MKW Chapter 1125


Chapter 1125  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


Liu Yi’s fog qi true body flies out before entering his Heaven Dragon Mausoleum.

The Heaven Dragon Mausoleum is enormous. After Liu Yi had tossed the people from Netherworld Sect into a prairie, they are still far away from Massacre Shrine.

After he landed, he instantly attracted the attention of Duan Chou and the rest.

Duan Chou had recovered slightly from his injury, and he steps forward and asked, “Liu Yi! Are you fine?”

“Relax, master, I am fine.”

Liu Yi had already broken away from his Black-bellied state. Seeing Ying’er and the rest surrounding him, he says emotionally, “It is all my fault. I implicated all of you.”

“What are you saying!”

Duan Chou pats Liu Yi’s shoulder, “It is great that you are fine! Where is this place?”

Liu Yi says, “This is a small thousand world that is refined in my body.”

“Small thousand world!”

Duan Chou’s eyes widen.

Ying’er asked curiously, “Master, what is a small thousand world?”

Duan Chou takes a deep breath, “A small thousand world…is a world that can only be refined by an expert around the 7th or 8th layer of Heaven…Liu Yi, just how high was your previous cultivation?”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “I have not reached that stage yet. This small thousand world is something that I have obtained through a fortuitous event. Inside here is also my sect from the Human Realm. In a while, I will bring you guys over. Rest here first.”

Duan Chou nodded his head, and Liu Yi became slightly upset.

“If it was not for me…Wang Ming and the rest wouldn’t have died…damn it…”

After being influenced by his black-bellied nature, Liu Yi had regained his memories.

“Wang Ming’s soul did not get wiped out. Thus he will enter the reincarnation cycle.”

Duan Chou comforts him before asking, “But…who are you?”

Liu Yi then mentions his matters simply, making Duan Chou and the rest who are listening to him stunned.

Sima Jiao covers her mouth and finally says, “You, you actually wreaked havoc in the Heavenly Court before? My gosh…a mere servant…actually did this kind of thing!”

Ying’er tugs Liu Yi’s arm and says coquettishly, “Hmph, my Eldest Senior brother is not a male servant! He is the greatest hero who can support both heaven and earth!”

“So Eldest Senior Brother wreaked havoc in the Heavenly Court!”

“So mighty…”

People in the Heaven Realm had always admired experts with strength. When Liu Yi said his experience, it made the people from Netherworld Sect even more respectful.

Duan Chou smiles bitterly, “I actually accepted such an impressive disciple…”

“Master, relax. I will not abandon the Netherworld Sect.”

Liu Yi comforts, “Since I had entered Netherworld Sect, I, Liu Yi, will forever be part of Netherworld Sect. But right now, it will be hard for the Netherworld Sect to continue in the Immortal Realm.”

“Forget it. I have gotten over it.” Duan Chou waves his hand, “Sects and the likes are nothing but false reputation. The things that I have been chasing after have turned ephemeral. The title Great Sect Master sounds not bad, but I, Duan Chou, am still too far away from it. Liu Yi, you are the one who can become the Great Sect Master.”

Liu Yi laughs, “Master is overpraising me. I have too many enemies already. If I wish to become a Great Sect Master, I will need to cross many obstructions.”

“For someone to become a huge success, they will need to suffer some huge tribulations or tests!” Duan Chou pats Liu Yi’s shoulder, “Take master’s portion as well as Wang Ming’s portion and do your best. Do in that bastard, Erlang Shen!”

Liu Yi nods his head before pointing towards the east, “If you keep flying onwards in that direction, you will see the Massacre Shrine. Upon reaching there, as long as you mention my name, someone will come and welcome you. I cannot accompany you. I need to think of a method to kill Erlang Shen.”

Right now, Erlang Shen and I are now enemies.

At this moment, Sima Jiao says, “This miss shall go out with you. I shall not stay here.”

Liu Yi asks, “Erlang Shen might still be outside. Are you sure you want to go out with me?”

“Of course. This miss says one thing and means just that.” Sima Jiao nods her head, “Furthermore, this miss can let you defeat Erlang Shen.”


Ying’er does not believe that Sima Jiao says, “Erlang Shen possess the cultivation of the 4th layer of heaven. How can you help? Help by sending yourself to death?”

“Hmph, My Sima Family has a Nine Turn Immortal Pill.”

Sima Jiao says, “This Nine Turn Immortal Pill is a top rank pill. After consuming it, one can raise their cultivation by one layer of heaven!”

When Duan Chou heard this, he exclaimed in great shock, “So Xihu Ox State’s Sima Family has this immortal pill?”

“Of course!” Sima Jiao nods, “Only the family head has the right to obtain this pill.”

“Then what is the point in saying this!” Ying’er says in anger, “You can’t obtain it!”

“Right now, there is no other choice.” Sima Jiao says, “Liu Yi! Help me become the family head, and I shall help you obtain the Nine Turn Immortal Pill!”

“It’s a deal!”

Liu Yi did not hesitate and reached an agreement with Sima Jiao.

“What the…why do I feel like you guys are like some wicked villains.”

Ying’er cannot help but roast.

Liu Yi laughs, “We are only cooperating with each other! Ying’er, stay here properly. You can also go and cultivate some of my Massacre Shrine’s techniques. Master, Netherworld Technique still has some flaws. I will improve it a bit before passing it back to master!”


Duan Chou cannot help but feel emotional. Liu Yi is really a genius. After recovering his memories just a moment ago, he can improve my techniques.

“Miss Sima, let’s go.”

Liu Yi holds Sima Jiao’s hand before saying goodbye to everyone and flies out of the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum with Sima Jiao.

After Siam Jiao exited Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, she was instantly drenched! She let out a started cry before glaring at Liu Yi indignantly.

“You…why did you not tell me that the outside is water! This miss is wet!”

Seeing Sima Jiao’s faintly discernible figure underneath her clothes, Liu Yi lets out a few dry coughs. This lass indeed still has some feeling of shame, right?

“This miss’s clothes are dirty now, hmph!”

Fuck, so she is concerned about this!

“Enough. The Immortal Realm’s river water is not that dirty.”

Liu Yi activates his black and white world and senses the outside movements. Only after realizing that Erlang Shen is no longer around is he relieved enough to pull Sima Jiao and float up to the surface.

The two of them jump out of the water surface and land on the side of the river bank.

Sima Jiao took off her clothes and tossed them onto the ground.

She lay bare her body in such a manner in front of Liu Yi, causing him to stare at her dumbstruck.

“Really. What a waste of a good set of clothes.”

As Sima Jiao speaks, she took out a new set of clothes from her xumi bag and put them on.

She seems to like the color red, and most of her clothes are red in color like flames.

“You…are not afraid of being seen by me?”

After recovering his memories, Liu Yi cannot help but ask this question again.

“You should understand that I am not a dog, right? I am a person, a man!”

“Of course, this miss knows.”

Sima Jiao says carefreely, “But didn’t you see it before. Since you have seen it before, what is there to avoid? Furthermore, if you are willing to marry this miss, that is even better. Only an expert like you can match me with this miss!”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes are Sima Jiao, “Scram. What matches up with you. Just how long are you keep putting up your big miss airs!”

Sima Jiao emphasizes, “I am a big miss.”

“Fine then, Big Miss Sima, where are we heading to now?”

“The west.”

Sima Jiao says, “My Sima Family is in the biggest city of Xihu Ox State, God Fire City! Even Erlang Shen does not dare to run over there to cause trouble. That is why it will be quite safe.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Okay. Then I shall follow you.”

“Obedient servant!”

“Your sister!”


Moon Palace.

Erlang Shen kicks open the gate to the Moon Palace, causing several maids to exclaim in shock before striding in with wide steps.

Chang’e is sitting inside the Moon Palace, boiling some tea for herself.

The immortal tea of the Heaven Realm is thousands of times better than the tea in the Human Realm, while the tea from Moon Palace has an additional trace of coolness within.

A maid runs in and says in fear, “Fairy, fairy…it is bad. Lord Erlang, Lord Erlang has barged in!”

Chang’e expression did not change as she says faintly, “It is not like it is the first time he had done so. Why are you panicking so much.”

While they are conversing, Erlang Shen had entered the room. Seeing Chang’e, he sneers, “Fairy Chang’e. You are in such a good mood. To have the time to drink tea?”

Chang’e says slowly, “I am a useless person. If I don’t drink tea here, where else can I go?”

“Don’t you wish to see your boyfriend?”

Erlang Shen snorts, “I already found him!”

Chang’e hand, which is controlling the teapot, trembles.

Erlang Shen says, “I already captured that fellow. Do you want to see him one last time?”

Chang’e suddenly smiles, “You will not be able to capture him.”

“Why do you say so?” Erlang Shen roars, “He is already a cripple! This lord can crush him like stepping on an ant!”

“He is different from you.” Chang’e says, “He is a real hero. A hero will not die so early. I believe that he has the ability to escape from your demonic palm.”

“Good. This lord shall bring him in front of you!”

Erlang Shen’s complexion turned cold, “What you guess is not wrong. He has indeed recovered back to his past strength! But I am already a 4th layer of Heaven expert! The current him is not my opponent!”

“Then you should be careful.” Chang’e continues to remain calm as she boils a pot of tea, “Perhaps the next time when you meet him, you won’t be his opponent.”

“Absolutely impossible!”

Erlang Shen clenches his teeth, “I will capture him and slowly tear him into pieces in front of you! Don’t you like him? I shall let you see how the man you like dies!”

“I wish you luck.”

Chang’e did not say anything else and poured another cup of tea.

“Just you wait!”

Erlang Shen turns around and leaves.

“You are not going to drink the tea before leaving?”

“I will step on his head before drinking your tea!”

Soon, Erlang Shen leaves the Moon Palace and flies back towards Immortal Realm.

Chang’e is sitting in the palace when a tear suddenly starts dripping down the edge of her eyes.

“Sorry, Liu Yi…”

Tears fall into the teacup 

“Fairy…why did you do all of this?”

One of the maids cannot help but ask, “Since you like him, why did you harm him back then?”

Chang’e wiped away her tears, “How do you know how pitiful I am?”


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Chapter 1125   [Nine turn immortal pill]

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