MKW Chapter 1121


Chapter 1121  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Liu Yi and the rest turn around to take a look to see a row of celestial soldiers in silver armor walking in.

The one leading them is a general who is wearing a phoenix crown hat. Seeing Liu Yi, his gaze became filled with anger, “I finally found you!”

“Who are you?”

Liu Yi does not recognize this person, but when Pearl sees him, her gaze becomes filled with enmity and lets out a soft snarl of anger. She clenches her fist as she glares at the celestial soldiers.

“They are the Law Enforcement team from Yang Family!”

Seeing these people, Sima Jiao recognizes them and says, “Isn’t the one who is leading them, Yang Wei?”

“Miss Sima, why are you here as well?”

Yang Wei also saw Sima Jiao, and after which he laughed, “The third miss that was excommunicated from Sima Family appeared here? This is too interesting.”


When Liu Yi and Ying’er heard this, they were both shocked as they turned around and looked at Sima Jiao.

At this moment, Sima Jiao’s face is red as she says in anger, “Who, who needs you to care!”

Liu Yi laughs, “Looks like you are the same as me. In the future, stop calling yourself a big miss. It makes it feels like you are distancing yourself from us.”

“I am a big miss! I shall make the people from Sima Family regret!”

Sima Jiao raises her small fist and says, “I shall become the family head of the Sima Family! And then stomp all of those who look down on me under my feet!”

“You better save those to tell your father.” Yang Wei sneers, “How nice all of you are together. The Sima Family has already placed an order for your arrest. I can capture you and report back to the Sima Family for a reward!”

“For what reason!” Sima Jiao says in anger, “Who do you think you are!”

“Hahaha, Miss Sima, stop struggling. You as well, Liu Yi. Your cultivation base has already been sucked away by our boss. Right now, you are not my opponent, so it is best for you to surrender!”

With that, the row of celestial soldiers behind Yang Wei immediately surrounds them tightly.

The disciples by the side start discussing with one another.

“So this person is a wanted criminal by the Heavenly Courts?”

“No wonder he is so powerful…tsk, tsk…”

Sima Jiao cannot help but ask Liu Yi, “Who are you? Why do they want to capture you?”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “I do not know. But I can see that they are not friends.”

With that, he raises both his hands, and the 36 Tiangang swords immediately fly up. They scatter all over the cavern as they float there.

“36 Tiangang Swords? Very good. Today I shall take back this treasure!”

With that, Yang Wei waved his hand, “Take him down!”

“As you order!”

The Yang Family’s Law Enforcement Team immediately raises their spear and runs towards Liu Yi.

“Endless conflict.” Liu Yi sighs, “Looks like I should change my name to Butcher.”

As Liu Yi speaks, his palm trembles and those 36 Tiangang swords suddenly gather together and instantly form a two meters long dragon spear.

A law enforcer had already charged in front of Liu Yi. Liu Yi slaps out his spear and jabs out at that law enforcer.

That law enforcer was immediately sent flying away and was knocked flying above the Yellow Springs river a long distance away.

An enormous skeleton arm immediately emerges from the river water and grabs that law enforcer before pulling him into the river water.

“It is Yellow Springs!”

Seeing this scene, Yang Wei was badly frightened.

Yellow Springs’ cultivation is at the 5th layer of heaven, and his name is very famous throughout the Heaven Realm! Even if everyone here is added together, we will not be enough!

Yang Wei immediately ordered, “Stay away from the river water! Don’t get close!”

The surrounding law enforcers immediately stay a distance away from the river waters.

While Liu Yi’s back faces this Yellow Springs river as he holds the spear in his hands, giving off the impression of a single man holding the pass against millions of enemies.

“You don’t have a cultivation base, what you are acting for!”

Yang Wei does not place Liu Yi in his eyes. He revolves his qi as his spear instantly erupts with a silver radiance as it becomes filled with immortal qi.

“Immortal Dragon Attack!”

Yang Wei stabs out with his spear as a silver dragon instantly flies out and bites at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi snorts as he takes a step forward and stomps on the ground. At the same time, he clenches his right hand and punches out at the incoming silver dragon.

Liu Yi’s fist immediately exploded that silver dragon scaring Yang Wei into retreating backward.

What the fuck! Didn’t boss say that Liu Yi’s cultivation base was sucked away by him? Right now, Liu Yi should be super weak! Why is he still so strong!

Just now, that fist was enough to prove that Liu Yi’s cultivation is around 23 starjades!

With such a powerful cultivation base, how can he be trash!

Yang Wei immediately gave the command, “Use Immortal Mirrors to attack!”

The surrounding law enforcers hurriedly pull out their Immortal Mirrors and use them to gather light and shoot them at Liu Yi.

“Golden Armour Ghost King!”

Liu Yi summons the Golden Armour Ghost King, which spreads out its shield to protect him.

When the light rays hit the shield of the ghost kind, they were all blocked.

Liu Yi will not allow himself to passively receive attacks. He gave the command, “Attack!”

And the 100 minotaurs that were standing by the side like a statue suddenly move as their toss out the flying axes in their hands.

The flying axes are like rain, falling at the law enforcers.

Seeing the flying axes, Yang Wei does not dare to belittle them and immediately gave the order, “Guard Formation!”

All of the law enforcers lean against each other as the spear in their hands kept dancing in front of them, sealing off space in front of them, causing the incoming flying axes to be knocked away.


“What the fuck, so exaggerated!”

This is the first time these law enforcers have seen the minotaurs. Momentarily, they were beaten up by their flying axes, and several law enforcers were injured by them!

“Is he really trash? Could it be that the lord calculated wrongly?”

Watching Liu Yi and the creatures of his displaying their might, Yang Wei panics slightly.

Cannot, I must hurry to report to lord!


Liu Yi suddenly grabs an enormous flying ax in his hand. That flying ax is over a hundred meters long, and the edge shines with sharp radiance.

The flying ax falls down towards Yang Wei and his people, chopping down at them ferociously.

“We, we can’t block it…”

“Quick, quickly use Immortal Defensive Formation!”

Yang Wei and his people hurriedly activate their protective shield and prepare to block.

Liu Yi’s enormous ax lands on the protective barrier, instantly causing the protective shield to be smashed into the ground!

But the protective shield manages to block it, and those underneath him wipe away their cold sweat at the same time.

While Liu Yi’s expression changes and he says, “Go to hell.”

The protective barrier suddenly warped and was shattered by the enormous ax!

A large amount of blood sprays out, staining the ground red.

Countless law enforcers were chopped into minced meat while Yang Wei had lost an arm himself.

He looks at the enormous ax beside him and loses his bladder from fear.

Fucking hell! How is he crippled! He is basically a life-claiming demon!

“Quickly escape!”

“Too scary!”

The law enforcers flee in all directions, and those disciples who were here to take part in the task also turn green.

“He, he actually killed people from Heavenly Court!”

“Gods…so he is a wanted criminal of Heavenly Court!”

These disciples start retreating from Liu Yi.

The moment the title wanted criminal of the Heavenly Court is spread out, Liu Yi will not be able to stay in the four states.

After losing an arm, Yang Wei took advantage of the chaos and escaped.

As for the remaining law enforcers, they are either dead or escaped. Towards those who flee, Liu Yi did not kill them. He feels that he is not the kind of person who likes massacres.

But why do I feel excited upon seeing blood?

Those disciples had also escaped, and in a blink of an eye, there is only Liu Yi and the girls left by the banks of Yellow Springs.

“Eldest Senior Brother…”

Ying’er looks at Liu Yi with worry, “What…should we do now?”

She did not expect that in a blink of an eye, her eldest senior brother would become a wanted criminal of the Heavenly Court.

“Be good, Ying’er.”

Liu Yi extends his hand and gently rubs Ying’er head, “You need to hurry back to Netherworld Sect.”

“Eldest Senior brother!”

Ying’er hurriedly grabs Liu Yi’s hand, “We must go back together! Master is still waiting to see you!”

“But it seems like I was a very scary person in the past.”

Liu Yi says in worry, “I’m afraid that I might implicate the sect.”

“Eldest senior brother, no matter who, we should go back and report to master first!”

Ying’er continues to advise, “Didn’t master say that no matter what, he will stand behind us. Could it be that you wish to make master worry?”

“Fine then. Let’s go back and take a look first. Looks like we can no longer take part in this Hero’s Gathering e.”

Liu Yi sighs. After thinking for a while, Ying’er passes the badge to Sima Jiao.

“We are no longer going to be this Vanguard anymore. You can have it.”


After receiving the badge, Sima Jiao stares at it blankly for a while but did not say anything.

“Now that you have it, it is time for us to part.”

Liu Yi flipped around and mounted his Ghost Flame Warhorse before pulling Ying’er up, “Let’s meet again if it is fated.”

Unexpectedly, Sima Jiao shouted, “Wait a minute!”

Liu Yi stops the horse and looks back at her, “What’s the matter? What else do you want to say? You are the big miss of the Sima Family while I am a wanted criminal. There is nothing to discuss between the two of us. I am trouble now, so it is best if you stay away from me.”

“I am also trouble.”

With that said, Sima Jiao tosses the badge into the river water.


Liu Yi is surprised while Ying’er asks, “Hey! Why did you toss it away? Didn’t you want to get the title of a Vanguard?”

“This miss does not want the glory that is given in charity.”

Sima Jiao clenches her fist and says, “This miss want to rely on my own strength and become the next head of the Sima Family!”

“Fine then. But don’t follow us. It will bring you trouble.”

“As I had said, I am also trouble.”

Sima Jiao smiles, “Trouble and trouble meeting seems to be rather interesting. This miss is rather curious who you are. That is why this miss will follow you!”

“Really…a woman that cannot be understood.”

Liu Yi shakes his head and no longer talks to her and brings Ying’er and Pearl and leaves this place.

“Damn it! Don’t run; wait for this miss!”

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Chapter 1121   [Definitely following you]

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