MKW Chapter 207

Chapter 207 – [Gravity Training]



Ma Hua who is holding a wine bottle looks at Liu Yi who is standing in front of him. With body odor of wine, he asks: “Stinky brat, you have come again?”

“That’s right. Uncle Ma, I am here to borrow the gravity room.”

After settling Murong Die and Wang LeLe with much difficulty, Liu Yi can finally start on his holiday demonic training plans!

“Hai, Ten Steps to Milk a Man, it is not that I, old man Ma want to block you, but rather it is manager orders… Lad if you want to borrow the gravity room, I don’t have access. I, old man Ma am only a door guard, ai… I don’t dare to disregard the rules ah.”

Since the last time, Liu Zhi Hang gave Liu Yi a hundred thousand for nothing, he started to treat him as an enemy.

Although he is unable to do anything in other areas, in the Hunter’s Organisation, he can continuously hinder Liu Yi.

“Elder Ma take a look. This is an excellent MaoTai. (Liquor)”

Liu Yi already expected this. He smiles happily as he takes out two bottle of excellent MaoTai and places it on the table.

There isn’t anyone in Liu Yi’s family that drinks liquor. His father does not drink while his grandpa does but he had already passed away.

As for his maternal grandpa and grandma, Liu Yi has not heard of them and neither did his mother mention them before. Perhaps they have already passed away a long time ago.

Thus when Liu Yi buying wine to gift Ma Hua, it has a feeling of showing filial respect to grandpa.

“Hehe. Those rules are dead while wine… humans are alive!”

Old man Ma happily hugs the two bottles like they are his most precious treasures. He happily proclaims: “Use it as much as you like. I will help you keep a look out if that idiotic Liu Zhi Hang comes.”

“Then, thank you elder Ma.”

“Hehe, little fellow you can be taught!”

The two of them smile with mutual understanding. After that, Liu Yi walks to the door.

Ma Hua carefully opens a bottle of MaoTai as he asks Liu Yi: “Little Milk ah. This time round how much gravity do you wish to use?”


Little Milk… can this name be even more unpleasant to hear?

“Elder Ma… can you not call me this way? Don’t you think that Little Milk is a bit unpleasant to hear? Can you change it to another one?”

“Okay, okay. I say, Xiao Ren ah, this time round how much gravity do you plan to use ah?”

[TL: Xiao Ren or小人 basically mean vile character or nasty person]

“Elder Ma you win! I change my code name alright?!”

“Hehe… young fellow is finally willing to change?”

Ma Hua smiles gleefully almost as if his plans have worked.

Don’t tell me that this old man have been aiming for this?

“Then what should I be called? Coming up with a name is very difficult.”

Liu Yi cups his chin.

“Young fellow, I see that you especially like red colour…”

Old man Ma glance at Liu Yi red scarf around his neck and say: “How about Blood Emperor.”


Liu Yi is somewhat shocked. “Straight away calling myself emperor… that does not seem to be very good right?”

“Little fellow, men should have arrogance!”

Old man Ma spats. “So what if you are called emperor. Emperor is the king among men. I see that you are rather reliable, there will be a day when you will become an emperor. Alright, you shall be called Blood Emperor. I will help you settle the admin matters.”

“Then I shall thank elder Ma.”

Liu Yi also feels that the name is rather good. Really awesome and really cool…

Alright, it shall be this one.

Old man Ma suddenly asked another question. “However, little fellow you know that you have provoked the Dragon Group?”


How could he not know… But how did old man Ma even know about it?

“Still acting stupid… During that task a few days ago, you  clashed against the Dragon Group. Everyone in the Hunter’s Organisation knows about it.”


Liu Yi smiles in embarrassment. “It’s not on purpose… just that I ran into people from Dragon Group.”

“You think that it is accidental?”

A light flashes across old man Ma’s eyes.

“Eh? Isn’t it?”

Liu Yi is a little nervous.

“Ai ai… in this world how could there be so many coincidental matters.”

Old man Ma drinks his wine as he pretends to be profound as he says: “There are some things that you think are incidental, but in truth, it is something that was planned properly.”

“Elder Ma… Your meaning is…” Liu Yi frowns as he start to feel apprehensive.

“Ai ai, come drink wine, drink wine.”

Old man Ma did not continue speaking, instead he drains his cup of spirits in a gulp.

Damn. This old man only knows to drink wine. I don’t even know if what he said earlier were drunk words or not.

“Whatever. I should continue with my practice.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he strokes the white ring on his right hand.

Instantly, Liu Yi’s clothes changes into a white coloured exercise clothes.

Furthermore, his wrists and ankles are tied with sandbags.

These sandbags are only 6kg each, the four of them add up to a total of 24kg.

Later on in the gravity room, it will be a total of 240kg

Must strengthen the tempering of my body!

The world of cultivators is indeed a very cruel world!

[TL: well too bad the only way out is death…]

Liu Yi takes two deep breaths and is prepared to enter the gravity room.

“Little Milk ah…”

When Liu Yi suddenly hear old man Ma call him back, Liu Yi instantly got mad and shouted angrily: “Didn’t I change my name already!”

Old man Ma belches then look at Liu Yi and ask him as he smiled merrily: “Ah right, right. Little Emperor ah, I want to ask you about a matter.”

“Go ahead and ask.”

Towards old man Ma, Liu Yi has nothing at all. This old man is like a little child, Old Urchin.

[TL: old urchin is actually a nickname for a fictional character Zhuo BoTong in the Condor Trilogy by Jin Yong basically he is an old man who very childish.]

“Let’s say if there comes a day where to kill an enemy and you have no other choice, will you choose to turn into a devil?”

Old man Ma sentence stuns Liu Yi.

“This old fellow is really funny, what are you asking this for!”

Lin Tong who is kneeling on Liu Yi’s arms says apprehensively.

As the saying goes: A millennium to be an immortal, a morning to be a devil.

Thus it can be said that after becoming a devil, it will be very helpful for that person in increasing his cultivation.

But cultivating devil arts  is very easy in the beginning but very hard in the later stages.

However there are a lot of people who crave for strength and without hesitation chooses to enter the devil’s path

These people are called devil cultivators.

Although within Liu Yi’s body there is immortal energy and can be considered as an immortal cultivator.

But at the same time he has demon energy and devil qi…

There are times where Liu Yi does not know what kind of cultivator he is considered as.

But I who is full of overwhelming righteous should be considered as immortal energy as main right?

[TL: righteous indeed… what about what happen in c203…]

[Kg: Oi, rubbing brews is very righteous as long it’s checking for cancer.]

[Herc: One can be righteous and Cruel at the same time you know]

“How? Will you?”

“I will not!” Liu Yi without hesitation replies: “Even if the enemy is stronger than be, I will not fall into a devil to kill him.”

“Hehe, why then? And what do you think is a devil?”

Liu Yi reply based on his own understanding: “Killing without blinking, doing as one wishes without restraint, that is a devil.”


Old man Ma shakes his head and continues to enjoy his cup of wine.

This old man… what principles is he trying to sell???

Liu Yi just step into the room when old man Ma suddenly ask again.

“Then how about if it is to protect your lover?”

Damn it. Is this old man done?!

Can’t he just ask all his questions at the same time?!

“Elder Ma. This question has some meaning!”

Liu Yi turns around and clucks.


Old man Ma thought that Liu Yi will give an interesting answer and waits for the answer in high spirits.

“I don’t have a girlfriend, where did the lover come from! I should quickly enter and cultivate. I will chat with you after I’m done with my training!”

Done speaking, Liu Yi immediately enters the gravity room.

“Stinky brat…” Old man Ma’s vein throbs.

“Who asked this brat to be dishonest…”

He stretches out his hand and slightly changes the gravity field on the side.

Ten times gravity?

Hehe, wishful thinking. Give me a twenty times!

Liu Yi stands in the centre of the gravity room and does deep breathing, preparing to work hard in adapting to the gravity when an enormous pressure suddenly pushing down on his body.


Liu Yi immediately kneels down on the ground.

I’ll be damned…

Isn’t this ten times gravity a bit too frightening…

Why do I feel that it is way scarier than the last time…

All the bones in my body are **…

[TL: hey don’t look at me… it’s the author]

[Herc: Right…]

Don’t tell me it is due to those sandbags that I am wearing…

Wah… it feels like a large mountain is pushing down on me…

Liu Yi is truly unable to climb up.

His whole body is completely pasted to the ground, unable to move.


It is a heaviness that I have never felt before…

Liu Yi feels that his bones are almost unable to withstand the pressure and are starting to crack.

If this continues on, it will not be able to withstand it!

From beside his ears came the voice of old man Ma: “Stinky brat, if you are unable to withstand it, then you just need to tell me this old man and I will let you out. Ha ha ha ha!”


Cannot let that old fellow look down on me!

First I need to protect my body!

Within Liu Yi’s memories, he recalls the time where he asked Cheng Dai Hai to teach him those obvious Hard Qigong technique.

The reason why it is very obvious is because it is incomparable to the profound Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra.

This Hard Qigong technique to be said frankly is completely worthless. It is basically just gathering the qi within the body and wrap around the body.

Currently Liu Yi takes out his immortal energy from his meridians and wraps it around his body like he is wearing an outer shirt.

Immortal energy on its own is very firm and hard. When it is revolving around his body, Liu Yi instantly feels better.

At the very least there is no longer the feeling that his bones are going to be crushed into pieces any moment.

Luckily I have learned a bit of Hard Qigong ah… otherwise I would have really been crushed in this gravity room.

The thing that I need to do now is to stand up.

Firstly stand up. Afterwards it is trying to walk normally… then it will be enough…

Liu Yi feels that his requirement are not very high.

His leftover immortal energy and demon energy are revolving together, flooding all of his meridians to resist the pressure.

This pressure is Newton’s law of universal gravitation, which comes from the earth’s gravitational forces.

What Liu Yi needs to do is to use his strength to become the opposing force and resist the earth’s gravitational forces.

Once he is able to resist the force of ten times gravity, then he is able to move freely in this gravity room.

It is a pity that Liu Yi does not know that the gravity that old man Ma set for him is not ten times but rather twenty times.

At this time, old man Ma is sitting outside of the room eating peanuts as he drinks spirits. At the same time, he is enjoying the scene through the glass window of Liu Yi sprawling on the ground.

Stinky brat. Who asked you to anger this old man. You are asking for it!

Let’s see how you are going to show off this time!

If you don’t beg for mercy, I will not decrease the gravity!

With his strength of three stars, it is basically nonsense if he wants to prevail over twenty times gravity.

You need to be at least 5 stars before you are able to walk freely in twenty times gravity!

Old man Ma is waiting for Liu Yi to beg for mercy.

He estimated that the little fellow will beg him within 30 minutes.

But after an hour, two hours … and finally 6 hours have passed but Liu Yi did not make any noise.

Could that little fellow be crushed to death by the pressure?

Old man Ma starts to be worried. If that little fellow really die… Li Biyue will definitely kill me…

He quickly got up and prepared to go into the gravity room to take a look.

[Kg:You wait 6 hours before being worried?]

[Herc: What will you do with a drunken Sailer?]


Chapter 207 – [Gravity Training]