MKW Chapter 1119


Chapter 1119  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
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Before Liu Yi and the girls were able to understand, some disciples had already used their own tools and tossed them onto the surface of the river, preparing to cross it.

Although there is a prohibition in the Immortal Realm, preventing flying, one can still use magic tools to cross rivers. These disciples had already stepped on their tools and start proceeding through the river.

But at this moment, the river water suddenly churns.

An enormous black skeleton hand extends out from underneath the water and grabs a few disciples before pulling them into the river water.

A few bubbles float up, and those people had long been dragged deep under until they disappear as if they had never appeared.

The scene causes a lot of people to feel their hair rises. While Sima Jiao widens her eyes.

“Yellow…Yellow Springs…”

Liu Yi does not understand and asks, “What Yellow Springs?”

“That monster…his name is Yellow Springs…”

Sima Jiao is trembling with fear as she explains, “He was originally a formidable devil god roaming on the path of Yellow Springs. I heard that he specializes in plundering souls from the path of Yellow Springs as food…right now, I understand why this place is called the Immortal Prohibited Path…”


Liu Yi felt that this matter is far from good.

“In the past…I had read this from a book. Back then, the shamans and immortals had an incomparable war, and finally, the shaman’s retreated in defeat. They were forced back by the immortals into the shaman ancient city…after which one of the powerful great shamans used his life to summon out the Jade Fallen Yellow Springs to protect the entire race, creating a Yellow Spring river where this dreadful devil god resides. Yellow Springs is highly disciplined and does not commit the slightest offense against the civilians of the shaman race, and only swallows immortals crossing the river. Yellow Springs’ cultivation is at the fourth layer of heaven; that is why no immortals can pass this river.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “It is indeed very scary. No wonder those Heavenly Court people are unwilling to eliminate the shaman race. It must be because of this monster.”

“Then what should we do…it seems like we are unable to enter now.”

“Pearl can enter. She is a high-rank shaman.”

Sima Jiao gave Pearl, who was following behind them, a glance.

Pearl tilts her head like she does not know what is going on.

“The two of you stay here. I shall go over and take a look with Pearl.”

With that, Liu Yi waves his hand and summons out a hundred minotaurs to protect Sima Jiao and Ying’er.

Ying’er is very worried as she grabs hold of Liu Yi’s arm and says, “Eldest Senior Brother! You are also an immortal! You cannot cross it!”

“No worries. I have a feeling that I can cross this river.”

Liu Yi does not know why he has this feeling. He looks at the calm river water in front of him and becomes a little excited instead.

Besides him, Pearl is also the same as her eyes turn slightly emotional.

Liu Yi takes a deep breath before saying to Pearl, “Let’s prepare to cross the river.”

Pearl nods her head before leaping right towards the other side of the river.

Her movement is very graceful, and leaps exactly ten meters across this river.

After which, she steps on the surface of the river like she is stepping on level ground and continues to leap forwards.

With two leaps, she safely reaches the other side of the river.

“Indeed, only shamans can cross the river safely.”

Sima Jiao sighs. While at this moment, Liu Yi also moved. He follows what Pearl did and leaps forward ten meters as well, and is about to fall into the water in a blink of an eye.

He then steps on a Yin-yang Diagram and leaps off the river surface.

Sima Jiao and Ying’er become very nervous, afraid that an enormous skeleton hand would suddenly fly out from the river water and pull Liu Yi into the Yellow Springs!

But the river water remains peaceful, and Liu Yi successfully leaps across the river to the other bank.

Sima Jiao and Ying’er wipe away their cold sweat. Liu Yi actually crossed over!

“Quick! Let’s try as well!”

One of the disciples became anxious and thought that this method of crossing the river was effective. Thus he leaps out. Just as his body appears over the surface of the river, Yellow Spring extends his arm and grabs that disciple, pulling him into the river.

At this moment, the riverbank is deathly still. No one dares to speak anymore.

Only Liu Yi and Pearl can cross. Pearl is a shaman, then who is Liu Yi…why can he cross? A huge question mark emerges in the hearts of the disciples!

Liu Yi does not know what is happening behind him. After crossing the river, he follows Pearl and walks through the gates of the ancient city.

The outside and the interior are two completely different! Entering the ancient city, the entire place is covered with desolated stone walls. Although it is somewhat shady, but similar to the desert, the entire place is barren! Liu Yi sees numerous densely packed holes on the stone walls like a bee’s nest, covering every single corner.

“So this place is the shaman’s lair…”

Liu Yi thinks, why doesn’t this group of people call themselves the insect race!

At this moment, shaman soldiers suddenly climb out of the holes. They glare fiercely at Liu Yi and Pearl, treating them as enemies.

“It seems like the action of barging into their nest…is not a sensible thing.”

Liu Yi sighs when at this moment, those shaman warriors start to move as all of them rush at Liu Yi and Pearl!

Although these shaman warriors do not have any weapons or armor, their four limbs are their most terrifying weapons!

The shaman warriors went mad as they roar while rushing at them from all directions like seawater surging forth.

Pearl is not afraid as she stands beside Liu Yi. She clenches her fists tightly before rushing towards the group of shamans rushing over!

Although these shaman warriors are very strong, how can they be the opponent of a high-rank shaman! In a blink of an eye, they were beaten down by Pearl and were defeated.

But Pearl can only block a small portion of them. Even more, shamans flow past her like river water and reach Liu Yi’s side.

I only know brute force. How nice would it be if I knew some techniques…

Liu Yi watches the incoming shaman army and cannot help but sighs lightly.

At this moment, a flood dragon tattoo lights up between his brows!

Black lightning emerges from his palms as it keeps arcing around!

“What is this?”

Seeing the lightning arcing around his hands, Liu Yi is startled.

Several shamans had already arrived in front of Liu Yi when he subconsciously raised his palm and tossed out an arc of lightning.

This lightning gathers together and forms an enormous lightning ball before crazily spinning, and the lightning tears apart a large number of shaman soldiers!

Liu Yi was greatly shocked by his own attack as the might of this technique is astonishing!

The shamans are unafraid of dying as even more soldiers had arrived in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as he swings out the lightning in his hand on the spot.

The lightning takes the shape of a whip and sweep outs, tearing apart all of the shamans in front of Liu Yi!

This kind of horrifying lightning seems to cut the vitality of all things! The shamans have a very powerful lifeforce that can allow them to regrow their limbs even after they are cut off.

But none of the shamans who were sliced by Liu Yi’s lightning whip survive! All of them collapsed onto the ground and died.

Liu Yi extends both his hands and imitates Ding Mian’s technique.

Nine blossoms of lightning form a lotus flower and fly out, landing among the large group of shamans.

It is like lightning rain has fallen! Black lightning tornadoes immediately wreak havoc in all directions!

These shamans are unable to escape, and in a blink of an eye, over ten thousand of them were torn apart!

Liu Yi’s killing speed is like a meat grinder and shocked these shamans. They are no longer unafraid of dying and start to cower backward. Their gaze towards Liu Yi is filled with wrath as well as dread.

Liu Yi sighs lightly, “What is the point…could it be that there is only slaughter left in your eyes?”

“The one who loves to slaughter is not us but you.”

At this moment, the voice of a young person came from one of the caves.

Liu Yi looks around but is unable to find where it came from.

Liu Yi does not believe that an immortal would exist here; thus, he asks, “Who are you? A high-rank shaman?”

“That is right, Mr. Butcher.”

The voice rings out from all directions again as if it came from multiple caves.

“I am a butcher?”

“Just take a look at how stained your hands are with shaman blood.”

“Hmph, if I do not kill them, they will kill me.”

Liu Yi does not have any remorse. He had never provoked anyone before, but those who provoke him will not end up well.

“That is nothing but an excuse of a butcher.”

That young man sneers, “Back then, Xihu Ox State was the place where we shamans lived! In the end, didn’t those hypocrite immortals attack us! Finally, we shamans were forced to live in this barren place. What we wish to do is nothing but snath back our own homeland.”

Liu Yi is somewhat stirred and subconsciously asks, “Xihu Ox State…used to be the territories of shamans?”

“That’s right! It was our territory! The Heaven Realm is shameless; the Heavenly Court was greedy and snatched our homeland!”

The young man says, “There is you as well. You clearly have the blood of a shaman flowing in your body; why are you taking the side of the evil immortals and selling yourself to the enemy! You are willing to be the butcher of the Heaven Realm!”

“The blood of shamans flow in my body?”

Hearing this, Liu Yi is astonished. He does not have memories of his past and does not know who he was.

Now that he heard that he is a shaman, he is greatly astonished!

I, I am a shaman?

Is that why I know so many abilities? Is that why I have boundless strength? Is that why I can cross the Yellow Springs peacefully?

While at this moment, Pearl, who is standing by the side, suddenly keeps shaking her head at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi subconsciously asks, “Are you trying to say that I am not a shaman?”

Pearl hurriedly nods her head.

“Hmph, who are you to say that he is not you traitor.”

The young man says loudly, “You possess the power of a shaman; otherwise, how can you cross the Yellow Springs! You traitor! You sinner! Your hands are stained with the blood of your people!”

Hearing this, Liu Yi’s face turned pale as he stepped backward. He is then braced by Pearl.

“Today is your death date, traitor!”

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Chapter 1119   [I am part of shaman race?]

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