MKW Chapter 1122


Chapter 1122  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Sima Jiao rides a white celestial horse as she follows behind Liu Yi.

She looks at the surrounding buildings and street before curling her lips, “This Buddha Supa Town is too small. It is really interesting.”

“Really…no one begged you to come!”

Ying’er is sitting in Liu Yi’s embrace. As she enjoys her eldest senior brother’s warmth, she curls her lips and says, “You insisted on coming with us, and you still want to be picky!”

“What? Why can’t I say it when this town is small.”

Sima Jiao snorts, “The Fire God City that this miss lives in is big! Thinking about that, my Sima Family’s house is around the same size as your Buddha Supa Town! I need to ride my horse for at least half an hour to pay respects to my father in the morning.”

“Tsk, what are you showing off for! Aren’t you already excommunicated from the Sima Family!”

Ying’er really does not like Sima Jiao’s big miss airs.

While rushing back, she had secretly made inquiries from other people regarding Sima Jiao. Only then did she know that after Sima Jiao was actually betrothed when she was still in the womb of her mother! After rejecting this marriage, she was chased out by her family in a fit of anger.

“It was this miss who ran out on my own. Don’t be mistaken!”

Sima Jiao retorts back strongly, “Staying at home; I can only marry a person whom I do not like! This miss does not want to do it! A woman is not the sacrificial item for the benefits of the family!”

“Towards this point, I also agree with that.” Liu Yi nods his head, “But you should put away this big miss temper of yours. With your manners, who would not know that you are the big miss of the Sima Family. Are you not afraid of being captured and brought back by others?”

Sima Jiao let slip, “What’s there to be afraid of? Aren’t you here?”

Ying’er immediately shouts, “Oh, so I understand now! I was thinking why you were following us. So you wish to use my Eldest Senior Brother as your bodyguard!”

“No, no such things!” Rejects Sima Jiao immediately, but her expression was like her thoughts had been exposed.

“Who, who is this miss. Why would I need someone to protect me!”

“Enough. Stop quarreling. We are home now.”

Liu Yi stopped his Ghost Flame Warhorse and stopped in front of the courtyard that hangs the board ‘Netherworld Sect.’

Seeing this courtyard, Sima Jiao is shocked, “This is the Netherworld Sect?”

She o thought that Netherworld Sect was a major sect and at the very least occupied two mountains!

“I know you wish to say that this place of ours is small.” Liu Yi sees through Sima Jiao’s thoughts, “But sooner or later, Netherworld Sect will become a famous major sect!”

Sima Jiao did not say anything. If others say such things, she would not believe it. But when Liu Yi said this, the weight behind the sentence is different.

“Eldest Senior Brother! Junior sister!”

By chance, a disciple opens the gate. Seeing Liu Yi, he greets in delight before shouting towards the inside, “Eldest Senior Brother has come back! Junior sister has come back!”

This shout awakens the Netherworld Sect.

“Eldest Senior brother? Eldest Senior Brother has come back?”

“Where is junior sister!”

A group of disciples runs out rapidly as the gate was thrown open as they surround Liu Yi and the girls.

Liu Yi and Ying’er jumped off the horse and were pulled over by the disciples.

“Junior sister, junior sister, you have returned!”

Li Kai also came over. After checking Ying’er and realizing that she does not have any injury, he finally relaxes.

“Take a look at you. You are so weak; how can you run off with Eldest Senior Brother! What would happen if you got into danger!”

“Tsk, with Eldest Senior Brother protecting me, I will be fine!”

Ying’er leans against Liu Yi and says coquettishly, 

Li Kai gives Liu Yi a look before sighing.

Wang Ming and their master Duan Chou walk over together. Seeing Liu Yi, they become very emotional.

“Liu Yi, you have returned. How did it go?” Duan Chou asks, “Was there any danger?”

“There was no danger…but there are other matters that I need to report.”

“We will talk about it later in my room. Who are these two people?”

Duan Chou’s gaze lands on Sima Jiao and Pearl, “Why is there a high-rank shaman here?”

High-rank shamans are slaves. But not anyone can use this kind of slave. That is why Duan Chou is astonished to see Pearl.

“I will explain to master.”

“Okay. Wang Ming, Li Kai, the two of you shall go and prepare dinner.”


“Understood, master.”

The two disciples nod their heads before leaving.

The rest of the disciples are very conscious. Seeing that their master and Eldest Senior Brother have things to discuss, they leave first.

“Come in and speak.”

Duan Chou summons Liu Yi and the rest into his room. After which, he says to Sima Jiao and Pearl, “The room is simple. Just take a seat.”

At this moment, Sima Jiao became somewhat obedient and did not become picky. But she immediately sits in the imperial tutor chair that was crafted from golden silk and giant redwood.

A gleam flashes across Duan Chou’s eyes, “This lady’s temperament is not common. May I know which family’s big miss are you from?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, master is indeed an old fox.

Sima Jiao says arrogantly, “This miss is the Third Miss of Sima Family, Sima Jiao!”

Duan Chou says politely to Sima Jiao, “So it is Miss Sima; nice to meet you.”

“Well said,” Sima Jiao nods her head, “Sect Head Duan is quite sensible.”

“How can you speak in such a manner to my master!” Ying’er berates, “Do you know manners?”

Sima Jiao sneers, “It has always been others being polite to this miss. This miss has never needed to be polite!”

“That is true as well. The Sima Family is the biggest family in Xihu Ox State. Naturally, there are countless who chase after you.”

Duan Chou cups his hands politely, “We are honored by the presence of Miss Sima. It is an honor for my Netherworld Sect to have you as a guest.”

“Master, why are you honoring her!”

Ying’er stomps her feet in dissatisfaction, “She is just a can!”

“Hey, Ying’er, you are not allowed to speak to Miss Sima like that.”

Duan Chou lightly chides his disciple.


“Be obedient!”


Ying’er snorts and glares unhappily at Sima Jiao, who is sitting by the side.

Sima Jiao secretly makes a victorious sign towards Ying’er, making her stomp her feet in anger.

Worrying that the two girls will start quarreling, Liu Yi hurriedly changes the subject and talks about his matter.

“You say that the people from Heavenly Court listed you as wanted?”

Duan Chou frowns lightly, “So that is the case…so that is the case…”


“Actually, when master saved you beside the seaside, master had already sensed that your origin was not ordinary.”

Duan Chou sighs and says, “Master cultivated bitterly for over a thousand years before cultivating all of my skills. While you, you mastered all of them within a minute. Not anyone can have this kind of talent.”

Sima Jiao stares at Liu Yi like she is looking at a strange monster.

“That is why master made you exercise restraint during these thirty years, not letting you expose your real ability. It is because I was afraid that you would attract unwanted trouble. But how can a golden carp be a person of no particular talent? Master knew that sooner or later, your name would resound throughout the world. Netherworld Sect could not raise you.”

“Master, don’t put it like this. I, Liu Yi, will forever be a person of the Netherworld Sect.”


Duan Chou pats Liu Yi’s shoulder, “With your cultivation, your past position is a lot higher than this small Netherworld Sect of mine. Otherwise, the Heavenly Court would not list you as wanted.”

“I know…that is why I plan to temporarily leave this place…” Liu Yi says, “I cannot implicate the Netherworld Sect.”

“What nonsense are you saying. You are master’s disciple. No matter who your enemy is, master will face them together with you.”

Duan Chou comforts Liu Yi, “Don’t worry. Buddha Stupa City is very small. Those Heavenly Court people will not come to our place.”

“That is hard to say.”

Sima Jiao pours cold water over this matter, “The Heavenly Court’s hands and eyes cover the sky. If they wish to find a person, it will not be hard.”

“Hey, how can you say such things!”

Ying’er glares at Sima Jiao again while Sima Jiao continues on, “Especially since the commotion that Liu Yi had created at the Hero’s Gathering was not small. Furthermore, he had also reported his own sect. I believe that soon the Heavenly Court will find their way to this Buddha Stupa City.”

“What Miss Sima says is right.” Duan Chou nods his head, “Looks like for this period of time, it is best for you to not go out Liu Yi. Stay in the sect.”

“What if they find their way here?”

“They will leave after not finding you.” Duan Chou smiles, “Just hide here.”

With that, he extended his hand and twisted the head of a wooden qilin placed by the side.

A wall by the side immediately pulls apart, causing Liu Yi to be slightly shocked.

“Master? This place has a hidden chamber?!”

Ying’er also looks inside curiously and realizes that the hidden chamber is very spacious and the area inside is not small. It is at least the size of a basketball court.

“This is an illusion barrier that I created. No one will notice it.”

Duan Chou says, “Hide inside here first. After everything is over, it will not be too late for you to come out.”


Liu Yi is slightly emotional and feels like he is giving his sect trouble.

“Quickly go in. If I don’t call you to come out, don’t come out.”

“Let me go in with you.”

Sima Jiao stretches, “After being busy for so long, this miss also wishes to find a quiet place to have a proper rest.”

“I also want to go in! I also want to go in!” Ying’er winds around Liu Yi, “Eldest Senior Brother, let me go in as well!”

“Stop acting willfully!”

Duan Chou berates, “Ying’er, you are no longer a child. Stop being unruly. Let your senior brother go in and cultivate quietly!”

“Boo hoo…”

Ying’er can only whimper feeling wronged, but she is unable to disobey her master’s command. She can only watch Liu Yi walk into the secret chamber.

Sima Jiao and Pearl follow Liu Yi into the secret chamber, and Duan Chou closes the door to the secret chamber.

“Master…will senior brother be fine?”

“Relax.” Duan Chou says, “Although Netherworld Sect is small, it is not that easy to be bullied.”

Just as he had said that a disciple outside suddenly shouted, “No good, the people from the Heavenly Court are here!”

Duan Chou and Ying’er expressions turn taciturn at the same time as Ying’er hurriedly asks, “Master, what should we do?”

“Don’t be afraid. Come, follow master.”

With that, Duan Chou walked out of the room and went into the courtyard outside.

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Chapter 1122   [Officers and men paying a visit]

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