MKW Chapter 210

Chapter 210 – [Do not anger Blood Emperor]


“This chicken claw is not bad, where did you buy it?”

“There is pickled pepper chicken claw in the supermarket, didn’t you see them before?”

“Wu… did not pay attention…”

In the Hunter’s central, gravity room.

Liu Yi is sitting in the gravity room, while Old Man Ma is sitting outside. In between the two of them is a doorstep.

Just for this time’s extended training plan, Liu Yi brought quite some daily necessities in.

Things like mineral water, bread, ham sausages, chicken claws and the like.

Other than practice, there is also a need to eat as well.

Old Man Ma is always alone, this time he has another person to accompany him, thus with just a doorstep between them, they sit together and eat.

“Come, come, come, taste my old man Ma’s collection of good wine.”

These few days Ma Hua continuously tries to force Liu Yi to drink with him but is straight up rejected by Liu Yi.

Because there is no point drinking with an old man, coughs…

Drinking with a woman, I might be able to have some inebriate things to do…

But if an old man drinks too much, then all you can do is to listen to his endless regrets.

“Let me let you, when I was young, I was a person who is very powerful…”

“yes, yes, yes Old Ma was undefeatable and unrivaled at that time.”

This few days, Liu Yi have heard Old Man Ma bragging about his past.

From what Old Man Ma say, he is an awe aspiring expert.

But later on, it seems that his wife and daughter were killed by his enemy who appears to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

As Old Man Ma does not see any hope in taking revenge, he, disheartenly went to Hunter’s center to be a clerk as well as looking after the gravity room.

Within Liu Yi’s heart, he thinks: a person should not drink too much. After drinking too much, the things he says have no link.

Seeing Old Man Ma’s red rosacea and liquor breath as he speaks about all kinds of his past, one against one hundred, Liu Yi feels like he is listening to story.

[KG: Rosacea refers to redness in the face.]

While the two of them are eating and drinking, Liu Yi’s cellphone suddenly rang.

He looks at the drunken Old Man Ma and feels that he should try and avoid him slightly.

Thus, Liu Yi stands up and walks to somewhere further away to pick up the call.

Taking a look at the number, it is Ma Yuanyuan calling him! What is the matter that this lass is looking for me for?

“Big idiot! I’m begging you to help!”

When he picks up, it is Ma Yuanyuan calling to beg for help.

Strange, very strange… Don’t tell me that this lass house heater has broken again and she became desperate from not bathing for a few days?

“What is the matter, Yuanyuan?”

“Big idiot… my, my older sister has disappeared…”

Ma Yuanyuan sentence instantly shocks Liu Yi.


Ma Yixuan has disappeared?

Where can that girl run off to… maybe she is hanging around with that handsome guy again…

“Maybe she is hanging around with her friends…”

Liu Yi says: “In the past, she also does not return frequently.”

“This time it is not the same!”

Ma Yuanyuan cries as she says: “Older sister did not return home for four days already!

Furthermore, granny is hospitalized and is recuperating in the hospital. These few day when I go to the hospital, I have to lie to granny saying the older sister is resting at home… Even if older sister like to play around so much, she will not return to check on granny when she is sick! She must have gotten into trouble! Big idiot… Liu Yi gege… I, I don’t dare to call the police, thus can only look for you for help, wuwuwuwu…”

Listening to Ma Yuanyuan crying, Liu Yi felt a bit of pain in his heart.

Don’t tell me Ma Yixuan really got into trouble?

“Then do you know where did she go?” Liu Yi ask.

“My older sister went with Xiao Qing older sister… I secretly went online and checked older sisters chat history. They were discussing going to a place call… Spirits Ramport Club…”

“Alright, I know. I will help to check. Calm down and wait for my news.”

Liu Yi comforts Ma Yuanyuan before hanging up.

“Old Ma, I might need to leave earlier than expected.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he walks out of the Hunter’s central.

“Oh? Why are you leaving now? Didn’t you plan for one last day?”

Old Man Ma seems to regret slightly.

“My friend has gotten into a bit of trouble. I need to go and help.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes off the mask that is pushing against his nose and puts it on again.

“Furthermore, the objective for training in the gravity room has been achieved. I have already completely adapted to the current gravity setting.”

Liu Yi uses shadow steps and instantly leaves the gravity room.

“Old Ma, next time around, I want to challenge the twenty times gravity.”

Watching Liu Yi’s faintly disappearing figure, Old Man Ma retracted his neck.

This little fellow until now actually had no idea?!… he is adapted to the twenty times gravity ah…

Liu Yi feels that his training these few days had a good harvest!

Although he did not break through to four stars, his strength had heaven and earth-shaking changes.

In the past, the immortal strength, devil strength, and the like within his body are all in gaseous states.

But now the power that is flowing within his body are all in a liquid state!

This is the manifestation of his powers after it has been compressed under which pressure.

Under the continuous pressure from the gravity, Liu Yi realized that only when he continuously compresses his powers could he withstand the gravity acting on his body.

Thus during these few days, he continuously repeated this action.

Compress his power, compress more, compress even more!

Until in the end, his powers undergo a qualitative change, and his entire powers liquefy.

Even Lin Tong is unable to explain this phenomenon.

When cultivating, she had never experienced such a situation before! The demon powers that the little fox goddess has is also in a gaseous state!

She has never heard before of this kind of high pressure compressed liquid powers!

But the effects, in reality, shock Liu Yi and Lin Tong!

If the powers within Liu Yi’s body in the past is described as a ton of cotton, then the powers within Liu Yi’s body currently can be described as a ton of steel!!

Although both are a ton, the density between the two of them is incomparable.

Lin Tong does not know if it is fortunate or unfortunate because Liu Yi’s situation is becoming even weirder and she is entirely unable to control it anymore.

But disregarding that… As long as Liu Yi gets stronger, it is good.

“Leng Mo, can you help me?”

Liu Yi goes to the reception desk and asks Leng Mo who is busy in front of the screen.

“Ah, Ten Steps…. wait, wrong, Blood Emperor ah, what is the matter, say it.”

What makes Liu Yi feel strange is that this time round Leng Mo’s attitude to him is exceptionally good, which is the complete opposite of her attitude a few days ago.

Has this lass metamorphosed?

Wait that’s wrong…Is it a change of her usual state?


Liu Yi is somewhat unable to comprehend.

“What is the matter, there is no need to be courteous to me, after all, all of us are colleagues. Tell me what the matter is.”

Seeing Leng Mo’s passionate behavior, Liu Yi thinking in his heart: Is this lass trying to sabotage me again?

The task last time is such a fraud.

“Then, Xiao Mo please help me to search for a thing.”

But Liu Yi can only ask Leng Mo for help as she is the only person who has control of most of the information in Hunter’s organization.

“Okay tell me.”

“Do you know where is the Spirits Ramport Club?”

Liu Yi asked following what Ma Yuanyuan told him.

“Please wait for a while while I check.”

Leng Mo instantly becomes serious and start tapping on her keyboard.

Content continuously flashes on the screen, and Leng Mo expression becomes grave.

“Where did you hear of this place from?”

“A friend of mine is there… why? What is the matter?”

“That place is suspected to be the gathering point for the Great God Sect…”

Leng Mo seriously says: “Currently it has automatically changed into a D grade scouting task. Do you want to accept it?”

“Accept.” Liu Yi nods his head. “I am about to head over there now…”

His heart is somewhat heavy.

Is it related to the Great God Sect?

Ma Yixuan ah Ma Yixuan what kind of things did you sink yourself into ah…..

“Good. Blood Emperor, the task has been passed to you.”

Leng Mo says: “The task has been sent to your phone.”

“Owner, I have received the message.”

As Liu Yi’s phone has already merged with the AI, Little Jade speaks up again. “I have marked the most optimal route for you to take. With owner’s speed and without any incidents, it will take you approximately 30 minutes to reach.”

After confirming the target location, Liu Yi bid Leng Mo goodbye and turns around and leaves the Hunter’s central. He is very hurried. Thus his speed is breakneck. After taking the elevator, he departed in an instant.

After seeing Liu Yi leave, Leng Mo releases her breath.

“Elder sister, you see, my attitude to Blood Emperor is excellent right…”

She brushes off her cold sweat as she looks behind her at the female figure that suddenly appears behind her.

The female figure is very familiar. If Liu Yi is still around, he will cry out older sister!

“You have escaped calamity this time Xiao Mo.”

Li Biyue stands there while holding a blade of shadow that is dripping blood.

The news of Dragon Group eyeing Liu Yi is no small matter.

Very quickly, Li Biyue knows about it.

As for the person who pretends to give that task, she knows who it is very quickly as well.

She immediately put down her current task and rushes back to North Dragon city to clean up her little brother mess.

“Older sister… you… what did you do to Manager.”

Seeing the fresh blood on Li Biyue’s blade, Leng Mo’s scalp turns slightly numb.

“Nothing much, after all, he is my direct superior, and he is willing to head over to Dragon Group to explain, I only cut off one of his fingers.”

Li Biyue smiles faintly.

Although the smile is beautiful, it carries with it a killing intent.

Leng Mo trembles in fear.

This time around… older sister is serious about that Blood Emperor.

I cannot be silly again and go against Blood Emperor…

Apparently, I must do my best to curry favor with Blood Emperor. Perhaps older sister will come to like me.

“Xiao Mo, do you know what you need to do in the future?”

Li Biyue smile towards Leng Mo.

“Older sister be at ease… I will properly assist Blood Emperor! From now on, his problems will also be my, Leng Mo’s problems!”

“This is good.”

Li Biyue nods her head in satisfaction. “That silly little brother of mine…alas, I have no idea what he is busy with. I should follow and take a look.”

Li Biyue turns into a shadow and disappears from the Hunter’s central.

Leng Mo leans against the chair and takes a deep breath.

Li Biyue’s aura is simply too overbearing!

But it is because older sister is so strong, that is why I love her so much!

Humph, older sister don’t you look down on me!

Take a look at how I win the favor of that man!

As long as I can settle that Blood Emperor, older sister will definitely like me!

But the manager is indeed tragic… one of his fingers got cut off.

In future, I must not be enemies with Blood Emperor…



Chapter 210 – [Do not anger Blood Emperor]


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