MKW Chapter 212

Chapter 212 – [Battle against Ma YiXuan]


A girl pulls off the hood of her cloak and says fervently: “May the Great God bless us with fortune!”

“There is going to be an exam soon; I wish that the Great God can help me pass the test!”

The heck…

This is actually what their Great God does?

Liu Yi nearly vomited blood.

But when he takes a closer look at that girl… why does she look so familiar…

It seems like I have seen her at Ma Yuanyuan’s house before…

That girl… seems to be…appears to be, perhaps, should be called something like… Xiao Qing?

Liu Yi recalls the content of his conversation with Ma Yuanyuan.

Ma Yixuan seems to have left with her best friend, Xiao Qing…

Is it this lass?

“Hehe, there is no need to be worried, your wish is very simple. God will help you fulfill it.”

That woman laughs before taking out a small box and says slowly: “God helps you and you also need to contribute something back to the God.”

Immediately, there are some believers who walk forward and put money into the box.

What the heck… why does this feel it is cheating money from believers?!

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches… this is God?

“This disciple, God is waiting for you.”

That woman’s gaze lands on Liu Yi who is standing still at the back.

Want to fish my money?

Dream on!

This father is miserly!

My money will only be spent on proper places like eating, chasing women and watching genuine shows!

Want me to make an offering to your lying God? It will never happen!

But if your God is a beautiful lady, maybe I can consider a bit.

Liu Yi stands there with both his hands in the cloak and says faintly: “I will not offer my fortunes to God.”

“The only thing I can give is my soul, although my soul is very poor.”

“Lying to god will bring about God’s wrath.”

The woman frowns slightly.

The family of the believers who gathered here are rather well to do.

Giving an offering should not be a problem for them.

Furthermore, I am using hypnotizing voice, obtaining money from them should be as easy as one two three.

Why does this man does not want to donate money?

Liu Yi continues to ridicule: “God is not a prostitute, why do I need to give him money just to be affectionate with him.”

“You are not a believer!”

The woman finally understood : “Quickly. Take down that despicable heretic who insulted our God!”

With that woman’s order, instantly all of the people who are wearing the cloak charges towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi silently revolves his immortal energy when he suddenly realized that all of the believers in front of him seems to be normal people!

All of them rush up to scratch Liu Yi’s face and pull his ears, in fact, most of them are women!

I’ll be damned…

I can’t possibly use immortal energy to beat up this bunch of normal people!

Liu Yi is not shameless to that stage.

Especially woman…

Liu Yi does not enjoy hitting woman.

“God’s believer will let you know repentance.”

The woman’s voice carries a mesmerizing power: “It is not too late to return to the embrace of God’s.”

“If God is a big-breasted sister, maybe I can consider.”

Liu Yi continues to mock and ridicule.

The woman got shocked.

My spell does not affect this person?

Can I not mesmerize him?

“Looks like you are here to cause trouble!”

The woman tone turns cold: “Looks like I should use the power from God to punish you.”

“No. It is me who is going to punish all of you.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he harshly claps his palms together.

“Vein sealing!”

A circular gaseous wave instantly spreads out in all directions with Liu Yi as the center point.

Whenever the gaseous wave passes by a believer, their body will instantly stiffen and stand still.

As Liu Yi’s power increases, he can use his power in much more different patterns and methods.

As for this group of normal people, Liu Yi’s qi energy can completely seal up their body veins.


When the woman sees this spectacle, she was shocked and retreated two steps.

“Oh? Your Great God earns quite a bit within a day.”

Liu Yi walks out from the crowd of people and walks to the donation box. Opening the box, he sees a whole bunch of dollar grandpas.

“How envious ah. I also wish to be God as well!”

“How dare you touch the donations for God!”

The woman cried out loud, from herarm crawls out a three-eye ghost infant.

[TL: looks like the eyes determine the star level… hope there are no ten eye ones >.< it be a horror.]

[KG:Imagine a 26 eyed god level ghost baby, now that is scary.]

[TL: reminds me of thousand eye idol from YuGiOh]

Three eyes, look like this woman is a clergy!

“I will let you know how scary is our Great God Sect!”

As she speaks, the three-eyed ghost infant opens his mouth and shoots a blood arrow at him.

This kind of method to the current Liu Yi is completely useless.

His body flashes and instantly appears behind the woman. Stretching out his left hand, he places his hand on the head of the ghost infant which is still spraying out the blood arrow.

“Little kids should not play such dangerous game. Let uncle send you to reincarnate.”

Under the woman’s shocked gaze, a bunch of blue rays shot out from Liu Yi’s hand.

Following which, the ghost infants body got sealed in ice. Instantly, the ghost infant became an ice sculpture and scatters into ice fragments.

“This is impossible.”

The woman who possesses the three-eyed ghost infant could not believe that she was suppressed so easily and her ghost infant got destroyed within a move…

Where did this scary man come from!

“Who exactly are you!”

The woman shouted hysterically.

“A God killer.”

Liu Yi removes his cloak and put on his white face mask.

“Which person dares to cause trouble in this area that this Protector is looking over!”

At this time, from within the villa suddenly comes a voice.

It is a woman!

That woman’s voice seems to be somewhat familiar…

Liu Yi frowns. Where have I heard it before?

“If you have the abilities then come to this Protector’s secret room and let this Protector meet you.”

“I’ll come right away. This uncle is not afraid of you.”

Liu Yi laughs as he steps onto his ice blade and slides in the direction where the voice comes from.

“Liu Yi be careful… This lady feels that something is wrong.”

Lin Tong keeps having a vibe that something is wrong.

“I know. I will be careful.”

Liu Yi did not lower his vigilance from the moment he enters. If he got into danger, he will immediately call out Little Black and escape!

After all, he has Little Black and Shadow Step. If he wishes to escape, no one can block him.

Shadow Step is a hunting skill in the Hunter’s Organisation, but Liu Yi uses it as an escape skill.

While standing on the ice blade, Liu Yi’s speed is very fast as he slides towards the hidden room.

At this time, that woman’s voice rang out again.

“Disciple, you shall represent teacher to meet that guy who is messing around.”

Just as the sound disappears, a red blood arrow flies towards Liu Yi.

That blood arrow seems to be somewhat special!

Liu Yi does not dare to be careless and immediately enters the black and white world. Pressing down his body, he dodges that blood arrow.


That blood arrow flitted across Liu Yi’s forehead and nailed into a corner of the hidden path.

That blood arrow directly pierces in did not disappear after a long time.

This… is this blood arrow?

Liu Yi feels that it is more like a metal arrow.

“My apologies, you are forbidden to pass through.”

A woman figure wearing a black robe with red patterns stand in front of Liu Yi.

When the girl removes her hood and reveals her face, Liu Yi got a shock.


This cannot be real!

Heavens are you messing around with me!

Bloody Hell… isn’t it Ma YiXuan?

I’ll be damned…

Are you for real?!

Liu Yi has thought of a hundred different possible scenarios but within all of these scenarios, there isn’t one where Ma YiXuan might be a disciple of the Great God Sect!

“Get lost!”

Liu Yi cannot bear it and shouted: “This is not a place for you, this lass to mess around with!”

“Looking down on women?”

Ma YiXuan nevertheless says cheerfully: “No problem, I will tell you how scary a woman can be.”

As she speaks, she raises her hands and claps. The blood arrow which is nailed onto the ceiling suddenly flies backward towards her.

Liu Yi was shocked as he watches the blood arrow fly back to Ma Yixuan’s side.

While a three-eyed ghost infant climbs up to Ma Yi Xuan’s arm.

Liu Yi’s heart is unable to bear the pain.

Ma Yixuan has indeed… enter the Great God Sect.

She is already in possession of a ghost infant.

“This is my cute baby… isn’t it super pretty?”

Ma Yixuan strokes her ghost infant as she speaks towards Liu Yi in a tender tone.

“Anyways I am very fond of it…”

Liu Yi cannot bear it and replies: “Your beauty tastes needs to change.”

Ma Yixuan frowns faintly. “You are very similar to a person I know, especially hateful!”

As she speaks, she stretches out her hand and flips it.

The blood arrow in front of her suddenly turns big. In an instant, it becomes a red treasure sword.

It can transform?

A three-eyed ghost can do such stuff?

Something is wrong…

“Liu Yi, something is wrong!”

Lin Tong seems to have sensed something. “The power in Ma YiXuan’s body is slight strange… it is not purely ghost infant power… it seems like there are other powers inside.

“What kind of power is that?”

“Let me help you research for a moment… go and fight a round first.”

As Lin Tong speaks, she goes to the side where it is empty and starts to operate her soul’s power.

As for that red treasure sword, it is aiming at Liu Yi’s forehead and is falling towards him.

“I’ll be damned!”

Liu Yi reacts by stretching out both hands and attempts to grab the blade with empty hands.


The blood sword is being held in the air in between his palms.

He activates his hard qigong to protect his palms.

But despite that, a thick white cloud comes out from Liu Yi hands.

This strength is not weak!

Not only is the treasure sword very sharp, but the most important point is also that the blood power carries a powerfully corrosive.

This corrosion force is immediately passed to him.

If Liu Yi did not learn a bit of hard qigong. These pair of the gloves would become useless.

Ma Xiyuan has only learned cultivation for a few days… and she already became so strong?

It is indeed, hard to become immortal with a thousand years of cultivating, but being devil is way too easy.

It is too scary!

Both of Liu Yi’s hands are covered with powerful immortal energy, which continuously protects his palms.

As for the treasure sword, it is trembling continuously , struggling to move out from Liu Yi’s grip.

“You managed to grab my blood blade; you indeed have some skill.”

Ma Yixuan laughs as she says: “But, the things I have learned these few days are not only this. Friend who does not dare to show his face, it is your misfortune to have met me today!”


Chapter 212 – [Battle against Ma YiXuan]


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