MKW Chapter 21

Chapter 21   [If you have guts then let’s have a competition]


The ancients were right, a beauty’s embrace is very cooling ah!

Especially Wang Lele’s embrace….

to good ah….

Liu Yi does not know what is the meaning of this sentence in the past but now he finally knows!

Big! Way too damn big! Furthermore, it is very soft…

Very comfortable….

Liu Yi is unable to control himself as his blood start to flow quickly, and starts acting upon the weakest blood vessels of his body.

And that is his nose which starts to have a nosebleed.

Wang Lele got a shock. Her open heart does not care that her chest had been taken advantage of as she hugs Liu Yi’s head and exclaims, “Liu Yi, Liu Yi are you okay?!”

“Lan He how dare you hit him so hard! You are way too much!”

Murong Die looks down on Lan He.

What kind of ability does bullying the weak count as!

If he has the capability then he should go and find Wang Dashan and fight!

That is a famous year three hooligan of their school!

Lan He is stunned, “I…this…”

It is obviously me who was taken advantage of, but how is it that it is me who is the killer!

What bullshit is this!

Lan He blinks his eyes, not knowing what to say.

“It, it is okay…”

Liu Yi panics, getting up from Wang Lele’s embrace.

If this goes on I might bleed too much and really get into trouble…

I did not die from those two calamities, so I don’t wish to die in a woman’s embrace…

Even if it is Wang Lele’s large chest is also not okay…

“This matter cannot blame him…it is my fault…”

Liu Yi is very uncomfortable. Although Wang Lele’s chest is very comfortable he is in a bad mood and is not due to that.

The him just now was really too scary, which makes him unable to accept it.

I have lived for 17 years and have never done such a thing before!

Framing other people makes Liu Yi feels very uncomfortable, unhappy, really unhappy.

Grandpa had said before that as a man you must be upright and live in this world indomitably.

Playing around with schemes and tricks, how is that a guy! How can that be considered as a hero!

I’d rather be a coward than be this kind of vile character!

Liu Yi clenches his fist.

“Liu Yi you are a good person!”

Wang Lele shakes his head.

Even when he got beaten by other people until he got a nosebleed he still speaks well of that person.

“Liu Yi stop pretending to be a good person!”

Lan He instantly becomes mad as he curses in his heart, you actually pretended to be a bushy tail wolf!

“Lan He are you ashamed or not! He is already beaten by you like this and you still say these kinds of things!”

Murong Die feels that Lan He’s moral is the worst of the worst.

This kind of person actually likes me! So depressing!

“Damn it…”

Lan He really wishes to kill Liu Yi.

He points at Liu Yi and shouts, “Liu Yi you are good! If you have the ability then come and have a one on one basketball match with me! Only the winner can obtain the affection from Murong Die!”

Damn it here he comes again!

To be honest Liu Yi really do not wish to have a basketball competition with Lan He.

Isn’t that just a joke? How do I know how to play basketball!!!

In the past, when he had basketball lessons during his P.E. he at most was only sitting by the side and helped to pick up the ball that’s all!

Asking me to play basketball…why don’t you just kill me!

“Compete, then compete who is afraid of you!”

Before Liu Yi is able to say anything, Wang Lele who is standing behind him had already agreed for him.

“Liu Yi don’t be afraid, I will support for!”

What the hell man!

Liu Yi wants to cry but has no tears.

You support me…you can play for ma ah….

You are already carrying two basketballs on your body I bet that it’ll be strenuous to jump.

Seeing that Liu Yi is somewhat hesitating, Lan He says, “I just know that you do not dare to compete!”

“If you do not dare to then scram far away! It is best if you scram out from this class and don’t let me see you again! Otherwise everytime I see you in the future I will beat you up once! Damn it just based on your weakling attitude you dare to snatch woman from me Lan He, why don’t you go and take a good look at the mirror…”

“Number one…”

Liu Yi’s heart is starting to beat rapidly from his anger.

He controls himself to prevent himself from turning evil. Although he has something to say about that he bears with it and keeps it in.

“I do not like to use girls as betting goods. No matter who wins or loses during the competition it is not related to Murong Die. Who she likes is her own matter.”

When Murong Die hears what Liu Yi says she becomes slightly blank.

Her gaze towards Liu Yi turns slightly different.

“Liu Yi. Nicely said, nicely said! This miss supports you!”

Wang Lele props up her chest as she claps her hand.

“Number two.”

Liu Yi raises his second finger and says, “Competing with me, I am afraid that you would cry.”


Lan He starts laughing.

“Are you talking to me? Is there a hole in your mind? I, Lan He am a member of this city’s basketball youth team. Making me cry during a basketball competition? I see at that time you would be making me laugh my teeth off!”

Liu Yi borrows the strength of his anger and says, “Let see then.”

“Good, you got guts. Two days later in the afternoon let’s meet in the basketball court! At that time let me see how tyrannical you are!”

Lan He angrily walks out of the classroom.

After Liu Yi finished, his blood flow starts to slow down as he regains conscious.

Damn it…I was too impulsive just now…

No wonder people say impulsiveness is the devil.

My impulse just now has once again created huge trouble for me…

How do I  play basketball!

At that time, looks like I will be oppressed by Lan He…

Looks like I will be very miserable…

Liu Yi really wishes to give himself two slaps.

But he is afraid of pain and his face is his thus, in the end, he did not take action.

“Liu Yi…apologies, I have implicated you.”

At this moment Murong Die who was always arrogant actually speaks softly to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi feel like his whole world is blooming with flowers!

Oh my gosh, I did not hear wrongly, right!

Murong Die actually apologized to me!

This…the world is coming to an end!!!

Seeing Liu Yi’s silly looking appearance Murong Die starts to be curious.

This guy is really strange. Just now he had some kind of charm that attracted peoples attention but now why is he so silly…

But why do I feel that he has become cuter.

“Take this and wipe your nose…”

Murong Die passes her handkerchief to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi subconsciously stretches out his hand to receive it and during the process, their hand touches each other.

What Liu Yi did not notice is that he is using his right hand.

During that brief moment of contact, Murong Die’s eyes instantly turn moist as her beautiful face turns red!

Murong Die bites her lips gently as her eyes turn watery and water is nearly able to be squeezed out.

Damn it!

Liu Yi got a shock as he hurries and takes back his hand along with the handkerchief.

Almost at the same time, Murong Die recovers back to normal and as she cries out in fear and turns stiff.

After which the red qi flow in Liu Yi’s body actually become slightly bigger making Lin Tong even more surprise.

At this moment the life-saving start of class bell rings and resolve their awkwardness.

I have never felt that the start of the class bell is so sweet-sounding!

The two of them rush back to their seats like they are escaping for their lives and Murong Die hides her face in her arms.

Liu Yi secretly presses the handkerchief against his nose.

So fragrant…

By the side, Chen Cai says in envy, “Liu Yi…I really did not notice that you were a good person…you actually managed to get your hands on Murong Die’s handkerchief…I exchange with you my newly downloaded Rola Misaki seed with you how about it…”

“Go and die…not exchanging…I had heard that she is very ugly…”

Liu Yi shakes his head.

Murong Die’s handkerchief…

It is impossible for me to be unhappy to obtain it…

Although it is only a handkerchief…but it is Murong Die’s!

If it was the fat girl in their class, even if it is the panties that she had worn before Liu Yi will not be interested…

[TL: damn you author my eyes…]

Furthermore, he can only be disgusted with it. Who knows where would her finger be rubbing after she digs her toes…

Murong Die’s palm is really fragrant…

Liu Yi feels that he is so fortunate that he is about to faint.

Even if I am being oppressed during the basketball competition two days later it is also worth it…

While at Murong Die’s side, Wang Lele is also pestering Murong Die, “Hehe Big sister Xiao Die, did you fall for Liu Yi?”

“Get lost! You damn girl what nonsense are you saying!”

Murong Die’s heart is in a mess. But she pretends to be mad and pinches Wang Lele’s arm.

Wang Lele lowers her voice to hide from the teacher and secretly say,s “Hehe, then why did Big sister Xiao Die give him your handkerchief? When have I seen you gift any guy anything before?!”

“That…isn’t it because he got injured…even if I do not like guys…but I am not that cold-blooded okay…”

Murong Die rolls her eyes are Wang Lele.

At the same time, her heart is completely in a mess.

What is the matter with me? Why did I become so strange?

“Hehe, whatever you say.”

Although Wang Lele says so, she is smiling.

“Damn girl, you are not being serious!”

Murong Die glares at her best friend.

She starts to ponder over what is going on.

Do I have feelings for Liu Yi?

Shouldn’t be right…

Currently, these young guys are all not mature yet. Every day they like to mess around how would I like any of them.

But earlier when Liu Yi says ‘I do not like to treat girls as a gambling chip, no matter who wins or loses it does not relate to Murong Die. Who she likes is her own matter’….

That expression why does it keep appearing in front of my eyes…

Growing up this is the first time I met someone who said this kind of things to me.

When the other guys chase after me, all of them are acting like other than them, there are no other guys in this world.

While my own father has always been telling me that I can only enjoy my youth until I am 22 years old.

After 22 years old…I will have an arranged marriage with another guy.

It is like death, I cannot choose it or stop it.

The only thing I can do is to wait in despair.

Wang Lele is different from me. Her family business is not especially big and her parents are very open and do not have any political marriage requirement for her.

Thus this girl is so simple-minded. Sometimes I really envy her and wish to exchange identities with her ah…

It is only a pity that she was born into fortunes but do not appreciate it.

The math teacher walks in and starts explaining all kind of equations.

When these equations are on the blackboard, they know Liu Yi but Liu Yi does not know them.

Furthermore what Liu Yi is concerned about is not the equations.

He places his textbook in front of his face and once again enters his conscious world.

This time around he has a lot of questions to ask Lin Tong!

It is no longer his first-time entering thus Liu Yi is very familiar with the way.

A fuzzy woman’s figure floats in front of him and it seems like she had waited for him for a long time!


Chapter 21    [If you have guts then let’s have a competition]

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