MKW Chapter 1113


Chapter 1113  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

After Liu Yi falls down, he erupts out with his cultivation base and stomps on the ground with both his legs, causing the ground to tremble non-stop as cracks emerge.

Ying’er and Sima Jiao also exclaim before looking at those shamans charging towards them in fright.

In front of them are some shaman soldiers. All of them have strong bodies and ashen skin that make them look like sculptures. They are over two meters tall and have astonishing strength!

When they capture an immortal, normally, they would swallow them whole directly or rip them apart into two!

That five meters tall fellow is still continuing to hammer the enormous city wall and does not place them in his eyes.

While now, they are surrounded by shaman soldiers who roar as they charge at them.

Seeing these ferocious shaman soldiers, Sima Jiao no longer has her previous arrogance and screams, “Save me!”

I…I don’t wish to die…in the future…I will no longer dare to come to this Hero Gathering ..wuwuwu…

But, but who can save me!

“Quick-quickly get up!”

Some kind-hearted soldiers on the city walls lower down ropes which reach down to the bottom.

But very quickly, those ropes were cut by Le Jun.

“Are you crazy! Do you wish to let the shamans climb up?”

Seeing the ropes being cut off, Sima Jiao went into despair.

But at this moment, Liu Yi stomps on the ground as he lets out a roar, “Netherworld Servant Technique!”

At this moment, a green flame ignited as a lamp bearing imp jumped out. It is around the height of Liu Yi’s knee.

Sima Jiao laughed from crying, “What, what can this small thing do!”

While she is speaking, the lamp-bearing imp seems to want to prove its worth. It shoots out a stream of ghost fire which hits the face of a shaman soldier in front, causing it to scream in pain from the fire.

In a blink of an eye, another lamp-bearing imp runs out from that ghost fire, and a total of two lamp-bearing imps start tossing out fireballs continuously.

“Two lamp bearing imps?”

Ying’er is astonished, “Senior Brother can summon two?”

“Of course not.” Liu Yi smiles, “It’s two hundred..”

While he is speaking, numerous lamp-bearing imps run out from the ghost fire. These lamp-bearing imps start shooting out fireballs from their lamps which slap onto the shaman soldiers. They actually momentarily beat the tiger and wolf-like army back into retreating.

“Eldest Senior Brother…”

Ying’er was stunned seeing this. Summoning out 200 lamp-bearing imps at one go…is, is this what a human can do?

Although there are 200 lamp-bearing imps, there are simply too many shaman soldiers. Soon, the firepower is unable to deal with them as even more shaman soldiers breakthrough from the sides.

Liu Yi waves his hand and summons out his Ghost Fire Warhorse, and pulls Ying’er and Sima Jiao, who were startled up onto the horse. He snatches an enormous ax from one of the shaman warriors by the side and raises it. He then urges the horse to jump into the enemy lines as he makes use of the warhorse’s flexibility and charges at the enemies. He uses the ax that he had snatched to cut a bloody path forward!

On the city wall, seeing that there is a person below riding a horse as he slaughters the enemies, Le Jun asks, “Who is the one below to be so brave and fierce?”

One of the soldiers immediately reported, “Re-reporting to officer. He is a disciple from the Nether world Sect! His name is Liu Yi!”

Le Jun slap his tight, “So brave! A slightly decent talent has finally come to this hero gathering!”

When the beautiful woman on the city wall sees this scene, she cannot help but says in worry, “Senior brother…the situation is bad…”

“Hmph, nothing but some bravery of an ignorant person!” Ding Mian says in disdain, “Watch my technique!”

With that, he forms seals as five flame lotus flowers appear in the sky instantly. These five flame lotus flowers land among the shaman army. When they explode, they gave rise to a violent interlocked explosion!

Momentarily, the casualties of shaman soldiers are disastrous.

“Indeed, a disciple from Heavenly Sect! So powerful!”

“This killing power…looks like the Vanguard title will belong to the Heavenly Sect again.”

“I believe that the fellow riding horse below is also very powerful!”

“How can he kill faster than his technique!”

At this moment, Liu Yi continues to ride the horse as he charges at the enemy lines. While Sima Jiao had forgotten her big miss attitude and can only hug Liu Yi’s wait blankly as she looked at the surrounding shaman soldiers who were continuously being beheaded.

This…this male servant…is very powerful…

Seeing the explosion that is happening by the side in succession, Ying’er cannot help but pout and says, “Senior Brother, Senior Brother! They are killing faster than us!”

“Don’t be anxious. Watch me.”

With that, Liu Yi holds the ax with one hand while forming a seal with his other hand.

Those lamp-bearing imps suddenly change their movements. They start jumping into the green ghost fires. These ghost fires then merge together and swiftly form an enormous flame!

Soon, an enormous bone dinosaur walks out from within the flames. Like a fossil that comes to life in the museum, a green fire burns in its eyes as it keeps roaring.

Seeing the Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton, Ying’er is curious as she asks, “What, what kind of creature is this…”

“I also do not know. I have memories of its appearance.”

Liu Yi is also puzzled as to why some strange items would occasionally emerge in his mind.

This T-rex is over ten meters long. It opens its mouth and breathed out an enormous green fireball which instantly lands among a group of shaman soldiers, instantly defeating them!

The badge that Liu Yi is wearing also keeps increasing in points. Soon, he has more than 30 moon points.

This means that in this short period of time, Liu Yi had killed over 3000 shaman soldiers!

“This person is powerful to be able to summon out this kind of terrifying demon!”

Even Ding Mian cannot help but exclaim in admiration.

Originally he thought that the title Vanguard was already in his pocket, but unexpectedly, such a black horse actually appeared!

To achieve victory, Ding Mian can only urge his qi and speed up the creation of the flame lotus.

The skeleton T-rex keeps walking about as it breathes out ghost fire, sending out devastating attacks continuously.

Their points are continuously refreshing as the shaman army suffers a disastrous loss momentarily.

But at this moment, a heavy black curtain suddenly appears above the shaman army and blocks the attack from Liu Yi and Ding Mian.

“The shaman mages have appeared!”

Le Jun on the city wall frowns, “Their actions were too large and lured them out.”

The black curtain lands on the shaman soldiers. Like giving a defensive cloth to wearing, it allows them to be immune to all magic attacks!

Liu Yi sees some weird dwarf-like shamans holding skeleton skulls in their hands as they mumble.

Very soon, streams of black light fly out and overlay over the shaman soldiers. The bodies of these shaman soldiers immediately start swelling and, in a blink of an eye, grow to become three meters tall. Their strength had also increased by countless times, and they become incomparably brave. They are not afraid of magic and soon, dismantle the skeleton dragon that Liu Yi created.

The shaman mages were perfectly protected, making it impossible for Liu Yi to attack them.

But this way, their attacking methods will be a lot weaker.

Seeing the scene below, the beautiful woman cannot help but says, “Senior Brother, our attacks are ineffective now!”

Ding Mian clenches his teeth. Their Heavenly Sect only relies on 5 element attacks. They are not good in body techniques; thus, attacking in close combat is just courting death!

But the sustainability of this immunity magic is not very long. After the effect is over, I can continue to attack!

In comparison, Liu Yi is not a person who is fond of sitting and waiting for death!

Looking at the shaman soldiers who are surrounding them, Ying’er asks apprehensively, “Senior Brother, what should we do?”

“Don’t be afraid. With senior brother here, I will not let you be in danger.”

With that, Liu Yi flipped away one of the shaman soldiers charging over.

Although these shaman soldiers are very valiant, along with similar zealotry technique thingy, they are still no match for Liu Yi!

Liu Yi also does not know that a faint diamond mark is flickering between his brows.

“Let us slaughter our way in!”

Seeing that there is a shaman mage in front of him, Liu Yi immediately urges his horse and charges towards that shaman mage.

In front of the shaman mage is countless shaman soldiers. When they see Liu Yi charging over, all of them roar and block in front of him. These shaman soldiers group together, forming a human wall, blocking Liu Yi’s path.

“Netherworld Servant Technique!”

As Liu Yi urges the warhorse, he continues to use Netherworld Technique.

Very soon, a two-meter tall minotaur walkout from the ghost fire. Different from the previous minotaur, this minotaur is holding a sharp short ax in both hands.

The most horrifying thing is that it is not just a single minotaur but a hundred of them!

These minotaurs start tossing their short axes at the shaman soldiers!

The axes are like falling rain that flies over, chopping through a number of shaman soldiers.

Taking advantage of the chaos that the minotaurs had created, Liu Yi raises his enormous ax and charges in.

I am getting close and closer to the shaman mage now! As long as I can defeat him, these shaman soldiers will become meat waiting for me to slaughter!

Liu Yi waves the enormous ax as he continues to chop those shaman soldiers blocking in front of him into halves!

At this moment, a five meters tall shaman soldier suddenly blocks in front of Liu Yi. Both his hands grab hold of the enormous falling ax as he attempts to stop Liu Yi’s weapons bare-handedly.

“Shaman General!”

When Le Jun, who is astonished by Liu Yi’s combat strength, sees this, he got a huge shock, “No good! He actually provoked this expert!”

Shaman generals are hundreds of times stronger than ordinary shaman soldiers! Previously the reason why Sima Jiao and Ying’er fell from the city wall was because of a shaman general.

The shaman general uses strength and grabs the enormous ax, raising Liu Yi from the Ghost Fire Warhorse!

Liu Yi is not afraid and twists his body. Releasing the enormous ax, he lands on the head of the shaman general and stabs his finger into one of the shaman general’s eyes with Netherworld Thirteen Hand!

That shaman general let out a roar of pain and raised Liu Yi and tossed him out.

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Chapter 1113   [Shaman General]

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