MKW Chapter 16

Chapter 16 [First star jade]


“Star jade? What is a star jade?”

How would Liu Yi know about this thing?

“I do know about astrological signs. I am a Taurus, the most steady constellation.”

“What astrological signs and constellation! Do not place them together with the holy cultivation okay! You trash, this ultimate trash!”

Lin Tong is so mad that she is trembling.

She glares at Liu Yi, “If you interrupt me again then I shall not teach you anymore! Tonight I shall watch a good show of you being beaten to death!”

“Okay, okay I will not interrupt again…”

Liu Yi feels that the two words sound very evil but he does not dare to say it out.

En, I am a pure and adorable youth. There are some things that I must not think of, Amitabha.

Liu Yi forces himself to not have random thoughts.

Lin Tong says is a tone where Liu Yi has a fortune that but he does not appreciate it, “Actually as a human it is very easy to cultivate. Way easier than us demons!”

“In the body of you humans, you already have 28 star jades which are the most valuable things to a cultivator! As for us demons, we do not have 28 star jades, thus if we want to cultivate, we can only use our demon qi and absorb the heaven and earth essence and slowly condense a star jade one by one. You, humans, are born with 28 star jades. So as long as you cultivate, you will be able to open them and cultivate to the pinnacle of immortal cultivation!!”

“So that is the case…then which star jade have you cultivated to?” asked Liu Yi.

“Hmph, hmph. I am the thousand year genius of the fox race! This lady has cultivated for less than a hundred years and has already opened four star jades. And I have succeeded in entering human stage the middle mortal stage!”

“What is the middle mortal stage?”

Liu Yi becomes confused from hearing that.

“Hmph, hmph you do not know right. Today this lady is in a good mood so I have the patience to tell you!”

Lin Tong circles around Liu Yi before saying, “In the path of cultivation, it is split into three major stages. Mortal stage, Earth Stage and Heaven stage! Every major stage is split into three minor phase, lower, middle and higher. And for every minor phase, you must open three star jades to complete it. Currently, if you open the first star jade, you will enter the lower mortal stage.”

“So that is the case. It sounds quite troublesome…”

Liu Yi’s math is not really good but after counting for a while he said, “But isn’t that just 27 star jades? What about the last one?”

“The person who is able to open the last star jade is naturally a god who is capable of anything.”

Lin Tong rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “As for you, this trash, if you are able to cultivate to upper human stage it can be considered as quite good already! With your talent and personality from what I see, earth grade is nothing but a pipe dream!”

“Is it that ridiculous…”

When Liu Yi hears what Lin Tong says he becomes dejected as his face drops.

“Do you think that upper mortal stage is not powerful?”

Lin Tong is afraid that Liu Yi will give up cultivating and immediately comforts him.

“If you are able to get to the upper mortal stage, no one will be able to stop you in the human world! As for those who are able to get to earth stage, they’re all superior experts. As for those who are able to get to heaven stage…they are legendary experts….as for god. That is myths and legends. Anyways I have never even seen heaven stage experts and only know that my master is only an earth stage expert.”

“Can I really do as I please…”

Honestly speaking Liu Yi is a bit tempted.

“Of course. Anyways as long as you follow this lady, it will definitely not be bad for you! Wait till you cultivate to the third star jade, then I can rely on you to help me open the seal!”

Hmph, hmph, of course, you are unable to cultivate to that stage! As long as you have cultivated my heart sutra to the third star jade, I should be able to leave this body and escape out!

As for the heart sutra that I am giving him, it is naturally the cultivation method for my fox race.

Although I do not know what would happen if a human cultivates it, an obvious point would be that after I escape out, I will be able to absorb his essence and allow my cultivation to advance rapidly! Perhaps I might able to able to condense out two star jades and allow me to enter the upper mortal stage!

Hehe at that time let’s see if there are any fairies who are able to block this lady!

Thinking to here, the little fox starts to show a proud smile.

“Then let us began…” says Liu Yi filled with expectation.

“Good! Then let us start now. In a human body, there are 28 star jades. The first star jade that you are going to open is called the Horn star jade. It is the simplest star jade to open but is also the hardest one to open. Now follow along and repeat this chant after me and then gather the vital qi in your body as your de…as your immortal qi!”

“Oh, oh, okay…”

Liu Yi is like an idiot in this aspect as he listens to all of the little fox’s instructions.

He sits down in a lotus position and starts to repeat the chant that Lin Tong has taught him as he unceasingly attempts to start his cultivation path.

“Let this lady tell you. You must not be anxious. First slowly do the breathing technique and follow your talent and bone root. If you are able to gather enough vital qi and transform into your own immortal qi and open your first star jade within a hundred days, it will be quite good. Back then this lady was a genius and had used a year to cultivate out my first star jade. As for opening it, it took me slightly over a month. You ….”

Before Lin Tong is able to finish, her eyes widen in shock as she starts at Liu Yi who is sitting in lotus position.


Chapter 16  [First star jade]


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