MKW Chapter 14

Chapter 14 [You are a good person]


Liu Yi really likes Ma Yixuan.

In his eyes, Ma Yixuan is the purest and most innocent beautiful girl.

But now his heart is in so much pain that he wishes to cry.

Like the saying that makes people heart pain.

Behind every single girl that you cannot get, there will be a guy who would fuck her brains out.

[TL: hey what about my yuri!!!!]

From the short message, not only is Ma Yixuan impure, her heart is also very evil.

She actually asks the head of the hooligans in their grade, Yuan Shaojun to not only beat him up but to beat him up so badly that he’ll be forced to move his house.

At that moment, Liu Yi’s heart crumbles into pieces bit by bit. Even if he uses super glue, it is impossible to glue it back.

Even if Ma Yixuan does not like me how can she be so excessive!

How could she want to do such a thing to me?

In Liu Yi’s heart, his evaluation of Ma Yuxuan drops.

The goddess who was high above at that instantly becomes a demoness in his heart.

Ma Yixuan ah Ma Yixuan. Looks like I, Liu Yi have mistaken you!

Liu Yi is very upset and is no longer able to hear anything.

He lies on the table no longer able to take in any of the lessons.

It seems like he had overused his ability, very quickly Liu Yi starts to feel a strong sense of sleepiness.

He is unable to control it anymore. Although he forced his eyelids open, soon he starts to lose consciousness as his eyelids become heavier and heavier like two iron gate that have lost control. Bit by bit his eyes finally close.

Liu Yi sinks into a deep sleep.

“Liu Yi! Liu Yi!”

While Liu Yi is in a trance, he hears a girl calling him.

“Who, who is calling me…”

Liu Yi feels that his surrounding is pitch dark. Aren’t I lying on the table in class? How did I get here?

The surroundings are completely pitch dark like the abyss of hell and nothing could be seen.

Liu Yi starts to feel some fear.

Where on earth is this place!

Liu Yi is getting nervous.

“Idiot…this is the world of your subconsciousness!”

At this moment a familiar sounding girl’s voice comes from behind him.

Liu Yi turns around in a rush to see a female figure around 1.7 meters standing by his side.

This female figure is very fuzzy and should be a girl. Her exquisite figure makes people drool.

But her appearance cannot be seen because a layer of fog is hiding her face.

“Idiot! Don’t you know who this miss is already!”

Hearing the familiar voice, Liu Yi instantly remembers as he exclaims, “Sister Fairy! You are finally willing to come out. I was really missing you!”

“Really? Looks like you are wishing to cultivate already?”

The little fox starts snickering in her heart.

Hehe, this idiot is finally getting onto the path. Not bad. Not bad. Looks like he is worthy of developing!

“No, no! Today I got bullied by other people and tonight I am afraid that I will be trashed! Can you lend me some strength again so that I would not feel so pained from being thrashed?”

Seeing Liu Yi’s eyes that are filled with expectation, Lin Tong nearly vomits blood and die!

This trash…this scumbag….he is completely hopeless!

“I lend your sister! Can’t you be more manly! As long as you cultivate, you will be able to possess strength and no need to receive beatings!”


Liu Yi blinks a bit before finally understanding.

“I understand now! I understand!”

He claps his hands making the little fox happy.

Looks like he can still be developed…

“After I cultivate, I will gain strength!”


“With strength, my athleticism will also increase!”


“When my athleticism increases I can run faster! At that time when people want to beat me, I can just run away! Hahaha with my running speed who will be able to catch up to me!”


The little fox nearly dies from anger.

This trash this fucking big trash!

How would he be able to accomplish anything in this lifetime!

“You…can’t you be a bit more determined!”

Lin Tong starts scolding the gutless Liu Yi.

“Are you willing to be waiting for others to beat you for this lifetime! Why don’t you fight back when you gain strength!”

“But my Grandfather said before fighting is not good…”

“Your Grandfather again. What on earth does your Grandfather do!”

“He is a pig butcher…”

“Your sister!!! Then why the hell are you still alive!”

“What the….I am not a pig okay!”

Liu Yi finally understands that he is being scolded by the little fox.

Indeed foxes are very crafty…I will definitely not be her opponent if I quarrel with her!

Grandfather ah back then the things that you had taught me, why didn’t you teach me how to deal with pretty women ah…

Grandfather! I hate you!

Liu Yi wants to cry but has no tears.

Why am I so miserable. The woman that I like wants to find people to beat me up.

And I met a little fox that calls me a pig!

I am such a cute guy how can I be a pig!

Lin Tong stomps her feet and says, “Anyway. Doesn’t matter if you are trash or trash, you shall learn cultivation from this miss!”

“What the…am I sold to you?”

Liu Yi is not convinced.

Lin Tong rolls her eyes and says, “Why not? This is to help you fight for yourself!”


Liu Yi blinks his eyes silly no knowing why the little fox would say such words.

“You ah you. What a real idiot.”

Lin Tong looks at Liu Yi’s pitiful stupid appearance and sighs, “Furthermore you are also a person who tries to be good to everyone…”


Chapter 14 [You are a good person]


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