MKW Chapter 20

Chapter 20   [Fortune came too quickly]


Liu Yi pulls out his handphone and used the reflection to looks at himself.

I’m not even good looking, nor do I have a background. How would Murong Die a rich girl like me!

Is it because of the cultivation…..indeed, today is a dream…

Wake up! Hurry and wake up!!

Liu Yi mutters apprehensively.

Lin Tong who was originally shocked, starts scolding when she hears what Liu Yi is muttering.


“What, it is actually him!”

Lan He’s loud cry instantly wakes Liu Yi up.

Fine then…looks like all of this is not a dream…

Lan He looks at Murong Die with a face full of anger, “Murong Die you actually do not like me and instead you like Liu Yi!!! Are your eyes blind?!”

Murong Die who originally wants to say that Wang Lele is just messing around blindly but when she hears what Lan He says, she instantly becomes unhappy.

“Lan He what is your meaning!”

Murong Die stands up as she looks at Lan He in arrogance.

“When do I, Murong Die need to gossip with you about who I like!”

“I, I….”

Facing the overbearing Murong Die, Lan He does not know what to say.

Vigor being seized away. This is what is happening to Lan He currently.

In front of Murong Die he, this so-called handsome guy completely does not have any vigor.

“Liu Yi if you are a guy then accept my challenge! Only the winner is able to accept Murong Die’s affection!”

What the hell!

Isn’t this me lying down but getting shot!

Liu Yi is shouting for grievance in his heart.

“Just based on you this thing and you want to snatch a girl from me Lan He! Why don’t you take a look at the mirror and look at your loser face!”

In his anger Lan He starts cursing Liu Yi.

Liu Yi who was originally feeling wronged instantly becomes angry when he hears Lan He’s words.

Bullshit can’t a loser find a girlfriend?

Only you can have a harem and change girlfriends daily!

Can’t I this ordinary high school student have a love relationship!

Based on what can there be no girls who like me!

Based on what should I be set up by Ma Yixuan!


Anger accumulates in Liu Yi’s heart as the red color qi flow in his body starts to flow swiftly.


Within Liu Yi’s body Lin Tong exclaims in shock.

But other than Lin Tong herself, no one is able to hear her gasp.

Liu Yi suddenly feels like the flow of time of his surrounding seems to have become very slow.

The world in his sight starts to slowly transform.

Time starts to slow down as all of the slight changes in the surrounding people are all unable to escape from his sight.

The color of the surrounding people and objects start to change.

The originally colorful world has changed into two simple colors, black and white.

As for Lan He who is in front of him, his body is emitting red color like it is showing that this guy is going to attack him.

This…what is this…

At the same time, Liu Yi’s mind there seems to be someone controlling his thoughts.

His expression changes as he says coldly, “Take off your hand.”

Lan He laughs, “What did you say?”

In the past, Liu Yi was a famous scardey cat of the class. He would not dare to talk back no matter who angered him.

I did not expect that today he would dare to explode on me today!

Good eh, little fellow looks like you are asking for a beating!

“I did not hear clearly can you repeat again?”

Lan He’s voice carries a bit of threat, his meaning is clear as he flexes his arm muscles.

“I said, take your hand off.”

Liu Yi’s voice contains an unmentionable chill.

When Lan He hears this voice he shivers slightly.

This Liu Yi…why is his attitude so weird today…

Is he possessed by a ghost?

“What are you going to do if I do not take my hand off? Do you want to take action against me? Why don’t you look at your small stature…”

Lan He feels that he no longer has any face. In front of so many students, he is unable to deal with Murong Die and he is unable to deal with Liu Yi as well?

Damn it then how the hell am I supposed to stay in this class!

“As expected you would not take away your hand. Since that is the case then do not blame me for being impolite…”

Liu Yi is suddenly smiling weirdly.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed hold of Lan He’s hand that is grabbing his collar.


Lan He suddenly feels like his wrist is in great pain!

Before he could cry out Liu Yi pulls on his arm as he spins a circle.

After which Liu Yi retreats backward as his face turns pale and crashes into Murong Die’s table, overturning her table.

After which he collapsed onto the ground as he cries out in pain.

“You, how could you beat people…”


Hearing Liu Yi’s shout, Lan He wishes to cry as he cradles his wrist.

“How can you beat people! Lan He you are a scumbag!”

Murong Die is also shocked and after crying out in shock she starts scolding Lan He.

As for Liu Yi, he had collapsed onto Wang Lele as his head rests against her large but soft chest.

Liu Yi smiles again but the smile swiftly disappears leaving behind a shocked look. Fortune has come way to quickly for Liu Yi.

I…just now what happened!


Chapter 20    [Fortunes came too quickly]

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