MKW Chapter 18

Chapter 18 [Do you want to get a girl]


“Student Liu Yi, you come here and answer this question.”

The language teacher is very happy as he thought that Liu Yi who was usually not motivated finally has a good learning attitude. Thus he is very happy.

“Eh, what?”

Liu Yi suddenly wakes up.

Currently, his body no longer has that pricking pain anymore, instead, it is now very comfortable.

He can feel that within this body there are two strengths flowing continuously strengthening his body.

He has a feeling that if he jumps, he would be able to grab hold of the lighting on the ceiling and pull it down!

But Liu Yi does not dare to try because there are a lot of people here…

If he jumps so high, wouldn’t he become like an animal to the rest?

Grandpa had warned me many times being a person you must not be high profile. You must be low profile.

It is the same reason as to gun shooting the leading bird.

“Ah what. You come and match this couplet. It is very simple.”

“The first verse is ‘Unyielding and unswerving Wen Tianxiang’. Follow up with a second verse.”


Liu Yi is stunned.

He is still absent-minded when he suddenly hears the language teacher wants him to match a couplet.

Unyielding and unswerving Wen Tianxiang?

Liu Yi subconsciously bursts out, “Then I match, ‘Virtuous and artistic Sola Aoi’!”


Instantly the classroom explodes into laughter.

All of the students start laughing while Chen Cai is banging the tables nearly in tears.

Wang Lele also is also laughing non-stop as she covers her mouth and says, “Oh my gosh…too funny already…I just realize that Liu Yi is actually so funny….”

Murong Die sneers, “Hmph, a buffoon that’s all!”

But the edge of her mouth lifts up slightly.

“Talking about this. You are so wicked. How do you know who is Sola Aoi?!”

Murong Die secretly pinches Wang Lele’s plump tights.

“Hehe, didn’t Sister Xiao Die also know…why are you still saying me…there is not much difference between the two of use ah…”

The two girls start messing around with each other.

Black lines run down the language teacher’s face.

He has an urge to kick Liu Yi out of the window.

But as a teacher, he cannot be so violent.

“You, you…”

But he is too angry to say anything.

During his many years of teaching, this is the first time where he met this kind of student!

This Liu Yi is not here to learn but to purposely mess around!

Liu Yi starts sweating.

Damn it…I swear that I am really not doing it on purpose!

Just now is because he is muddle-headed thus he blurted out that sentence…

Finished, I am really dead this time around…

But how come our language teacher knows of Sola Aoi….

This old man is not clean as well ah!!!

“Liu Yi ….you…..”

The language teacher glares at Liu Yi in hatred.

“Teacher, Liu Yi has matched it quite well ah!”

By the side Wang Lele starts messing around, “Isn’t that right teacher?”


The language teacher is in a headache.

What should I do now? Should I punish Liu Yi or should I not punish him?

The language teacher is at a lost.

Liu Yi also stands there awkwardly.

He has a lot of things that he wants to ask Immortal Fox sister but seeing the current situation, it is no longer possible!

Just as the atmosphere turns very stiff, the life-saving school bell rings.

Liu Yi and the language teacher both sigh in relief in their heart.

Thank gods that the class is over!!!!

This is the first time that the language teacher feels that the school bell ringing is such a beautiful thing.

“Class dismissed!”

The old man tidies up his stuff and leaves immediately.

“Liu Yi ah you are great! You actually dare to mess around with the teacher in class ah!”

By the side, Chen Cai stares at Liu Yi and says, “Even Wang Lele also stood up to speak for you…haiz, if it was me, if Wang Lele can help me speak up even if I am punished to copy the book a hundred times it is worth it!”

Liu Yi glares at Chen Cai, “Damn it do you think that I am as perverted as you!!!”

“What you say is wrong!”

Chen Cai immediately retorts, “Did you not heard of this saying before? Dying under peony flowers, still be dissolute if turned into a ghost?”

“You are already dead! So what if you are dissolute!”

Liu Yi cannot stand Chen Cai’s point of view.

Ma Yixuan’s matter has already broken Liu Yi’s heart.

While Chen Cai and Liu Yi are discussing girls, their class Sports community Lan He, Prince Charming of several girls walks over to Murong Die with two basketball game tickets.

“Xiao Die? Tonight our city’s Basketball Youth Team have a match. I will be playing as small forward. This ticket is very hard to obtain. Come and root for me!”

In front of countless of girls staring, he passes the two tickets in his hand over to Murong Die.

Murong Die who was talking to her best friend Wang Lele, frowns lightly when she sees Lan He.

“Apologies I am not interested in this.”

This kind of guy is so annoying. Even if they are chasing girls is there a need to be so high-profile?

Is he bestowing me this ticket? I, Murong Die do not care about this.

“Xiao Die. The competition is very interesting. A lot of people want to get tickets from me but I did not give them.”

Lan He feels that he is unable to back down after being rejected in front of so many people.

At this moment Wang Lele by the side suddenly speak out, “Lan He, are you trying to pick up our Miss Murong Die?”


Chapter 18  [Do you want to get a girl]


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