MKW Chapter 205

Chapter 205 – [You are a good person]



“Go your head. After cheating out so much money and you only treat us to Ma La Tang?”

Murong Die harshly glares at Liu Yi.

Wang LeLe pouts and says: “That’s right. At the very least you must treat us to rice-flour noodles! Little Yi gege is so petty!”

“Idiot, can you raise your grade a bit more?!”

Murong Die glares at Wang LeLe resentfully for failing to meet her expectations.

“Ah, ah… then let’s just eat Ma La Tang.”

“LeLe, I am unable to comprehend what is wrong with your brain structure!”

“Then let’s eat a Ma La fragrance pot…just nice I wish to eat meat!”

“That okay… Liu Yi is so stingy if it is any better, he definitely will not treat us. Then it shall be Ma La fragrance pot.”

After the two lasses have finished discussing, they pull Liu Yi and prepare to leave.

“Oi oi!”

You Zhi Quan feels that there is something wrong. “This is wrong. Didn’t you say that you will not bother these two ladies after you have taken the cheque?”

Liu Yi innocently raises his hand and say: “But I did not bother them!”

“Idiot. When did he bother us?”

Murong Die looks at You Zhi Quan like she is looking at an idiot. “It is the two of us bothering him alright?”

[TL: damn me want me want!!!!]

[Herc: Horny *ss mother…]


“Thank you for the meal money! You are a good person!”

Wang LeLe gratefully smiles towards You Zhi Quan. Afterwards, she follows Liu Yi and Murong Die and leaves.

[TL: … damn she is harsh.]

[Kg:Badass B*tch]


You Zhi Quan stands there and stares dumbly at the back view of them leaving.

His gaze seems to have a bit of unwillingness and a bit of longing.

But there is more of dullness.

“Young master… it seems like you have been fooled….”

The underling at the side finally cannot hold it in anymore and reminds him.


You Zhi Quan instantly erupts like a volcano.

He swings his hand backward and hits the underlings face.

The underlings face instantly swells up after being hit, but the underling only covers his face and does not dare to make a sound.

“MaLe GeBi! Does this one needs you to remind me?!”

[TL: hey editors Mahler Gobi or MaLe GeBi]

[Herc: Fuck if I know, you’re the one that knows chinese]

[Kg:That is a you problem]

[TL: meh MaLe GeBi it is since it is shorter ^^]

You Zhi Quan’s hatred immediately fills up his head.

[Herc: Rage meter 100%, Enabling cry baby mode]


Such an unbearable feeling! Not happy at all!

“Damn it. Don’t let that trash leave this door safely! Find a few people and bash him up!”

You Zhi Quan orders.

“That…young master, this is our club door. If the club members got involved it would not be too good…”

The underling’s reminder clears up You Zhi Quan head.

“What you say is right. Wait for him to walk a bit further then let the Strongmen all take action! Damn it. Usually, I give them quite a bit of money. It should not be spent for nothing!”

“I know what to do young master…”

After Liu Yi, Murong Die and Wang LeLe left the club, they directly walk towards the car park.

Since the last time Murong Die got into trouble, Murong Hong requested to his daughter that no matter where she goes, she need to bring Wang An along.

Although she did not allow Wang An to follow along when she went swimming, she allows Wang An to wait for her in the car.

Thus the moment there is trouble, Wang An can immediately rush over.

Wang An is not that worried about young missy‘s safety, after all, Liu Yi that fellow is there as well!

Even I cannot defeat that Liu Yi.. with him beside young missy, how would young missy get into danger!

Thus Wang An sits in the car. He lowers the chair back and lies down. Turning on the radio, he peacefully listens to music.

“Let’s go. I know of a restaurant that has a rather good Ma La fragrance pot. Let’s have Wang An bring us there.”

When Murong Die thinks about eating, she becomes very happy.

“Hehe.. never expected that the You something person can be so extravagant, casually giving others 200 thousand!”

Wang LeLe is also very happy. If this happens, Liu Yi gege will not be poor again!

“That’s right if we can meet such people more often then it will be great.”

Liu Yi sighs with sorrow.

The three of them chat as they walk towards the car park.

At this time, 4 males who were dressed up as hooligans walk over.

The four of them are carrying steel pipes, car wrenches and the likes in their hand. As they walk, they trigger the alarm of the car they are passing by.

Liu Yi frowns. Those that are coming have bad intention…

These few fellows are definitely coming for them!

“Oh, not bad at all.”

The leading man is wielding a steel pipe and the scar on his mouth seems to be left by a knife.

“You’re actually holding these two sisters by yourself! Youngster, don’t you think that you are somewhat wasting natural resources recklessly?”

That harelip smiles**, staring happily at Murong Die and Wang LeLe.

“Sisters, how can that skinny loser satisfy the two of you. How about following me? Us brothers will guaranty that we will satisfy all of your desires.”

[TL: screw proper English…]

[Herc: Agreed]



Liu Yi tightens his fist.

But Murong Die actually blocks him and walks forward smiling.

“For real?”

“He he, little lass still don’t believe? Of course, it is for real.


[Herc: Rant over]

[Kg:Nice rant]

[TL: wellll it is shorter and hey that’s why I need editors]


Brother’s skill is very wonderful!” That hare lip guy laughs loudly.

As he laughs, he also swings his hips.

“I can also satisfy all of your desires do you believe it?” Murong Die laughs.

That harelip guy does not really believe it. He looks at Murong Die and asks: “Oh? Really?”

“Of course, If you don’t believe then come over.”

Murong Die beckons him with her finger.

That harelip guy looks at Murong Die beautiful face and walks forwards unknowingly.

“Are you prepared…”

Murong Die smiles sweetly, causing the harelip guy desire to go over the top.

Just when he thought that the pretty lady is about to hug him, Murong Die suddenly lifts her leg and harshly kicks that guy’s crotch.

[Herc: D-dddouble Kill!]

[Kg: ‘Shivers’]



The hare lip guy suddenly seems to turn into a werewolf and howls loudly. He covers his crotch as he collapses onto the ground and screams miserably.

Liu Yi also feels the pain as he watches.

Murong Die this lass is very harsh…

“Wah! Xiao Die jiejie is very wonderful!”

[Herc: Really Fuji? Little Die Older brother?]


[Kg: Also do you think he does this on purpose?]

[Herc: Nope, but I like to make fun of him]

[TL: lols]


At the side, Wang LeLe claps her hands and cheers.

“I have finally made used of the defensive arts that Uncle Wang has taught me in the past.”

Murong Die says proudly: “Actually I planned to use it on Liu Yi, but never thought that someone else will receive it first.”


Liu Yi thinks in his heart. Luckily I did not try to get fresh with her.

I should concentrate on Wang LeLe instead…

Murong Die, nine-star ferocity, her cannot provoke state is always open.

“Damn it…”

That harelip guy stands up while sniveling. This voice is slightly sharp.

[TL: damn that is one heavy kick]

[Herc: Meh Seen worse]

[Kg: Meh Felt worse]


“Go and attack them…kill all of them…”

The guys behind him immediately raise their weapons and rush towards Liu Yi and the girls. The majestic Murong Die immediately turns into a little girl and hides behind Liu Yi.

“Liu Yi gege… we will depend on you to settle the rest…”

Depends on your gramps!

Murong Die this lass really defying natural order!

What are you acting weak for?!

But Liu Yi also cannot let Murong Die and Wang LeLe get injured, thus he walks forward two step and raises both his hands. He grabs the head of the two foremost guy and smashes their heads against each other.


Those two hooligans instantly collapse unconscious.

The last fellow behind them who was shouting happily instantly got a huge shock.

Earlier as he was running, he shouted: “Watch as I hit you till you search for your teeth all over the ground!”

Damn it! We have kicked an iron board!

Liu Yi walks forward another step and that hooligan instantly kneels down.

“Big brother, big brother! Don’t hit me. I am only here to buy soy sauce!”

I’ll be damned…

Liu Yi feels like covering his forehead, what kind of trash are these guys?

They are too outlandish already aren’t they!

“Big brother! I’m really here to buy soy sauce, they are not related to me. Please don’t hit me!” That hooligan pleads without integrity.

“…….” Liu Yi is completely speechless.

There are indeed prodigies all year round but this year there are a lot more!

“What are you doing!”

At this time, suddenly a woman wearing police uniform walks over.

The woman looks to be quite young. She is wearing a large sunglasses which are obstructing her face.

The moment the police woman walks over, Liu Yi got slightly dazzled.

At that instant, he really thought that Yuan Zhen Yue had come.

But it is impossible that all the policewoman in the world are Yuan Zhen Yue.

“You are actually having an armed brawl in the broad daylight?”

The policewoman is holding a handcuff in her hand as she walks over.

“Police comrade, I am a victim, a victim ah!”

That kneeling hooligan instantly starts to make bogus accusations: “You see, my older brother was hit by them until…. His mouth had become a hare lip….”


Liu Yi really wants to kick that fellow.

This kind of person will never change even in death!

An opportunist that will never give up!

Next time when I meet such a fellow, I will definitely not be lenient!

“That is false, how can you slander people!”

Wang LeLe immediately retorts: “It is obvious that you are trying to take liberties of me and Little Die older sister as well as wanting to beat us! Police elder sister, you must call the shots for us!”

This lass…

After being with Murong Die for a long time, beneath the surface, she is also a demon ah!

Liu Yi thinks in his heart.

“I’ll be escorting everyone to the police station!”

That policewoman is unexpectedly efficient. She raises the handcuff and cuffs onto both of Liu Yi’s hands.

“What are you cuffing him for!”

Murong Die is not happy. She walks over to the policewoman in a bad mood and says: “They are the ones who are committing a crime alright?!”

“This matter is not determined by you nor me. It can only be determined by the law.”

The policewoman smiles faintly.

At this time, Liu Yi suddenly feels that there is something wrong.

That is an instinct that comes from a wild beasts reaction ability.

Part of Liu Yi’s body is demon and demons are usually evolved from animal or plants.

Animals have a type of natural ability and that is the ability to anticipate danger.

For example, sometimes when a certain district is about to have an earthquake, but humans are not alert about it. However, most of the times, animals will be the first to be alarmed.

This is their ability to anticipate danger.

In the past, humans also have this ability. Back then within the human brains, there was a thing that is called a pineal body that was able to detect danger.

But later on with human’s evolution, this pineal body seems to gradually fade away.

But there are a few humans that manage to retain this ability. Thus when they are dreaming, they will dream about scenes of future danger. Or just before the danger arrives, they will start to feel unsettled.

The progress of civilization leads to a decline in human’s body functions.

But part of Liu Yi’s body is a demon, thus his ability to sense danger is very sensitive.

The moment that policewoman smiles, he immediately feels that something is wrong.

At that instant, the hairs on his body raise.


He stretches out his hands and pushes Murong Die backward towards the car doors at the side.

At policewoman suddenly pulls out a short sword from under her sleeve and thrusts it towards Liu Yi’s neck.



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