MKW Chapter 1112


Chapter 1112  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Because Xiong Jinian’s unintentional sentence had caused Sima Jiao to fly into a terrible rage, Xiong Jinian can only flee in defeat to prevent himself from being scolded with a torrent of abuse.

After chasing Xiong Jinian away, Liu Yi and Ying’er accompany Sima Jiao and head towards the military division.

The military division is constructed under the enormous city wall with numerous soldiers in armor guarding the surroundings.

Liu Yi follows behind Sima Jiao as he looks around. Other than soldiers in the surrounding, there are numerous young cultivators walking to and fro. From the looks of it, they are here to take part in the Hero Gathering.

Just as Liu Yi and the rest walked towards the military division, a voice came from the sky, “Look! Isn’t that Sima Jiao!”

They look over to see a row of handsome men and pretty girls.

The one at the very front is a handsome man. He is wearing a white robe and appears to have some immortal looks.

Numerous junior brothers and sisters follow behind him. One of the junior sisters who is wearing a purple robe is the prettiest. Stroking her hair coquettishly, she followed closely beside that handsome guy.

The one who had spoken is that handsome guy.

Based on logic, when a girl sees a handsome guy, her eyes will definitely brighten up.

But when Sima Jiao sees this handsome guy, her expression changes greatly, and she retreats.

“Servants! Let’s quickly leave!”

With that, Sima Jiao turns her head around and leaves.

Liu Yi felt strange but did not say anything. After all, he does not wish to create trouble.

Although Sima Jiao wishes to leave, that handsome guy does not wish to let her off.

“Big Miss Sima, Junior Sister Sima, why are you walking away so quickly.”

The handsome guy chuckles, “It’s been a long time since we last met. Are you not going to greet me, your senior brother?”

“Th-third Senior brother…”

Sima Jiao unwillingly greeted that handsome guy.

The handsome guy laughs, “That’s better.”

That pretty girl by the side curls her lips and says, “Tsk, here I thought that Big Miss Sima did not know manners. So she actually knows how to greet people.”

This makes Sima Jiao unhappy, but she restrains her temper.

Liu Yi finds it unexpected. Are these people really powerful? To make Big Miss Sima hold back her temper?

“Junior Sister Sima, don’t tell me that you are also here to take part in the Hero Gathering?”

The handsome guy waves the fan that he is holding and says slowly, “This Hero Gathering is extremely dangerous and is basically nine deaths and one life. With junior sister’s strength, why don’t you follow me.”

“Don’t say that, senior brother.”

That beautiful sister says, “Didn’t Big Miss Sima bring along two underlings as well? She will be fine.”

Liu Yi thinks, this beautiful sister appears to dislike Sima Jiao.

“How can two ordinary subordinates protect junior sister from the shaman’s army.”

Senior Brother says slowly, “It is best if you come with me, junior sister.”

“No need!”

Unexpectedly, Sima Jiao rejected it, “I, Sima Jiao, have the ability to protect myself. Thank you for your concern, senior brother.”

When Sima Jiao said this, Liu Yi immediately saw that handsome guy’s expression turn colder. Hey, he is indeed not a good person.

“Junior sister. Don’t you think saying such things is treating us as outsiders?” That handsome guy slapped his fan close, “There has never been anyone who rejected my, Pale-faced Scholar, Ding Mian’s goodwill.”

Sima Jiao’s gaze became filled with some horror.

“Big Miss Sima has always been this unappreciative of other’s kindness.” The beautiful woman adds oil and vinegar, “Otherwise, she would not have been expelled from our sect.”

Liu Yi thinks, Sima Jiao was actually expelled by her sect? There is such history!

“Junior sister. Let me give you another chance.”

The handsome Ding Mian waves at his fan and asks, “Will you choose to follow me or choose to die among the shamans?”


Sima Jiao seems to be timid and starts hesitating.

At this moment, Liu Yi steps forward and cups his hand before saying, “Brother, please don’t make things awkward for my Big Miss. Don’t forget; this is Xihe Ox State’s territory. Our Big Miss is the big miss of the number one family of Xihe Ox State!”

Liu Yi said this to help Sima Jiao as he disliked Ding Mian’s conduct.

Ding Mian’s expression changes while the beautiful woman by the side snorts, “Who do you think you are to talk to my senior brother like this!”

“He is my male servant!”

Sima Jiao looks at Liu Yi and seems to have gained some courage, “This miss knows protection techniques and also has a male servant as protection. So I will not die among the shaman’s army. Thank you, senior brother, for your kind intentions!”

“Failing to appreciate kindness from others!”

Ding Mian snorts coldly, “Looks like you are unafraid of death.”

“I will not die!” Sima Jiao says, “I am the one who will become the Vanguard of Ox Cliff!”

“Based on you?” The beautiful woman laughs, “The Vanguard of Ox Cliff can only belong to our Immortal Sect!”

Immortal Sect?

Liu Yi raises his eyebrows lightly, is it that number one sect of the Immortal Realm?

No wonder they have such a big tone!

“Then let’s compete.” Sima Jiao finally gathers her courage, “Servants, let’s go!”

The beautiful woman mocks, “Relying on these two servants, and you wish to obtain the title Vanguard of Ox Cliff? What a lunatic.”

Ding Mian did not say anything else as he snorted coldly and walked away.

Liu Yi and Ying’er followed behind Sima Jiao and went over to the army division to report.

The one in charge of the reporting is a general with a single eye. He rests a leg on the chair as stares at them coldly.

“I do not care what Third Miss you are, coming to this place; all of you are soldiers!”

The single-eye general is called Le Jun. He is one of the vanguard officials of this Ox Cliff City, and his temper is very fierce.

“Furthermore, the two of you, this place is not a playground. I will not care if you both die!”

“We are disciples from the Netherworld Sect.”

Liu Yi handed over his invitation letter, “We are also here to take part in the Hero Gathering.”

“Okay then. All of you wear this medal properly.”

The single-eyed general tossed a golden medal to Liu Yi, “This will record down the number of shamans that you kill. A shaman soldier is one star, a shaman mage is a moon, a shaman general is a sun. A hundred stars can be exchanged for a moon, while a hundred moons can be exchanged for a sun. Understand?”

“Understood. Thank you.”

After receiving the medal, they wear it on their chests.

“Okay, go up the city wall! I pray that you all will last!”

He waves his hand and continues to receive the next person.

Every year, there will be numerous disciples who run over to temper themselves. In the past, the army had even attempted to weave them among the army, but soon they realized that these people do not listen to their commands. Upon entering the battlefield, they would start massacring as they wish. Finally, they started tossing these medals and letting them kill until they are satisfied.

But these kinds of matter have a high mortality rate. Numerous disciples had lost their lives under the city wall! After all, the combat strength of shamans is high. Their flesh body is very strong, and most importantly, there are numerous of them! To wish to survive from their hands is difficult.

After putting on the medal, they walk up to the city wall using ladders.

The three hundred meters tall city wall is indeed grand and spectacular. This is Ox Cliff City’s wall of life which protects to this day!

There are already numerous soldiers and disciples busy on the wall. Liu Yi and the rest look down and feel their hairs stand on the end!

Fucking hell. The number of shamans is simply too many! Below the walls is completely filled with shaman soldiers!

Ying’er mutters, “So…so many people, will we be able to kill all of them…”

“Of course, we can’t kill all of them! We will kill as many as we can!”

Although Sima Jiao said this, she is also slightly apprehensive.

Numerous disciples are standing on top of the city wall as they toss their techniques down below to kill the shamans to obtain stars or moons.

But this kind of efficiency is very low. It will be quite good to injure a shaman after tossing out several tens of attacks!

The three hundred meters tall wall is simply too high up. When the technique reaches the bottom, either it had deviated from its target, or its power had become so small that it had basically lost its effect!

Liu Yi notices that Ding Mian had also come up the city wall as they toss out techniques of the five elements below.

Ding Mian’s attacks are still considerably powerful. An explosion can explode a large patch of the area!

Seeing the envious gaze in the surrounding, he is delighted. After which, he gives Sima Jiao a look like he is saying that this victory will definitely be his.

“Let us go as well!”

Sima Jiao stands in front of the city wall and tosses out the similar five elements attack as well, and starts killing the raging tide of shamans below!

These shamans soon rush up to the gate and prepare to start attacking the gate.

At this moment, the gate suddenly opens as a large number of slaves in manacles rush out!

These slaves were forced to charge into the shaman army and bump into this black tide. Soon they were swallowed up by the shaman army!

But these slaves still manage to knock the shaman army back several meters. But all of them were used as cannon folders.

Just this short moment had killed almost several hundred thousand slaves!

Liu Yi feels uncomfortable. He does not know why he would feel rage and compassion for these slaves without any identities or values.

I…am really strange.

“Eldest Senior Brother. We should also take action!”

Ying’er stands on the city wall excitedly and lets her lamp-bearing imp toss ghost fire down to increase her points.

This extremely moe lamp-bearing imp causes the people from the Immortal Sect to laugh their heads off. The beautiful woman also shouted, “And I thought you were powerful. So you only have this bit of ability, hahaha! This competition will be won by us!”

While they are speaking, a burly shaman, which is around 5 meters tall, suddenly walks over below the city wall before smashing a fist ruthlessly on the city wall.

Instantly several disciples were jolted off the city wall and started falling down!

Sima Jiao and Ying’er were not an exception, and in a blink of an eye, they tumbled down. Below them, the shamans open their mouths wide open, revealing their fangs like they are waiting for food to descend!

Ying’er instantly cries out for help, “Eldest Senior Brother, save me!”

While Sima Jiao was also frightened and could not react.

Liu Yi did not hesitate and leaped down from the city wall!

No matter what, he cannot let the two women die!

“They are dead.”

Watch how the fallen disciples were torn apart by the enemies; Ding Mian shakes his head.

At this moment, Liu Yi had already caught up to them. He extends his arm and grabs both of them under his arms before landing heavily on the ground!

The ground trembles as numerous shamans in the surrounding were jolted, flying away!

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Chapter 1112   [Duty of the male servant]

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