MKW Chapter 1127


Chapter 1127  [Title below]
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The shout carries a surge of a heatwave. This expert has cultivated the fire attribute until it had been brought to the point of perfection.

Liu Yi judges and determines that this person’s strength should be around the 3rd layer of heaven.

This kind of impressive person is indeed the family head of Xihu Ox State’s largest family. Even Erlang Shen might have to show some courtesy to him.

In comparison to her father, Sima Jiao is pitifully weak. This third miss is only around earth realm strength, which is too pitiful.

Sima Jiao felt her entire body turn soft from the shout. She secretly transmits her voice to Liu Yi, {This, this is my father, the family head of Sima Family, Sima Tian…}

As she speaks, she is obediently walking inside. As Sima Jiao’s slave, Liu Yi follows behind her and walks in.

Outside, a guard subconsciously extends his hand and blocks Liu Yi. Liu Yi glares as the pressure of an expert immediately spreads out and suppresses that guard, causing him to pause there with his forehead covered with cold sweat.

After which, Liu Yi followed Sima Jiao inside the hall.

A middle-aged man in red robes and a red beard is sitting in the hall. He subconsciously stares at Liu Yi. Upon realizing that Liu Yi is a golden eye shaman, he did not say anything and looked back at his daughter.

Sima Tian seems to be unhappy as flames spray out from his nose.

Liu Yi mutters in his heart. Tsk, tsk. This old man has too much internal heat. He should find a girl and vent some fire.

“You still got the face to come back!”

Sima Tian roars thunderously, scaring Sima Jiao into kneeling down.

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he stands here perfectly fine.

Sima Jiao hurriedly apologized, begging Sima Tian for mercy. “So-sorry lord father. It is daughter who has been rude and impetuous.”

Sima Tian did not say anything and said, “Since you came back, then prepare and wait to be married to the Long Family.”

“Lord father…”

“You still dare have objections? I already spared your life!”

Sima Tian shows his might, and Sima Jiao brace herself and says, “Lord father..daughter returned home… to take part in the contention for the position of family head!”

This sentence causes Sima Tian to blank out while Sima Tai, who is standing outside, cannot help but laugh loudly.

Sima Jiao actually wants to take part in the contention for family head? Isn’t this the biggest joke in the world!

What is Sima Jiao’s cultivation? She has just entered Earth Realm and is pitifully weak! Then look at the rest of the disciples in Sima Family. All of them are above Heaven Realm! The most impressive is Sima Jiao’s elder sister Sima Rou. She is quite young and is already at the 1st layer of heaven! She is proclaimed as the next head of the Sima Family. But no one knows why but Sima Tian does not like Sima Rou.

“Sima Jiao, do you know what you are saying?”

Sima Tian raises his brows, “Take part for the family head position? The current you does not have the qualification!”

“No matter what, daughter wishes to try!”

Sima Jiao beseeches, “May lord father give daughter this opportunity!”

“Nonsense!” Sima Tian says in anger, “With your ability, you wish to take part?”

“That’s right, based on me!”

Sima Jiao glances at Liu Yi behind her and feels a bit strong-willed. She says, “Daughter is also a member of Sima Family. I also have the right to take part!”

“If you wish to take part in the contention, it is doable.” Sima Tian says coldly, “As long as you pass my test!”

Sima Jiao ask, “What test?”

She is startled. It is indeed like what Liu Yi expected. Furthermore, Liu Yi already prepared in advance.

“As long as you can withstand my pressure!”

As Sima Tian speaks, he glares as a powerful pressure erupts from his body!

Instantly, the entire room is filled with his aura. From the screen behind him, a beautiful phoenix head peacock extended out its neck and let out a few cries.

That should be Sima Tian’s flame peacock. It is indeed beautiful; furthermore, its size is even bigger than the flame peacocks of Sima Tai and the rest.

Liu Yi pretends to be unable to take it and plops down on his butt on the ground.

While Sima Jiao kneels down but slowly rises. This causes Sima Tian and Sima Tai to be shocked! Under my 3rd layer of heaven’s pressure, not anyone can withstand it! Sima Jiao had only just entered the earth realm; thus, she shouldn’t be able to withstand it!

Neither of them knows that Liu Yi had left his Fog Qi True body on Sima Jiao.

This Fog Qi True Body is of equivalent strength to Liu Yi. Thus it is not a problem for it to withstand Sima Tian’s pressure.

Sima Tian continues to exert his pressure for over a minute while Sima Jiao continues to remain standing which causes Sima Tian to be shocked.

Sima Jiao suddenly asked, “Is this enough?” Which caused Sima Tian to be more shocked.

Under my pressure, Sima Jiao can still speak! When did my young daughter’s strength grow so fast?

Could it be that after leaving the family, she had obtained some fortuitous encounter outside?

Sima Tian withdraws his pressure before creasing his brows as he looks at his daughter.

“Looks like I passed.”

Sima Jiao let out a breath of relief, “Lord Father’s cultivation is too powerful. My entire body is drenched by sweat.”

“Your strength has been proven.” Sima Tian says, “You are allowed to take part the day after tomorrow.”

“Then daughter shall retreat first!”

Sima Jiao cups her hands towards Sima Tian before retreating outside.

At this moment, Sima Tian suddenly adds another sentence, “Remember…you must survive.”

After which, Sima Tian no longer says anything.

Sima Jiao feels that it is slightly weird but still walks out. Liu Yi followed closely behind her, keeping close to her.

Liu Yi feels that everyone here has enmity against Sima Jiao. Looks like to them, Sima Jiao is a threat.

In the past, Sima Jiao was very weak, so it is still better. But the current her attracted the attention of numerous people.

“My room is right in front.”

Sima Jiao seems to not mind all of these. She led the way for Liu Yi and came in front of a beautiful building.

Liu Yi noticed that there is a vermilion red peacock sculpture above this building. It seems like other than that main hall of Sima Tian; only Sima Jiao has this similar sculpture.

Liu Yi suddenly understood something. The one that Sima Tian pampers the most is his third daughter. It is a pity that Sima Jiao is too weak, and her innate talent is very poor. Otherwise, the position of the family head would be hers.

No wonder all of the people here do not like Sima Jiao. Sima Jiao’s existence is like a fishbone stuck in their throat.

Liu Yi follows Sima Jiao into the building. He realized that the facilities inside is very elegant, it is indeed the room of a big miss of a large family.

On the first floor of the main hall, a vermilion red egg is placed there.

This red egg is around the size of a fist and is emitting faint heat.

“This is your egg?”

“Pui! Your egg!” Sima Jiao spits at Liu Yi, “I do not know how to lay an egg!”

“I mean your peacock egg.”

Sima Jiao shrugs her shoulders, “It is a pity that I do not have the ability to incubate her. She already died.”

“I can still sense her strength.” Liu Yi says, “There is still warmth in the egg.”

“Flame peacock’s egg is forever warm. This is irrelevant to whether it is alive or dead.”

Sima Jiao wipes out Liu Yi’s illiteracy. “It is a pity that I will never have a blaze peacock.”

“It is a pity. Your father’s blaze peacock is very elegant.”

Recalling that enormous golden peacock, Liu Yi cannot help but feel somewhat emotional.

“That’s right. It is very handsome. My siblings all have one.”

Sima Jiao did not even hesitate and take off her clothes before changing into a red dress, “That super elder sister of mine has an eight plume peacock. It is said that it is the strongest peacock since the beginning of history. While my Lord Father has a seven plume peacock.”

“Your elder sister is very powerful?”

“Yeah. She is a genius and is said to be the strongest inheritor in my Sima Family history.”

Sima Jiao says, “But, I believe that you have a way to win, right?”

Liu Yi questions, “What is her cultivation realm?”

“1st layer of heaven!”


Liu Yi nods his head, “But it is not a problem. The real problem is your father.”

Sitting in the basket that is hanging in the middle of the room, Sima Jiao rocks back and forth, causing the scene under her skirt to be faintly discernible, but she does not mind.

Liu Yi can only shift his gaze and force himself to put his attention on other things.

His gaze lands on that red egg as he keeps feeling that that egg seems to still have a weak heartbeat.

Liu Yi extends his hand and subconsciously gently touches that ‘dead’ blaze peacock egg.

At this moment, Liu Yi feels like his Scarlet Blood Demon Flame strength is being continuously sucked in!

This egg is like a black hole that crazily consumes Liu Yi’s Scarlet Blood Demon Flame!

Liu Yi pursues his brows as his palm sticks to the egg, allowing the blaze peacock egg to have its ‘meal.’

The red light emitted from the egg became even more dazzling, like a blaze is being ignited.

Very soon, the blaze peacock egg had utterly turned into a red light egg.


Sima Jiao had forgotten to rock as she stared foolishly at the egg in Liu Yi’s palm.

Sima Jiao really does not understand it, “Impossible…It should have already died!”

“She is still alive.” Liu Yi’s gaze is excited, “Furthermore, she is very strong!”

While they are speaking, Liu Yi starts to emit a red blaze which was consumed by the peacock egg.

Very soon, cracks start to appear on the peacock egg, which slowly starts to split open.

From inside, a small damp peacock crawls out and shakes its head.

Five golden earth phoenix feathers grow on top of its head, and its tail carries nine plumes.

After this small thing crawls out, it uses its head to rub against the back of Liu Yi’s hand like it is very intimate.

“It is a nine plume peacock!”

Staring at the small peacock, Sima Jiao is completely flabbergasted as she covers her mouth.

“Gods…only the ancestor of Sima Family has a nine plume peacock…another one, actually appeared?”

Nine plume peacock is the king among the blaze peacocks!

Along with the birth of the nine plum peacock, a flame cloud shrouds the sky of this building.

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Chapter 1127  [Plume peacock]

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