MKW Chapter 1114


Chapter 1114  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

This shaman general has enormous strength and tosses Liu Yi tens of meters into the sky.

Liu Yi tumbles a few times in the sky and sees the shaman general heading towards the girls.

Although the ghost fire warhorse is constantly dodging while carrying the girls, that shaman general is too ferocious. With a stomp of his feet, he causes the ghost fire warhorse to be unable to run anymore and appears to catch up within moments.

Liu Yi immediately springs into action as he hurriedly falls from the sky!

“Netherworld Servant Technique!”

Liu Yi let out a roar as a minotaur appeared in the sky. Liu Yi grabs its enormous ax and then tosses it below at the shaman general!

Because it is falling from high up in the sky, the ax heats up so much that it is covered in red flames!

The shaman general, who was stretching out his hand towards the girls, immediately turns around when he senses the danger coming from above. 

He immediately sees the enormous ax falling from the sky and immediately slaps out.

That shaman general is simply too powerful. That enormous ax was slapped flying away by him and smashes into a group of shaman soldiers.

A row of shaman soldiers was smashed into mincemeat by the enormous ax!

Taking advantage of this crucial moment, Liu Yi lands back on top of his ghost fire warhorse.

The shaman general raises his palm and throws it at the ghost fire warhorse.

Liu Yi hurriedly cast his technique, “Netherworld Servant Technique!”

An enormous devil wearing golden armor emerges from behind Liu Yi. The devil is wearing half a shield on both its arms. At this moment, he places both his hands together and blocks in front of Liu Yi.

“It is the Golden Armour Ghost King!”

Junior Sister Ying’er is astonished. This is the netherworld servant that can only be summoned when one cultivates their Netherworld Servant Technique to the peak!

Gods. Just how powerful is Eldest Senior Brother! He is so powerful? Then why is it that he did not use his real strength in the sect!

It seems like even master is unable to summon out the Golden Armour Ghost King!

Golden Armour Ghost King does not have any attacking ability, but its defensive capability is very powerful. 

The two shields combine together and block their figure!

The shaman general’s palm slapped onto the shields and instantly struck the golden armor ghost king as well as Liu Yi and the rest flying away!

In a blink of an eye, they were flying into the sky. That shaman general did not plan to let them off. He stomps his foot and chases after them. Although his body is enormous, his jumping strength is astonishing. This leap of his is over a hundred meters high as he extends his hand out to capture them.

Liu Yi purses his brows. Right now, he also has no other methods. This shaman general is really powerful. I seem to be not his match.

Liu Yi is not afraid of dying, but he needs to protect Sima Jiao and Ying’er!

Liu Yi urges all of his cultivation and once again gathers out a golden armor ghost king and prepares to block that attack.

But he has a feeling that the golden armor ghost king will not be able to withstand the next attack!

Seeing this scene, Le Jun, who is standing on the city wall, cannot help but sigh, “They are done for.”

Ding Mian snorts coldly. Standing on top of the 300 meters city wall, he sneers, “This is the result of not grouping up with me!”

But at this moment, a figure suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi and the two girls.

There is a young girl wearing shackles. Her arms and leg are bare while wearing shackles on her wrist and ankle. She appears to be a slave.

This young girl appears in front of Liu Yi and the two girls before kicking out and uses her leg to kick the head of the shaman general.

That shaman general was kicked flying away like a shooting star and smashed into the ground, smashing a deep hole on the ground!

“A High-rank shaman!”

Seeing this young girl, Le Jun got a huge shock as his lower jaw dropped down!

High-rank shamans are all very powerful characters! These shamans are valiant and hardly appear. High-rank shamans are also very precious slaves, and their prices are excessively high!

Why did a high-rank shaman appear here?

Le Jun is unable to comprehend it. Could it be that the high-rank shamans are unable to endure it and planned to launch a powerful attack against the Heaven Realm?

But what happened next shocked Le Jun to widen his eyes even more. As he sees that high-rank shaman young girl fly down and start beating up that shaman general!

Within moments, that shaman general was beaten up to his last breath and was unable to climb to his feet.

When the rest of the shaman soldiers see this, they start backing away, and in a blink of an eye, they retreat a hundred meters away.

“The shaman retreated!”

“Gods, the shamans finally retreated!”

The soldiers on the city wall become delighted. After so long, this is the first them they had beat the shamans into retreating!

Ding Mian is also stunned as he did not think that this would happen.

Liu Yi lands back on the ground on the ghost fire warhorse, causing the warhorse to stomp its hooves a few times to stabilize its body.

While that young girl who had just beaten down the shaman general kneels in front of Liu Yi, causing Liu Yi to be astonished.

Who is this young girl? Why did she kneel in front of me?

By now, Ying’er reacted and tugged Liu Yi’s sleeves and said, “Eldest Senior Brother, this girl seems to be saying that you are her master!”


Liu Yi paused, “I am her master? How is that possible? I don’t know her!”

When Liu Yi said this, that young girl became anxious and stood up. She started shouting, ah, ah, ah!

“It seems like she is also a mute.” Liu Yi creases his brows, “Perhaps she might have recognized the wrong person as her master.”

“Ah ah ah ah!”

This young girl is none other than Pearl. She spent a lot of time before finally finding her master but, master…seems to not recognize me!

Could it be that master lost his memories?

That might happen…previously master had experienced a huge shock. Perhaps his mind might have problems thus forgetting things!

Cannot. I must keep following master to protect him!

Pearl groaned a few times, but Liu Yi is unable to understand her. He can only shrug his shoulders and say, “Lady, you recognized the wrong person.”

Pearl became even more anxious. When Liu Yi urges the horse to leave, she immediately raises her fist and punches the horse’s head.

The ghost fire warhorse let out a miserable cry as its head exploded and the bone fragments flew all over the place.

The ghost fire warhorse collapses onto the ground and loses the ability to move. At the same time, Liu Yi grabs the two girls and stands on the ground before looking at the young girl vigilantly.

Pearl is anxious, but she is unable to say what she wants to say.

“Looks like she is an enemy.”

Liu Yi is impolite and claws out with Netherworld Thirteen Hand at Pearl’s shoulder.

Liu Yi thought that Pearl would dodge his attack; after all, the young girl’s strength is countless times higher than his.

But Pearl stands there and did not move, allowing Liu Yi’s hand to claw at her shoulder.

Seeing that his fingers are about to touch that skinny shoulder, he suddenly stops. His fingers stop in midair as he frowns and asks Pearl, “Why did you not dodge?”

Pearl kneels down again and kowtows deeply towards Liu Yi.

“She treats you as her master.”

Sima Jiao is slightly sour as she says to Liu Yi, “Such a good high-rank shaman actually recognizes you as her master! But you are my servant; thus, your slave is my slave!”

“Hey, hey, hey. I am not familiar with her! How could I be her master!”

Liu Yi had never viewed himself as her servant, nor did he wish to make others his servant.

“You are your own person!” Liu Yi says to Pearl, “No one is your master, do you understand?”


Pearl continues to point at Liu Yi then kowtow towards him again.

Liu Yi sighs once more as he says in his heart, this girl looks quite beautiful. But why is she so stubborn.

“Forget it, Eldest Senior Brother. Just accept her.”

Ying’er advises, “She is quite strong as well. Perhaps she will be able to help us.”

“How can she help?” Liu Yi says, “Don’t forget she is also a shaman. We are unclear if she is an enemy or an ally.”

“She is a slave. Slaves are not enemies.” Sima Jiao reminds, “Don’t be mistaken.”

“Slaves are also people.”

Liu Yi feels that Sima Jiao’s thinking is a bit skewed. Thus he says, “They also have their own thinking. Furthermore, they should have their own freedom.”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Sima Jiao was stunned, “What? Freedom? Are you mad?”

Liu Yi does not understand Sima Jiao’s reaction. “Why am I mad?”

“In the Immortal World, slaves are slaves, and they are forever slaves! What you said earlier is a grave breach of the norms.”

Liu Yi says, “I always believe that everyone should be equal!”

“How mad! I actually accepted a madman as a male servant! Gods!”

Sima Jiao covers her forehead like she feels that Liu Yi’s existence is like a bug.

On the contrary, Liu Yi feels that Sima Jiao is strange. He turns around and continues to advise Pearl.

“Although I do not know who you are, you belong to yourself.”

With that, Liu Yi resummons his ghost fire warhorse before pulling Sima Jiao and Ying’er up onto the horse’s back, “Go. Don’t follow me.”

After which, he urges his horse to bring Sima Ying and the rest to leave.

While Pearl continues to follow behind Liu Yi, jogging behind him. She is actually no slower than the horse.

Liu Yi returned beneath the walls and shouted to those above, “The shamans have already retreated. Please open the door!”


Unexpectedly, Le Jun rejected Liu Yi’s request. “Although the shamans had retreated, their ability to march is very powerful, and they can come back anytime!”

“Then can you lower down ropes?”

Ying’er also shouted, “At the very least, give up a way to live!”

Although they are all cultivators, Heaven Realm has a restriction where one cannot fly.

If they try to climb it, it is impossible as the walls are simply too high.

300 meters, even the shamans with strong bodies are unable to climb up. How could they do it?

Liu Yi pursed his brows while at this moment Sima Jiao shouted, “How dare you. I am the 3rd Miss of the Sima Family! Do you guys dare not let me in?”

“Sorry for offending the Third Miss. This Ox Cliff wall is here to help the Heavenly Court block the enemies!”

Le Jun smiles, “You better pray for yourself!”

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Chapter 1114   [Pray for yourself]

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