MKW Chapter 1111


Chapter 1111  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Breathing in the fragrance as well as that warm, delicate body. The one who entered the quilt is none other than a woman!


This voice belongs to big miss Sima Jiao. Liu Yi is unable to understand why she climbed into his quilt and hugged him so tightly!

“I, I don’t like to sleep alone. As a servant, you must accompany me!”

When Sima Jiao said so, Liu Yi became helpless.

While at this moment, loud thunder erupts in the sky, and Sima Jiao trembles as she hugs Liu Yi tighter.

Liu Yi finally understood what was going on. So she is afraid of thunder!

Liu Yi cannot help but start smiling, “What is there to be afraid about thunder. You are an immortal, not an ordinary mortal!”

“Damn, damn servant. Who says that this miss is afraid!”

Sima Jiao immediately says, “This miss…this miss only dislikes sleeping alone!”

Thunder exploded in the sky, and Sima Jiao hurriedly hugs Liu Yi’s waist, sticking into his embrace.

Liu Yi is unable to hold back his laughter. This lass is afraid of thunder. This is too funny.

“This miss is not afraid of thunder!”

Sima Jiao hugs Liu Yi as she says, “Damn servant. If you dare to let your imagination run wild, you will be toasted!”

“Okay, okay. I will not let my imagination run wild. Tell me, why are you afraid of thunder?”

“Because when I was young, my mother told me that thunder is because the Heavenly Court is punishing bad people…hey! This miss is not afraid of thunder!”

Sima Jiao pinches Liu Yi ruthlessly, “Damn servant! How dare you entrap this miss!”

“Then I shall scram.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he was about to lift the quilt and get out of the bed; Sima Jiao hugs him tightly.

“Damn servant! If you dare leave, this miss shall, shall fire you!”

Sima Jiao has no other choice and can only use the method that she believes is the most effective to threaten him.

“Fine then. I’m not leaving.”

Liu Yi wishes to smile. Although her temper is bad, her character is very good. She does not have any bad intentions.

Luckily she is following me. If she followed that what Xiong young master, it is likely that she will cause a calamity!

“This is more like it! Damn servant, you are not allowed to say nonsense! Sing to coax this miss to sleep!”


Liu Yi blinks his eyes. Why?

“Hmph, the servants at home coax me to sleep this way!” Sima Jiao says, “Quickly! This miss is tired!”

Liu Yi has no choice but to sing a lullaby from his fragmented memories.

“Sleep~~~ sleep~~~~my~pre~cious~ba~by~~~.”

Sima Jiao mutters apprehensively, “What kind of lullaby is this. I have never heard of it before…but this song sounds quite nice…”

“I also do not know…I only seem to recall hearing it from somewhere.”

This portion of Liu Yi’s memories came from his time in the human realm. But he subconsciously recalls it.

Very soon, Sima Jiao fell into a deep sleep from Liu Yi’s lullaby.

Liu Yi also closes his eyes to prevent himself from thinking of random things before starting to fall asleep. I should go reporting tomorrow. I must not do anything bad today.

The sound of hand-to-hand combat continues to come from outside. Ox Cliff City is the front line; thus, the war exists all the time.

In the end, at dawn the next day, a startled voice came from the doorway.

“Eld-eldest Senior Brother?”

Liu Yi opened his eyes to see that Ying’er had already washed up as she stared at him in shock.

Liu Yi felt that his body is slightly heavy. When he lowered his head to take a look, he instantly understood.

Fucking hell. This big miss is still sleeping in my embrace, hugging me with both her hands! Furthermore, one of her legs is pressing down on my legs indecently!

“Eldest Senior Brother…you, you all…”

Ying’er extends her hand with her finger trembling, expressing her astonishment.

Liu Yi hurriedly waved his hand, wishing to tell Ying’er that that was not the case.

But unexpectedly, Ying’er shouted, “Why did you not bring me to sleep together with all of you! The thunder yesterday scared me to death!”

Fuck! Luckily Ying’er thoughts are pure and did not think in that direction.

Sima Jiao is basically naked; I am still wearing my undergarments. Thinking about it, I Liu Yi am also a real upright gentleman!

Ying’er says coquettishly, “Wuwuwu, next time, I also want to sleep together!”

“Fine, fine, we will sleep together..”

Liu Yi says in his heart. One sleeping is also sleeping like two. Might as well sleep together. It is a test of my will!

“Wu…why is it so noisy…”

At this moment, Sima Jiao rubs her eyes as she starts to wake up.

“What are you all doing so early in the morning…”

Liu Yi reminded, “Big miss, stop sleeping. We should report to the Hero Gathering.”

“Ah…right…Hero Gathering…”

Sima Jiao starts to wake up. When she sees Liu Yi lying beside him, she immediately berates, “Why are you sleeping beside this miss?”

“Hey, hey. Yesterday, it was you…”

Before Liu Yi can finish, Sima Jiao already says delicately, “Forget it. Seeing that you are this miss’s loyal servant, this miss shall spare you!”

Liu Yi starts to sweat. This lass is unwilling to admit that she is afraid of thunder even if she dies.

So be it if she does not want to admit to it. There is no need for me to hound it and not let it go. This point makes Sima Jiao rather cute.

Sima Jiao also does not care about Liu Yi’s existence. She tears off the quilt and says while naked, “Help this miss put on my clothes!”

What the fuck. This lass is too arrogant!

“Hey, hey. Don’t you know how to put on your clothes?”

Ying’er is dissatisfied. Eldest Senior Brother has never helped me change my clothes before!

“Of course. At home, this miss only needs to stretch my hands, and my clothes will be put on, open my mouth, and food enters!

Sima Jiao says, “It is your glory to wait upon this miss!”

“I will not wait upon you!”

“How dare you>.”

“Who is a servant! Don’t you be too delighted!”

“Enough. Stop quarreling.”

Liu Yi hurriedly meditated in the quarrel. “Isn’t it just changing clothes, I will help.”

“Forget it, Eldest Senior brother. Let me.” Ying’er says unhappily, “You are a man. All in all, it is not suitable for you to help a woman change her clothes.”

Before Liu Yi can say anything, Sima Jiao speaks first, “No! I insist that he be the one who changes my clothes!”

Right now, Liu Yi’s head has become big. This big miss is going to defy heaven!

Liu Yi thinks rapidly and says, “Big miss, real nobles are all served by female slaves when they change their clothes.”

“Hmph…fine. Then you help this miss change.”

Only then did Sima Jiao beckon Ying’er over, and Liu Yi finally let out a sigh of relief.

Liu Yi chooses to leave since he should not be around as a woman is changing clothes.

At this moment, the sound of door-knocking came from outside.

“Miss Sima, Miss Sima, are you there? Are you there? It’s me, Xiong Jinian, the young master from the Xiong Family!”

From the outside came the voice that Liu Yi does not like.

Liu Yi does not wish to open the door, but the sound of the door being knocked does not stop. He has no choice as he thinks. Be it a ghost or a human, let’s chase him away first.

Only then did Liu Yi pull open the door, and indeed, Xiong Jinian is standing outside.

Behind him is his group of hired thugs. At this moment, Xiong Jininan, who was impatient, subconsciously retreated in fear when he sees Liu Yi. His legs are trembling as well.

Liu Yi smiles and asks, “Hello, Young Master Xiong, did you come to send breakfast so early in the morning?”

“You…you move aside. I am looking for Miss Sima!”

“Big miss is currently changing clothes, and it is not convenient for her to meet guests. You should come at another time.”

Hearing Liu Yi mention changing clothes, Xiong Jinian’s eyes brighten up. After which, he became even more pressing and shouted, “I want to protect Miss Sima’s safety. Let me go in and take a look!”


This is the first time Liu Yi sees that acting as a rogue can also be put in such a just manner.

Xiong Jinian wants to walk in, but Liu Yi pushes out, nearly pushing Xiong Jinian back to the first floor.

A few of the martial experts hurriedly receive their young master. Xiong Jinian’s face becomes completely red as he says in anger, “You, you, you. How dare you block this young master!”

This is the first time Xiong Jinian had experienced this kind of humiliation!

It has always been him humiliating other people. When has it been him who was humiliated!

He will definitely take revenge for this grievance!

“Now is not the time, young master…”

One of the martial experts says softly to Xiong Jinian, “Bear with it for now…wait till the Hero Gathering, and you will have over a hundred methods to cause his death!”

“What you say is right!” Xiong Jinian nods his head, “This young master shall bear with it for now!”

“Who is outside! Making so much noise!”

From inside came Sima Jiao’s voice. After which, Sima Jiao walks out wearing that scarlet chili pepper clothes.

Perhaps this woman is born to be so provocative.

Liu Yi gives Sima Jiao a few more looks as he thinks, this lass is quite pretty.

“Miss Sima, Miss Sima!”

Xiong Jinian waved his hand, attempting to attract Miss Sima’s attention.

Sima Jiao’s gaze lands on him before she curls her lips and says, “Why is it you again?”

Xiong Jinian tries to curry favor as he says, “Miss Sima. I am here to pick you up, to have breakfast!”

“Not eating. The food in Ox Cliff City is unpalatable!”

But Sima Jiao is not grateful, “How can I eat that kind of rubbish!”

Liu Yi sweats. This big miss is fully deserving of her title. How can the things that Xiong Jinian prepare to be anything bad? In front of Sima Jiao, it can only be called garbage!

Xiong Jinian is embarrassed and does not know what to say.

“It is almost time. Servants, follow this miss to report to the army! For this Hero Gathering, this miss must obtain first place!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, why don’t you say that you wish to be the woman who obtains the Vanguard title!

Tsk, this sentence sounds a little ambiguous, but the Vanguard title must be mine! Otherwise, I will be letting down, master.

“Miss Sima, this Hero Gathering is filled with the heroes of the world. It will not be easy to obtain number one….”

To fawn over Sima Jiao, Xiong Jinian reminds, but unexpectedly, it causes Sima Jiao to fly into a terrible rage.

“Nonsense. How would this miss be afraid of anyone! This miss is going to be a woman who is going to become part of the vanguard!”


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Chapter 1111   [Woman who is going to become the vanguard]

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