MKW Chapter 1117


Chapter 1117  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Ying’er tugs Liu Yi’s leg and says coquettishly, “Eldest Senior Brother…I don’t know how to ride a horse. I want to sit in Eldest Senior Brother’s embrace!”

Ying’er acts coquettishly sweet, and Liu Yi can only say, “Fine. Sit in my embrace.”

Sima Jiao, who was going to ride the horse, panics when she heard Ying’er said so. She immediately turns around and says loudly, “As the male servant of this miss, you let this miss ride my own horse! You are simply preposterous! You must stay by this miss’s side constantly and protect this miss! Thus this miss must ride the horse together with you!”

Liu Yi instantly has a big head.

On the contrary, Pearl is very obedient. She stands below the horse, giving off the impression, ‘I am a slave; I can only run along beside the horse.’

Alas…really! These three girls give people headaches!

“All of you ride your own horses! Don’t make me get angry!” Berated Liu Yi, and only then did the three girls be honest.

Even though Sima Jiao is unwilling, but right now, she is relying on Liu Yi’s power. Sima Jiao feels that Liu Yi is the strongest man that she had ever seen. Even her father, the head of the Sima Family, is below him in cultivation!

Only by following Liu Yi can I kill the commander of the shaman race!

At this moment, those in front of them had already left the city and were far away, while Liu Yi and the women had only just set off.

Sima Jiao says anxiously, “Let’s hurry up! Otherwise, we will not be on time!”

“Hahahaha, what are you anxious for?” 

While is Liu Yi is free and unconstrained, Sima Jiao says in feigned anger, “Why are you so slow! What time is it! If the commander is killed by other people, we will lose!”

“Relax. They do not have the strength.” Liu Yi says, “The territory of the shaman race is definitely a dragon pond tiger cave. These people are too avaricious and have forgotten the scariness of the shaman race. If the commander is so easily killed, the shaman army would not have attacked Xihu Ox State for so many years! Miss Sima, could it be that you don’t even understand this?”

Sima Jiao’s face turns red as she shouts, “This miss knows! I was just testing you!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Our Big miss is the smartest.”

Liu Yi is also unwilling to continue to bicker with this big miss; thus, he urges the horse and takes the lead, setting off towards their target. As he rides on, he constantly observes the surrounding movements.

The place where the shamans are living is indeed very desolated. The whole place is a desert! There is not even a single blade of grass in the surrounding, and everywhere is endless sand.

A sandstorm suddenly rises like the blustering of a devil, pounding upon them.

Luckily all of them are cultivators, and their rides are no ordinary creatures. Otherwise, they would lose their life to the sand and dust storm.

“What a vile environment!”

Sima Jiao says unhappily, “Sand has gotten into this miss’s clothes!”

“Eldest Senior brother…why is this place so scary!”

Ying’er also complains, “I need to take a bath when I return back, wuwuwu…”

Pearl continues to follow behind them while Liu Yi says in his heart, if she can speak, she will whine as well.

Lots of sand had also entered his clothes, making him very unhappy!

Such a vile environment! No wonder the shaman race would want to contest over the territories of the immortals!

Ying’er subconsciously asks, “How do hose shamans survive in this place?”

“If I did not guess wrongly, they should be living underground.”

Looking at the desert, Liu Yi says, “It is impossible to survive on the surface!”


Sima Jiao exclaim, “Don’t tell me that we need to dig! This miss is not going to do so!”

Seeing that there are still disciples from other sects in the surrounding, Liu Yi makes a guess, “There should be an entrance. Otherwise, with such a huge shaman army, how could they move around with ease. Search around. Where is the entrance?”

Sima Jiao grumbles, “There is sand all over…how can we find the entrance…”

“Alas, how nice would it be if we had a map.” Said Liu Yi subconsciously.

The moment he said so, a semitransparent map suddenly pop up in front of him. This is the topography of the desert!

An enormous red dot is marked on the map, and numerous enormous blue arrows above his eyes pointing in the direction he should go.

“What the hell.?!”

Liu Yi was shocked and unable to comprehend how the map emerged!

Could it be that my eyes have a problem?

He rubs his eyes, but the map is still there.

Sensing that something is off, Ying’er asks, “Eldest Senior Brother? What is the matter?”

“Nothing…follow me.”

Liu Yi urges the horse and lets the horse walk in the direction of the arrowhead.

Sima Jiao shouts, “Where are you heading? Don’t get lost! This miss doesn’t want to be unable to return home!”

In this desert, even if one wishes to be quick, they will not be able to run fast!

“Don’t worry and follow me!”

With that, Liu Yi urges his horse to speed up.

The other people have no choice but to follow him. Soon they traverse through the sandstorm region and appear in front of an oasis!

When they reach here, their eyes became filled with shock!

As they see an enormous ancient city buried in the center of the oasis!

The ancient city is connected to the underground and heads deep inside.

Sima Jiao exclaims, “Gods! It is actually here!”

“What an enormous place…so spectacular…”

Ying’er is also very amazed and is unable to conceal her amazement.

Liu Yi speculated, “Looks like the shaman race once had a very brilliant civilization.”

While at this moment, a loud shout came from behind them.

“Over here! The shaman race is over here!”

Liu Yi and the girls turn around to see a Heaven Sect disciple shouting loudly.

“Damn it! The person must have followed us here!”

Sima Jiao is unhappy, “To let them take advantage of us!”

“Eldest Senior Brother, let’s hurry in!” Ying’er says in a hurry, “In a while when there will be too many people! Let’s not let them rush ahead of us!”

Liu Yi waved his hand, “Don’t be in a hurry. Let the others help us scout out the path.”

Sima Jiao is afraid as she gives Liu Yi a look; this man is too black-bellied!

As expected, a lot of men and horses came over and among them is the awe-inspiringly Ding Mian.

Seeing Liu Yi and the girls, Ding Mian immediately starts laughing loudly, “Hahaha, thank you all for helping us find the entrance!”

Liu Yi pretends to be angered as he says, “You scumbags! If you have the capability, then go and find it yourself!”

Ding Mian feels that it is beneath his dignity, “No matter what methods are used, the winner is righteous!”

With that, he dismounts from his horse and leads a group of junior brothers and sisters, and walks towards the ancient city.

Liu Yi and the girls also dismounted before following behind these people.

Ying’er is still kind-hearted and asks Liu Yi, “Eldest Senior brother…what if they die…”

“If they are not greedy, they will not die.”

Liu Yi did not give them any face and said, “If they are going to die due to greed, they deserve it. ”

Ying’er and Sima Jiao asked at the same time, “Ah? What do you mean?”

Liu Yi also hesitated, “I also do not know…anyways it means seeking their own death.”


The two girls no longer ask, and they follow behind that group of people.

The ancient city is very deep, and gods know where it leads to.

These passages are accessible from all sides with numerous forks in the road. If one walkabout carelessly, they might get lost.

Lots of the disciples had already scattered and can be found everywhere in the ancient city.

There had always been an arrowhead in front of Liu Yi’s eyes like it is telling Liu Yi the ultimate direction. Liu Yi feels that he will definitely not go the wrong path by following this arrowhead.

Ding Mian and the rest are walking neither close nor far away from them.

Seeing this, Ying’er pouts and says, “They seem to have the same thought like us and wish to pick up some small advantages.”

“It is not that easy to pick up small advantages.” Liu Yi sneers, “Danger lurks on every side of this ancient city. I sensed several powerful aurae. It will be very difficult for them to wish to survive any longer.”

Just as he had spoken, an enormous centipede suddenly flew out from an enormous hole!

That centipede was over several hundred meters long, and a pair of golden wings grew on the back of each of its sections!

Upon seeing this centipede, Sima Jiao exclaimed in shock, “Nine-winged Centipede! Gods, we actually met this savage beast!”

The rest of the disciples were also panicking as they hurriedly escaped. But Nine-winged Centipede is very powerful and swallows up several disciples instantly. It then chews them into pieces and swallows them. After which it drills into a hole and disappears!

“There, there is actually a Nine-winged Centipede in this place…”

“Save me! Let’s quickly escape!”

“Where do we escape to! This whole place is filled with holes; who knows where the Nine-winged Centipede will emerge from!”

The disciples are not the Nine-winged Centipede’s opponent, and all of them were frightened.

“Third Senior brother!”

“I am scared!”

At this moment, Ding Mian can only brace himself and says, “No worries. I will protect you.”

But to be honest, he is unsure if he can take the Nine-winged Centipede on! This is a scary savage beast from the legends! How can my strength be enough!

With a rumbling sound, the Nine-winged Centipede drills out from a hole above them. Flapping its wings, it opens its mouth and rushes towards a Heaven Sect’s disciple!

That disciple is paralyzed in fear as he trembles.

Ding Mian hurriedly release his technique as five red flame lotus exploded on that Nine-winged Centipede’s enormous body!

The five loti exploded into five streams of flames but did not knock the centipede slightly off. Instead, it arouses the savageness of the Nine-winged Centipede!

It screams and bites a few Heaven Sect disciples to death.

That chili pepper collapses onto the ground and dodges the calamity.

Ding Mian uses his techniques to protect himself but was knocked very far away.

The Nine-winged turtle turns around and bites at the chili pepper again.

“Senior brother, save me!”

Chili pepper immediately begs Ding Mian for help, but Ding Mian’s legs are trembling and actually turn around and escape.

Ying’er benevolence flares up and is unable to steel herself to watch people die, and thus, she says to Liu Yi, “Eldest Senior Brother save her!”

Liu Yi sighs before raising his leg and kicks a stone pillar by the side.

That stone pillar instantly flies out and pierce into the body of the Nine-winged Centipede, causing the Nine-winged Centipede to twist its body in pain and roar continuously!

The cave trembles intensely, scaring several disciples badly.

“Damn it! The cave is going to collapse!”

“Quickly escape!”

Nine-winged Centipede turns its head and looks at Liu Yi. Its several pairs of yellow pupils stare at Liu Yi.

“Bring it on.” Liu Yi beckons the Nine-winged Centipede, “Let me play with you.”

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Chapter 1117   [Nine-winged Centipede]

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