MKW Chapter 216

Chapter 216 – [Nothing here ^^ fooled yeah]


“Do you know that Cape Bar  has a Single-elimination Open Tournament tonight?”

“Of course I know of it. Tonight I am also going to fight some rounds to win back some money! Hahaha!”

“Just you? Are you able to?”

“Don’t look down on me. In the past, I wore down 8 pairs of shoes to chase down a person!”

“Right right, after you win you must remember to treat me!”

“No problem!”

In every bar and entertainment center in Xin Dong Island, you are able to hear such conversation.

There are people who are preparing to take part in the tournament and win the prize money as well as those who are preparing to buy tickets to watch the tournament.

Under Hu Rui’s recommendation, Liu Yi takes out 100k to be the tournament grand prize.

There aren’t many rules in underground fights, Liu Yi, and the gang chooses to do the same as well.

In the cruel underground fights, there is only one rule, defending your position.

As long as you have the ability, you can keep defending the stage.

Furthermore, there is a prize for winning a round. Every round you win is a thousand dollars.

Liu Yi has also ordered people to prepare a medical group on the side just in case there is an accident during the fights.

Underground fighting is originally very brutal and bloody. That is also the reasons why it attracted a lot of people to watch the fights.

Their current space is very limited, thus there are only a hundred plus sitting tickets while there are slightly more standing tickets.

Hu Rui suggested that sitting tickets to be priced at 500 while standing tickets at 100.

At that time, Liu Yi is very shocked. 500 dollars sitting tickets is so expensive, will people buy?

But the sold-out sales for that night shock Liu Yi even more.

Using Hu Rui words, the people who come to enjoy Xin Dong area are the wealthy and respectable peoples. Their pockets are not lacking in money.

They are here to find excitement, thus they do not put this amount of money in their eyes.

In a few of the large gambling houses in Xin Dong district, there are people who lose millions in a single night.

Thus this small of money is nothing to them.

“Just based of the money earned from the sales of tickets, We have already earned back 60 thousand in a single night.”

Chen Ye and the rest were setting the accounts before the opening time. “Big Boss! We have earned a lot! As long as we manage to hold on to the final prize money then it is settled! Furthermore, we have already opened the betting house. From the money that people have bet, we can also earn a large sum!”

“Oh… this is only the beginning. Later when the prize money increases, this matter will become easier.”

“Don’t worry boss,” Sun Haoyuan says: “we will properly safeguard this arena.”

“Such a pity that Dahai is not around and will miss tonight’s excitement.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath. This hen-pecked man ah!

“Right, what happens if there is a person who purposefully bribes his opponent to lose?”

Liu Yi suddenly thought of this problem.

“We will take notice of every single person who places a large bet.”

Chen Ye immediately replies: “As it is just the beginning, our betting house and prize money is not enough, there shouldn’t be any large bets. Furthermore, we have a rule. Even if they win a thousand per match, but they must either win all the way or give up after the match to take away the reward. If they choose to continue fighting, then lose, they will not get the reward money.”

“This is not bad.”

Liu Yi nods his head. “Who thought of this? Hu Rui?”


Hu Rui laughs drily.

“Hey! Are you looking down on this woman?”

Tang Guo crosses her arms and glares at Liu Yi. “Can’t this lady contribute to this gang?!”

“Ah, so it is actually beauty Tang Guo’s idea, good, very good.”

Liu Yi immediately starts praising her.

There are some women who cannot be angered ah….

“Hehe, glad you know!”

Tang Guo finally sits down in satisfaction. She is sucking on a lollipop as she listens to pop music through an earpiece, almost like she is here for fun!

“The crowd outside is almost ready.”

One of the Red Scarf Army members pushes aside the curtains and look outside. “There are brothers maintaining the order downstairs, there is no need for Boss to worry.”

“Mm, that’s good.”

Liu Yi nods his head. After all, he cannot go up the stage at the very beginning. He is here to put out the fire at the end.

If he went up the stage and consecutively wins a few rounds, who would come and take part?

This kind of stage is only interesting when people come and go.

Liu Yi thought for a while and says: “When we have earned enough money, then we can create a few VIP rooms on the second floor and sell the VIP tickets at a high price.”

“Wow, this idea is pretty good… Boss, you really are a natural money making expert!”

Hu Rui immediately sucks up to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi smiles ashamed, how is this idea mine…it is Fox sister who just mentions it to me…

Talking about this, it is Immortal Fox sister who is the real money making expert…

Yeah, Immortal Fox sister is indeed omnipotent!

“Chen Ye how is the recruitment for Red Scarf Army going?” Asked Liu Yi.

“Our funds is enough to recruit a few more people.”

Chen Yi reported based on the past few days figure. “But our current territory is too small. Even if we recruit more people, we do not have a place to raise them. If we want to recruit, we need to expand our territory first.”

“Then take out the influences that  surround us first.”

Liu Yi recalls that there are a few idling powers in the surroundings.

“Okay, our current growth is not bad, thus taking them out is not a problem.”

As Hu Rui reply, he opens a map and circles a few surrounding areas.

“As long as we take out these few territories first, then we can form a small power! Furthermore, we can occupy a corner of the Xin Dong area and become one of the major powers. Later even if Black Dragon Gang comes, we will not be afraid.”

As the few people are discussing on the top floor, Zhuo Jinle is drinking to drown his sorrows in the bar near the stage.

After all, he is unable to take part in this kind of high management meeting.

Damn it, base on what!

We are brothers who have fought in a war together! Who the heck is Liu Yi! Why is he allowed to climb up my head!

“Old Zhuo, drinking to drown your sorrows?”

At this time, a mysterious person wearing black suit walks towards Zhuo Jinle and asks softly.

“Boss Yan…”

Seeing that male, Zhuo Jinle was shocked before smiling.

“Why did you come down personally?”

“Hehe, to take a look at this Red Scarf Army.”

The man called Boss Yan stroke his beard and says smiling: “Is this the place where they wish to overtake our Black Dragon Gang?”

“Yes… it is that Liu Yi who overestimated his abilities.” Zhuo Jinle says evilly.

“Relax, tonight there will be a good show.”

Boss Yan orders a bottle of wine. “Come, come, Old Zhuo let me treat you to some wine as we watch a show. Later during the tournament, there will be something good to watch.”

“It is still Boss Yan whose might is domineering! I drink one to Boss Yan!”

The two of them start to drink.

“Boss, not good!”

Liu Yi and the gang is discussing which territory to take down first when a little brother who is observing the situation downstairs rush up.

“Our people are defeated!”

“That is normal.” Liu Yi waves his hand. “We can’t only allow our people to win right, later charge another person to go up.”

“No Boss, he has already beaten two in a row already!”

That little brother is somewhat nervous. “That stage owner has already continuously won over ten rounds already! When Little Tiger went up his arm got broken and he had to be carried down!”


Liu Yi instantly stands up.

Although he is Chen Dahai’s people, now he is also his Liu Yi’s brother.

When brother’s arm got broken by other people it is not so simple anymore.

Furthermore, he actually stayed on the stage for so long.

“Let me go downstairs and take a look.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he turns around and walks down as Sun Haoyuan and the rest follow behind.

When they are downstairs, Liu Yi instantly sees a 2 meter tall black man standing on the stage as he brandishes his fists like King Kong in anger.

The crowd is cheering excitedly at the side.

Looks like this black man is very strong?

The muscles of his body are rather strong.

“Owner, I have found his details.”

Little Jade feedback to Liu Yi.

“Ah? You can also check such things?”

“Of course owner, Little Jade is linked to the USA’s database.”

Little Jade says proudly: “From my investigation, the target is an American underground member who is used to fighting in the underground. His nickname is Killing Machine…the number of underground fighters who died in his hands is uncountable!”

Damn, it is actually such an overbearing person!

But an American gang member normally would not come to the Mainland for no reason!

Don’t tell me he came here to eat pig’s intestines?

“Is there anyone else!”

That black devil stands on the stage and says proudly with rough Chinese: “If there is no one, then tonight’s winner will be me! Tomorrow night will also be me! The day after that will also be me!!!”


To think this black devil treats us Red Scarf Army as his ATM!

“See this? Red Scarf Army will become tonight’s joke.”

Boss Yan laughs as he drinks: “I have invited this killing machine to destroy their prestige as well as taking away their money, hehehe…”

“Boss Yan is formidable and smart! I, old Zhuo drink another cup to you! In future, I will work hard with Boss Yan!”

Zhuo Jin Le immediately starts to fawn over Boss Yan.

“Tonight stage master is me, Charles! I am Killing Machine!”

The black devil cries out: “I want the prize money!”

“ I apologise, tonight’s prize money will not go to you.”

[KG: Killing machine about to be killed]

As Liu Yi speaks, he jumps up the stage and stands in front of the black devil.

“Tomorrow night and the night after will not be you… As tonight you will need to go to the hospital.”

“Hahaha! Where did this little fellow come from to speak such big words!”

Black devil Charles start to laugh loudly: “Little fellow go home and drink your mother’s milk! You are too weak!”

Done talking, he ignores Liu Yi.

“This is your Boss?”

Seeing the obvious highschooler Liu Yi, Boss Yan laugh coldly.

“That’s right it is him! A small child!”

“Hehe, no worries, my killing machine will kill him. Such places are not a place for a little child to hang around.”

“Then I shall wait to collect the corpse of that reckless little fellow!”

The two of them waits to watch a good show, while the surrounding crowds hiss for Liu Yi.

After all, in their eyes, Liu Yi is only a little kid.

“You don’t have the abilities to fight with me! Go home!”

Black devil waves his hand to chase Liu Yi away. “This is a place for adults!”

“I don’t have enough eh?”

Liu Yi smiles and whistles slightly.


Chapter 216 – [Personally beatdown]


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