MKW Chapter 1120


Chapter 1120  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
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While he is speaking, blacklight flies out from all directions. These are the shaman techniques that shroud the shaman soldiers.

When the shaman soldiers obtain those black lights, they immediately gain the status of being immune to magic!

Liu Yi’s lightning also became ineffective.

Liu Yi withdraws the lightning from his palms as a diamond tattoo lights up between his brows again.

He extends his hand, and 36 Tiangang Swords appear in the sky.

“Bring it on!”

Liu Yi waves his hand, and the 36 Tiangang swords immediately gather together and form an enormous blade which Liu Yi held in his hand.

This blade is ten meters long and is very sharp. When Liu Yi swings it, a powerful wind rises and instantly sliced a large number of the enemies into halves!

The Tiangang blade is super sharp. Although the flesh body of these shamans is very firm, they are unable to receive a single blade. They came fast and die just as fast.

“36 Tiangang Swords!”

The high-rank shaman speaking is a knowledgeable person and immediately regnoize the tool that Liu Yi is using.

“Shouldn’t this item be in Li Jing’s hands? Why is it with you!”

Liu Yi does not know how to reply. As he waves his blade to kill the shamans, he replies, “You ask me, who do I ask?”

“Wait till I kill you; I will know after asking your soul!”

The high-rank shaman is impatient as he roars, “Everyone! Listen to my orders, kill them!”

Shamans are soldiers who do not fear death. With his shout, these shaman soldiers charge at Liu Yi once more.

There are simply too many shaman soldiers. After killing one batch of them, two batches came forward!

Soon, densely packed corpses are piled up around Liu Yi, and soon they pile up like a hill.

Liu Yi himself is also stained with lots of shaman blood, and he feels like he is about to become numb.

Endless shamans walked forward to die and were chopped by him.

Liu Yi feels that he should be a person who hates killing people and hate carnage as well…but he does not know why, but right now, he is feeling a faint sense of excitement!

Liu Yi does not know that right now behind him, an enormous specter faintly appears! This specter is the embodiment of Liu Yi’s demon, which is formed from all of Liu Yi’s devil qi!

Because Liu Yi has not awakened, this devil only emits out an embodiment and did not have any movement. But even so, that high-rank shaman is already astonished.

Could it be that this fellow is a devil immortal? Impossible! Even if he is a devil immortal, he could not cross the Yellow Springs!

Yellow Springs can only be crossed by shamans. Not to mention that intense great shaman aura he is emitting!

This man is not simple! Who is he!

Liu Yi killed until his bloodthirstiness rose. His eyes turn red as the Tiangang Sword in his hand turns red!

The entire Tiangang Blade keeps lengthening and instantly grows until it is over a hundred meters long. Liu Yi waves the sword in a circle on the spot!

This blade instantly killed several tens of thousands of shaman soldiers as the blood forms a river!

At this moment, Liu Yi is like a devil god! His eyes are red as he holds that enormous blade with both hands while panting slightly.


That high-rank shaman who is hiding in the darkness is none other than the shaman race’s commanding officer.

He is the descendant of that great shaman. He wished to slowly capture Ox Cliff City before once again reoccupying Xihu Ox State and leading the shamans’ civilization back to its glorious era!

But now this man appeared and with a wave of his hand, had destroyed everything!

Furthermore, he is also a shaman!

“Shaman General!”

The commanding officer has no choice but to blow his bugle horn and let the strongest combat force step forward.

Three enormous shaman generals step on the corpses as they walk over and extend their hands, trying to grab Liu Yi.

Liu Yi stood on the spot and did not move. He only sneers.

He suddenly leaps up and appears in front of a shaman general. He then stabs his hand into that shaman general’s left chest and pulls out his enormous heart before crushing it into pieces!

That shaman general instantly collapsed and died.


The commanding officer did not expect that even the shaman general would not survive a single move from Liu Yi! Looks like the ordinary shamans finally met their calamity.

“Stop killing already!”

Seeing Liu Yi raising his blade to prepare to kill another shaman general, the commanding officer’s heart finally shudders.

As he shouts, he walks out from a cave by the side.

A young shaman who looks around 15 years old stands at the entrance of the cave and shouted at Liu Yi, “Stop killing!”

Liu Yi beheaded that shaman general and held his head while standing on top of the hill of corpses while blood dripped off the head.

“You…you butcher!”

The young shaman’s face turned pale as he collapsed on his knees, “Finished. It is finished now…”

Although he is a shaman, although he has ambitions in his heart to take revenge, seeing all of the shamans basically dead or injured due to his command, the youngster cannot help but start crying.

He is regretful as it was him who leads the shaman race down the path of no return.

The final shaman general is also fearful now. His legs trembled badly as his gaze towards Liu Yi became filled with horror.

Liu Yi walked towards him, holding the blade while stepping on corpses.

The shaman general is so fearful that he no longer knows how to walk. His body does not listen to his own command.

Liu Yi raises his blade.


The shaman youngster scream, and at this moment, Pearl suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi and kneels in front of him.

Pearl’s actions are like she is begging Liu Yi.

Liu Yi wrinkles his brows as his red eyes land on Pearl.

That cold gaze causes Pearl to tremble.

Liu Yi’s gaze only lands on Pearl for a moment before returning back to that shaman general.

Pearl keeps shaking her head as she continues to beg Liu Yi.

Liu Yi trembles slightly as the red in his eyes slowly recede. He looks at the corpse hill under him with astonishment.

“I…actually killed so many people…”

The shaman youngster remains kneeling at the entrance of the cave as he shouted at Liu Yi below, “You butcher! Your hands are stained with the blood of your people!”

Liu Yi raises his head and looks at that youngster, “You must be that shaman commanding officer. My second task is to kill you and collapse the shaman army.”

“Kill me then! I caused the death of so many fellow citizens; I deserve death!”

The shaman youngster spread open his arms and says loudly, “But you are also damned! You are the sinner of the shaman race!”

“I am not a shaman.”

Liu Yi raises his hand into the air and says, “I am a human.”

“You are a shaman. You can’t change your bloodline!”

The shaman youngster roars, “Kill me! Afterward, go and complete the third task! Do you know what the third task is?”

“What is it?”

“It is to capture all of us shamans and turn all of us into the slaves of the immortals!”

When the youngster said so, Liu Yi trembles.


“Why would I want to lie to you. After all, I am about to die anyway!”

The young shaman smiles bitterly, “Enough. Do it. Dying in the hands of a traitor will wash away a bit of my sin!”

Unexpectedly, Liu Yi keeps away his Tiangang sword.

“What are you doing?”

The shaman youngster glares at Liu Yi, not knowing what he is doing.

Liu Yi sigh, “I did not mean to kill so many people. But what you say is right. This matter is indeed the responsibility of both sides. There are no longer many shamans left. You should lead your people and continue to live on instead of choosing to die here.”

“What is the point of pretending to be a good person now!”

The shaman youngster sneers, “Why don’t you just kill me! Shaman soldiers have never feared death!”

“You are the same as me. Both of us are sinners.”

Liu Yi says impolitely, “You will not be able to escape the responsibility of the death of these people! Do you wish to escape from it by dying?”

This sentence from Liu Yi causes the shaman youngster to be stunned.

“You cannot escape from it. This is the sin that you need to redeem yourself from!”

With that, Liu Yi turned around and left.

Pearl hurried after Liu Yi, keeping close behind him.

“You are not going to kill me? After completing these three tasks, you can get into the Immortal Records!”

“If this position needs to step on all of your corpses, I would rather be a mortal.”

After leaving behind this sentence, Liu Yi left the ancient city.

The shaman youngster was stunned and did not react for a while.

Finally, he shouted at Liu Yi’s disappearing back view, “Who are you!”

“Liu Yi from Netherworld Sect!”

After walking out of the ancient city, Liu Yi returns back to the banks of Yellow Spring.

Seeing Liu Yi, who is completely covered in blood, Ying’er and Sima Jiao were badly frightened.

“Eldest Senior brother, are, are you okay?”

“Servant! What happened to you? Are you injured?”

“I am fine.”

Liu Yi jumps across the river and comforts the two girls, “This blood is not mine.”

Sima Jiao cannot help but question, “Then…did you kill that commanding officer?”

The disciples by the side immediately erect their ears, waiting for the answer.

“No. I’ve let him escape.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, making Ying’er and Sima Jiao regretful while the rest of the disciples from other sects let out a sigh of relief.

It is human’s nature to be unworried about scarcity but rather about uneven distributions!

“Gods…your badge…”

Ying’er stares at the badge in front of Liu Yi’s chest, which has an uncountable number of suns.

After almost exterminating the shaman race, Liu Yi’s points had exploded.

“You can have it.”

Liu Yi passes the badge to Ying’er, “From now on, you are the Vanguard.”

“What?” Ying’er got a shock as she clasps the badge in her hand, “Your, giving it to me?”

Sima Jiao is dissatisfied, “Why not let this miss take it! This miss is even more suitable to be the Vanguard!”

“Apologies. The title of the Vanguard can only belong to my Netherworld Sect.”

Liu Yi sighs, “But I do not wish to have this bloodstained title.”

“Then give it to me!” Ying’er smiles, “Master will praise me!”

While they were conversing, a loud voice suddenly came from outside, “Liu Yi! You are here!”

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Chapter 1120   [So you are here]

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