MKW Chapter 12

Chapter 12 [Meet tonight]


“Liu Yi ah. Let Grandpa tell you, to life as a person you must be low-profile. In the future when you are studying, you must be honest and do not fight with other people. Even if you are bullied, you must bear with it. Let Grandpa tell you, retreating a step reveals boundless sky. Taking a step forwards is castrating yourself with a blade ah!”

When Liu Yi was young, his parents were very busy and he is basically raised by his Grandpa.

From young Liu Yi have always been listening to his Grandpa’s teachings.

Back then Grandpa lived in a small country town and there are not a lot of people there.

Only later when Liu Yi grew up, he heard that back then his Grandpa was a free and easy lady-killer who had a lot of wives!

This causes Liu Yi to be envious when he grew up.

But it is a pity that although he has one Grandpa, Liu Yi is unable to inherit his Grandpas legacy.

Furthermore, he had heard that back then his Grandpa had taken part in the war of resistance against Japan and have fought against them before and is also a hero.

Thus everyone in the small village is very respectful towards Liu Yi’s Grandpa.

Especially when he heard from his Grandpa how he ran into a camp of the Japanese on his own and used his gun and knife to slaughter all of them, back then the young Liu Yi admired and revered his Grandpa a lot.

Although he does not know if his Grandpa is just boosting, it did not diminish Liu YI’s glorious image of his Grandpa.

Thus he has always followed what his Grandpa told him and treat it as the right way to live and remembers them.

Grandpa said that I must not fight!

But now I have actually kicked a person!

Furthermore, the person I kicked is my class’s most scary person….

The Liu Yi back then did not have any fear at all. He only feels that in his body, there is a devil being imprisoned inside and is prompting him to have a fight. The best is if there is blood!

It would be even more interesting if he kicked Kai Wen down the staircase and caused him to break his neck!

Back then there is this thought that floats up in his mind which causes him to be in shock.

Gods…what is the matter with me…

“You, you dare to kick me!”

Kai Wen falls back a few steps from being kicked and nearly fell down the stairs. Luckily his two buddies grabbed him in time.

He is both shocked and in pain.

Liu Yi who is usually quiet and let other people bully actually burst out today!

He must have eaten the wrong medicine!

“Motherfucker! I see that you must have enough of living!”

Kai Wen has never been kicked by people like this before, especially a kick by a soft egg. He feels like he cannot back down and at that moment he wishes to teach Liu Yi a harsh lesson.

Liu Yi’s eyes are slightly red.

Seeing Kai Wen bringing his buddies and rush forwards fiercely, not only is he not afraid he is actually very excited and happy.

But at this moment a thunderous roar comes from the top of the staircase.

“Why are all of you not in class! Why are all of you here!”

Liu Yi and the three guys instantly turn their head over and immediately felt a chill run down their spines.

Seeing the guy covered with killing intent, his tiger’s back and bear waist, his eyes that is suffused with radiant which looks to be alive, a King Kong who reincarnated as a guy. If it is not their teaching Director who else could it be!

Instantly the killing intent in Liu Yi’s body retreats, at Godspeed!

His legs trembles as lingering fear consume him.

Gods, what did I do just now!

I actually kicked Kai Wen!

This…this is not lighting the lamp in the toilet to find shit…

[TL: it is a trick on the tone of the word.  找屎find shit can be heard as 找死seeking death]

“Director Wang he is beating people!”

Kai Wen instantly points at Liu Yi and shouts, “You see he kicked me just now!”

Liu Yi starts to become nervous.

Finished, looks like not only would I be beaten up later, the director might go and look for my parents…

If father knows that I am fighting in school, he will definitely use a belt and beat me to death…

Father did not inherit Grandpa’s handsomeness but he inherited quite a bit of Grandpa’s violence when fighting the Japanese…

Thinking about this…my body is starting to hurt…..

“Stop saying rubbish! Do you think that I am an idiot!”

Director Wang instantly raises his eyebrow, “Do you really think that I do not know what is your character Kai Wen!”

“Di, Director, this time around it was really me who was beaten up ah…..”

This is the first time Kai Wen feels wronged.

“You deserve to get beaten up! Why are you still not scraming back to class!”

Hearing that he needs to go back to class, Kai Wen immediately shakes his head and say, “Director, I, I have a stomach ache…I need to go and see the nurse…”

Director Wang immediately shouts, “Then hurry and get lost! Stop sullying the school’s atmosphere!”

“Yes, yes…”

Kai Wen has no other choice but to bring his two underlings and leave.

Just before he walks down the stairs he left behind a sentence for Liu Yi, “Little fellow….you are good….we shall meet again after school!”

The three of them disappear like smoke downstairs and none of them have the appearance of a stomach ache.

“This group of worry full students. You also quickly go to class!”

Director Wang does not know Liu Yi and after lecturing, he turns around and walks off.

Liu Yi starts to become nervous. Luckily I dodged this calamity. At the same time, he starts to worry.

Finished…Kai Wen definitely will gather a number of people tonight and I will definitely not be able to escape from getting a beating….

I think with Kai Wen’s vile mentality, he might be beating me up daily…

Faint, am I really going to be forced to transfer schools?

But…I really cannot bear to part with Ma Yixuan ah…

For the first time in his 18 years of living, Liu Yi starts to feel his head getting big.


Chapter 12 [Meet tonight]


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