MKW Chapter 213

Chapter 213 – [Icicle Blastwave]


Ma Yixuan speaks as her hands comes together to form a seal.

Instantly, the blood treasure sword starts to change shape.

Originally it was a treasure sword, but in a blink of an eye, it changes into a mace.

The surface of the mace is full of spikes and with the blood essence’s corrosive nature, Liu Yi is unable to hold on to it anymore. Finally unable to bear it anymore, Liu Yi releases his hands.


The mace instantly flies upwards and crashes into the ceiling of the hidden path, causing a lot  of scattered stones to drop.

“What strong strength…”

Liu Yi is shocked. Ma Yixuan has only disappeared for a few days, and she has become so ferocious like she is doped.

Furthermore, the way she uses the ghost infant power is very strange…

“Disciple, kill that man.”

The woman’s voice came again, carrying a hint of impatience. “After you kill him, let your ghost infant absorb his vital essence! Perhaps, your ghost infant will be able to successfully break through to four eyes.”

“Understood master!”

Ma Yixuan’s eyes brighten up.

My ghost infant can improve again?

That is very good! Just when I felt that my strength is not enough!

After I leave this place, I will look for that damn Liu Yi and take revenge!

Making him kneel down and beg for mercy!

“Just to improve your strength, you can choose to kill a person?”

When Liu Yi sees Ma Yixuan reaction, he was shocked.

“Hehe… as long as I can become stronger, what harm is there in killing you?”

Ma Yixuan smiles sweetly and says: “To be born, to grow old, to be sick and to die, it is the common sense of the world. I am only helping to release you earlier into the embrace of God.”


Liu Yi clenches his fist.

This is not the Ma Yixuan that he has known.

Or perhaps, it is not the Ma Yixuan that he wishes for in his heart.

Everyone has a beautiful image of the person that they like.

Perhaps that person he likes in his heart…. is never that wonderful like he thought of.

“For my improvement, obediently give me your life.”

As Ma Yixuan speaks, her hands form a seal, controlling the mace to land on Liu Yi.

“I will be very grateful to you.”


The mace’s speed suddenly increases so that it instantly appears in front of Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi only raises out his right hand.

His right hand is encased in an ice claw as he grabs hold of a portion of the mace.

The surface of the blood mace starts to corrode the ice claw.

“Since you have decided to discard your humanity… then I shall not be polite with you anymore…”

“Ha ha ha, you can joke around!”

Ma Yixuan says delightfully: “Your abilities are below mine and you are already a meat on my chopping board. What can you do to me! Obediently wait for me to kill you!”

“Then I can only disappoint you.”

As Liu Yi speaks, his immortal power actives in his right hand.


The mace is immediately crushed into pieces by Liu Yi’s ice claw, the broken pieces turn into ice fragments and scatter all over the place.


Ma Yixuan Was shocked. She could not imagine that an opponent that she is suppressing from the start suddenly became such so powerful.

Liu Yi has already decided that he will not go easy on this lass.

In fact, he wishes to beat her up to wake her up.

Just to improve your strength, you can randomly kill other people?

How can such a thing be allowed!

“Darling, kill him!”

Ma XiYuan orders her three-eyed ghost infant.

That ghost infant instantly cries out and spat out a blood arrow.

The blood arrow turns into a treasure sword again and pierces towards Liu Yi.

“It is pointless.”

Liu Yi uses the ice claw on his right hand to grab the blood sword again and easily crushes it.

After learning a small amount of hard qigong, Liu Yi feels that this type of hard qigong is not firm enough.

If he wishes to strengthen his defensive power, he needs to combine the hard qigong with his other skills.

Thus he created ice armor.

Liu Yi inserts the Mysterious Icy Qi into the hard qigong and forms a type of frost armor.

This way, not only can he use it for defense, but he can also use it for attacking.

“How is this possible!”

Ma Yixuan cannot imagine that her savage skill is completely ineffective now!

This is not science ah!

“I still have a surprise attack!”

After Ma Yixuan calms herself down, she claps her hands together.

The ghost infant on her arm instantly disappears.

Is it this again?

Liu Yi enters the black and white world.

A vague image instantly appears on Liu Yi’s left arm.

The ghost infant is slightly strange, it is not purely a soul and seems to have a bit of metallic feel.

Liu Yi stretches out his right hand and uses two fingers to flick the large forehead of the ghost infant.

Before the ghost infant could act, it was immediately flicked away by Liu Yi’s strength.


The ghost infant’s body seems to have turned into a bullet and pierces deeply into the wall at the side.

A dust cloud emerges.

Ma Yixuan without strength collapse onto the ground.

She is unable to believe what is happening.

My three-eyed ghost infant got defeated just like this.

Isn’t it very powerful earlier…

Why is it like this…

Ma Yixuan is unable to comprehend it.

I have undoubtedly learned a very powerful magic ah…

“People who wish to harm others to improve one’s strength are forever the weakest.”

Liu Yi walks towards Ma Yixuan as he wants to ruin Ma Yixuan magic.

If Ma Yuanyuan knew that her older sister has entered a devil sect, wouldn’t that lass be sad to death?

Regardless, I still need to bring this lass back.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand to tap Ma Yixuan’s forehead when Lin Tong’s research finishes and cries out loudly.

“Liu Yi, I understand already! This lass… she is the metal spiritual body!”


Liu Yi got a shock!

Ma Yixuan is the metal spiritual body?!

I’ll be damned… are you for real?

Can we change the person?

“Who dares to touch my disciple!”

An angry bellow roars out from within the hidden path.

Following which a large qi wave exploded out furiously from within the hidden path.

A surging black cloud sweeps out, forming a large skull that fills up the whole path and surges towards Liu Yi.


Liu Yi swears, what a large skull!

“Liu Yi run quickly!”

Lin Tong feels that this energy is not normal and remind Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi is very excited. “Immortal fox sister, I want to give it a try!”

What strong energy…

Liu Yi did not have any intention of escaping. Instead, his will to fight became stronger!

The energy within his body seems to be influenced as they also start to surge.

Vigorous immortal energy continues to flow throughout his body almost as if it is in preparation for the upcoming battle.

Liu Yi expels a mouthful of turbid breath as the surging black skull approaches.

“Owner this unidentified object has a high corrosive nature!”

Little Jade gave Liu Yi her analysis and says: “Owner should escape instead!”

“Why is it that you are on Immortal fox sister’s side this time!”

Liu Yi gets into a horse stance as he smiles. “This time around I am not going to escape… let me test out my armor!”

As he speaks, Mysterious Ice Qi shrouds his whole body.

A snow white ice armor covers his body.

The black skull opens its mouth widely, and within a moment, it swallows up Liu Yi.

Instantly, Liu Yi’s ice armor start to get corroded.

Layers after layers of ice crystals shatter, causing ice fragment to fly all over the place.

“Ha ha ha…”

That woman starts to laugh madly. “In front of my strength, with your puny abilities, you will turn into blood instantly!”

Within the black smoke comes a ridiculing voice. “I’m afraid that I’ll need to disappoint you…”

Following with, a ray of snow white light lights up within the black smoke like a lamp in the dark.

“How is this possible!”

The woman’s voice is full of astonishment. “To think that you are safe and sound within my black smoke!”

“The two of us have already been chatting for so long; I think we should meet each other face to face.”

Liu Yi raises his right hand, within his fist condense a sky blue ball of light.

The ball of light continues to revolve as the Mysterious Ice Qi on top continues to compress.

Liu Yi feels that he lacks in ranged attack techniques as the Butterfly Blade does not have enough power.

During the training in the gravity room, Liu Yi found a new attacking method.

“You, this fellow is too overbearing! Let me see how long you can stay inside my ghost smoke! Within the ghost, smoke is grieving ghost who will slowly your flesh!”

As she speaks, some black smoke spirits appear in Liu Yi’s surrounding and charges towards him. It is like they are going to drown him.

But Liu Yi only raises his right hand and say: “God says I want light. Thus there is light.”

The light ball in his right-hand shoots out sky blue radiance, dispersing the grievance ghosts surrounding him.

Although immortal power is not as harmful as buddha power against ghosts and devil, it has a certain dispersing power.

“What does your great god count as… this Grandpa thinks that I am way more powerful than him!”

As Liu Yi speaks, his right-hand points towards the direction where the voice comes from.

“Icicle Blastwave!”

Liu Yi slides backward slightly as a nearly one-meter long sky blue ice pike pierces through the black smoke instantly and pierces toward the hidden chamber.

“Five ghost teleport!”

A woman wearing red qipao suddenly appears in front of the ice pike, one hand pointing at the ice pike while the other pointing towards the hidden chamber.


When the ice pike reaches her, it disappears right before it touches her palm.

The ice pike instantly appears at another location.


The whole hidden chamber was sealed up in ice.

A large ice house appears at the back and freezes the entire area.

Liu Yi got a small shock that his power got diverted away.

While the woman was also greatly shock.

“What kind of strength this is… to think it is so powerful…”

As she speaks, she suddenly disappears, and with a monster like speed, she quickly appears beside Ma Yixuan and looks at Liu Yi.

“Well look who it is… it is little brother ah…”

The woman hugs her chest, squeezing them, as she smiles cheerfully and says: “Older sister has always been thinking of you.”

Jiang Qini!

It’s this woman!

Liu Yi for a moment retreats slightly.

Damn it… the power difference between us is neither small nor close!

But if we fight… Bloody hell!!! Who is scared of who!

The powers in Liu Yi’s body is surging until it is near bursting as he prepares to fight.

Jiang Qini watches Liu Yi attentively but does not seem to be in a hurry to take action.

“Cute little brother… how should I play with you today…”


Chapter 213 – [Icicle Blastwave]


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