MKW Chapter 217

Chapter 217 – [Come and lick my shoe]


Instantly every member of the Red Scarf Army stands behind Liu Yi.

All of them have a red cloth wrapped around them.

The most eye-catching is the red scarf that Sun Haoyuan wears around his forehead.

At this time, behind Liu Yi is a field of red.

At this moment, he takes out a red scarf and ties around his left arm.

Liu Yi raises his left hand and yelled: “Wildfire illuminates the source, Red Scarf Shall Stand.”

This is copying the slogan of the Yellow Turban Army: ‘The Blue sky is dead, the Yellow sky arises! In this year of Jiazi, the land will know peace!’

While the existence of the Red Scarf Army is to sweep away the darkness in this East Dragon District.

As long as darkness exists, Red Scarf shall not fall!

“Wildfire illuminates the source, Red scarf shall Stand.”

[TL: the slogan completely makes no sense…]

The Red Scarf Army members standing behind him shouted along as well, with their bursting momentum, they suppressed the hissing of the crowd.

The black devil was surprised and frowned at Liu Yi.

“Who the heck are you little fellow?”

“Red Scarf Army’s boss.”

Liu Yi replies and claps his hands.

Instantly the bell for the competition is struck.

The black devil’s body shakes slightly before he suddenly kicks out, his leg kicking towards Liu Yi’s face.

This black devil despite saying that he will let me leave, he is actually so fierce when the fight starts ah!

Liu Yi replies in kind and smashing his right fist forwards towards the center of the black devil leg.

Charles started to laugh loudly when he sees Liu Yi’s actions. “Ha ha ha!

My Charles leg is able to break a person’s bones when I kick them!”

“Little brat! Your arm is a goner!”

Done speaking, the arm and leg struck each other.

“BANG!” a loud crashing sound occurs.

Liu Yi retreats a step while Charles retreats by two steps before stopping, his left leg going numb as his face fell.

He looks at Liu Yi in shock as his mind turns numb.

How is this possible…

My iron leg is actually almost broken by the opponent’s punch!

While that little brat seems to be completely fine!

“Just this little bit of ability and you actually dare to mess around in my Red Scarf Army ground’s?”

Liu Yi clucks softly and cracks his neck, popping his joints.

“No matter who sent you here, I must say that he harmed you.”


The black devil cursed in his native language. Bearing his left leg’s pain, he stood up and starts jabbing at Liu Yi.

Wow, he is actually quite good. The punches are very ferocious and painful.

Furthermore, the angles of the punch are from crafty angles and aiming at Liu Yi’s vital parts.

But Liu Yi is not bothered by such kind of attack.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The combo of punches strikes the air, causing the black devil to be deeply shocked.

The reason why he is called Killing Machine is not just because of his iron leg.

His punching skill is also very good!

In American underground boxing, he is called Lightning Fist!

It is unbelievable that I am actually defeated in China!

Furthermore, it is by a little brat!

After he has thrown so many punches, not a single punch hit him!

Fuck! What is this situation!


The black devil is delighted as he finally landed a punch!

But very quickly he was shocked because his punch landed on Liu Yi’s palm.

“After punching so many times, are you tired?”

Liu Yi grabs the black devil’s fist tightly and says smiling: “Although you are a guest from afar, since you have thrown so many punches, you should be satisfied already. Now it should be my turn.”

Liu Yi throws out a lower hook and accurately hits the lower jaw of the black devil.


The black devil’s body actually went flying from Liu Yi’s strike and landed at the edge of the platform, pressing down on the ring rope.

Boss Yan who was originally drinking, drops his wine cup upon seeing the scene.

“Charles… actually got beaten so badly?”


“Boss Yan! That little fellow actually has some abilities ah!”

“Idiot! So what if he can fight! Here is the gang’s area, not a martial arts hall!”

Boss Yan spits and signals a henchman over.

He gave a few orders and the henchmen immediately nods his head before walking towards the fighting ring.


At this time, Charles is lying at the ringside seeing stars.

He does not understand why he was so badly beaten up by a youngster!

“Charles, catch!”

A few mysterious men stand behind Charles, one of them grabs a chair and passes to Charles.

Damn it! There are people messing around!”

Sun Haoyuan instantly got angered. “Chase them out!”

“No need to bother. Let’s settle them after this.” Liu Yi smiles coldly.

Raising his hand to stop Sun Haoyuan, he says: “Let me settle this black devil first.”

As they are speaking, Charles has received the chair.

Under the crowd cheers, Charles harshly smashes the chair towards Liu Yi.

The crowd does not care if Charles takes a weapon or if it is fair as what they are here to watch is excitement.

Liu Yi knows about it as well, thus he does not stop it.

Because he has the ability to!

The chair smashes towards Liu Yi’s head under the control of the black devil.

As for Liu Yi, he does not bother to block, instead, he turns around and kicks.


That kick directly breaks the chair in the black devil’s hand before landing on the head of the black devil.

The black devil is instantly sent flying and lands out of the stage. He landed on the ground bleeding all over the face unconscious.

“Damn it!”

Boss Yan smashes his wine glass and cursed loudly.

“Brothers, send people up!”

As he yells, a group of hot-blooded men immediately surround the stage. This group of people is around a hundred people and there are more coming down from the viewing platform in all directions.

Not only was Liu Yi surrounded, even all the members of Red Scarf Army were surrounded.

After all, Red Scarf Army only has ten plus members while the Black Dragon Gang has over a hundred people, thus it is impossible to compare.

The crowd watching, instead of being afraid, instead, all of them are getting more excited.

The ticket money is indeed well spent tonight. Not only can we watch the underground competition, we can also watch a gang fight!

They are not worried about their safety, because in Xin Dong island, they are protective of their guests.

Guests are the consumers and the money trees of Xin Dong island. The gangs in Xin Dong island have already come to a consensus to not do an action that kills the goose that lays the golden egg.

“Boss we are surrounded!”

Seeing the countless Black Dragon Gang members surround him, Sun Haoyuan instead of becoming afraid, he gets excited.

At this moment, Liu Yi is also getting excited as well as his blood starts to boil slightly.

This is the legendary gang members risking their life together!

In the past, I always think that this is only a rumor and is something that only happens on TV.

But unexpectedly there is actually a day where I am involved in it!

Furthermore, it is with the identity of a gang boss!

“Looks like the Black Dragon gang are here to join the fun.”

Liu Yi straightens the red scarf on his arm and says slowly: “The people coming are guests, do not slight out guests.”

“Understood!” all of the Red Scarf Army members reply loudly.

None of them are afraid!

Other than Sun Haoyuan and the gang, the rest of the Red Scarf Army members are all soldiers.

This kind of situation to them is nothing much!

“Ha ha ha, although you are young, your temper is rather big.”

A man claps his hands as he walks over.

“Ling Yan it’s you!”

When Chen Ye sees the man, his eyes instantly turns slightly red.

“Bastard looks like it is you who sets up this ambush for us!”

“Hehe, Chen Ye without your boss around let’s see how arrogant you guys will be this time around.” That man says proudly, his face filled with joy.

Liu Yi looks at him a few more times and Little Jade has already dug up all of his information.

Ling Yan, Black Dragon Gang’s Xin Dong Hall hall master. He has full authority over all the powers in the Xin Dong district. He is a sly and ruthless character, cunning and deceitful.

This is considered the first time that Red Scarf Army and Black Dragon Gang has come to blows after I have taken over the Red Scarf Army?

Very well, then let’s make it more exciting.

“Their boss is here.” Liu Yi points to himself and reminds Ling Yan.

“You? Other than knowing how to fight a bit, what do you this little fellow count as!”

Ling Yan sneers. “I, Ling Yan has roamed around this place for over ten years. When I was chased by others, you this little fellow is still in your mother’s stomach doing Tai chi!”

“Ha ha ha ha!”

The group of Black Dragon Gang members starts to laugh.

“Looks like Boss Yan does not want to be lucky today then.”

Liu Yi does not know why Ling Yan likes others to call him Boss Yan and neither does he care.

“I am here today to seek blessings.”

Ling Yan laughs: “Obediently give up the Cape Bar and get out of Xin Dong district and I, Ling Yan , will give you a chance of survival!”

Liu Yi nods his head. “Since it is like this I understand.”

“Haha, seems like this little fellow is a smart person.”

Ling Yan thought that Liu Yi is afraid and smiles in satisfaction.

Ling Yan points to his leather shoes and says: “ Under the gaze of such a large crowd if your Red Scarf Army young boss obediently lick my shoes, tonight you can leave this stage alive.”

Tang Guo shouts: “Liu Yi! Don’t agree with that idiot!”

Chen Ye and the rest prepare to fight back. “Right, at most let us stake our lives!”

Zhuo Jinle hid in the shadows and laughs coldly.

Stake your lives?

There are over a hundred Black Dragon Gang members here, what can you take out to risk it?

My gang of comrades are all too stubborn and don’t know how to progress.

Only I, Zhuo Jinle is a smart person.

“Do not say anymore, I am the boss.”

Liu Yi stops Sun Haoyuan and the gang as he walks slowly towards Ling Yan.

Seeing that Liu Yi is being so obedient, Ling Yan laughs happily: “That’s right, obediently walk over like a good doggy.”

“With such virtue and you want to fight against our Black Dragon Gang, ha ha ha! Obediently lick my shoes and then scram for me!”

At this moment, Liu Yi has already reached the side of Ling Yan.

He bends down slowly.

The members of Black Dragon Gang are all delighted while the people from Red Scarf Army clench their fists.

Just as Ling Yan thinks that Liu Yi is going to lick his shoes, Liu Yi suddenly picks up a chair beside him and fiercely smashes it at Ling Yan.


The chair instantly breaks and scatters wood fragments all over the ground.

Ling Yan collapsed onto the ground as his head start to bleed all over the place.

Everyone was stunned stupid and stopped moving.

But Liu Yi is not done. He stands there and continues to beat the unconscious Ling Yan with the broken chair.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!”

Blood and wood fragments mix together and fly all over the place.


Chapter 217 – [Come and lick my shoe]


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