MKW Chapter 1118


Chapter 1118  [Title below]
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The Nine-winged Centipede slowly flaps its wings as its several pair of eyes glare at Liu Yi like it wishes to put Liu Yi to death.

But Liu Yi does not have a single bit of fear as he stands there with arms crossed with a smile on his face.

A diamond mark lights up between his brows. At this moment, Liu Yi’s strength had increased by countless times, making him filled with confidence.

Nine-winged Centipede flaps its wings and suddenly turns into a golden light, charging at Liu Yi.

Ying’er can only see a flash of golden light. Her heart tightened as she hurriedly reminded, “Eldest Senior brother! Be careful!”

While Liu Yi had already moved. He enters a horse stance as he presses out with his right fist.

Liu Yi’s fist lands on the Nine-winged Centipede’s head, instantly punching it down and crashing into the wall on the other side.

“What the fuck…this guy has huge strength!”

“Is he a monster?”

When the surrounding people saw this scene, they were all astonished.

To send the Nine-winged Centipede flying with a single punch is too fucking scary!

Nine-winged Centipede let out a cry as it pulled its head out from the wall. It then straightened its body as a pair of small golden wings suddenly grew out from each of its segments! These small wings have the shape of a blade and appear to be very sharp! Nine-winged Centipede twists its body and rumbling towards Liu Yi. The small wings slice through the stone walls like cutting through tofu, slashing out several rows of deep gorges!

Seeing the situation, Ying’er became even more frightened as she cannot help but remind, “Eldest Senior Brother! Be careful!”

Liu Yi lowers his body and dodges those small golden wings. But Nine-winged Centipede’s body is simply too long. After dodging once, there is yet another large row of small wings sweeping over.

Liu Yi immediately summons out Golden Armour Ghost King and uses its shield to block in front of him!

After several continuous clashes, the shield of the Golden Armour Ghost King was sliced through~

Liu Yi steps on a Yin-yang Symbol and leaps mid-air, temporarily dodging all of the attacks!

But cold sweat is already forming on his forehead.

Liu Yi says gloomily, “Damn it. How good would it be if I had a weapon that could give me an advantage!”

Who would had expected that just after he had said so, several silver long blades suddenly shot out from his back! There are a total of 36 of these blades and arrange themselves in a Sky Dipper formation in the cave!

From the glow of these blades, it can be clearly seen that all of them are top-grade weapons!

“What, what a good treasure!”

Seeing these blades, Ding Mian’s greed rises and hurriedly extends his hand and grabs one of the quietly flowing Tiangang Swords in the sky.

Nine-winged Centipede flap its wings and rumble towards Liu Yi again! The Nine-winged Centipede is unwilling to let Liu Yi off without shredding his body into millions of pieces!

Living in these places for so long, Nine-winged Centipede has always been the king in this place. When did it receive such humiliation!

Carrying those small blades, Nine-winged Centipede instantly charges in front of Liu Yi. At this moment, the Tiangang Swords, which have spirituality, automatically protect their master. They immediately fly back and gather together in front of Liu Yi.

While that Tiangang Sword that Ding Mian is holding also shoots back, causing Ding Mian to have a huge shock as he shouted in heartache, “Don’t go! Don’t go!”

He extended his hand and firmly grasped hold of the Tiangang Swords. But it keeps trembling. Finally, it erupts out with a blade qi which sliced Ding Mian’s palm, causing him to bleed.

Feeling pain, Ding Mian let go, and the Tiangang Sword immediately flies back and gathers together with the other Tiangang Swords. They form a circular blade shield in front of Liu Yi, blocking the attack of the Nine-winged Centipede.

Sparks keep erupting from the blade shield-like fireworks blossoming.

Although Nine-winged Centipede’s small blades are very sharp, the Tiangang Swords are not inferior. It firmly receives all of the attacks causing Liu Yi to be unharmed.

“What the. So powerful. Where did these come from?”

Seeing the Tiangang Swords in front of him, Liu Yi is astonished.

Just who am I? Why do I have everything!

Seeing that its attack once again did not succeed, it retreated a few steps and roared. It appears to be very angered.

Looking at the enormous centipede in front of him, Liu Yi cannot help but mutter. “How nice would it be if I had a slightly large blade!”

Just as he had muttered that the Tiangang Swords suddenly started gathering together while clanking!

In a blink of an eye, an enormous blade appeared in Liu Yi’s hand!

This large blade is completely silver and is over ten meters long. Its blade body is also very large, like a weapon meant for giants!

Liu Yi holds the enormous blade with two hands with astonishment in his heart. I actually have anything that I want! Could it be that I am Doraemon?

Wait a minute…who is Doraemon?

Liu Yi feels that he is becoming more and more like a riddle. While at this moment, the Nine-winged Centipede roars and twists its body. All of its small wings are wrapped with golden light as it starts attacking Liu Yi once more.

Liu Yi did not have any fear as he extended his hand while the enormous blade in his hand rose and fell!

This blade is incomparably sharp, and the Nine-winged Centipede cannot block it. Its head was immediately chopped off and fell onto the ground.

The remaining segment of its body exploded into a blood flower as the Nine-winged Centipede was chopped to death by Liu Yi with one slash!

“Gods! He killed the Nine-winged Centipede!”

“This, this is incomprehensible!”

Seeing how Liu Yi killed the Nine-winged Centipede relying on his own strength, the surrounding disciples were all astonished.

The chili pepper leans against the stone wall as she stares at Liu Yi in a daze.

In the past, this chili pepper had always thought that her Third Senior Brother was the hero who could support both heaven and earth but right now, she realizes that he is just rotten goods while the real hero is this man!

Liu Yi waves his hand, and the enormous blade immediately disassembles and becomes 36 Tiangang Swords before returning into Liu Yi’s body.

Ying’er touches Liu Yi’s back and asks curiously, “Eldest Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother! Where did those blades emerge from?”

“All of those blades…are immortal weapons…”

Sima Jiao is a person who has seen many things. She immediately recognizes that these treasure blades are no ordinary blades. She looks at Liu Yi with a bewildered look. How did this servant have so many high-rank immortal tools?

It makes people unable to understand!

“Immortal tools can stay inside their master’s body. At crucial moments, they automatically fly out and protect their master.” Sima Jiao explains, “Why do you have so many immortal tools! Who are you!”

Liu Yi says, “I am the Eldest Disciple of the Netherworld Sect.”

Sima Jiao pouts, “Hmph, less of this nonsense! You cannot be an ordinary disciple! You are holding real immortal tools! Only the immortal from the Heavenly Court can have them. You are just a mere servant! How can you have immortal tools of this grade?”

“I do not know. Perhaps they were gifted to me by the gods.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and does not explain much.

He feels that it is best if he hides the fact that he had lost his memories.

“Hmph, so be it if you don’t wish to say. It is not like I want to know.”

Sima Jiao turns her head away as she curls her lips.

At this moment, several disciples run over to the side of the Nine-winged Centipede and start using their tools to slice off those small wings.

Liu Yi asks, “What are they doing?!”

Sima Jiao explains, “The small wings of this Nine-winged Centipede are all treasures. The weapons crafted from them will be incomparably sharp!”

Seeing that these people are about to take away all of the small wings completely, she shouted angrily, “All of you are not allowed to touch! This was killed by this miss’s servant!”

But these disciples ignore her. Who would not wish to take the treasure in front of them?!

Ding Main is among them. Relying on his strength, he had snatched three pairs of small wings. Holding in his hands, he laughs crazily, “Hahaha, all of them are mine, all of them are mine!”

At this moment, his complexion suddenly starts to turn black as he starts to bleed from his seven apertures.

Ding Mian sways a bit before finally his entire body festers and dies.

While the rest of the people who had taken the small wings also suffer the same fate. Momentarily the entire cavern is strewed with corpses all over the place.

Ying’er was badly frightened as she hid behind Liu Yi. She asks apprehensively, “What…what happened to them…”

Liu Yi sighs, “It is the acute poison in the Nine-winged Centipede’s body which had taken their lives. These small wings were stained with the blood of the Nine-winged Centipede, thus were stained with a scary poison. Whoever touches them will be poisoned to death.”

“They deserve it!”

Not only did Sima Jiao not sympathize with these people, but she also snorted and said, “Who let these damn people have the thought of touching our stuff!”

“Don’t take them.”

Liu Yi reminds, “Even I am unable to resolve this poison. If you take the small wings, it is likely that you will die from bleeding out.”

“This miss does not want it!” Sima Jiao hurriedly says, “This miss does not wish to die so unsightly…forget it. I no longer want them.”

Although Sima Jiao is regretful, for her beauty, she restrains her greed.

In a blink of an eye, there are not many people remaining in the carven anymore. The Nine-winged Centipede did not eat many people. A large majority of them died due to the acute poison.

The remaining people start to hesitate. Before even seeing the shaman race or even see any sign of the commanding officer, such a huge number of them had died!

As for those remaining people. Even if they find the commanding officer, will they even have the strength to kill him?

Thus these people slowly start walking out of the carven, giving up this task.

Those who are more courageous or filled with greed remain behind and continue to enter deeper down the ancient city.

Furthermore, these people are very crafty as they follow around Liu Yi. From the looks of it, they wish to snatch some cheap advantage.

Liu Yi cannot be bothered with them. Since these people are not afraid of dying, he does not wish to care about them.

The Chilli pepper from earlier had tactfully left as she knows that this place is like a dragon pool, tigers cave. It is not a place where they with this kind of lousy cultivation can enter.

As they walk deeper into the ancient city, they no longer meet this kind of poisonous bug or ferocious beast.

Very soon, they had entered the deepest part of the ancient city. Liu Yi estimates that they are roughly three to four hundred meters deep underground right now.

At this moment, an enormous river appears in front of everyone. A stone tablet is erected in front of the river, and several small words are carved on it.

Ying’er scoots over and reads it, “Immortal Prohibited Path…what does this mean?”

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Chapter 1118   [Immortal Prohibited Path]

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