MKW Chapter 209

Chapter 209 – [Accepting discipline]




Jiang Qini is unable to remain calm and stands up immediately. She looks towards Ma Yixuan who is standing by the side.

“She is the spiritual daughter? Are you sure you did not see wrongly?”

“I did not see wrongly…when, when I noticed it I was also shocked…”

The girl hurriedly confirms her discovery. “Protector Jiang… since we have found the spiritual daughter, is it considered that we have achieved a major contribution to our religion?”

“Yes, of course, it is considered!”

Jiang Qini is already laughing uncontrollably.

Spiritual daughter ah the thing that our God sect had to spend so many efforts searching who, what else is it but for the spiritual daughter!

There is a legend that says if they can find five spiritual daughters as well as a person with a spiritual pulse, they will be undefeatable.

Although no one knows how much truth is there in the legend, some people are spiritual daughters or possess a spiritual pulse!

But trying to find five spiritual daughters within the vast thousand worlds is very very difficult!

The God sect had forked out countless human resources and wasted endless energy to find these few girls within the legend but without results.

Luckily like the saying: Wearing down iron shoes only to find it so easily!

At present, I have found a spiritual daughter spoken in the legends!

This time around, the sect will definitely reward me magnanimously!

As for that Wenren Qian who does nothing, hehe… just let her die.

“You come over here.”

Jiang Qini beckons Ma Yixuan over with her finger.

Ma Yixuan’s body jerks faintly before she slowly walks over towards Jiang Qini.

“What a good child…”

Jiang Qini smiles happily. “Let elder sister take a good look at you…”

Saying that she places her left index finger, which has red nail polish on, on Ma Yixuan forehead.

Instantly a faint golden glow emerges from Ma Yixuan’s body, almost like it is a golden outer garment for Ma Yixuan, very mysterious and dazzling.

“Beautiful… it is too beautiful…”

Jiang Qini exclaims delightfully: “Let me bring you to the sect leader…”

But Ma Yixuan mutters: “May god fulfill my wish…”

Her body’s golden glow suddenly pushes away Jiang Qini’s palm.


Jiang Qini got a huge shock and stared at Ma Yixuan stunned.

“Protector Jiang, she..she has a spiritual body. Thus she has something that will stand out from the rest… ”

The girl got very scared, thinking that Jiang Qini is infuriated, she hurriedly curries favor with Jiang Qini.

“No, no, no… interesting, very interesting…”

Jiang Qini’s eyes brighten up and laugh: “I have decided. Instead of passing her to the sect leader, I will first accept her as my disciple and impart her the God sect techniques.”


The girl stares back slightly distracted.

“There is no but.”

Jiang Qini suddenly stretches out a finger and taps center of the girl’s brow.

Instantly, a black skull drills into the body of the girl.

“I will know everything that you do from now on… if I learn that you let others know about this matter…. hehe…”

“This one doesn’t dare…”

The girl is so scared that her whole body is trembling.

She is only an ordinary clergy, thus how would she dare to go against a protector.

The only people who can disregard protectors are the Sakyamuni or God envoys who are above protectors.

Jiang Qini nods her her head in satisfaction when she sees that girl obediently retreats to the side.

At this moment, she reaches out with her hand and removes the magic control over Ma Yixuan.

Instantly Ma Yixuan eyes brighten up and start to regain her conscious.

“Where is this place!”

She looks around in extreme shock and stares at the woman wearing red qipao and wearing a necklace made of human bones.

“Good disciple does not be afraid; this teacher is called Jiang Qini.”

“What disciple?!”

Ma Yixuan is unable to hold back her horror and only wishes to leave this place.

“Hehe, my good disciple didn’t you wish to become like Da Ji? The teacher can help you achieve it.”

“How, how do you know what I wish to be…”

Ma Yixuan was shocked.

“Teacher knows even more than that.”

Jiang Qini smiles, “Teacher also knows…that deep inside your heart you hate a man so much … that you wish that he is dead right?”

Jiang Qini’s index finger touches Ma Yixuan right left chest.

Ma Yixuan trembles slightly.

How come this woman knows about everything?!

“My little disciple ah…if you wish to achieve your dreams join my Great God Sect and become my Jiang Qini’s disciple! I can teach you all of my spells!”


Ma Yixuan does not understand. “What are spells?”

“It is a type of strength that lets you be happy and torture other people.”

Jiang Qini smiles and points her hand at the girl standing at the side.

Instantly, the girl starts to cry out in pain.

Two black arms emerge from her chest and encircle her neck cutting off her cries.

The girl kneels down on the ground suffocating, seeming ready to die anytime soon.

As Ma Yixuan watches in horror, she has a very mysterious feeling of expectation.

This kind of feeling is like a butterfly trying to break out of the cocoon. Very itchy and very scared.

“Do you wish to learn this kind of spells?”

Jiang Qini continuously entice Ma Yixuan.

At this time, an image continuously appears within Ma Yixuan’s mind.

Liu Yi kneeling down before me with his life within the control of my spell.

The moment I move my finger, he will die a violent death.

He will beg me, begging me to let go of him.

Not bad…

This is the type of life that I wish for….

From my palms, I can control the lives of other people…

This type of feeling… is good.

Ma Yixuan mumbles: “I want it … please teach me…”

“He hehe… good.”

Jiang Qini releases her curse and instantly the black arms on the woman body withdraw. She takes a deep breath as she leans against the wall trembling.

“From now on, you are my, Jiang Qini’s, disciple. You must always be loyal to your teacher.”

Jiang Qini reaches out with a finger and taps the center of Ma Yixuan’s brow.

Ma Yixuan does not know what happen, but she says gratefully: “I thank teachers willingness for teaching me…”

“No need to thank me. Just remember to thank our Great God.”

Jiang Qini says with a face full of pious: “We are all God’s people. In the glory of the god’s, we prostrate ourselves before the God’s spokesman, our sect leader.”

“Sect leader?”

“That’s right. The sect leader of Great God sect who is our owner, the spokesman of God.”

Jiang Qini cautions Ma Yixuan: “Remember. He is always our owner. His words are the intention of God.”

There are people like that?

Ma Yixuan feels that it is strange but seeing Jiang Qini crazy look, she did not say anything and nodded her head agreeing with her.

“Come. Follow me. I will teach you how to get your first source of strength.”

Ma Yixuan obediently follows Jiang Qini and walks out of the secret chamber until they are outside of the villa.

This desolated countryside is very empty.

It is late autumn. Thus it is slightly chilly. As the night wind blows onto Ma Yixuan’s body, she trembles uncontrollably.

She looks at her teacher Jiang Qini, who is wearing an open red qipao showing both her smooth white legs, who does not seem to feel the cold.

“Teacher… are… are you not feeling cold?”

Ma Yixuan cannot help but ask.

“With the Great God giving me strength, this bit of cold means nothing.”

Jiang Qini smiles and grabs Ma Yixuan’s arm.

Instantly a warm flow enters Ma Yixuan’s body, allow her to warm up.

“Very mystical ah…”

Ma Yixuan is surprised.

“How could God’s strength be only this.”

Jiang Qini smiles with confidence. “Very soon you will slowly be able to control this strength that God gives you.”

Jiang Qini leading Ma Yixuan to a grave in the countryside.

“Teacher… I am slightly afraid…”

Looking at the crooked grave, Ma Yixuan starts to tremble.

“With teacher here what are you scared of?”

Jiang Qini laughs: “Buried in this grave is a baby girl that has died recently. She will become your strength.”

“Why is the baby girl buried in this place?”

Ma Yixuan feels that this place is not a cemetery. Being in the middle of nowhere how could there be a lone grave here.

“This world is full of sins and suffering.”

Jiang Qini smirks: “This baby girl’s parents casually bury her here when they realized that the baby is a girl.”

“Bu, bury alive?!”

Ma Yixuan got a huge shock.

“That’s right. She was buried alive.”

Jiang Qini smiles coldly: “Thus there is a need to use God’s strength to wash away the sins of this world.”

“I understand teacher… I will try my best.”

Ma Yixuan nods her head.

“Very good. Let teacher teach you how to use this strength.”

As Jiang Qini speaks, she covers Ma Yixuan’s forehead with her left hand.

Wisdom Enlightenment technique!

Paragraphs after paragraphs of complex characters drill into Ma Yixuan’s mind, causing her brain to feel slightly swollen and sore.

But very quickly, the pain faded away and replaced it is a kind of strange cozy feeling.

“Do you understand? My good disciple?”

“I understand the teacher.”

Ma Yixuan nods her head. Enduring the dread in her heart, she walks to the front of the grave.

“Departed spirit that is suffering, from this moment onwards, I am your ending… heaven and earth, demon and monster…”

She recites an incantation before biting open her finger and drips a drop of blood on top of the grave.

As she recites her incantation, that drop of blood did not fall onto the grave. Instead, it floats above the grave and turns into a translucent sparkling red pearl.


At this moment a sharp cry comes from the grave.

Following which a distorted figure appears. It is a big headed infant soul which emerges from the grave. She opens her bloody mouth and swallows the red blood pearl.

“Quick! Subdue her!”

Jiang Qini shouted. Ma Yixuan stretches out both hands and forms a spirit seal while aiming at the ghost infant.

The ghost infant’s body repeatedly shudders for a while as the dark glint in her eye flickers.

As the ghost infant struggles continuously, the price that Ma Yixuan has to pay is not small. She is bleeding from her seven apertures but is still persevering.

All to become a woman like Da Ji… and to kill that man…


The ghost infant cries out again and finally gives in.


Chapter 209 – [Accepting discipline]


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  1. As for that Wenren Qian who does nothing, hehe… just let her die.

    My good man you will be killed in the future by Liu Yi. Her future hubby. Hahaha


  2. She hates Lie Yu because …. He liked her, but was pitifully weak and useless to her -> then wouldn’t let himself be beaten to death -> instead hospitalized her thug boyfriend -> scared the school’s young master so bad that he couldn’t get it up for her ?
    I think that was how her greatest wish came to be his death. But maybe there was an actual reason I missed?


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