MKW Chapter 215

Chapter 215 – [Nothing here ^^ fooled yeah]


“Big boss, how is our new gathering place?”

There is only one day left for the holiday, and Liu Yi chooses to not go to the Hunter’s Organisation gravity room. Instead, he went to the Cape Bar in Xing East Island to take a look at the construction of his territory.

Chen Dahai happily pulls Liu Yi into the newly renovated gathering place to look around, but Liu Yi is not paying attention to him.

At this moment, there is twenty times gravity acting on Liu Yi’s body.

After Liu Yi had returned yesterday night, he let Little Jade try setting up ten times gravity on him but realizes that the feeling is entirely different.

Afterwards, he let Little Jade increase the gravity by ten more times and finally found the familiar feeling.

Liu Yi instantly understands that Old Man Ma has toyed with him… bastard…

But regardless of that, he has also indirectly helped him.

As Liu Yi’s final goal is to adapt to twenty times gravity and be able to withstand it during normal lifestyle.

Liu Yi remembers reading Dragonball manga when he was young. When Goku pulls Gohan to train, both of them have to maintain their Super Saiyan transformation throughout their entire day continuously.

Liu Yi also wants to train in such manner.

The moment he has completely adapted to the twenty times gravity, then he will be able to attempt to break through to the fourth star.

Afterwards, he will need to increases the gravity acting on him, thirty times, fifty times and maybe even one hundred times….

He still can remember that Goku has managed to breakthrough Super Saiyan mode after adapting to one hundred times gravity…

Hai, I don’t know if I can turn into something like a Super Saiyan… if it is possible that will be way too cool.

Liu Yi starts to imagine all kinds of random stuff.

But the current him is not really worried about the new gathering area, but instead Dragon Group.

Based on Little Jade’s hacking of part of the Dragon Group servers, Little Jade has concluded that the Dragon Group is already eyeing him.

What Liu Yi is thankful for is that he had listened to Elder Sister and did not use his real identity when registering in the Hunter’s Organisation.

Otherwise, if the Dragon Group knows that he is just an ordinary second high student and comes up to look for him…. that will be fucked up.

I must make sure that my identities are appropriately hidden… must not let anyone find out.

But the Dragon Group has a computer expert. The moment Little Jade hacked past the first firewall, she was immediately discovered.

Luckily Little Jade does not have a fixed IP, otherwise, they would be able to trace back to their location.

But Dragon Group seems to have come up with a capture plan for him…

Bloody hell!! All I did was fight with them once! Why is there a need for this!

Dragon Group’s people are too petty!

The thing that worries Liu Yi most is that Ma YiXuan still has not returned home.

“Big Boss. Take a look. This is our underground arena! We will be able to use the arena from tonight onwards!”

Chen Dahai does not know that his big boss is thinking of other stuff while he is proudly showcasing the 15 wide large square stage.

“We have already posted many notices throughout the Xin Dong Island. Tonight will be the first round of the Underground Single-elimination Open Boxing Tournament. Big Boss do you want to oversee the tournament personally tonight?”

Wang Lele is also looking for me to massage her chest…Hmm, when should I schedule the next chest massage session?

[TL: …]

[Kg: I believe weekly or even daily chest massages are the best for the patient.]

Liu Yi is currently thinking of the most crucial question when Chen Dahai places his hand on his arm.

“Big Boss?”

“Ah? Then the massage shall be at the end of the month!”


Chen Dahai blinks his eyes as he looks at Liu Yi.

“Ah… nothing…nothing…”

Liu Yi waves his hand.

“Hump. You are definitely thinking of something vulgar!”

Tang Guo who is standing in the stage boxing smiles and say: “Look your saliva is already flowing out.”


Liu Yi immediately raises his hand to check. Huh? There is no saliva ah?!

“See! He has a guilty conscience! He is as vulgar as Rat!”

As Tang Guo speaks, she flips her eyes at Liu Yi.

Damn it! I got fooled by that lass!

“Oi oi, if you want to slander Big Boss then defame Big Boss only. Don’t bring me into the picture okay!”

Hu Rui who is at the side pops his head up from 《Thick Black Theory》 and cries out: “I am an innocent who got implicated ah! Furthermore, I am currently changing to become good. See I am reading a proper book!”

“Less nonsense! What the heck is this!”

Sun Haoyuan snatches over the book that Hu Rui has hidden in the 《Thick Black Theory.

Shockingly it is Playboy!

On its cover is a large assed black woman who is stroking her hair coquettishly as she sprawls on Hu Rui’s face.


Hu Rui laughs awkwardly.

Liu Yi massages his forehead…

Is there no reliable person in Red Scarf Army’s top brass?

“Big Boss, tonight do you want to be the overseer for the tournament?”

Chen Dahai continues to ask: “If you do not want to be the overseer, I can take over for you.”

At least Chen Dahai is still reliable ah…

“Squad leader, I remember that tonight seems to be your turn to cook at home?”

At the side, Chen Ye reminded Chen Dahai. “If you do not return home…Sister-in-law will definitely peel off your skin…”

“Ah! Right right….”

Chen Dahai’s expression immediately changes and he smiles apologetically towards Liu Yi and says: “This… Big Boss… tonight I must take a leave… tonight is my turn to cook at home, hehe…”

Liu Yi wishes to vomit blood.

So Chen Dahai is a person who is afraid of his wife.

“Squad leader has a promise with sister-in-law…”

Chen Ye secretly whisper into Liu Yi’s ear: “Every weekend, he must go home and cook dinner… hai, she is scared that squad leader is fooling around outside.”

“Is Chen Dahai’s wife a tigress?”

Liu Yi is curious.

Chen Ye immediately starts to shudder.

“Big Boss… let’s not mention it in the morning…later at night you might not be able to sleep…”

Done talking, he walks to the side and continues to settle the accounts.

“Liu Yi! Get up here!”

Tang Guo is tired of boxing and kicking the air.

She stands on the stage edge and beckons Liu Yi over.

“For what?”

“Come fight me.”

Everyone look at Tang Guo in shock.

This lass is crazy!

The next sentence that Tang Guo says makes the crowd vomit blood.

“You are not allowed to use your pair of legs in the fight as well as your pair of hands!”

Liu Yi also almost vomited blood onto Tang Guo’s face.

“Oi, woman are you for real! I’m not allowed to use hands or legs then am I supposed to use my tongue to deal with you ah!?”

Hu Rui and the others gaze towards Liu Yi turns ambiguous.

Big Boss is indeed daring!

Tang Guo’s face is also red. But she is indeed a woman who has been teased too much and very quickly she calms down.

“Very well if you can use your tongue and lick me then go ahead!”

Done speaking, she beckons Liu Yi again.


Absolute provocation!

Hu Rui raises his arm and clamors at the side.

“Big Boss, I do not know what your temperament is! But if it is me, I will tolerate it!”

What the heck! I still need you to say to tolerate it?

“Good. Remember what you said!”

Liu Yi walks forward quickly and jumps onto the stage agilely.

“Hehe… don’t you look down on me.”

Tang Guo’s sudden smile gives Liu Yi a bit of bad feeling.

“Oh? Rat, why did you take out **”

Liu Yi immediately turns around and take a look.

Hu Rui this fellow have such a heavy taste, to even use **?

At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly feels a cold wind blowing onto his back.

Hu Rui looks innocently at Liu Yi.

God damn it! I got tricked!

Liu Yi hurriedly turns around as Tang Guo smashes an electric baton that is releasing electricity at his stomach.

On the baton, the electricity is jumping in an arc all over the place and is almost about to touch Liu Yi’s stomach.

I’ll be damned… this lass is actually using a weapon!

And it is an electric weapon!

Liu Yi immediately steps backwards, but he is pressing against the railing.

The railing starts to creak as it almost snaps from the pressure.

After all Liu Yi’s current body weight…is more than a ton which is very horrifying.

If he retreats more, then he will be out of the stage which is equivalent to admitting defeat.

“It is only such a small electric power only what are you afraid of!”

Lin Tong suddenly speaks up. “Liu Yi, resist it head-on.”


Liu Yi cannot believe that Immortal Fox Sister believes in him so much.

He stands his ground and takes the strike as Tang Guo smiles in glee.


Everyone cannot bare to watch as they close their eyes.

When the electric baton strikes Liu Yi’s body, there is some numb feeling.


When Tang Guo sees that a single strike did not defeat Liu Yi, she was shocked.

“Is the electric power not enough?”

She uses the electric power on Liu Yi again, but Liu Yi stands there as if nothing had happened.

It looks like my body resistance has increased by a lot!

Liu Yi is very happy as his path towards a cockroach is becoming closer!

[TL: … well he is becoming more like physical cultivator more than a qi cultivator]

“Strange… don’t tell me there is not enough power?”

Tang Guo looks at her electric baton.

“Tang Guo can you do it or not ah?”

Hu Rui walks up and asks: “Didn’t we agree that after beating down Big Boss, we make him treat us to a meal? You have pointlessly wasted my plan ah!”

Damn, so it is Hu Rui this bastard’s plan! It is so evil!

“How does this lady know. The electric baton you gave me does not have a battery alright?!”

As Tang Guo speaks, she taps Liu Yi twice more. “You see for yourself!”

“How is it possible!”

Hu Rui quickly climbs onto the stage and stretches out his hand to take back the electric baton.

“Did I forget to charge the battery yesterday night?”

He touches himself slightly with the electric baton and instantly, his whole body was tossed away by 4-5 meters by the high power electricity and collapsed on the ground.

His body is also twitching continuously as the electric baton is dropped at the side.

“I’ll be damned…the electric power is so powerful ah…”

Tang Guo and the rest look in shock as that Hu Rui collapse on the ground foaming.

“Big Boss…. are you human….?”

Sun Haoyuan who is initially stuffing potato chips into his mouth stops his mouth when he sees this scene and stares at Liu Yi like he is staring at a monster.

Liu Yi quickly explains: “My constitution might be different from a normal person.”

“It feels like you are a monster…” Tang Guo smacks her lips.

“Tonight if it is Big Boss overseeing the tournament, tonight we will definitely earn a lot!”

Chen Dahai says gleefully: “What’s your decision Boss?”

“Very well, I will oversee it.”

Liu Yi nods his head. Tonight is Cape Bar’s very first Single-elimination Open Tournament; thus we must be as imposing as possible.

As Chen Ye has said, this kind of activity is quite attractive to people. Currently, there is already a lot of people signing up for it.

Only Zhuo Jinle is standing at the side not speaking up as he smiles coldly.

You thought everything is settled?

Hehe, tonight Black Dragon Group has prepared two hands… Red Scarf Army will be completely annihilated tonight!

Whoever who blocks my getting rich scheme, will have to die!

Liu Yi even though you are a high school student, don’t blame me,  Zhou Jinle, for being rude!


Chapter 215 – [Preparation before the tournament]


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