MKW Chapter 211

Chapter 211 – [Night scouting of God Sect]


“Owner, that girl called Leng Mo, her attitude to you seems to be very strange.”

After exiting Hunter Central, Little Jade asked Liu Yi very directly: “Next time do not ask her anymore. As long as owner gives the order, Little Jade can easily hack into Hunter’s Central main server. No matter what information owner is looking for, Little Jade can easily find it!”

“Oh? Is that even possible?”

Liu Yi is greatly shocked. Is there nothing that Little Jade can’t do?

“Of course it is possible! Owner wait for me for ten minutes!”

Little Jade stopped speaking.

While in front of Liu Yi’s line of sight, a progress bar suddenly appeared.

At the lower left corner, there is even a small map with symbols to indicate Liu Yi’s position and the path to the objective.

After obtaining Little Jade, Liu Yi feels like he is like playing a real-life GTA, it is very interesting.

At this time, Liu Yi is standing on the highest floor of the Hunter’s Central building as he looks at the target location.

Half an hour journey ehh… I will try to get there as early as possible.

Liu Yi stands on the ice blade and places both his hands behind him pointing to the back.

After exiting the gravity room, Liu Yi keeps having a feeling that he is as light as feather.

Let’s hope that my cultivation results can be so obvious!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath before shooting out ice frost from both his hands.


Just like piercing through space, Liu Yi’s body suddenly speeds up, and in a blink of an eye he leaped up hundreds of feet into the air and falls towards the originally far away target location.

“I’ll be damned! I flew so far!”

Liu Yi exclaimed as he stands on top of his ice blade. After stabilizing himself in midair, he glides towards the top of the tall building opposite of him.

White colored snowflakes continuously fall from behind him.

Indeed, the strength improvement is not a bit nor by 50%…

The improvement of my power quality is too much!

Liu Yi smiles in his heart as he slowly adapts to his current strength while he proceeds to go past the buildings and head towards that whatever Spirits Ramport Club.

The name they give for this Great God gathering location is rather elegant.

But it is a pity that the things they do are not elegant at all!

The earlier this group gets destroyed, the better it is!

The damage they can cause is way-way worse than the Black Dragon Gang!

Liu Yi travels as fast as lightning; his speed does not seem to be slower than a racing car.

He glides quickly over the buildings as he continuously leaps before finally landing on the building on the opposite side.

In the night sky, a figure flashes by leaving behind white colored snowflakes.

“Owner, I have cracked the Hunter’s Organisation firewall!”

At the same time, the progress bar on the top right disappeared as Little Jade voice rang out.

“Damn… Owner, why is your speed so fast? You reached the location in ten minutes?”

As she is entirely focused on hacking past the firewall, only now did Little Jade realized that Liu Yi is already so close to the location.

“My speed has increased that’s all.”

Liu Yi has become calm.

Afterall, I have suffered quite a bit in the gravity room these few days… one cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations.

“Owner is very impressive… but Little Jade did not let owner down!”

Little Jade proudly shows off and say: “The Hunter’s Organisation database has been hacked by Little Jade, in the future, owner will be the Chief Administrator of the Hunter’s Organisation. Oh, Little Jade can also help owner to hack the Dragon Group’s system as well…”

“Dragon Group?”

Liu Yi trembles slightly.

Didn’t that group seems to be eyeing me?

Hacking a bit is okay, after all, I wish to know what does that group plan to do to me.

“How? Does owner want me to hack a bit?”

“Go ahead.”

“Very well, leave it to Little Jade!”

After done speaking, Little Jade start to work hard in breaching the Dragon Group’s system.

“Wah… Dragon Group seems to have a computer expert… it looks like Little Jade needs to waste some time…”

“No problem, you go and settle it.”

Liu Yi lands on a mountaintop and looks down below at the lofty villa.

There is such a big villa in such a desolated area… it is indeed very peculiar.

“I don’t feel any demon qi…”

Liu Yi frowns faintly.

“Idiot. There is some formation here which conceals all of the powers.”

Lin Tong emerges from Liu Yi’s body. She sits on his shoulder and rolls her eyes at Liu Yi.

“It seems that you are quite free and easy these few days with an AI helping you. You are very happy right?”

“Why is it that I hear some jealousy from immortal fox sister?”

Liu Yi blinks.

“Pei! Who is jealous! This lady is just not happy!”

Lin Tong use her tail and swipes Liu Yi’s head. “Originally this is the home for this lady alone do you know? Now with another person living in it, of course, this lady is not happy! Very very not happy!”

Liu Yi thought that Lin Tong is bothered by the fact that she is sealed. Thus he hurriedly says: “Immortal fox sister just relax… I will think of a way to help you remove the seal.”

“You, this big dummy!”

Lin Tong is about to die from anger!

Is this little fellow’s EQ locked up?

Or is it sealed by some expert?

With his current strength, if he wishes to release the seal on his right hand… it is as simple as 1, 2, 3 ah!

Although he only has the abilities of a three star… but just based on his power, it can be equivalent to a 5-star expert okay!?

“Seems like someone is coming.”

Liu Yi sees a few people who are wearing a black cloak with red patterns walking towards the main door.

One of them follows the pattern and knocks on the iron door. The window on the iron door is pulled open.

The person knocking the door says: “We are all God’s people, God loves all of us.”

“God loves all of us.”

The person inside replies and open the iron door.

Those people walk in in a line.

What a good fellow, there is even a secret signal?

Liu Yi starts to think: should I fight my way in or is there other methods?

“There are very powerful protective formations surrounding the building. It is impossible to enter it using other methods.”

Lin Tong reminded Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is simply helpless and could only stand on the mountaintop as he watches.

Around ten minutes later, a silhouette of a person wearing the cloak is stealthily moving towards the villa under cover of night.

Liu Yi’s eyes instantly brighten up.

Damn perfect! What a timely rainfall!

Praises to the true god Allah!

[KG: Don’t ask why a chinese teen is praising a muslim god.]

Liu Yi soundlessly jumps down towards that silhouette.

As that person who is wearing the cloak is rushing, he did not notice the person who is approaching from above him.


Liu Yi landed behind that person.

That person was shocked and immediately turned around asking in a shocked tone: “Who are you?”

“God loves us.”

Liu Yi blinks at him.

“You are…”

That person thought that Liu Yi is from the Great God Sect but at this time, Liu Yi suddenly stretches out his left hand to the front of that person’s forehead.

Vein Sealing!

Liu Yi’s power instantly flows into that person’s blood vessels.

That person’s blood vessels stiffen, and he stands there not moving.

Liu Yi’s power just got promoted to the peak. Thus it is not blockable by this Great God Sect disciple.

“The opponent’s power is not even a star.”

Lin Tong curls her lips. “This Vein Sealing can only freeze him for around an hour. But the people from the Great God Sect are immoral. It is better to kill him and end it to prevent leaving behind problems in the future!”


Liu Yi hesitates slightly. Should I kill him?

But I do not know if this person has done any bad thing. What if he is just a normal disciple?

But at this moment, a two-eyed infant baby suddenly crawls out from that person’s arm and shot a blood arrow at Liu Yi.

“Desolate Flame!”

Without hesitation, Liu Yi immediate punches the ghost infant.

The ghost infant got smashed into pieces, and its soul scatters.

There is no need to be kind to those who have a ghost infant.

Liu Yi sighs and punches that person’s heart.

The Mysterious Icy Qi pours into that person’s heart and froze his heart.

When the heart stops, the human will die.

Indeed, there is no need to be compassionate or lenient to people from the Great God Sect.

Liu Yi removes that person’s cloak and puts it on.

As for what conspiracy is brewing in that gathering area, let me take a good look!

He takes two deep breath before walking towards that villa’s iron door.

In front of the iron door, Liu Yi recalls the pattern that those people earlier used to knock on the door. Afterwards, he raises his hand and knocks five times. After a few seconds, he knocks another three times.


The viewing panel is pushed aside, allowing Liu Yi to see a pair of slightly turbid eyes.

Liu Yi says with a hoarse voice: “We are God’s people, God loves us.”

“God loves us.” That person replied and pulled open the iron door.

When the door is open, Liu Yi realized that the person watching the door is an old lady.

Don’t tell me that they love to use elderlies as door watchers?

On the Hunter’s Organisation side is Old Man Ma while this side is an old lady…

Hai, should I introduce her to Old Man Ma? Maybe he will be interested…

But it seems like as long as he is a male, regardless of the age, the person they like is forever an 18 years old lass.

En, en, males are more single-minded.

Liu Yi mutters a few sentences in his heart before entering the villa.

Lin Tong sniffs the air and says: “I can smell that woman’s odor…”

“Oi, oi, my immortal fox sister, you are a fox, not a dog okay!”

Liu Yi immediately reminded Lin Tong.

“Scram to the side!”

Lin Tong flips her eyes at Liu Yi. “You are always in contact with Ma Yuanyuan that lass and those two lasses smell almost the same! Of course, I can smell her!”

Saying that she agilely did a roll in the air as she jumps to the floor. “Follow this lady.”

Having immortal fox sister is so good…

I am very lucky to have to come across immortal fox sister.

Liu Yi chases after Lin Tong as he travels through the villa.

There is a stifling aura in the villa which gives Liu Yi an uncomfortable feeling.

Everywhere seems to be weird ah…

Very quickly Lin Tong brought Liu Yi to a basement.

In the basement is a surprisingly large number of people who are crowding around a stage. On the stage is a female wearing a cloak.

“Beloved brothers and sisters, our god is always watching over us, watching over this world.”

The girl says enthusiastically: “ As long as we gather together and wait upon God, God will bestow some of his power to us.”


It is another laughable god.

If the God wish to look after you guys, he would have appeared already, why would he wait until so many innocent people have died.

If your God is real, then it is just a demonic god.

When Liu Yi recalls those malevolent ghost infants, he cannot bear it and clenches his fist.

If there is such a god, then let me Liu Yi destroy it!


Chapter 211 – [Night scouting of God Sect]


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