m afraid that the grudge we have with the Black Dragon Gang has become bigger…”

Chen Ye says in worries: “When that Ling Yan have recovered, they will definitely counterattack crazily.”

“Who says we will give them the chance to recover?”

Liu Yi smiles: “We must strike while the iron is hot. If we want to set our roots in this Xin Dong district, we need to get rid of Black Dragon Gang.”

“Boss just say what you plan to do! We will all listen to you!” Sun Haoyuan blurts out.

“It is not convenient to speak here. Let’s return to the meeting room.”

Liu Yi looks around the surrounding. When his gaze lands on Zhou Jinle, he realized that Zhou Jinle’s expression is very unnatural.

All of the Red Scarf Army members are either excited or happy. But only this guy does not look happy but rather has an expression of failure.

There is definitely a problem.

Liu Yi gave an order. “Call Dahai to come back for a meeting.”

“Yes.” Chen Ye knows that this is a huge problem, thus even if the squad leader needs to kneel on a washing board after this, so be it.

He immediately went to call Chen Dahai and told him the seriousness of the situation.

In less than twenty minutes, Chen Dahai pushes open the meeting room door and rushes in.

“Boss, I have heard that you have sent Ling Yan that idiot to the hospital? Too beautiful! Let me hug you!!”Done speaking, he walks towards Liu Yi.

“Stop stop stop! I’m not a gay!”

Liu Yi immediately stops the excited Chen Dahai.

“Damn. Boss, you have no idea how much I hate Ling Yan that fellow!If not for that bastard, we would not be in so much trouble.”

“Let’s not talk about Ling Yan. We have more important things to talk about.”

Liu Yi looks at the people sitting inside. Other than Sun Haoyuan and the other students, there is only Chen Dahai and Chen Ye.

“Big Head. Go outside and keep watch. Do not let anyone get close. Rat will tell you the content of our discussion later.”

“Okay.” Sun Haoyuan can only nod his head.

Although he does not know why Liu Yi is so careful, he does listen to his order.

Seeing Sun Haoyuan walk out and close the door properly, Liu Yi exhales in relief. With someone watching the outside, there shouldn’t be ears outside the door.

“Boss, why are you so careful?”

Chen Dahai frowns faintly and looks at Liu Yi. “They are all of my squad brothers and are definitely reliable ah.”

“Don’t be so sure. There is definitely a spy among us.”

Liu Yi sigh. “As for who it is, I cannot confirm yet. But I am sure that all of us here are reliable.”

“Then boss, what is our next step?” Chen Dahai asks curiously.

Liu Yi clenches his fist and says: “Now that Ling Yan is in the hospital, I want to use this opportunity to chase the Black Dragon Gang out of Xin Dong district.”

“Ah? Are we able to?” Chen Dahai is slightly shocked.

“Just based on us few people? Boss, it is not that I, Chen Dahai, look down on you but our amount people are tiny and out power is small. With us few brothers, we are unable to do anything.”

“Thus the first thing we need to do is to recruit troops.”

Liu Yi looks at Chen Dahai. “This task is yours.”

Chen Dahai is instantly baffled. “Recruit troops? Who do I recruit?”

“Retired army men.”

Liu Yi points out a way for Chen Dahai. “There are so many retired army men, not just from the Red Scarf Army, this small amount of men. Large portions of the retired army men, based on my understanding their living conditions are average. And currently, we can give them better treatment…”

“I understand your meaning boss!”

Chen Dahai nods his head. So boss is looking at my comrade-in-arms!

As the international situation is at peace, a large number of soldiers after retiring becomes useless!

Some become security guards while some who are slightly better off can become bodyguards.

A large number of them are like me, unable to find a proper job.

If Liu Yi is willing to recruit them, he can indeed form a very strong force, because they are soldiers who have gone through training!

“Red Scarf Army is not a criminal organization. You must make this point very clear.”

Liu Yi reminded Chen Dahai. “When you recruit troops, you must remind them about this point. What is our Red Scarf Army objective?”

“If Darkness does not extinguish, Red Scarf shall not fall.”

Chen Dahai and Liu Yi look at each other face to face.

“That’s right. If Darkness does not extinguish, Red Scarf shall not fall.”

Liu Yi says in his heart. Having a slogan is good.

“If we become the underworld boss, it is not to torment East Dragon district. But to purge the underworld forces in East Dragon district.”

Liu Yi stares at the rest of the people in the room. “East Dragon district gangs are simply too vile, like a group of rats! Just based on this point, although I hate Japan, I must say we must learn from Japan.”

He stands up and says faintly: “The gang system in Japan is way better than in China. Their gangs are very disciplined and are righteous. When there are people messing around or fighting within their place, the first to arrive and maintain the law and order is not the police but the gangs. Such gangs are liked by the public and the peddlers are willing to pay the protection money. Do you understand?”

“I understand!”

Chen Dahai is not an idiot, thus he nods his head.

“In the end, our influence will be something similar to a protection group! People give us money and we will protect their businesses safety!”

“That’s right!”

Liu Yi acknowledges and looks at Chen Dahai in appreciation.

“Other than this, we need to establish a legitimate business and use it to earn more money. Despite how popular an underworld business can be, it cannot be brought to the public. You, Chen Dahai are willing to hide underworld forever? Your wife and children not able to properly attend formal occasions? In the future, if someone asks your children what does your father work as your children can only answer my father is a hired thug! Or is it better if your children tell other people my father is a manager, a CEO?”

“Of, of course, it is the second one…”

Chen Dahai is filled with yearning. Even Tang Guo, Hu Rui, Chen Ye’s gazes are filled with enthusiasm.

Chen Dahai is different from Tang Guo and the rest. If it is not because he is unable to find fortune, why would he be messing around in the underworld?

Tang Guo and Hu Rui are both young, thus they are full of adventurous spirit and love to seek uncommon things and excitement.

“Thus we need to change.”

Liu Yi is also filled with expectations for the future Red Scarf Army.

Chen Dahai feels that Liu Yi still has something to say, thus he asks: “Other than recruiting troops?”

“Second, it is equipment.”

Liu Yi raises two fingers and shakes them. “Our Red Scarf Army currently is a bare-chested man which is unable to deal with anyone. Only when we have the equipment are we then able to fight off the Black Dragon Gang and chase them away.”

“Not a problem. Since we have money, a few days later, I’ll send Chen Ye out to buy a chopper back.”

Liu Yi starts to sweat. “…”

“Brother… is this currently the cold weapon era?”

“F**k…. you want to obtain firearms?!”

Chen Dahai immediately says: “This is impossible! China’s firearms control is very strict! Even in the Northeast, we can only obtain some firearms from the Russians gangs… but our money is not enough ah!”

Just with this 100k…what can you obtain!

Liu Yi smiles mysteriously: “You don’t have to worry about that. If your courage is large enough, we will be able to obtain some firearms.”

Chen Dahai instantly is interested. “How do we obtain them?”

To be honest, when he is in the army, his favorite thing to do is to fire a gun.

But after coming to here, there are no more chances.

“The day after, there will be a secret exchange at riverbank docks.”

Liu Yi points to a location on the map on the table. “The exchange is money and a large number of firearms. There is no need for me to say the rest right?”

When they hear this news, everyone in the room was stunned.

“Boss… who are the ones involved in the exchange?”

“A group of devils.”

Liu Yi’s AI is stolen from the Glorious Sun Conglomerate. Thus all of the  Glorious Sun Conglomerate’s database exists in Little Jade’s database.

Thus this Glorious Sun Conglomerate’s secret firearm exchange is naturally found out by Liu Yi.


Chapter 218 – [Snatch everything of his]


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  1. It seems that parents teach their children that the Japanese are a few demons sucks blood by the war. “Liu Yi: although hated japon”…?, hatred is transmitted in the genes?. ” Although it has a reason for the previous chapters, it seems that it is always the case.


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