MKW Chapter 17

Chapter 17 [You are very spontaneous eh]


Liu Yi sensed that within his body there is a faint white flow that is secretly flowing within his body.

In the past, he was unable to sense it but after he starts the breathing technique, he has immediately discovered the concealed flow.

This flow is like a mischievous mouse and hides deep within Liu Yi’s body.

When Liu Yi sees it, he tries to use his thoughts to catch it but it escapes agility.

Liu Yi’s temper instantly turns bad.

How dare you. This fellow is in my body how dare you try to run away!

Today I shall absolutely catch you!

Liu Yi starts to chase after the flow as he runs all over his body.

But he did not notice that while he is chasing after the flow, an almost unsensible white light emits from his body.

It is bright and sunny in the class and all of the student’s attention is attracted by the teacher with his humorous teaching.

Even Chen Cai did not notice his deskmate is emitting light as he is secretly glancing at the chest of Wang Lele sitting at the front row.

While in Liu Yi’s spiritual world, his body is emitting out the light very brightly causing Lin Tong’s eyes to widen.

“How is this possible…his speed of condensing Qi, how can it be so fast!”

Lin Tong is so surprised that she is unable to say anything.

I had checked his bone roots before ah! It is a trash bone root which would not help him!

But currently his condensing of Qi is so fast…it is obviously not the speed of a trash root!

Lin Tong is unable to understand what is going on and neither does Liu Yi himself.

He feels that his body is becoming hotter and hotter. Near the end, the flow runs faster and faster. Until the end, he is unable to catch it.

Finally, the flow in his body keeps flowing and is unable to stop or slow down!

At the same time, a very heavy qi starts gathering around Liu Yi’s Dantian.

I’ll be damned ah! Looks like I would not be able to catch up to it. It runs even faster than a rabbit!

In the end, Liu Yi finally gives up and starts to follow the chant that Immortal Fox sister gave him and start cultivating his Qi. He starts to try and make his body condense a stream of qi.

Very quickly a red colored qi slowly emerges bit by bit.

Although Liu Yi feels that this red qi flow is not as large as the condensed white qi flow, he seems to possess some feeling of control over it.

He is able to control this stream of red qi flow!

The red qi flow follows along with his thoughts and flows all over his body.

Following Immortal Fox sister’s teaching method, Liu Yi controls the red qi flow and starts completing a small cycle in his body bit by bit.

After the red qi flow has finished a small cycle within his body, it starts to no longer need his control and is able to remember the meridian paths, and flows on its own.

Later on, when Liu Yi want to use it, he can be like the coachman using a whip to hit the horse butt to make it run faster.

As for where to run, the horse naturally knows itself.

Very quickly the red qi flow had completed a small cycle on its own and starts to enter the large cycle.

What shocked Liu Yi is that the white large qi flow in his body and the small red qi flow in his body seem to be like well water and river water not bothering each other. They flow on their own paths and do not show signs on crashing into each other.

So strange! Why did Immortal Fox sister not mention this kind of matter before?!

When the red qi flow finished 36 large cycles, he suddenly feels that there is something wrong with his dantian.

A star like ball emitting black light slowly condenses and revolves around his dantian.

While red and white qi flow through it.

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly feels a warm flow, as well as a cold air, exploded in his body. His body is like being pierced by over hundreds or thousands of needles making it extremely painful for him.


He suddenly wakes up and jumps up from his chair.

By his side, Chen Cai got a shock and was nearly frightened off his chair.

The rest of the students in the class also stare at Liu Yi in shock saying in their hearts, what the hell is Liu Yi doing?!!!

Murong Die also glances at Liu Yi.

Usually, this guy who did not leave an impression on me why is it that he attracted my attention twice today?

By the side, Wang Lele secretly pushes Murong Die and says excitedly, “Big sister Xiao Die you see! It is Liu Yi eh!”

“This fellow recently become quite photogenic!”

Murong Die only raises her eyebrow slightly but did not say anything.

Seriously speaking she hates guys who purposely display themselves in front of her.

She has too many of these kinds of guys!

For example that Kai Wen who always bullies other guys in front of her to attract her attention.

A big retard, complete lack of sense and it only makes Murong Die hate that guy!


In the whole class, only the language teacher is very happy.

“I did not expect that our student Liu Yi would be so spontaneous today. That is good then, come and answer this question!”


Chapter 17  [You are very spontaneous eh]


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