MKW Chapter 204

Chapter 204 – [Generous Young Master You]



You Zhi Quan has a rather good father.

When his father was young, he resigned from a government post with an iron rice bowl and went into business.

When You Zhi Quan was born, his father’s family business was already thriving.

Thus You Zhu Quan was a young master who was born with a golden spoon.

This young master is unlike his father who was courageous and possessed the brains and capability for business.

You Zhi Quan is a frivolous person and is fond of racing and picking up girls.

You Zhi Quan who has lived for over twenty years has no idea how many girls he has played with.

Gradually he started to lose interest in the majority of the girls. Very few beautiful girls are able to enter his discerning eyes.

Because the majority of the beautiful girls rely on heaps of makeup to look beautiful.

You Zhi Quan who had spent so much time among the flowers is able to easily tell if a beautify is made of makeup.

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As for these two beautiful women in front of him… they are the most beautiful women without makeup on!!

Beautiful women who are found in the swimming pool are the real beautiful women.

Because they can only wear a swimming costume, their genuine body shape is plainly visible.

Especially after swimming, the water will wash off their makeup, thus even if they want to fake it, it is very hard.

[TL: don’t he know that there is also plastic surgery…]


The two ladies in front of him are the ….highest quality!

One is as beautiful as a flower and as cold as ice.

The other has an explosive figure and is extremely luring.

The moment when You Zhi Quan sees them, he starts to have thoughts of eating them up.

As for the young man following them, You Zhi Quan has automatically ignored him

“Young ladies, being able to meet you is fate. How about letting me be the host and invite the both of you out for a meal?”

You Zhi Quan takes the initiative to invite them.

He is very confident, after all, if he wants muscles, he has muscles, if he wants an oval shape face, he has an oval shape face. He can be used as an example of a handsome guy.

When a beautiful woman sees him, usually they will not reject him.

After all, it is merely a meal…

Later on while eating, then it is time to slowly foster affections.

After that when everyone drinks some top grade red wine, the affections will turn to love. Finally, it is to bring the two beautiful ladies to the hotel and have double…

Hehehe, it will definitely be extremely pleasurable!

You Zhi Quan’s thoughts are pretty good but it is a pity that the reality does not go as one wishes.

“Sorry, but we will never have a meal with strangers.”

Murong Die lightly glances at You Zhi Quan.

Really. I do not know how many rich young masters have I seen. So annoying.

Do we know each other? When you approach a stranger, you straight away invite for a meal?

Is our relation very close?

Must a beautiful woman randomly follow you and have a meal with you?

Such kind of beautiful woman is too casual already!

Do we know each other @!#$@?.

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“Let’s go. We’ll go eat by ourselves.”

Murong Die turns around and tells Wang LeLe and Liu Yi.

“Beautiful lady, don’t be so ungiving of face.”


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You Zhi Quan got a shock. A beautiful woman actually rejected me!

But very quickly his heart start to itch. The more stubborn the beautiful woman is, the more desire he has to conquer her.

Which beautiful woman can escape from my, You Zhi Quan’s palm! Hehehe!

“Why should I give you face?” Murong Die bluntly asks You Zhi Quan.

“Who do you think you are?” Liu Yi rejoices at the back.

Liu Yi’s Thoughts

Looks like Murong Die’s usual attitude towards me is actually quite good….

You Zhi Quan’s Thoughts

This beautiful lady has a sharp mouth…

But she is spicy enough and very energetic!

I, You Zhi Quan love to accept challenges!

“Maybe this beautiful lady does not know.”

You Zhi Quan crosses his arms and smiles slightly. “I am called You Zhi Quan. This high-class club was opened by me.”

“Ah? This club was actually opened by you?” Wang LeLe asks You Zhi Quan in shock.

Looking at the **girl, You Zhi Quan’s heart gets fired up, at the same time, he nods his head arrogantly.

“That’s right.”

Actually, it was opened by my father but how is it different from being opened by me.

When Father dies, isn’t it my business!

“Gods!” Wang LeLe got a huge shock. “I had not expected it…”

“Hehe… now you know is also not too late. How about we….”

That You Zhi Quan wants to continue speaking but Wang LeLe following sentence causes him to be in shock.

“If I have known then I would not have come here and played. Little Die older sister let’s change spots and eat.”

“Good.” Murong Die nods her head.


You Zhi Quan nearly scolded out loud.

“Liu Yi, didn’t you owe us a meal of Ma La Tang! Treat us, treat us!”

Murong Die suddenly recalled about the Ma La Tang situation and immediately shouted at Liu Yi.

[Herc: Who was Ma La Tang again? Been way too long]

[KG: They are talking about food. Mala tang is a hot pot


“That right… there is indeed that matter. Little Yi gege, don’t tell me you want to renege on your debt.” Wang LeLe also recalls it.

Liu Yi becomes speechless.

What is wrong with these two lasses’… rejecting a handsome guy’s treat but insists on my Ma La Tang.

But if this time I cannot be careless. I must act as if I am rich.

“Deal. Ma La Tang, it is!”

Liu Yi waves his hand carelessly. “Later on just order and eat as you like! There is no need to save money for me!”


Murong Die immediately poohs Liu Yi while Wang LeLe smiles happily.

You Zhi Quan is so angry that he is about to faint. This is the first time he has encountered such a situation in his many years of selecting flowers!

How can I lose to a poor bastard that can only treat Ma La Tang?

No way! I must harshly humiliate this bastard and let these two beautiful ladies know who the really rich and handsome person is!

Thus You Zhi Quan turns to Liu Yi and asks: “This friend, where do you work at?”

“Ah… It is a big company!”

Liu Yi thinks for a while and says: “A big company with thousands of people!”

Wang LeLe and Murong Die nearly laugh out.

What big company, thousands of people. Isn’t our school!

“Thousands of people…”

You Zhi Quan got a shock. Even if all of his father’s companies and business’ are added up together… also, does not have so many workers!

This fellow’s family is actually so well off?

A child of a large family?

You Zhi Quan cannot help but glance at Liu Yi.

“This friend…. You’re the young master from which family?”

You Zhi Quan cannot help but speak with some honorific.

[TL: the You in Chinese is in honorific]


If he is really a child from the influential clans, then he, You Zhi Quan cannot provoke him.

China, this country is not being run by money.

Who is the richest in North Dragon City? Murong Hong!

But if this fellow meets the person from those influential clans, he has to obediently lower his arrogant head.!

Why? Because within the country, the power of the influential clans is deeply rooted especially within the officials and business world!

If business collapse it is secondary. The most important are the officials!

What kind of country is China? A country run by officials!

In this place, no matter how much money you have it is useless!

Thus You Zhi Quan is very afraid of Liu Yi’s background.

“Which family ah…”

Liu Yi thinks and says: “North Dragon City Liu Family, do you know?”

“Liu Family…..”

You Zhi Quan thinks for a while. He doesn’t seem to hear of a Liu Family within North Dragon City?

“This…forgive my ignorance… but which Liu Family?”

“Of course it is my family. What other Liu Family can it be.”

Liu Yi almost cannot control his gleeful heart. This idiot actually believed it?

“That… your esteemed father’s job is?” You Zhi Quan carefully asks.

“Ah, my father’s job? He runs purchases in a small company.”


You Zhi Quan instantly got a shock and ask hurriedly: “How about your mother?”

“Oh? Are you a person who checks the registered residence? My mother is a nurse. Do you need injection? If you need one come and look for me and I will bring you there. I’ll give you an 80% discount!”

“That. You said you are in a place with thousands of people…”

“That’s right. I am a student. I’m currently in senior high.”

Liu Yi nods his head and says: “I’m from Heavy Point Secondary School. If the school doesn’t have a few thousand students, how can the principal raise his head!”

“Damn….” You Zhi Quan almost cursed out loud.

You… this deceptive person!

To think I actually thought that you are child from large clan! Turns out you are nothing!

This fucker!

I almost got frightened away!

When had You Zhi Quan been tricked in such manner? For a moment, he nearly could not hold back his anger.

“Ladies, this poor fellow is not worthy of you. Let me help you chase him away.”

“Good, good!”

Wang LeLe this lass did not know the situation and claps. “We wish to see how you chase away Little Yi gege! Isn’t that right little Die older sister?”

Murong Die glances at Wang LeLe but did not reply. It seems like she is going to sit at the side and watch the show.

Liu Yi almost vomited blood.

These two lasses enjoy watching a show and do not care about causing matters to be worse!

“Hehe, just leave it to me.” You Zhi Quan pets his chest as he says.

From behind him, a person who is wearing clothing similar to the workers walks over.

“Young master.”

“Ah, pass me the check book.”

You Zhi Quan confidently takes the check book and asks Liu Yi: “Give me a price, how much money you want then you will leave this two ladies.”

“Ha?” Liu Yi really wanted to laugh.

He turns around and look towards Murong Die and say: “Do all rich people like to use this method?”


Murong Die knows that Liu Yi is referring to her father secretly giving Liu Yi money to make him stay far away from her.

At first, Murong Die did not know of this matter, but later on, she more or less knew a bit about it.

“Give me a price!”

You Zhi Quan holds the checkbook. “After taking the cheque, do not bother these two ladies anymore in the future.”

“As long as I do not bother them, you will give me money?”

Liu Yi looks at You Zhi Quan in shock.

This fellow looks like he has a lot of money… furthermore, he is very moronic!

“That’s right, give me a price.” You Zhi Quan says magnanimously.

“You will not regret?”

“Are you joking? Why don’t you ask around what kind of person I, You Zhi Quan, am! The things that I say are like spilt water and will not be retrieved!”

You Zhi Quan smiles lightly. “Furthermore to you this little amount of money is money, but to me, I don’t care about it.”

“Young master You, as expected, has a large hand.”

Liu Yi raises his thumb.

After calculating, the Hunter organization has given me a hundred thousand after clearing the C-grade mission. And I have given all of it to the Red Scarf Army to start with their construction.

Afterwards, it should still need quite a sum of money… hai, whatever. After all, this dog of a rich family is offering himself up for a slaughter. Since it is like this then I shall be ruthless.

“Two million!” Liu Yi raises out two fingers.

You Zhi Quan’s legs trembles.

Bastard! Are you mistaken?!

Opening a lion’s mouth!

2 million! Do you really think that I, You Zhi Quan, am a bank?!

He stretches out his hands and writes down a string of words onto the cheque. With a tear, he tosses it to Liu Yi.

“Here is 200 thousand, take it and scram!”

Liu Yi raises his hand and catches the cheque.

Damn. Well, it is free money given to me so might as well take it.

“Ladies, the money has come. Follow Gramps and eat Ma La Tang!”



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