MKW Chapter 214

Chapter 214 – [Nothing here ^^ fooled yeah]


Looking at the beautiful Jiang Qini, Liu Yi’s forehead starts to be covered in cold sweat.

Meeting a girl and flirting around is good…

But if it brings along life-threatening dangers, then it is no longer interesting.

Liu Yi’s power is surging at it’s maximum speed, waiting for the upcoming battle with her.

“My good disciple, this little brother is not weak.”

Jiang Qini stands there as she smiles widely while hugging herself with her legs spread open and says: “Wait for teacher to settle him, then you can absorb his essence. Maybe your ghost infant will be able to break through to five eyes. Hehehe…”

Breakthrough your sister!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as the Mysterious Ice Qi starts to gather in his right hand again.

“There is no need to display those parlor tricks again!”

Jiang Qini smiles and says: “With my power being around eight stars, you are way weaker than me!”

Damn! If you gave me a few years, what can an eight stars do to me!

Liu Yi is not convinced in his heart.

“Of course my little brother is unable to handle you.”

Before Liu Yi starts to plot an escape plan, a woman’s voice rang out. “But what if it is me?”

A black shadow slowly rises up from Liu Yi’s shadow and appears in front of Jiang Qini.

When she saw that shadow, Jiang Qini got so frightened that she retreated a number of steps.

“Li Biyue…you this damn woman whose soul should have dispersed!”

“It is your chest which is too cumbersome which allows people to grab it easily.”

Li Biyue stands in front of Liu Yi and says faintly.

“Furthermore you also wish to lay your hands on my little brother… I think you have lived long enough Jiang Qini.”

As she speaks, she turns around and looks at Liu Yi. “There is no need to worry.

“Older sister is here to protect you.”

This eye expression is very warm and allows people to feel relieved.

But Liu Yi is a bit unwilling, after all which guy enjoys being protected by a woman ah!

Damn it! In the end, it is my personal strength that is still too low!

Such a pity that school is starting soon, otherwise I can spend more time practicing in the gravity room!

If I can persevere on more,  just a while more, perhaps I might be able to break through to four stars very quickly!

“Owner, Little Jade has hacked into the Hunter’s Organisation database!”

At this time, Little Jade actually gives Liu Yi good tidings. “Including the gravity system, as long as Owner is willing, Little Jade is able to create a simple gravity system on Owner’s body!”

I’ll be damned! This is also possible?!

But currently, Liu Yi does not have time to discuss more with Little Jade about the gravity system as he is watching Li Biyue and Jiang Qini.

Older sister should be a ten-star peak expert, thus she should have no problem handling Jiang Qini.

“You damn repulsive Li Biyue! This is not a place that you should be here!”

Jiang Qini seems to be very angry, almost as if it is because her target got snatched away again.

She stretches out her hands and summons a skeleton skull in front of her chest.

“I will make sure to drag you down with me!”

“You are mistaken.”

Li Biyue smiles loftily and says: “What you should think of currently is how should you escape.”

Older sister is really overbearing ah!

Such power is so envious. When can I have such ability!


Jiang Qini did not reply, her eyes expression keep fluctuating continuously.

“Teacher… what should we do…”

Ma Yixuan asks blankly.


Jiang Qini grabs Ma Yixuan’s arm. No matter what happens, I need to bring Ma Yixuan away safely!

She is the metal spiritual body. As long as she is nurtured properly, in the future, she will definitely become my secret weapon!

“Wishing to escape?”

A black blade appears in Li Biyue’s hand. “It seems like you have not gotten my agreement.”

“A Thousand Ghosts Swallowing the Sky!”

But Jiang Qini uses her other hand to grab the skeleton skull and blows a breath on it.

Instantly, thousands and tens of thousands of small skeleton skulls flew out of the skeleton skull and fly towards Li Biyue and Liu Yi.

“Be careful.”

Li Biyue retreats a few steps and stands beside Liu Yi.

After which, she pulls Liu Yi’s arm and leaps.

The tens of thousands of skeleton skulls chase the two of them like locusts.

With a wave of her blade, Li Biyue destroys the ceiling and brings both of them outside in an instantly.

Under the moonlight, the skeleton skulls look even more sinister as they ceaselessly chase after them in an endless wave.

At this moment, the two of them are not that far away from the villa. Beside them are bare trees that are are preparing for winter. The tree trunks are like small trees.

The skulls split up and surround the two of them from all directions.

Facing such a large group of skeleton skulls, Liu Yi is feeling a bit numb.

Indeed, eight stars is indeed eight stars… the methods she uses is indeed not common ah!

“Insignificant talents.”

Li Biyue only laughs coldly as she pulls Liu Yi with one hand while the other holds her blade as she turns around in mid-air.


A circular light spreads out.

The skeleton skulls exploded in mid-air as the surrounding trees snap into the half.

Even the villa not far away was also cut into half, sinking down.

Liu Yi was shocked…

Everything within around 50 meters was cut in half!

Older sister’s strength… is too scary already!

Ten stars, earth grade experts….are so heaven-defying?!

“This is only different usage!”

Without Liu Yi knowing, Ling Tong suddenly returns to his shoulder and ridiculed faintly: “If it is an immortal cultivator that has reached ten star standards… just moving a hand will be able to destroy a hundred meter radius..”

“… So impressive”

“Hehe. Dao law is mystical. After you have cultivated it wouldn’t you know how exaggerating it is?”


Liu Yi nods his head.

While at this time, Li Biyue and Liu Yi have landed on the ground.

Her single slash has settled all of the skeleton skulls.

“Shadow come out.”

With her orders, a majestic shadow panther leaps out of her shadow and lands beside her.

It seems like with the rise in grades, there is no need for the troublesome summoning formation to call out one’s own hunter pets.

But my own grade is still low thus I still need to practice more ah…

“Where did that bitch Jiang Qini go ?”

Li Biyue asked.

The shadow panther sniffs the air twice before calling out lowly twice.

“Ran off? That woman does not have any other abilities, but her escaping skill is number one.”

Li Biyue is very regretful as she rubs the shadow panther’s head and allows it to return.

“Now. Why did you run off to such a dangerous place on your own!”

After Li Biyue recalled the shadow panther, she starts to reprimands Liu Yi harshly.

“Don’t you know it is very dangerous here? Don’t you know that this is a gathering location for the Great God Sect, thus it is very likely that there will be very powerful experts here?! What happens if you got into trouble! What if I did not secretly follow you along?”

“This… older sister…”

Liu Yi stands there embarrassed, not knowing where to place his hands.

This is the first time he got disciplined by a beautiful woman…oh, especially it is his older sister…

This…feels rather good…

Damn… don’t tell me I have a bottom potential?!

While Liu Yi is guessing, Li Biyue opens her mouth again.

“What would older sister do if you got into trouble???”

As she speaks, Li Biyue’s eyes actually start to turn slightly red.

Liu Yi’s heart trembles slightly.

Li Biyue is really worried about me ah…

“This… I came here because I am worried… Next time if there is such a dangerous situation, I will definitely let older sister know first okay?”

Liu Yi can only try to coax Li Biyue to be happy.

“Really?”Li Biyue seems to be slightly suspicious as she looks at Liu Yi.

“Of course” Liu Yi continuously nods his head.

“That is better. If there is another time, I will disown you, this little brother!”

As Li Biyue speaks, she stretches out her hand and taps Liu Yi’s nose.

I’ll be damned…

I am not a kid okay!!

At least… I have a sturdy silver dragon spear!

[TL: where did the silver come from…]

Li Biyue suddenly stares at Liu Yi and ask: “Just now you say that you come here because you are worried?”

Her beautiful eyes blink. “Furthermore just now you are obviously being lenient with that girl when you are fighting with her…. That girl, is she someone you know?”

Is a woman’s thinking such so sensitive?

Liu Yi instantly starts to sweat.

“Is she a girl you like?”

“No! She is not!”

Liu Yi immediately denies. “She is only a classmate!”


Li Biyue’s eyebrow twitches slightly.

“Yes, that’s right, a classmate…”

“Really just a classmate?”

“This… she is also a neighbor…”

“Also a neighbor?”

Li Biyue’s eye expression starts to become sharper, piercing onto Liu Yi’s body like a pair of blades.

“Yes… my neighbor… opposite of my house…”

Liu Yi says uneasily: “I have heard that she had gone missing… so I came over to check it out…”

“Oh so this is the case?”

Li Biyue looks at Liu Yi with some doubt.

“It is for real older sister. I will swear to heaven!”

Liu Yi raises out three fingers and point towards the sky and say: “If I, Liu Yi, say any untruth, then let the heavens strike five lightning…”

Before Liu Yi finishes, Li Biyue hurriedly covered Liu Yi’s mouth.

“You silly little brother. Why did you swear? What if it comes true…”

“Why would it…”

Liu Yi smiles, but at this time the sky suddenly rumbles and an enormous lightning strikes down beside him.

Liu Yi blinks as he faces his older sister whose eyes carries amusement and says awkwardly:

“This…hehe, maybe it is someone who has escaped a calamity…”

“Humph!… let’s not speak about this first… let me ask you one last question.”

Li Biyue changes the topic and asks: “If there comes a day where you have to personally kill that classmate of yours, will you be able to do it?”


Liu Yi was shocked silly.

Personally, kill Ma Yixuan?

Kill off my former dream lover… eh, this can be ignored.

[TL: cold-blooded… but I like it]

Kill Ma Yuanyuan’s older sister eh…

This… I really do not know if I can do it…

Liu Yi secretly clenches his fist.

Don’t tell me that I am fated to have such a twisted life?

“Alright, alright. Let’s not get tangled this question. Let’s hurry back. It is quite late already.”

Li Biyue pulls Liu Yi and asks: “Stayover at older sister’s house? Older sister can make dinner for you.”

“Ah…this… I suddenly have something to do and I need to hurry home. Bye, bye older sister!”

Liu Yi disappears in a blink of an eye.

Watching Liu Yi’s back as he disappears into the night, Li Biyue sighs faintly.

“Silly little brother… If at that time you are unable to take action… Older sister will do it for you.”


Chapter 214 – [Savior showing up]


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