MKW Chapter 208

Chapter 208 – [Where are you bringing me?]



Old man Ma stands in front of the window and looks at the sprawling Liu Yi when he suddenly got a shock.

Because Liu Yi who should be sprawling on the ground is slowly standing up.

Old man Ma was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped off.

God damn?!

This can’t be real! Is what I am seeing real?!

This is twenty times gravity!

This is not something to joke around with! How is it possible for this fellow to stand up?

Old man Ma hurriedly rubs his eyes and looks again.

Old man Ma’s thoughts

That Liu Yi is really slowly standing up!

He is using his hands to support his body, slowly pushing up.

Liu Yi does not wish to give up just like this!

Liu Yi’s thoughts

Isn’t it just ten times gravity! I can do it! There will not be any problem!

If I can’t even handle ten times gravity how am I supposed to defeat those hidden enemies!

How am I going to go to the Medicine King Valley to steal the Dan to cure Wang YuZheng’s mother?!

Liu Yi… if you are a man then stand up!

Liu Yi suddenly shouted loudly, his vigorous overwhelming vital energy bursting out.

The blue colour Qi flows through his body and rushes out, repelling the gravity in the gravity room.

“Overwhelming vital energy…”

Old man Ma creases his forehead as he trembles slightly.

“Heaven’s will… Could this be heaven’s will…”

He holds the wine bottle as both his hands trembles.

While at this time, Liu Yi has already supported his body until he is half kneeling on the ground.

Succeeded half of it already…

There is a faint smile on Liu Yi’s face.

Just need to work a bit harder then I will be able to resist this gravity force!

I have already told my mom that I will be staying at Chen Cai’s house for the few days.

It just so happens that it is also Liu Yi’s mom’s October overtime period. Thus she must literally live at the hospital. As she is unable to take care of Liu Yi, she agrees to Liu Yi’s request.

Use 6 hours to get to half kneeling then use another 6 hours to stand up properly!~

Liu Yi prepares to properly use his October’s 5 day holidays!

“Li Biyue… this time you have really found a very outstanding little brother ah…”

Old man Ma is quite agitated. He calms down his rapidly beating heart and drinks two mouthful of spirits before sitting down.

Old man Ma seems to be more curious of Liu Yi’s development.

A person’s body that holds both demon qi and immortal energy at the same time… as well as possessing overwhelming vital energy. What will he develop into?

This matter is getting more and more interesting!

While Liu Yi is busy with training, the outside world seems to be less peaceful.

“Qing Qing where are you bringing me to?”

Ma Yixuan is pulled by her blossom friend to a desolated area.

“Relax. I guarantee that the place I’m bringing you is very interesting.”

Ma Yixuan’s blossom friend smiles towards her. “Recently don’t you have a lot of trouble? When we reach there, you will be able to solve your worries!”

“Is it really that mystical?”

“Of course!”

Qing Qing nods her head. “Back then, I found this place from the internet… Oh, you also know that I don’t feel very comfortable back then when I just broke-up. When I reached here, after listening to master’s enlightenment, I immediately felt that my life changed.”

“Seeing how incredible you describe it, very well, I will follow you then.”

Ma Yixuan does not feel happy recently.

Rely on Yuan Shaojun, but Yuan Shaojun collapse.

Follow Lin Huayang, Ling Huayang is unable to make it.

Not only did Ling Huayang’s influence within the school got suppressed by Liu Yi, even his below is unable to stand up!

Ma Yixuan is a woman with needs, to be honest, her needs for that is quite strong.

Recently she has to use a cucumber to solve that need as well as avoiding her sister which is very inconvenient.

Suddenly her blossom friend who has disappeared for a few days suddenly came to her house and looked for her. Saying she found a very good place and wants her to come as well.

Although she does not know where her blossom friend wants her to go, but Ma Yixuan believes that her blossom friend who she has played with since young would not harm her.

Ma Yixuan specially instructed Ma Yuanyuan to look after the house properly.

“It’s here.”

This desolated area actually has a small villa! Her blossom friends pulls her along to the door. She knocks on the door 5 times, after waiting for a few seconds, she knocked 3 more time.

The peep hole on the iron door is instantly open. Ma Yixuan sees a pair of small eyes through the peep hole.

Blossom friend places her left hand on her right shoulder and says: “We are all god’s people. God loves us all.”

The person behind the door reply: “God loves us all.”

After which, with a clatter sound, he pulls open the door bolt to the metal door.

After opening the metal door, Ma Yixuan sees an old and skinny lady behind the door staring at her with a weird gaze.

The gaze is like looking at her long lost daughter which makes Ma Yixuan very uncomfortable.

She pulls on her blossom friend’s sleeve not really willing to enter.

“Relax. When you enter you will know that this is a very good place.”

Since her blossom friend says it in this manner, Ma Yixuan has no choice but to follow her and enter the house.

As she enter, Ma Yixuan is very cautious.

The house seemed to emit a faint disinfection smell, which she did not know the origin of.

Everywhere gives this feeling. The entire villa gives off a weird energy, causing Ma Yixuan to feel unease.

“Can we.. go back?” Ma Yixuan is starting to want to leave.


Her blossom friend turns around and gives Ma Yixuan a silence action.

“We are about to reach it … it’s just in front…”

Ma Yixuan has no choice but to be led by her blossom friend like a puppet and walks into basement in front of them.

The basement is dark and damp, making Ma Yixuan unable to adapt.

But her blossom friend keeps pulling her. The usually skinny and weak blossom friend is unusually strong today, thus Ma Yixuan is unable to shrug her off.

It is very strange.

As they walk deeper into the basement, it starts to open up.

What shocks Ma Yixuan the most is instead of the two of them, there are a lot of other people in the basement.

These people are wearing a black cloak with red patterns. Their face is covered and there are standing there quietly.

In front of these people is a small stage. On the stage stands a woman wearing the same cloak.

But that woman’s cloak patterns are slightly different and there are more red patterns on her cloak.

“Looks like there is a new sister joining our family.”

That woman gaze lands on Ma Yixuan.

Instantly, Ma Yixuan feels like she is not wearing anything, exposing herself to that woman.

This feeling makes her very uncomfortable.

Like she is not here to join the fun but rather she is here to take a bath.

“That… I, I am here for fun.”

Ma Yixuan is starting to feel afraid, she wishes to leave this place.

“Ha ha ha, every person who has reached here will become one of our sisters.”

That woman smiles faintly, after which a red light shot out of her eyes.

When Ma Yixuan sees the red light, her body stiffens instantly.

At that moment, her mind seems to be filled with pool of paste.

A little warm and a little dazed…

Her wish to leave is vague and she stands on the spot not moving.

After the woman settled Ma Yixuan, she places her left hand on her right shoulder and says peacefully: “Everyone here is the people of God. We are all brothers and sisters. We must care and love each other.”

Everyone says at the same time: “Love each other…”

“No matter how bad or painful your life is, do not worry.” That woman slowly says: “God loves us. He will gift us with strength and get rid of all of our disease, pain, disaster…”

“Can he really?”

Ma Yixuan eyes brightens up slightly.

That woman is stunned instantly.

This girl can actually think for herself under the control of my divine power?

Her brainwashing is not finished yet.

There is something wrong!

“Can God fulfil my wish?” Ma Yixuan asked word by word.

“Of course.” The woman nods her head.

“As long as you give God your soul, God will gift you with his strength.”

[TL: are you sure it is not a devil?]

“Really?” Ma Yixuan walks forward slowly. “Then how do I give God my soul?”

The woman got a larger shock when she sees that Ma Yixuan is still able to move.

“Give me your hand sister.”

The woman stretches out her hand and Ma Yixuan places her hand on that woman’s hand.

Immediately, a red light appears.

That woman’s power enters Ma Yixuan’s thoughts.

An enormous shockwave rushes into the mind of the woman.

“AH!” That woman screams loudly and fell down on her knees.

“What happened?” “What happened?”

“Sister are you alright?”

A lot of the people wearing cloaks walks up worriedly.

“I’m alright…” That woman is half kneeling on the ground, her face full of sweat.

“This new sister, follow me…”


“I will bring you to a person closer to God. She will let you possess the strength you need to achieve your desire.”

“Good… I will follow you…”

Within Ma Yixuan’s mind are two wishes that are continuously entangled.

Vengeance and being powerful! She swore to turn the world into chaos.

Muddled, she was brought into a hidden pathway by the woman.

The hidden pathway is also filled with dampness, but this time round, Ma Yixuan does not mind it.

Because she is still in a half dazed state.

After a while, she is brought to a hidden room.

The hidden room’s door is not closed and inside the room sits a woman wearing an erotic red qipao.

That woman’s figure is very good, her appearance is very beautiful. But her eyes are closed, like she is operating some sort of exercise.

The woman stands with fear and trepidation at the side and greets: “Protector Jiang…”

“Didn’t I say that if there is no major situation do not look for me…”

The protector is none other than Jiang Qini.

She did not open her eyes but speaks darkly.

“If it is not a big matter… he he… you know what will happen…”

“Protector Jiang… this… you should take a look personally…” The woman voice is trembling.


Jiang Qini finally opens her eyes and turns around with a bit of impatience.

“What do you need me to take a look personally?”

“This woman… she, she….”

“What is the matter with her?”

Jiang Qini gaze lands on Ma Yixuan’s body.

“She seems to be… a spiritual body….”


Chapter 208 – [Where are you bringing me?]


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    blossom friend<- bosom friend (the first thing means nothing, while the second means "best friend" or thereabouts)


  2. thanks for the chapter!!!!………..So…… are we just going to not talk about the part about how Ma Yixuan was using a cucumber and seems to have completely discarded/condescended on her ex-boyfriend already? Well, we all knew that according to the novel, she is already a high school slut who sells her body to anybody for a sense of power over others.

    It is just that she is soooooooooo stupid and sluttish…………. I can understand that she may want to start over and become the top women among her area, but destroying Liu Yi has nothing to do with her goals until she purposefully got him into trouble and near death. Sigh, she should have just got together with Liu Yi when she had the chance


  3. This with a bully, can not destroy Liu Yi. With the son of the director, you can either destroy it, and coincidences of life, a friend no name that disappeared takes it to the worship of the great God and by another chance, has a spiritual body. The author should stop recycling this idiot and kill her or send it to another side of once for all. It is annoying, if you don’t know to create villains, you stop using the former. Kill them and that’s it! And when they destroy the cult, and Liu Yi is going to be the immortal world, his mother that the abandonment is coincidentally a super sect who hates Liu Yi. Plot more predictable, by God, to disgust.
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