MKW Chapter 13

Chapter 13 [Mysterious eye power]


“Good ah, Liu Yi. You also learned to be late for class now eh.”

Luckily this lesson is not Liu Yi’s teacher-in-charge lesson but a language teacher.

This language teacher is a 50+ years old man who is quite witty and humorous.

Seeing Liu Yi knocking on the door the language teacher pushes up his spectacles and jokes, “Look at your current appearance. This is the appearance of a student in a work-study programme, who used the morning period to go and gather mineral bottles?”

Liu Yi is covered in dust, sleeping in the park and sweating heavily when running on the road. Currently, he looks like a sorry figure.

Being mocked in this way by the language teacher, the students in the class look at Liu Yi’s sorry looking appearance and start laughing.

Liu Yi feels deeply ashamed and wishes to find a hole and jumps in!

He does not dare to lift his head and look at the gaze of Ma Yixuan.

She will definitely be laughing at me…

Originally my image in her heart is already very bad…this time around it will basically fall to the depths of failure.

“Forget it, forget it. Hurry and go to your seat.”

The language teacher does not wish to waste his teaching time.

“Thank you, teacher…”

Liu Yi dejectedly returns to his own seat.

His deskmate who is Chen Cai looks at him rejoicing in his misfortunes and say, “Liu Yi ah Liu Yi. Today you are really lucky. Just as the teacher-in-charge is about to check the class he was suddenly called away by the principle for some matters. But your current appearance is damn dashing. Is this the beggar style that is the most popular a few years ago? When did it become fashionable again recently?”


Liu Yi rolls his eyes at Chen Cai.

Bad friend ah, I really made a mistake of befriending a bad friend!

Liu Yi lies on the table as he secretly glances in the direction where Ma Yixuan is sitting in the row in front of him.

She is wearing the school uniform. Her head is lowered as she secretly sends an SMS to someone while smiling.

From Liu Yi’s point of view, it completely resembles a sneering smile.

Gods, is she laughing at me…

Liu Yi is suddenly very curious what SMS is she sending…

He has a strong urge to find out.

This kind of curiosity is like a fire being set burning in his heart.

At this moment his blood in his body suddenly starts to flow swiftly once again.

A feeling like taking drugs suddenly appears in his body.

At that moment a transformation occurs to Liu Yi’s sight suddenly.

It is like he is wearing binoculars and his sight instantly narrows the distance between the two of them.

Even the almost indiscernible mole behind Ma Yixuan’s ear can be seen clearly by Liu Yi’s sight.

What the hell! What is going on!

Liu Yi got a shock.

The shock is fine as his sight swiftly returns back to normal.

The clear and beautiful Ma Yixuan disappears from his sight and their distance once again grew apart.

What on earth happened just now?!

Liu Yi is both surprised and confused.

He wants the little fox to explain to him his suspicion but she seems to be really mad or something as she did not respond no matter what!

Looks like she is also a lurker ah!

Liu Yi’s heart is hurt.

Immortal Fox sister ah, this time around I really need your help ah!

How could you disappear just like this?!

Quickly show up ah…

Liu Yi keeps constantly calling for Lin Tong in his heart but she never did respond at all.

By the side Chen Cai sees Liu Yi clenching his hands tightly like he is praying and thought that Liu Yi had a stroke.

“Liu Yi, what is the matter with you? I only teased you a bit and you go into a spasm?”

“Get lost! I am cultivating!”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes at his lousy friend.

“Hahaha! Cultivating? Then I cultivate computers!”

When Chen Cai hears what Liu Yi says he starts laughing loudly.

The language teacher frowns and asks: “Liu Yi, Chen Cai. Do the two of you wish to try standing up for the entire lecture?”

Chen Cai immediately becomes quiet while Liu Yi feels that he had been wronged.

Mother ah, it is obvious Chen Cai making the noise! Why am I included as well!

Who asked me to have such a lousy friend…

Liu Yi rolls his eyes at Chen Cai again before continuing to try and figure out what is going on with his eyesight.

I want to see ah!

I really want to see!

Ma Yixuan seems to be playing with her phone again!

Liu Yi’s eyes start to become sore as he keeps staring at Ma Yixuan’s handphone.

Really wish to see! That feeling happened one more time!

It seems like someone is responding to Liu Yi’s request.

Very quickly, Liu Yi starts to feel that his blood is flowing swiftly once again.

The icy cold sensation once again spread throughout his body.

His eyesight once again strengthens and lands on Ma Yixuan’s handphone.

It is the latest Samsung phone which has a large screen and looks stunning.

Ma Yixuan is indeed sending an SMS.

The content of the SMS also clearly reflects in Liu Yi’s eyes.

Immediately after seeing the message, Liu Yi’s body starts to turn cold like he has entered an ice cellar.

What he had seen was Ma Yixuan sending an SMS to a guy call, New Society Mr. Perfect.

‘Hubby, hubby. Let me tell you there is a guy called Liu Yi in my class who is a complete idiot. Today he came to school dressed like a beggar and this loser wants to pursue me as well!’

New Society Mr. Perfect replied, ‘Don’t pay attention to him. He has been on my nerve for a while now. Tonight I will find a few people and give him a thrashing.’

‘En, en. It is still hubby who is the best. That idiot is so annoying. I am so unlucky. He still lives by the side of my house and every time I wish to leave the house I might meet him, making me gloomy. Hubby why don’t you give him a fierce beating and scare him into moving away!’

‘Hahaha, no problem, Let me help you. Tonight you must remember to reward me ah!’

‘Hubby you are annoying…’

At that moment Liu Yi’s heart freezes into ice along with a shattering pain.


Chapter 13 [Mysterious eye power]


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