MKW Chapter 201


Chapter 201 – Mystical System


As Murong Die’s leg slips, Liu Yi’s heart almost flew out along with it.

I’ll be damned….. What will happen if Murong Die actually slips down!

But luckily Murong Die manages to grab onto the railings on the side and manages to stabilise her body.

As for Liu Yi, he is so afraid that he does not dare to breathe loudly.

“Ha..Ha.. Nearly scared me to death…”

Wang LeLe also pets her chest and releases her breath.

“Murong Die! If you cannot do it then get off the diving platform!”

Liu Yi is really afraid that this girl will get into danger.

“Hei, don’t look down on this miss!”

Murong Die’s heart is also beating very rapidly.

Earlier she was really lucky.

Although diving is a very cool sport, but it does not need only courage!

Because if the posture while entering the water is incorrect, it is very easy to get injured!

Hence only those that do diving regularly dares to jump from such a high diving platform.

Generally, a 3 meter jumping board already considered high!

A normal person jumping from a one meter height is already very good!

But no… this is ten meters!!!!

This is not something to mess around with!

“Carefully appreciate this misses beautiful diving appearance!”

As Murong Die speaks, she walks onto the ten meter diving board.

Although this girl says it cheerfully, she still chooses to stand on the platform and faces the pool.

“This miss is coming!”

When Murong Die finishes speaking, she stands at the edge of the diving board.

Following that, she bends her knees slightly and with a light spring, she jumps into the air.

With a hand wrapped around her head and the other supporting her lower back, Murong Die looks like a dancing butterfly, relaxed and graceful.

Liu Yi is dazed as he stares at the image.

At this moment, Murong Die is indeed very beautiful.


A splash rises. Murong Die enters the water beautifully, resulting in a low splash.

She is indeed a rich family’s miss which has gone through professional training. This changes the flower vase image that Murong Die had in Liu Yi’s heart.

This girl is really fierce ah…..

“Wa! Little Die elder sister is very cool!”

Wang LeLe excitedly claps her hands.

“It is your turn Liu Yu!”

After entering the water, Murong Die agilely swims to the pool side and calls out to Liu Yi

“Okay. It is my turn.”

Liu Yi stretches his muscles and prepares to climb up the ten-meter diving platform.

“Little Yi elder brother…. Can you do it? Have you dived before in the past?”

Wang LeLe looks at Liu Yi worriedly. “If you have not dived before, then you should not force yourself to jump… Little Die elder sister has a sharp mouth, you must not try to be brave. It will not be good if you got injured.”

Although Wang LeLe’s advice is very gentle and considerate, when Liu Yi hears it, it is very ear-piercing.

This is the thing that a man is most afraid of.

“Who says I cannot do it!”

Liu Yi frowns and says: “Let me dive and show you.”

Saying that Liu Yi starts to climb up the diving platform.

When he climbs up to the platform and looks down.

Ah. What a good fellow!

It is really tall!

The blue pool below seems to be close yet far.

A lot of people in the surround are also looking at him. At this time, in his eyes, they are all very small like ants.

“Liu Yi! Can you do it?!”

Murong Die places her hands around her mouth and shouted like she is using a loudspeaker. “If you cannot then come down!”

Liu Yi raises a thumb to indicate to Murong Die that there is no problem.

“Liu Yi, you must remember to jump into the water, not to the poolside.”

Murong Die that lass is still trying to provoke him.

Heng! She is underestimating me too much!

Murong Die this lass ah….. just loves to do such crazy and provoking things!

Can’t even be blocked.

But if we are talking about really crazy things…. The things I’ve done are much much crazier than her!

Thinking to here, Liu Yi takes a deep breath.

At this moment, the whole world seems to be within his heart, allowing him to be very stable.


Liu Yi’s hands grab his knees and leaps off.

In the air, his body continues rotating, his entire person is like a ball, continuing to fall.

Just before entering the water, Liu Yi finally extends his body.

His head rushing downwards, both hands forwards, his legs flush together. His body turns from a ball into a lance and plops into the water.

The splash is very slight and a few ripples spread out and the pool quickly changes back to its original undisturbed form.

Murong Die is unable to blink as she watches.

This… entry is too pretty!

The splash is so small. If this was at an international completion, he would be able to get first place!

Liu Yi this fellow…. What on earth is he not good at?!

[ED-Herc: Romance]


If Murong Die knew that this was the first time Liu Yi ever dived….

She would probably have the heart to die.

“Little Yi elder brother! The dive was very pretty!”

Wang LeLe is standing beside the diving platform clapping until her palms were red.

He is indeed her Little Yi elder brother, awesome as expected.

“What are you clapping for?. It’s your turn!”

Murong Die unhappily says to the joyous Wang LeLe.

Has this lass forgotten?

This is what the two of them agreed to before coming out.

If Liu Yi fails in diving or does not dare to dive, his punishment was to obey one of my orders!

Heng heng. At that time I could order him to chase me!

Wouldn’t that be very pleasurable!

But now…. Failed again! What method can I use to take down this Liu Yi ah!

Which god can tell me! I will from that day onwards believe in him, burn incense for him and construct a temple with a gold statue for him ah!

Murong Die is about to run out of methods soon.

Soon I will need to burn incense and pray to Buddha and beg the ancestor spirits to assist already!

“Hurry up LeLe it’s your turn!”

Murong Die reminds Wang LeLe. First I need to punish this inattentive lass!


Wang LeLe can only unwillingly climb up to the ten-meter diving board.

While Liu Yi is swimming speedily in the pool. Like a merman, he agilely swims to the poolside.

His lower half is still in the pool and he does not climb out yet.

To be honest, he quite enjoys the feeling of being in the water.

There is a kind of……returning to home feeling.

“As you practice the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, you will feel very close to water.”

Lin Tong tell Liu Yi. “Returning to water is the equivalent of returning back to your origin. Naturally it will feel very soothing.”

Liu Yi remembers that in the Greek mythology, there was a hero who is the son of the Gaea, the mother of earth.

As long as he stands on earth, he would have boundless strength.

Later when this secret was found out by his enemies, they forced him into the air and killed him.

First let’s not consider that this situation is naturally a BUG, Liu Yi feels that if he had practiced earth element magic, he would be very strong.

At the very least, when he stands on top of the earth, his strength will be almost endless.

“You, this fellow…. Within your body are 3 types of power that are interlinked. Your strength is already almost endless! What are you envious of?!”

Lin Tong cannot stand it and scolds Liu Yi

Oh well…. I am indeed a bit greedy.

“LeLe climb up.”

Murong Die’s sentence makes Liu Yi turn around and look up.

Indeed, Wang LeLe is standing on the ten-meter diving board and looking down at the pool.

“Ch..Cheer for me ah…”

Wang LeLe’s tone is slightly weak.

“Can she really dive?”

Liu Yi asks Murong Die worriedly.

“Che! Your worries are unnecessary.”

Murong Die smiles faintly and says: “Although I don’t want to admit it, this lass’ diving level is higher than mine!”


With such a large set of chest, wouldn’t it affect her balance while diving?

This is the question that Liu Yi really wants to know.

While at this time, to solve his curiosity, Wang LeLe finally dived down.

This lass’s posture is even more graceful, 720-degree rotation in mid-air before accurately entering the water.


The splash rises and Liu Yi faintly sees that within that splash seems to be something…..

“See, the dive was very good right!?”

Murong Die sighs in sorrow.

So regretful that we are not able to win against Liu Yi.

While at this time, Wang LeLe’s head pops out of the water surface, her eyes watery.

Is it caused by the pool water?

Liu Yi is unable to hold back his random guesses.

“Little Die elder sister…. Little Yi elder brother……”

The lass’ voice carries a trace of a sob.

Strange… what happened to the lass?

“Quickly come and help me…”

Wang LeLe says helplessly as her body bobs up and down as she floats.

“What is it? Why aren’t you coming up?”

Murong Die impatiently urges.

“I, I……”

“What happened to you?”

“My bikini top was splash away by the water……”


Murong Die is shocked, while Liu Yi almost had a nosebleed.

I’ll be damned…

Is it really so explosive ah…

It was only diving… and her bikini top got splashed off???

But thinking for a while it should be correct…… After all, Wang LeLe’s chest is so big while that bikini top is so small…’s not really difficult for the bikini top to be splashed off!

“You idiot!”

Murong Die’s vein starts throbbing.

“Liu Yi turn around right now and you are not allowed to look!”

She berates Liu Yi and quickly jumps into the water to help Wang LeLe find her bikini top that got splashed away by the water.

Luckily the pool is very clear thus it is not that difficult to find.

The bikini top was found floating 2 meters away from Wang LeLe.

Quickly, Murong Die swims over to Wang LeLe while holding on to the bikini top.

“Hurry up and bring it up! Liu Yi, you pervert! You are not allowed to look!”

Liu Yi can only turn around and look elsewhere.

Haiz, such a pity….

Such a good thing but he could not observe properly… such a pity.

“Little Die elder sister…… This bikini top is spoilt…. I cannot wear it anymore….”

Wang LeLe bitterly looks at the bikini bands what were broken, crying without tears.

“Damn it. Who asked you to grow such a large chest!”

“It’s not like I purposely wanted to….”

“Wait here for me. I’ll go to the changing room and bring the reserve set over. ”

Without any other methods, Murong Die can only swim back to the poolside.

“Liu Yi, take care of Wang LeLe. You are not allowed to do anything to her! I’ll go and find the reserve swimming suit.”

No choice, the reserve swimming costume is in the girl’s changing room which Liu Yi is not allowed to enter.

Otherwise, Murong Die would not give Liu Yi a chance to be alone with Wang LeLe!

Especially a Wang LeLe that is not wearing a bikini top!

That Wang LeLe is also a natural airhead, watermelon head, and watermelon chest!

She does not know a lot of taboo things, and Liu Yi will definitely take advantage of her!

How evil! I should hurry and bring the bikini top back!

Murong Die clenches her teeth and rushes to get the bikini top, while Liu Yi is treading water at the poolside, trying his best to not look at the depressed Wang LeLe.

“Little Yi elder brother…..”

At this time, Wang LeLe’s tender voice sounds out from Liu Yi’s back.

“What happened LeLe?”

“The water is very cold….. My, my feet are about to cramp up.”



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