MKW Chapter 200

Chapter 200  [Title below]


“Boss. How is your exam preparation?”

Hearing Chen Cai’s voice from the phone, Liu Yi thought for a bit before saying, “Still okay I guess…basically I can cope with a majority of it.”

The rest of the subjects are still okay. Those that I had memorized back then should be enough.

But maths questions seem to be excluded…I am unable to recognize those astronomy numbers.

“How about you?”

“Haiz, don’t mention it already…” Chen Cai roars, “Also do not know who. To hateful already! Every day, the answers that I had written on the table were all wiped away the second day morning when I came in!”

Liu Yi cannot help but think of Chen Cai’s driven mad appearance.

Hahaha…it will definitely be very funny right…

“Really anger me to death! I can only copy it again every day but it was still wiped away!”

“What to do. It is already the holidays, the school is closed. Don’t tell me that you wish to secretly sneak into the classroom to write them down?”

It is already the eleventh day of their long holiday. Liu Yi is guessing what other methods Chen Cai would use to cheat.

“No need already…” Chen Cai says faintly, “After copying so many times…I had already memorized them…”

“Sweat…then congratulations to you…”

“Right boss! Where are you? I come and find you to play! Just nice I’m bored during the holidays! The girls in the class are also not willing to go out with me for a date!”

Liu Yi seems to be awkward, “This…”

Chen Cai says in high spirit, “Boss. Since you are also alone I go and accompany you! I’ll bring the PS3 that I had just bought over and let’s play!”

“Chen Cai ah. As a student, a student who is about to have examinations, how can you only think about playing?”

Liu YI immediately reprimanded Chen Cai seriously, “Facing the upcoming examination, we should properly make use of this holiday and focus on studying! How are you able to study if you are thinking of girls and games daily!”

Chen Cai seems to be embarrassed, “That…this…”

“You are also not young anymore. Don’t keep thinking of those useless things. As long as you study properly and your results go up. In the future, you will naturally have girls and the likes.”

Chen Cai seems to slightly believe in what Liu Yi says, “Really boss?”

“Of course it is for real. Why would I lie to you…”

Before Liu Yi speaks finish, Wang Lele’s voice came from the side, “Liu Yi! Do you want a swimming float?”

“Ah? No need!”

“Damn it boss! You are swimming with Wang Lele and the rest!”

Chen Cai instantly became sorrowful, “Boss! You are too much! How can you be like this! I also wish to see Wang Lele’s big breasts in a swimming costume. Wuwuwu, where are you guys, I also want to go…”

“Aiyah! The reception seems to be bad! Hello? Hello?”

Liu Yi pretends to not hear it. After saying hello for a few times, he hangs up.

“Is it Chen Cai?”

Wang Lele and Murong Die walk over.

The two girls are wearing swimsuits, becoming the focal point of the entire swimming pool.

Murong Die is wearing a black swimsuit that has a bit of lace on the edges running around her waist.

Although it is a bit revealing, it has an unspeakable elegance.

Adding along with Murong Die’s original bossy temperament as well as her pair of white legs, she had attracted the gaze of countless people.

Looking at Wang Lele again, that is a completely heavyweight bomb!

Her swimsuit is a lot of times more sexual compared to Murong Die.

Above are two tiny pieces of yellow cloth wrapped around her pair of plump peaks.

That peak really has too much meat and is on the verge of coming out. This small piece of cloth seems to be unable to support it at all.

While below is a piece of yellow swim trunks which is decorated with ribbon making it look somewhat charmingly adorable.

Wang Lele’s waist is especially slim. Furthermore, her butts are filled as well. Her entire figure is so explosively good.

In the swimming pool, her level of attracting eyes is definitely a master rank!

Even Liu Yi cannot help but stare for a while unwilling to stop staring.

Just as Liu Yi’s eyes are about to fall out, Murong Die stomps on his foot.

Luckily this is a swimming pool and Murong Die is barefooted…

If she is wearing high heels, then I would be miserable.

Murong Die grinds her teeth as she asks Liu Yi, “What is Chen Cai looking for you for?”

This damn fellow…his eyes are about to drop between Lele’s breasts…

Damn it! Aren’t this miss’s breasts a bit smaller…is there a need for such distinct treatment!

This miss can also be very big okay! From tomorrow onwards let’s start drinking Synutra Cow’s Milk!

“Er, nothing. Nothing…he finds me to discuss the examination matters.”

Liu Yi will not let Chen Cai come and be a wet blanket.

That’s right. Accompanying girls swimming this kind of improper matter, let me undertake it on my own.

Letting Chen Cai study at home at ease, he can become motherland’s intellectual talent in the future. That way he can actively participate in the growth of the country.

Liu Yi cannot help but praise himself. Alas, my sacrifice is so big. Really is like Lei Feng…

“He is actually discussing about the exam with you?” Wang Lele is also surprised as she blinks her eyes and says, “I thought that this fellow only knows how to cheat!”

Liu Yi felt very strange, “How did you know?”

“Because I saw him copy the answers on the table daily!”

Wang Lele says naively, “So hateful…this week I am also the student on duty. He dirtied the table by writing on it so I can only wipe it off. Who would have imagined that after I wiped away, he would write again! Hmph! Really is adding to the worries of us students on duty! Next time you must speak to him properly!”

Liu Yi holds his forehead.

He was defeated by Wang Lele.

“Liu Yi you see. There is a diving board here!”

Seeing a few diving boards by the side, Murong Die seems to be a bit excited.

Liu Yi turned his head over to look at those diving boards.

This time around, Murong Die invited him to swim. Thus they did not go to those public outdoor swimming pools. Rather they came to the swimming pool of this high-class club.

This swimming pool has comprehensive facilities. Solely the number of lifeguards is already 3 of them standing by the sides.

While above the swimming pool is a meter and three-meter diving board as well as a ten-meter diving platform.

Murong Die seems to recall that night’s bungee jumping matter. She points at the diving platform and shouts, “How is it? Liu Yi do you dare to give it a try?”


Liu Yi says in his heart. Is this lass mad? Why does she always like to challenge this kind of stimulating activity?

“This…are you able to do diving?”

“What a joke!” Murong Die places her hands on her waist and says arrogantly, “This miss is a swimming general. My family’s backyard has a swimming pool as well as a diving stage. Since young, I play this okay! My dad also hired a professional to teach me! In a bit, on this ten-meter diving platform, this miss shall utterly defeat you!”

Damn…rich people cannot be compared to ah.

Wang Lele asks weakly, “Big Sister Xiao Die…that…isn’t it only a three-meter diving board at your home?”


-splashing sound-

Wang Lele was instantly kicked into the swimming pool by Murong Die.

“Big sister Xiao Dia…don’t be like this…”

But Wang Lele also seems to be familiar with water. In the water, she is like a beautiful mermaid and swims to the edge of the pool agility as she looks at Murong Die with hidden bitterness.

“Those who roast shall die!”

Murong Die glares at her big-mouth bestie.

Murong Die was born in August. Her archetype is Leo. She is tyrannic and rich and also has the drive for sports and adventure.

She places her hand on her waist as she inclines her chin while looking at Liu Yi and says, “Anyway do you dare compete!”

“What is there to not dare to. Bring it on!”

What Liu Yi cannot stand the most is being provoked by other people!

Liu Yi cultivates Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra which is of ice attribute, a branch of water attribute.

But different routes lead to the same destination. The origin is still water.

Entering the water, Liu Yi is agile like a fish back in the water.

Murong Die naturally does not know of this. She is still banking on her many years of diving experience to gain back some face!

After being in contact with Liu Yi for so long, it seems like it has always been me who is at a disadvantageous position!

How can this do! Where is the prestige of a big miss! I must let Liu Yi know who is then the big sister! That’s right that is the way!

Watching Wang Lele climbing out from the swimming pool, Murong Die says, “Lele you do it as well.”

Wang Lele is stunned, “What? Me, me as well?”

“Of course. Didn’t you also come to my house to play diving?”

“Bug…ten meter platform ah Big Sister Xiao Die!” Wang Lele looks at her chest in worry, “Such so high…will my chest explode…”

“You this girl…”

Murong Die’s tiny flame is about to burn all the way to the ceiling.

“If you do not go then this miss shall explode your chest right now!”

Wang Lele hurriedly agrees to it, “Go, go! I go!”

By the side, Liu Yi watches all of this stupefied.

Indeed is a big miss…this big miss temperament really did not change at all.

“Let’s go up the diving platform!”

Murong Die also has an anxious character. Speaking finish, she pulls them and walks towards the ten-meter diving platform.

“Who goes first?”

Looking at this ten meters tall diving platform, Liu Yi feels a bit faint.

But he is not worried about himself but Murong Die and Wang Lele.

After all, Liu Yi had jumped down from a several meters tall building before not to mention this small ten-meter diving platform.

But letting Murong Die and Wang Lele these two beauty to jump… It is a bit scary…

“This miss shall go first to show you two an example!”

Seeing the slightly disbelieving look in Liu Yi’s eyes, Murong Die immediately snorts and turns around and climbs up the ten-meter diving platform.

Watching Murong Die’s slowly climbing figure, especially that beautiful figure of hers, Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “Lele. Do you have a feeling that your Big Sister Xiao Die is being quite assertive?”

“Big Sister Xiao Die has always been so assertive one..”

Wang Lele is still a bit apprehensive.

“That…Big Brother Xiao Yi, in a while, if I am afraid…you must remember to catch me below…”

Seeing the ten meters tall diving platform, Wang Lele feels a bit faint.

But who asks Big Sister Xiao Die to give her word.

“The fuck…I will do my best.”

How to catch?

But with me here, I will not let the two lasses be in danger can already.

Wang Lele smiles again, “Mhm…with Big Brother Xiao Yi here, I am relieved.”

Liu Yi says in his heart. This lass really believe me so much?

“Both of you watch carefully. This miss is going to jump!”

While at this moment, Murong Die is already standing on the diving board and is waving at Liu Yi and Wang Lele.

At this moment, because there is water on the diving board, Murong Die suddenly slips.


Chapter 200   [Ten-meter diving]

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  1. Lei Feng, huh? i had forget about it. Also it didn’t seem as confusing as i thought, but i would have liked some information about Little Jade, before the pool event. Well we got Murong Die and Lele in swimsuit so I will leave it like that.

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