MKW Chapter 15

Chapter 15 [Take as my wife]


I’ll be damned…

Liu Yi wishes to vomit blood.

What is the matter with me…why am I given a good person card such so quickly ah!!!

Lin Tong once again emphasize strongly, “Did you hear it. You are going to learn cultivation from this lady!”

“I….I do not know what to do…”

Liu Yi suddenly sighs, “Currently I do not have any mood to cultivate…”

“Aren’t you just being tossed aside by a girl! What is the big deal! Furthermore, that girl’s appearance is only so-so.”

Liu Yi immediately retorts, “Who says so! She is obviously very pretty okay!”

Lin Tong actually dares to suspect my esthetic standard! Damn it!

“Your trash eyesight is so low! I really cannot see how is that girl beautiful! She looks okay, her figure is normal and some more she has a venomous heart! I am really speechless that you like this kind of girl.”


Although Lin Tong’s mouth is slightly poisonous, it is unquestionable that Ma Yixuan wishes to harm him.

……Why am I such so unlucky ah…so depressing.

“Don’t be so depressed. Losers will also have their spring.”

Lin Tong changes her topic and her tone turns soft and comforting as she says, “As long as you learn cultivation from this lady you will be able to get any kind of pretty girl!”

She entices Liu Yi, her sweet voice is like a gentle hand brushing against Liu Yi’s ear making his heart warm.

“At that time don’t talk about Ma Yixuan. You’ll be able to get girls tens, hundreds of times prettier than Ma Yixuan!”

“Real, really….”

Liu Yi becomes somewhat excited by it.

As a guy, who does not wish to find a beautiful girl as a girlfriend!

Especially in school, those guys who had a girlfriend already are the envy of other guys!

If I am not envious it is not possible.

I am still okay but my deskmate Chen Cai is almost crazy about it!

To enjoy the feeling of having a girlfriend, he nearly went to chase after a fat girl who should be twice my weight!

That fat girl being fat is still okay. But there was one time after class as he left late, Liu Yi saw her in broad daylight secretly taking off her shoes and digging her toenails…

From that day on, that girl remains in Liu Yi’s memory forever.

He had always suspected that Chen Cai has a heavy taste but Chen Cai never admitted to it!

If he lets Chen Cai knows that in his right hand is a pretty little fox immortal sealed inside, that fellow would probably be hopping mad!

“Of course it is real! This lady will never lie to people. This lady is a fairy!”

The little fox lies without blinking.

“Then, okay I guess…when can I cultivate? I am completely clueless…”

“What are you being afraid for, there is this lady here!”

Lin Tong pats her chest is delight, “Who is this lady, I am the most intelligent in the century, the genius of fox….fox immortals…”

“Oh, that is the case….”

“What the, after hearing such inspiring news you are actually so cold… Are you a human a not?”

Lin Tong glares at Liu Yi making him give an innocent face.

As for genius…it is not like I know how to differentiate…

“Fine then Immortal Fox sister…”

“What Immortal Fox sister!”, Lin Tong is very unhappy, “You need to call me master!”


Liu Yi blinks his eyes, “I still need to call you master?”

Calvin a young girl master…Liu Yi is a bit unable to take it.

“Of course. I am teaching you cultivation! If you do not call me master then what do you call me!”

“Cannot, cannot!”

Liu Yi immediately rejects fiercely, “Even if you beat me to death I will not call you Master!”

“Why not!”

“My Grandfather had said before that if I meet a young and beautiful girl she can never be my Master!”

“Ah? Then what should she be?”

“Be my wife!”

“You…your sister ah…..”

Lin Tong is so mad that her veins are popping out, if she had veins.

“Most importantly is because my Grandfather also said calling a pretty girl master and the likes will be making her sound old!”

“Your Grandfather finally said a correct point…fine then. Then you don’t call me master…even I feel weird hearing it…”

“Then what do I call you?”

“Wu….let me think…”

Lin Tong places her finger on her lips as she thinks before saying, “Then call me the most awesome unequal beauty of the universe Lin Tong.”

“Okay Immortal Fox sister. Let us start now!”


Lin Tong really wished to give Liu YI a kick.

But when she recalls that he is the current host that she needs to protect and use, she decided to forget it.

Who asked me the genius beauty Lin Tong to be sealed in this guy’s right hand and need to lodge under his roof.

Damn it so depressing ah.

If I can get out, I would not dare to absorb other people’s essence again!

Why is it the first time I do it I got discovered immediately ah…

I am really too unlucky already!

Hmph, it definitely must be because I am too smart and pretty. That is why the heavens are trying to purposefully give me trouble!

That’s right, this is definitely the case!

The heavens are envious of my beauty

Isn’t there this sentence!

“That…Immortal Fox sister can we start already?”

To be able to run a bit faster for tonight’s beating, Liu Yi starts to urge Lin Tong.

Lin Tong is very curious why is he such so enthusiastic this time around.

But it is a good thing!

“Good then let me start teaching you how to open the very first star jade in your body!”


Chapter 15 [Take as my wife]


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