MKW Chapter 1115


Chapter 1115  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


As a soldier, Le Jun gave the cruelest military command.

Several soldiers can only sigh as they feel sorry for the death of a hero and two beautiful women.

At this moment, Pearl, who is standing at the very back, suddenly leaps forward and jumps over two meters high before kicking that solid wall ferociously.

A deep hole was actually kicked on the wall. Pearl plans to use this hole to let Liu Yi climb up.

The soldiers above immediately see through what Pearl is doing and immediately shouted in shock, “She is damaging the wall!”

“Kill her!” Le Jun immediately shouted, “We cannot let her damage the wall!”

Several soldiers on the wall above immediately stood up, holding a mirror in their hand, and aimed a ray of light at Pearl.

Although Pearl is a shaman, her movements are very agile. But the rays are simply too dense. She wants to create a hole that Liu Yi can step on, thus suffered countless light rays within moments!

When these light rays hit her body, it burns Pearl’s skin until black smoke is emitted. From the looks of it, it should be very painful, but she clenches her teeth and continues to keep attacking the wall while bearing with the light rays to continue to leave holes on the wall.

“Kill her! Quickly kill her!”

Le Jun roared and gave an absolute order.

More soldiers raise the immortal mirrors in their hands, letting the light rays shoot at Pearl.

Pearl is in extreme pain, but she continues to preserve and continues to create holes that Liu Yi can climb with.

Watching Pearl risking death time after time as she makes her attempts, Liu Yi finally cannot take it and shouts, “Enough! Enough already!”

But Pearl ignores Liu Yi. She wishes to open a path of survival for Liu Yi.

At this moment, Liu Yi summons out Golden Armour Ghost King and lets the ghost king use its two shields to block those light rays and protect Pearl, who is covered in burns.

“I always thought that shamans were the most ruthless.”

Liu Yi embraces Pearl, not letting her continue to carry out those suicidal attacks.

“But now I know that humans are a thousand times crueler than shamans!”

“By sacrificing you, all of us can live!” On the city wall, Le Jun refuted Liu Yi, “This is for all of us. You ought to sacrifice your life!”

“You are abandoning your comrades for your own life.”

Liu Yi raises his hand and points at Le Jun before saying, “Since this is the case, I shall let you know true horror!”

“Just you? Even a shaman general is unable to ascend. How can you get up?”

Le Jun says with disdain, “It is best if you escape! Perhaps you can avoid the defensive lines of the shamans and run to the seaside giving yourself a path to survival!”

“Then watch this.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath before retreating a few steps. He then rushes up rapidly.

He charges underneath the city wall and kicks off the city wall before running parallel along the city wall.

300 meters and the city wall’s surface had also gone through special processing with magic; Le Jun does not believe that Liu Yi can run-up.

After running 50 meters up, Liu Yi starts to lose his center of gravity and is about to fall down back towards the ground.

Cannot fall!

A radiance of light flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes as a yin-yang symbol emerges beneath his feet, letting Liu Yi step on it and instantly shoot up ten meters and continue his ascent.

Liu Yi also does not know what power he comprehended at this moment. He only feels that he can jump to the top of the city wall if he continued to maintain this kind of tempo.

He continues to step on the yin-yang symbol and leaps higher and higher. In a blink of an eye, he jumps over 200 meters and is soon about to reach the top of the city walls!

“Gods…what, what kind of monster is he!”

Le Jun’s eyes nearly pop out.

One of the soldiers subconsciously asks, “Officer…are, are we going to attack him?”

“Of course! Of course, we must!”

Le Jun immediately says, “This fellow must die! We cannot let him live! He has already betrayed us!

Le Jun gave the command, and those soldiers take out their immortal mirrors and shine the light at Liu Yi.


Liu Yi lets out a cold snort as a Golden Armour Ghost King appears in front of him, blocking the light rays.

Golden Armour Ghost King is the strongest summon from Netherworld Servant Technique and is the most suitable for defending.

Pearl had suffered earlier because she does not possess this kind of defensive ability. While Liu Yi, who has this kind of defensive capability, gives the soldiers a headache.

He swiftly runs, finishes the remaining 100 meters, and jumps onto the city wall under the astonished gaze of the crowd.

A sinister gleam flashes across Le Jun’s eyes as he roars, “Whoever kills him will be immediately awarded a sun point!”

This instantly exploded the crowd. Countless disciples from the sects start to toss out their attacks at Liu Yi!

Among them included Ding Mian, who attacks Liu Yi as well.

Liu Yi dodges the sword of a soldier beside him and snatches the sword over, and uses Netherworld Sword Technique!

A fierce sword qi was released. It swept up all of the attacks and broke all of the attacks!

“How…is this possible!”

Seeing how easily his attack was resolved, Ding Mian is stunned.

Liu Yi waved his sword and released a sword light. Instantly several soldiers were decapitated and lay among a pool of blood.

Le Jun is astonished, “You, you actually attacked your own people!”

“It is you who attacked first. And you still hope for me to be lenient?”

Liu Yi retorted, “Since you are heartless, then do not blame me for being unjust!”

With that, Liu Yi runs over towards Le Jun, scaring Le Jun into turning around immediately and start running away.

As Le Jun runs away, he orders the soldiers around him, “Quick, block him! Block him!”

But how are these soldiers Liu Yi’s opponents? Soon, they were slaughtered by Liu Yi until they are wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves as they sneak away like rats.

“Fellow soldiers. Today, I am only going to kill this bastard who abandoned the lives of his comrades!”

Liu Yi says loudly, “As long as others do not take action, I will not touch them!”

When Liu Yi said this, several soldiers lowered their weapons one after another.

To be honest, they disliked Le Jun. This man is cold-blooded and heartless. He had sacrificed countless underlings!

In his eyes, the life of a person is completely worthless!

The soldiers disperse, and Le Jun immediately snarls!

“Do, you guys wish to mutiny?!”

“Stop joking,” Liu Yi sneers, “I believe that the person who wants to mutiny is you. Abandoning the lives of your comrades, how can you be a guard of the city wall? From today onwards, this Ox Cliff City Wall’s Vanguard Official shall be me! I shall repel the shaman army!”

Liu Yi waves the sword and shoots out a sword light, chopping off Le Jun’s head!

A big head shoots into the sky.

Liu Yi uses the sword to raise Le Jun Head into the sky as he shouts, “Lower the ropes!”

Immediately a soldier lowers a rope down to Ying’er and the rest of the women below. Only then did the three women climb up.

After killing Le Jun, not only did he not suffer any attack, instead, several soldiers kneel down towards him.

“May Vanguard Official give your command!”

“May Vanguard Official give your command!”

Looking at the row of soldiers kneeling in front of him, Liu Yi is very satisfied. Very good. This group of people is rather good.


Liu Yi raises Le Jun’s head that is still bleeding, and says, “This person is guilty of terrible crimes. He abandoned our comrades in exchange for an opportunity to drift and live without purpose! Brothers, let me ask you all, do you need to rely on the blood of your comrades to protect your lives?”

“No need!”

“That’s right!”

Liu Yi nods his head, “We are soldiers who guard the Ox Cliff City’s Wall! We have the strength to repel these shamans! We shouldn’t hole up here! This is not what men should do!”

Looking at the shaman army that is starting to press their way over, one of the aides-de-camp cannot help but ask, “Lord Vanguard official, what should we do?”

Liu Yi says directly, “Follow me and kill our way out!”


Hearing this, several soldiers were badly frightened.

It is a million-strong shaman army outside! While the number of us defenders is nothing but 200-300 thousand people!!! Kill our way out? Isn’t it equivalent to attacking someone stronger than ourselves?

“The shaman soldiers are not as horrifying as your imagination!” Liu Yi says loudly, “They also have blood and flesh and can die as well! But they do not fear you because they did not sense any bravery!”

Liu Yi is unrestrained as he says, “In my opinion, you guys are not soldiers. You guys are a group of cowards!”

A soldier who is unconvinced shouted, “We are not cowards!”

“Then let me see where your courage is!”

With that, Liu Yi roars, “If you are men, then kill your way out! Kill our way through their ranks seven times!”

Ox Cliff City has enough celestial horses. Liu Yi leads calvary and charges out from the wide-open city gate!

The aide-de-camp who is riding behind Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “Lord, are we not going to use the slaves to consume some of the enemies’ strength?”

“Do you think that your life needs to be safeguarded by the blood of slaves?”

“No need!”

“Then charge with me!”

With that, Liu Yi leads the ten thousand cavalries behind him and charges first, bearing the brunt, into the enemy ranks!

A large number of shaman soldiers use blades and hatchet to slash at Liu Yi while Liu Yi raises his spear and immediately sent one of the shaman soldiers flying away!

The soldiers behind him imitate his example and get rid of numerous shamans.

While a group of minotaurs is standing on top of the city way toss out their axes uniformly at the shaman soldiers.

The flying axes fall down like rain, focusing on the enemies that Liu Yi and his army is about to confront, lowering their fighting strength!

“A hundred minotaurs…”

At this moment, Ying’er had returned back to the city wall. Looking at the hundred minotaurs beside her, she cannot help but swallow her saliva.

Sima Jiao finally starts to become curious about Liu Yi. “Just who…is your senior brother?”

“I do not know…” Ying’er says slowly, “I only know that my Eldest Senior Brother, is the most reliable person in the whole world! The most reliable…yeah, he is even more reliable than master!”

This young girl actually gave the male servant such a high evaluation…but, why is such a young hero obscure and unknown in all of the four continents? Looks like, I, this big miss, must properly investigate his identity!

At this moment, the shaman general appears on the scene!

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Chapter 1115   [you’re a man right]

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