MKW Chapter 1124


Chapter 1124  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
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“I didn’t expect that there are still people who are willing to die for you.”

Erlang Shen says clearly, “But no one can stop me! Liu Yi, your doomsday have come!”

With that, Liu Yi swings his spear at Liu Yi as he plans to use his immense immortal qi to tear Liu Yi into fragments!

But Liu Yi did not even raise his head. He only extends out his right hand and blocks in front of him.

The house behind Liu Yi instantly collapsed. It was torn into pieces by Erlang Shen’s might!

But Liu Yi is safe and sound. His clothes waved slightly.

He extends both his hands and tidies up his silver hair which he binds behind his head with a ribbon.

“Tsk, tsk. Finally, I can come out.”

Liu Yi is currently wearing a blue and white windbreaker and riding boots. His hands are in his pockets as he looks at Erlang Shen, who does not understand what is going on.

Liu Yi smiles merrily and says, “Oh? It’s been a long time since we last met. You still look as ugly as you used to.”

“Your memories are restored?”

Asked Erlan Shen as Liu Yi’s earlier situation clearly shows that he had lost his memories.

While now, it is like he had turned into another person.

“You guess?”

Liu Yi did not reply to him directly. Instead, he replies back mysteriously.

“No…your aura has also changed…”

Erlang Shen, who now possesses the fourth layer of heaven cultivation, senses the difference in Liu Yi, “Who are you?”

“Don’t guess anymore. I am Liu Yi.”

Liu Yi says, “Although my nature is slightly different, I am still me. But usually, I do not appear. Only when I am unhappy would I come out to take a stroll. You are not done. Come and accompany me to play.”

“A cripple pretending to be mysterious.”

Erlang Shen did not treat Liu Yi seriously as he suddenly appeared in front of Liu Yi. At the same time, his spear jabs Liu Yi’s chest.

A Yin-yang diagram lights up between Liu Yi’s brows. He extends his hand and grabs hold of the spear, forcibly obstructing Erlang Shen’s attack.


Erlang Shen was shocked as he did not expect that his fourth layer of heaven strength would actually be blocked by Liu Yi.

“Do you think that I am that trash?”

A faint smile floats up on Liu Yi’s face as black lightning faintly floats up of his body.

On the Yin-yang diagram, the Qian symbol lights up bright.

Upon reaching the fourth layer of heaven, every single cultivation is accompanied by a threshold.

The fourth layer of heaven lower strata, fourth layer of heaven middle strata, fourth layer of heaven upper strata.

The later cultivation is also the same. The higher their cultivation rank, the harder it becomes to cultivate. As for Erlang Shen’s strength, it is merely the fourth layer of heaven lower strata.

Black-bellied Liu Yi possesses a unique realization towards cultivation. After entering the second stage of God’s Transformation, he became close to the third layer of heaven strength. But since he possesses the great cosmos qi, it gave him the strength to fight against those of the fourth layer of heaven.


When his attack was blocked by Liu Yi, Erlang Shen snarls, “Your cultivation should have been sucked away by me! How can it still be so powerful!”

“Strength that was snatched is not that easy to use.”

Liu Yi flips his hand and hits out a Desolate Flame on Erlang Shen’s chest plate.

Erlang Shen was knocked several hundred meters away and smashes into the city walls far away, smashing through the 5 meters thick city walls!

“You snatched strength but do not possess the corresponding realm; how could you be my opponent?”

Liu Yi crosses his arms. His voice is not loud, but it flew several hundred meters away and enters Erlang Shen’s ears, “I am not like that trash. My realm is solid.”

“I don’t believe it!”

Erlang Shen let out a roar as he smashes apart the city walls. He then flies out with his body covered with silver immortal qi.

“I will kill you!”

As Erlang Shen speaks, he taps his finger against the eye between his brows and shoots a beam of golden light at Liu Yi!

Erlang Shen’s truth-seeing eye is very powerful. Everything that was shined upon by the golden light will be burned into ash!

Liu Yi did not panic as he stood still and hit out with a palm, “Unbreaking!”

With the sound of glass shattering, that light beam disappeared!


Erlang Shen got a huge shock as this is the first time he had seen someone so easily resolve his truth-seeking eye!

“As I said already, it is useless.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he flickers and appears several hundred meters beside Erlang Shen.

At the same time, he raises his leg high up into the sky and cleaves down at Erlang Shen’s head with his leg.

Erlang Shen’s body suddenly turns into a cannonball and smashes into the ground, creating a hole in the middle of Buddha Stupa City!

“This is a return gift for you.”

Liu Yi winks at Erlang Shen.

“Eldest Senior Brother…is so powerful…”

“No wonder he became wanted by the Heavenly Court…he is so powerful…”

Seeing how Liu Yi beat a fourth layer of heaven expert within an inch of his life, everyone was astonished.

At this moment, Erlang Shen climbs out from the hole in a sorry figure as he roars, “Liu Yi! Don’t be too delighted! I still have Deity Descend!!!”

With that, a silver light shines down from the sky and lands on him.

Erlang Shen instantly enlarges to 3 meters tall and becomes incomparably muscular. His three-pointed two-edged spear doubles into two as he holds one in each hand!

While his strength also enters the middle state of the fourth layer of heaven. A shockwave erupts from his body, causing all of the glass and porcelain in the Buddha Stupa City to explode! Cracks also appear on several walls!

“You are the one asking for it!”

Erlang Shen lets out a deep and resounding voice that seems to carry its own echo.

He waved his left hand, and his spear flew out of his hand and shot towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi extends his hand, and the 36 Tiangang swords instantly appear and form a halberd which he holds in his hand.

With a loud -dang-, Liu Yi’s halberd slashed aside Erlang Shen’s spear. But his arm was also jolted away from the shock, opening him up to attack!

With Deity Descend, their cultivation had finally been pulled apart!

Even Black-bellied Liu Yi is starting to feel heavy pressure.

Erlang Shen suddenly appeared in front of Liu Yi as his other spear chop down at Liu Yi’s chest.

Bloodflower blossoms as Erlang Shen recreates his second spear. In a blink of an eye, he attacked over a hundred times as he badly mangles up Liu Yi’s body!

Finally, under the double jolt from Erlang Shen’s spears, Liu Yi was chopped and sent flying away.

“Let’s see how you are going to survive this!”

Erlang Shen sneers, but soon his smile disappears.

As he sees Liu Yi lands perfectly among the ruins by the side as the injures on his chest swiftly heal up.

“Damn it…it is God Race Undying Body!”

Erlang became angered. He had forgotten that Liu Yi still has this ability! This fellow is a cockroach! Motherfucker!

“Looks like the situation is unfavorable towards me.”

Seeing that the situation has turned bad, Liu Yi starts thinking of methods to escape.

But just as his leg takes a step to escape, a thought immediately prevents him.

“Not letting me escape?”

Liu Yi frowns as he seems to be speaking to himself, “Idiot. Why don’t you look at the current situation? Middle Strata of the fourth layer of heaven, even I am not his opponent!”

But his leg still refuses to move.

“Idiot…why is my main conscious such an idiot!”

Liu Yi is very gloomy, but his intelligence is countless times above that other Liu Yi; thus, he immediately thought of a way.

Liu Yi waved his hand, “Nether Slave technique!”

Immediately, numerous minotaur appears on the ground.

This time around, it is not merely a hundred of them. The entire ground is completely covered with minotaurs, and there are at least two thousand of them!

“What is the use of creating so much trash?”

Seeing these minotaurs, Erlang Shen sneers in disdain.

He raises his two spears, and blue immortal lightning immediately appears on the tip of his spears!

While at this moment, all of the minotaurs start tossing out their flying axes. What shocked Erlang Shen is that all of these flying axes carry a bit of cosmos qi!

It is like falling rain; thus, he can only cross his spears and release a barrier net, blocking those flying axes.

Taking advantage of the moment while Erlang Shen is guarding against his attack, Liu Yi instantly reappears in the courtyard of the Netherworld Sect. He extends his hand as a golden whirlpool appears in midair. After which, an intense suction force is released and sucked up all of the disciples and celestial soldiers in the courtyard at one go!

The Netherworld Sect’s people were sucked into the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum while those celestial soldiers in the whirlpool are twisted into pieces and turned into Heaven Dragon Maulosuem’s nutrition.

Seeing Liu Yi’s goal, Erlang Shen instantly roars, “You wish to escape?!”

He tosses out a blue lightning bolt which is like an enormous dragon bearing down on them.


Liu Yi did not panic as an enormous devil shoot out behind his back. The devil is holding six enormous Monarch Shields which merge together and use that merged Monarch Shield to block the lightning.

The lightning rages and scatters into numerous lightning snakes.

Several cracks instantly appear on the shield as Erlang Shen’s fourth layer of heaven cultivation is too powerful.

But blocking for a while is enough. Liu Yi had already pulled all of Netherworld Sect disciples into his Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, including Pearl and Sima Jiao.

After completing everything, Liu Yi immediately steps on a Yin-yang diagram, and he instantly teleported a thousand meters away!

“Where do you think you are going to!”

Erlang Shen can fly in the sky, and his speed is very quick. With lightning speed, he charges after Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not panic as he kept forming seals with his hand while stepping on the Yin-yang diagram under his feet.

Very quickly, he summons out numerous fireballs, which he tosses out casually.

These fireballs keep exploding out behind Liu Yi before shooting towards Erlang Shen! Although these fireballs are unable to harm Erlang Shen, they hinder his movements!

“Damn it! He is so crafty!”

Erlang Shen is angered. But he cannot do anything. In a blink of an eye, Liu Yi had run until no trace of him could be seen!

“Liu Yi! I will find you again! And then I will kill you!”

Behind him came Erlang Shen’s unwilling roar. While Liu Yi had escaped several thousand meters away in a blink of an eye and hid among a mountain range.

Seeing that there is a river below him, Liu Yi did not hesitate before charging into the river and sinks to the river bed before sitting crossed-legged in the river water.

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Chapter 1124   [Lord Erlang]

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