MKW Chapter 1126


Chapter 1126  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


 God Fire City’s lights are splendid.

This place is even large than Buddha Stupa City and more bustling than Ox Cliff City.

Even in the human realm, Liu Yi had never seen such an enormous city before.

God Fire City can roughly fit ten Jingdu City! If they are placed side by side, they can roughly make up Xihu Ox State’s capital city!

“Did you see that largest castle?” Says Sima Jiao as she points in a direction.

Liu Yi looks over in that direction to see a hundred meters tall enormous castle in the center of the God Fire City. Along the perimeter of the castle, a scarlet flame is burning at every ten meters interval. The flames are as dazzling as lanterns.

“Those fireballs are called Scarlet Flame Light. They can be launched at will to carry out an area attack. It is the strongest protective weapon of my family.”

Looking at those Scarlet Flame Lights, Liu Yi says, “They look good. If they are used as a protective tool, it will be powerful.”

“Hey! This is my family’s most precious asset! You wish to use it as a personal protective tool?” Sima Jiao gives Liu Yi a sideways look, “Too shameless.”

“No one will resent having more good things, right? Don’t you agree?”

Liu Yi smiles, “Part of my bloodline belongs to that of a dragon. Which dragon does not like to gather treasure?”

“Less nonsense. I already promised to give you the Nine Turn Immortal Pill. I wouldn’t give you the Scarlet Flame Lights! These 99 Scarlet Flame Lights are my family’s lifeblood!”

“Yes, yes. I was only mentioning it. Don’t forget about my 36 Tiangang swords.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he snaps his fingers, and his 36 Tiangang swords shoot out before starting to transform. Soon they become like those Scarlet Flame Light and surround Liu Yi’s body as they revolve.

“These 36 Tiangang swords of yours are too heaven-defying!”

Sima Jiao cannot help but feel envious, “It is the king of counterfeit!”

“Hahaha, you actually know about counterfeits!”

“Hmph, it is not like we are completely disconnected from the Human Realm. We do know some terms. But we do not use those terms here. Since we don’t use them, they became forgotten.”

Sima Jiao pouts, “I’m not going to say these useless things. Put away your treasures. We should go to my home now!”


Liu Yi claps his hand, and the 36 Tiangang Swords immediately return into his body.

He and Sima Jiao walk to the front of the Sima Family’s castle, where a few Sima Family’s guards are standing there.

Liu Yi realizes that all of these guards have a red magic cloth tied around their arm, which is similar to his Scarlet Cloth Guards’ red ribbon.

But the magic towel that is tied around their arm carries traces of fire attributes. Liu Yi knows that these are magic tools that carry fire magic.

Seeing people walking over, these guards immediately shout, “Stand still! Who are you!”

“Are your dog eyes blind! You dare to block this miss’s path?!”

Sima Jiao’s berate causes those guards to pause before revealing respectful smiles, “So it is Third Miss. You have returned!”

“Hmph, still not scramming to the side?!”

Sima Jiao snorts, and those guards immediately step to the side, revealing the gates to the castle.

Liu Yi feels emotional. These city gates are almost like the imperial palace of the past. Really is the number one family of Xihu Ox State. They show style in spending money.

Liu Yi follows Sima Jiao and walks in when the guards extend their hand to block him. “Who are you? How dare you enter my Sima Family!”

Sima Jiao thinks rapidly and says, “Scram! He is my shaman slave!”

Liu Yi immediately feels gloomy but to cooperate with Sima Jiao; he purposefully releases golden radiance from his eyes before hammering his chest with his hands.

He let out a low roar, “Roars!”

“Why is this high-rank shaman like a king kong?”

“It seems like all of them are like this.”

The few guards start discussing.

“Still not scramming!”

Sima Jiao roars, and those guards immediately move to the side.

After the two of them pass the castle walls, Liu Yi can still faintly hear those guards behind him discussing.

“Tsk, isn’t she just a Third Miss that was excommunicated? Why is she being arrogant!”

“That’s right. I heard that after she had run away from the marriage, it caused Lord to fly into a thunderous rage! It is likely that after she returns, she will be placed in detention!”

Glancing at Sima Jiao, Liu Yi realizes that she does not care about this and thus did not say anything.

But he still secretly transmits his voice to Sima Jiao, {How long do I need to act as a slave?}

{Until I become the family head.} Sima Jiao transmitted back, {It will not be too long. Soon it will be the yearly competition to be the head of the family! The person who can defeat my father will become the next family head! Do you have confidence in helping me win?}

{Relax. In the Heaven Realm, other than Erlang Shen, no one is my opponent.}

A trace of chill flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes, {Wait till I have obtained the Nine Turn Immortal Pill, Erlang Shen will be beaten by me!}

{Good! To pleasant cooperation.}

Sima Jiao walks inside hurriedly. They walked through several courtyards and arrived inside the castle.

Sima Family’s castle is indeed very big. Liu Yi feels like he had entered a university as the inside is very vast.

“Soon, someone will come and pick me up.” Sima Jiao stands on the grass calmly, “The news should be transmitted swiftly.”

While they are speaking, suddenly, fire starts lighting up one after the other. Liu Yi glance over to see numerous people floating over from far away.

These people are riding a red blaze peacock. Each of these blaze peacocks is three meters wide when they spread open their wings as they glide less than a meter above the ground.

In the Heaven Realm, this place in which the sky is prohibited, being able to glide through the air is impressive. Liu Yi thinks, if there was no prohibition in the sky, these blaze peacocks should be able to fly freely in the sky, right?

For their own safety, the Heavenly Court actually created this excessive law. They are too loathsome. Wait till I become the master of Heavenly Court; I shall revoke this law!

I shall return the sky back to the birds and cultivators.

These blaze peacocks glide very swiftly. In a blink of an eye, a group of people wearing red robes surround Sima Jiao tightly in the center.

A young man wearing red robes with a golden peacock embroidered on it is sitting on top of the largest blaze peacock among them.

That man is sneering as he looks at Sima Jiao.

“Third sister. I didn’t expect that you would dare come back.”

“Second brother.” Sima Jiao greets that man, “Is father doing well?”

“Well? He is badly angered by you.”

This man is Sima Jiao’s second brother, Sima Tai. This gaze towards Sima Tai does not have any trace of brother and sister camaraderie. At this moment, he is riding the peacock as he sneers while saying, “I didn’t expect that you would dare to run back on your own. Be obedient and go and meet Lord Father!”

“Then I shall trouble second brother.”

Although Sima Jiao has a big miss temper outside, in the Sima Family which rules are strict, she does not dare to flare up at her elder brother.

Even if Sima Tai’s attitude is vile, Sima Jiao can only bear with it and obediently follow Sima Tai.

Liu Yi continues to maintain his Golden Pupils making others understand his identity. Thus Sima Tai did not care about Liu Yi. He ordered his blaze peacock to fly away.

Sima Jiao is unable to move so quickly and knows that Sima Jiao is purposefully making things tough on her; thus, she ordered Liu Yi, “Carry me.”

Liu Yi is at wit’s end and can only bend down and let Sima Jiao climb onto his back. The Immortal Realm does not have bras or the like. Thus Liu Yi can clearly feel the softness of Sima Jiao’s breasts. This causes him to feel a bit his heart like a frisky monkey. Small Liu Yi had not eaten meat for a long time and had the urge to stand up.

Liu Yi hurriedly uses his qi to suppress his urges and bends his knee slightly before leaping forward.

A powerful gale exploded behind them as Liu Yi surges forward like lightning. With just a leap, he arrived beside Sima Tai, who had flown several tens of meters away.

Sima Tai turned his head and got a huge shock when he saw Liu Yi. He subconsciously urged his blaze peacock.

That peacock let out a cry and flapped its wings, and flew even faster.

But Liu Yi only continued leaping and continued to follow closely beside Sima Tai as fast as lightning.

Sima Tai frowns as he thinks, just where did she find such a powerful high-rank shaman! It is such a waste to give my sister such a powerful slave! I must think of a method to get him!

For this competition to be the head of the family, I must perform well and let my father make the decision to bestow upon me the position!

Thinking to here, Sima Tai cannot help but howl with laughter.

His gaze towards Liu Yi subconsciously becomes slightly warm. This gaze makes Liu Yi feel very uncomfortable.

Liu Yi transmit his voice to Sima Jiao, {Is your brother gay?}

{What does gay mean?}

Sima Jiao is unable to remember.

{It is having the habit of being a homosexual!}

{Oh, not at all. He had married two wives! He is very fickle!}

{That is good then…}

Liu Yi lets out a breath of relief. I came here for the Nine Turn Immortal Pill in the Sima Family. I do not wish that it came at the cost of my chrysanthemum!

With a few leaps, Liu Yi followed Sima Tai and arrived in front of the main hall.

The hall is enormous and very imposing.

By the sides of the entrance to the hall is a life-like black peacock. Looks like the peacock is the Sima Family’s crest. 

Liu Yi secretly transmits to Sima Jiao, {I see that all of them have a flame peacock, why don’t you have one?}

{Mine…could never be incubated…}

Sima Jiao says very exasperatedly, {This miss innate’s fire elements link up bad. Thus my peacock egg is slow in incubating. There is nothing that I can do!}

So Sima Jiao also has this kind of flaw? But this cannot be blamed on her. Not everyone is born with the talent to cultivate.

In the human realm, one in ten thousand has the talent to cultivate. While for the Immortal Realm, even though the spirit qi is very abundant, not everyone can cultivate.

Sima Jiao is that unlucky woman.

The large doors to the hall slowly open as a surge of flame qi surge out from inside.

Liu Yi senses it slightly. This flame qi is indeed very ferocious. It should be from an expert.

From inside came the cry of a peacock, making Liu Yi glance towards the inside a few times.

Standing by the door, Sima Tai cups his hands before saying, “Lord Father, the person has returned.”

From inside came a roar, “Get in!”

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Chapter 1126  [Scram in]

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