MKW Chapter 202

Chapter 202 – [Check a bit alright]



Liu Yi nearly vomited a mouthful of blood onto the poolside.

I’ll be damned! Are you for real?! At this time your leg actually got a cramp!

Liu Yi starts to consider whether or not he should turn his head… “Little Yi older brother…. I cannot take it anymore….”

Wang LeLe who is behind him is nearly at her end.

Cannot wait any longer… If I insist on ignoring, LeLe might drown.

I am saving a person. Right saving a person!

[TL:… not]

[Herc: Let him have his moment…]

Even if I am beaten to death by Murong Die, I am still a martyr!

Right right….

Liu Yi hurriedly pushes off the poolside, like a swimming fish, rapidly swimming towards Wang LeLe.

Liu Yi loves to dive into the water. When his whole person is in the water, he feels agile and at ease.

This high-grade club pool water is very clear and Liu Yi’s sight is also very good.

In the water, he can clearly see the chest of Wang LeLe which could not be held with two hands.

Merciful Buddha…

This trial is too harsh….

Liu Yi restrains his saliva and uses his conscious’ strength to maintain his clarity.

He increases his swimming speed and quickly swims to the side of Wang LeLe.

When Wang LeLe sees Liu Yi, she lets go of her breath, like hugging a lifebuoy, she embraces Liu Yi tightly.

This Wang LeLe’s entire body sticks onto him, her chest pressed onto Liu Yi chest.

Liu Yi’s swimming costume is very simple, it is only a pair of trunks for his lower half.

He did not wear anything on his upper half, exposing his upper body to the water.

And currently, Wang LeLe is basically wearing the same thing as a man. With this embrace, immediately, Liu Yi is able to feel the fullness of Wang LeLe’s chest.

Good fellow…It actually has such impact power…

Liu Yi feels that his chest is pushing against two large meatballs, very plump but firm.

Such chest should only belong to the heaven, and appears rarely in the human realm…

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh in sorrow.

But the most stimulating part is Wang LeLe’s two points on her chest can be clearly felt pressing against Liu Yi’s chest.

Oh heavens….

Have I entered the heavens?

Liu Yi can feel that his blood vessels are expanding rapidly as if they are about to go off the charts.

His lower body cannot be controlled as it stands up.

But as she is flustered in the water and the situation is desperate, Wang LeLe did not feel that something is poking her.

At this time, she is like an octopus, tightly hugging Liu Yi.

While little Liu Yi is pressing against the center of her spread legs.

[TL: lucky bugger >.< ]

[Herc: 20$ he will get it in one of them at some point]

[TL: more like in between]

“Little Yi older brother….. I am not too heavy right….”

After hugging Liu Yi, Wang LeLe finally starts to feel more relaxed.

But remembering her weight in the water, she cannot help but ask worriedly.

“No, you are not…”

Liu Yi’s body is somewhat stiff. It is not because Wang LeLe is too heavy, but rather it is caused by naughty little Liu Yi.

Oh, God!

A virgin man’s resistance to temptation is very low okay!!!

[Herc: Depends on the man]

Please don’t torture me like this!

At this time, a tiny man’s voice comes from beside his ear: “What are you hesitating for, this is such a good opportunity go for it! Take her!”

Don’t tell me it is that tiny devil again?

Liu Yi turns around and looks, he had nearly died from anger.

Damn, how come this tiny fellow has the same face as Cheng Cai?!

Wretched person!

[Herc: Kg you figure that shit out for me]

[TL: it is the main character best friend…]

Liu Yi blows away the tiny person with a huff.

Keep calm…. Must keep calm…

At this moment, he cannot accidentally fire a shot ah….

After all, there are a lot of people surrounding the pool… haiz haiz….

“Little Yi older brother….”

Just as Liu Yi is doing his best to control himself, Wang LeLe opens her mouth again.

The lass’s face is somewhat red, although her body is in the water, Liu Yi can feel that her body is burning.

“What is it?”

Liu Yi does not dare to look at Wang LeLe because the lass’ breathing falling on his face…

Ah…the temptation is too strong.

“erm… Is this… considered to be massaging you with my chest?”

Wang LeLe asks with a bit of seriousness.

Liu Yi nearly cannot control himself from diving into the water.

I’ll be damned…

Is she serious?! At a time like this, this lass actually wants to ask such kind of question?!

There is no heaven’s law!!!

“Is it considered ah? Little Yi older brother, can you reply?”

Wang LeLe is almost going to break the wok and question to the end.

“This one…should, should be considered!”

Liu Yi did not reply clearly, after all, he did not get a massage using a chest before!

“Then that is alright…I do not owe little Yi older brother anymore…”

Wang LeLe nods her head and seems to lets go of her breath.

But she also seems to regret something as well.

“Little Yi older brother is not angry right… in such a sudden situation, you wasted your chance…”

“Not at all… actually…. It is very good…”

Liu Yi says as if there are devils and gods at work.

Immediately, Wang LeLe’s face turns red to the tips of her ears.

“Little Yi older brother…. I did not realize that you are so bad….”

Wang LeLe speaks very softly like ants and lightly bites her lips.

“Nonsense, I am obviously helping you all right!”

When Liu Yi hears it, he does not want to do it anymore.

I, Liu Yi, am a majestic upright gentleman!

The heavens can reflect!!

“How about I don’t care for you, I am going.”

Saying, Liu Yi let’s go of her.

“Ah, no….”

Wang LeLe immediately got a huge shock and desperately hugs Liu Yi tightly.

“Little Yi older brother is the best…. You are not bad you are not bad…”

“Good good, that’s a obedient girl…”

[Herc: 50% chance I screwed up there]

[Kg: Looks fine to me. Might just be an language quirk]

[Herc: Probs just the fact I’m in poland and have polish structure and grammar drilled in…]

Liu Yi nods his head and allows Wang LeLe to hug him as he treads water.

“That… Little Yi older brother… there is a matter that I hope that you can help….”

At this time, Wang LeLe suddenly speaks again.

“What is the matter, just say it, there is no need to be so courteous.”

“That…Little Yi older brother… I always feel that you are very powerful… do, do you know treat illnesses?”

“Treat illness?”

Liu Yi got a shock: “Why, are you sick?”

“Er er…… I also do not know……”

Wang LeLe suddenly cries, her large eyes become red. Liu Yi feels a bit of pain in his heart when he sees it.

“I have heard….. Large chested women have a higher chance of getting cancer… I am very afraid…. Later I checked on the net which says that if I felt my chest and felt a hard part, it might be a cancerous growth.”


Liu Yi listens till he got lost. “LeLe, don’t mess around with me. Such things are not randomly contracted!”

“But… there are times when I feel that my chest swelling and hardening… I am very afraid… I still do not dare to tell my family, especially I do not dare to tell little Die older sister…”

Wang LeLe’s tears drizzle down as she speaks, it can be seen that she is very afraid.

Wang LeLe really has a chance of contracting cancer?

Liu Yi feels faintly that he is in a fantasy world.

Cancer and the like are a fairly distant thought for him.

[Herc: 10% chance I fucked it up again…]

He did not have it, neither do his family members.

Thus when he heard his friend say this term, Liu Yi feels that it is somewhat unfamiliar.

“Little Yi older brother…. What should I do…”

Wang LeLe helplessly looks at Liu Yi.


Liu Yi also does not know what is right, and at this time, Little Jade’s voice comes from beside Liu Yi’s ear.

“Owner there is no need to worry, Little Jade is a super intelligent system, Little Jade can easily check if she has any sickness, illness or the likes!”

“Ha? There is such a thing?”

Liu Yi is very shocked.

“Che! So what, this miss can also do it!”

Not knowing when Ling Tong suddenly appears.

“Eh… you can hear what Little Jade says?” Liu Yi got another shock.

“In the past, I was not be able to, but now you are talking to her through the spiritual knowledge of the virtual environment thus I am able to.”

Lin Tong hugs her arm and snorts coldly: “To think that you did not tell this miss that you obtained such a thing, heng heng….”

“It is just that I did not know how to tell Fox sister what…”

Liu Yi is very embarrassed, this situation is too sudden already.

Liu Yi is afraid that he is unable to explain clearly, thus he decided not to explain.

Liu Yi laughs hollowly twice and asks: “We should talk about how we should check her for illness…”

“How simple, if a cultivator cannot treat a sickness, how can he be called a cultivator?!”

Lin Tong smugly say: “Wait until your strength breaks through the 4th star, then your able to use your own power to check the target energy channel! At that time, all you need to do is to pour your immortal powers into the target body then you will be able to find out their bodies situation.”

“Hai, that still needs to wait till I am at 4 stars. I am still at 3 stars only ah!”

“Er, therefore I am very sorry…” Lin Tong shrugs her shoulder.

“Hehe, owner does not need to worry, currently Little Jade can help you.”

The artificial intelligence becomes happy.

“Little Jade relies on spiritual powers, once owner has touched the target’s body, Little Jade will be able to use my spiritual power to check the target’s body conditions.”

“Touch your head!” Liu Yi is unable to hold it in and shouted.

“Cheh isn’t it just a broken microchip. What is there to be proud of!” Lin Tong says sarcastically.

“But this broken microchip is able to do the things that your cultivation techniques are temporarily unable to do.” Little Jade flaunts.

“Cheh, you have already said it is only temporary!” Lin Tong immediately rebukes.

“Even if Liu Yi does not have you, he will still be able to become even stronger!”

“Heng heng, owner needs me the most! I can also help owner do a lot of things!”

“The things I can do, you are not able to!”

[TL: of course Lin Tong… after all…]

The two ladies are quarreling beside Liu Yi’s ear causing him to sweat beads of cold sweat.

I’ll be damned… why on earth does this feel like these two ladies are…striving for favor?

“Please stop quarreling okay?”

Liu Yi can only say pacifying. “The two of you are very important to me. Little Jade is a very powerful Artificial Intelligence, while Fox sister …erm, is my family.”

Little Jade and Lin Tong both stop speaking.

Especially Lin Tong whose heart is feeling warm and fuzzy.

“For now we will rely on Little Jade’s help, as curing sickness and saving people is more important.”

“Alright owner, all you need to do is to touch the part of the patient’s body where the sickness might be then I will be able to check.”

“Okay, no pro…..”

The last ‘blem’ was forcefully swallowed back by Liu Yi.

For real?

Is there a mistake? Touch the patient’s place where the sickness might be?

Isn’t that….. asking him to touch Wang LeLe’s chest?!

Although the thought is very beautiful…. But isn’t that almost impossible to do right?

Is there any girl that will let other people touch her chest?!

This is impossible alright?!

“Little Yi older brother… What I feel might not be accurate…how about, you help me feel alright…”

Wang LeLe raises her head and pitifully ask Liu Yi for help.

Liu Yi’s worldview instantly completely collapse.

A beautiful woman personally asked to touch her chest…….

This kind of thing, as long as one is a male, is it possible to reject???



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  1. Thx for the chapter… can u sinkronnized the translation with subdai ?? Its really weirdto read liuyi nickname that not same as before 😀 its just my opinion … soory if my grammar is really bad


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