MKW Chapter 1110


Chapter 1110  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“Oh, what you say is very true.”

Ying’er originally thought that this big miss Sima would not mind, but unexpectedly Sima Jiao actually nods her head before saying, “Not bad. How can my, Sima Jiao’s servants be the same as other people’s servants! The two of you can have a room each. This miss shall sleep in the biggest room!”

With that, Sima Jiao walked into the biggest room.

Liu Yi made a victorious sign while Ying’er felt like she had gone mad.

Does this Sima Jiao have a brain?

“Eldest Senior Brother…I am tired…”

After not sleeping for a day and night, Ying’er’s eyelids are heavy. Her cultivation is not that high; thus, she still needs to sleep.

As for Liu Yi, he is doing fine. After all, his cultivation is very solid. Thus to him, it is great if he can sleep while not sleeping is also fine.

“Then you sleep first. Tomorrow morning, senior brother will wake you up.”

Ying’er rubbed her eyes and did not forget to says mischievously, “Not going to sleep together?”

Liu Yi’s brows jump slightly before looking at Ying’er with a miserable expression and say, “Stop messing around. Quickly sleep!”

“Hehe…Eldest Senior Brother is cute.”

After saying that, Ying’er turn around and went to her room to sleep.

Liu Yi takes a deep breath before walking in front of the window and looks outside.

Far away is the thirty meters tall enormous wall. The top of the wall is brightly lit, with numerous people moving about on the top.

Even if it is during the night, Ox Cliff City will not rest. Numerous soldiers are bustling about, constantly on the move as they proactively face attacks and guard Ox Cliff City!

These shamans are really evil. Why did they want to invade the Heaven Realm! Can’t they stay in their own territory and live in peace?

Liu Yi sighs and prepares to head to his room and sleep as well.

But at this moment, from Sima Jiao’s room came her shout, “Servant, quickly go and heat up bathing water!”

Liu Yi thinks, what the fuck! This big miss’s airs have finally appeared!

But Liu Yi has no choice. Who asked him to stay under other people’s roof? Liu Yi can only respond to it before picking up the bucket and walking into Sima Jiao’s room.

Sima Jiao had chosen the biggest room and the facilities inside are also rather luxurious. At this moment, Sima Jiao had changed into relatively relaxed clothing. She is wearing a white silk dress that is somewhat see-through. Liu Yi can faintly see her delicate body, nearly causing him to have a nosebleed.

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “You…you are going to wear that?”

“Tsk, what about it.”

Sima Jiao crosses her arms, raising her chest, and says with disdain, “You are my servant, that’s all. You are like a dog that this princess raised. What is there that I cannot let a dog see?”


At this instant, Liu Yi wishes to curse. This Sima Jiao goes about with her nose in the air!

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh. But he still carries in the hot water for Sima Jiao.

A large cask is placed inside the room, which is the bathing means in the Heaven Realm.

“I must say that this place is rather simple and crude. They don’t even have a presentable public bath!” Sima Jiao says in dissatisfaction, “Furthermore, why did you pass me the bucket? Could it be that you expect his miss to pour the water myself!”

Fuck. She is truly a hundred percent miss high and mighty!

Liu Yi carries the bucket and pours the warm water into the cask.

Very quickly, a cask of piping hot water is prepared. Under Sima Jiao’s request, Liu Yi scattered a number of petals inside as well.

This big miss is so troublesome even when taking a bath!

“Enough. Just stay by the side and heat the water for this miss!”

With that, Sima Jiao starts to undo her silk dress.

What the fuck!

Liu Yi hurriedly turns his head away! Does this miss really treat me like a dog! Although it a little like welfare but why do I feel unhappy!

Liu Yi is having a great fight in his heart. Should I look or not look?

Looking feels to be contemptible…but if I don’t look…fuck, I am unable to hold back!

After all, I am a man! A real man!

Liu Yi feels like two small people suddenly appear floating beside him. One is a devil, while the other is an angel.

The devil says, {This is such a good opportunity. Why don’t you peep!}

The angel says, {Let’s do it!}

What the fuck! Where the hell is your moral integrity!

Liu Yi feels that his angel is without morales and finally won him over; thus, he turns around.

But by now, Sima Jiao had already submerged her body inside the cask. He can only see a pretty head above the water.

Liu Yi is regretful. I’ve missed the most beautiful scenery!

“Oh my, it is so comfortable taking a bath.”

Sima Jiao lets out a very comfortable moan before sprinkling some flower water.

“It is just that the bathing place is too simple and crude. Forget it. After all, I am away from home. Just bear with.”

Fuck! This is still simple and crude? Clearly, it is all because I am serving you!

“Why is this Ox Cliff City so bright. How is this miss going to sleep at night!”

As Sima Jiao takes a bath, she says in anger, “Servant! Go and extinguish all of the lanterns in the sky for this miss!”

Fuck! This lass is mad!

Liu Yi immediately says, “Big miss, the lanterns cannot be extinguished! Ox Cliff City’s soldiers still need to rely on these lanterns to illuminate the place. Otherwise, the shamans would take advantage of the darkness and attack the city! At that time, it is likely that big miss will not be able to bathe anymore.”

“Oh. If that is the case, then forget it.”

Sima Jiao leaned against the cast languidly, “This miss is tired. Servant massage this miss.”

Liu Yi is unable to control his nosebleed. Fucking hell! Does this woman not have any sense of honor????

I am not a dog! Not a dog!!! How can I do this kind of thing!

Liu Yi feels righteous indignation fills his breast as he asks, “Only rubbing down your back, big miss?”

“Are you joking? Of course, rubbing down both the front and back. Alas, after running around for an entire day, my entire body is covered with sweat. So dirty.”

Liu Yi picks up the towel by the side and walks over.

Since this Sima Jiao does not treat me as a man, I shall let her know how impressive a man is!

Holding the towel, Liu Yi walks in front of Sima Jiao and sees the assets that she was hiding inside the water.

Although this lass’s temper is not bad, and considers everyone else beneath her, her figure is not bad.

“Quickly rub. Don’t use too much strength. This miss shall sleep first.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, you enjoy it while your daddy has to serve you!

Liu Yi raises the towel and starts rubbing up and down her body.

First is her neck and shoulder, and Liu Yi rubs them quite seriously. But soon, Liu Yi starts to rub his way down.

His hands extend into the water, and gently rubs the flesh ball in front of Sima Jiao’s chest.

Sima Jiao, who seems to be drowsy, also does not know if it is because she is too warm or for other reasons, her face turns slightly red.

Liu Yi smiles mischievously and continues to rub. From time to time, he would also rub past that protruding pink part of Sima Jiao, causing her to let out a moan. She slowly wakes up and opens her pair of watery eyes as she looks at Liu Yi, “Stop, stop rubbing them already…I feel weird…”

Sima Jiao had always been waited on by other people. When she bathes, it is always her servants who help her. But all the time, it was a female servant who helped her bathe, and it is her first time letting a male servant help her bathe.

Liu Yi smiles and says, “Sure. Then I will continue to wash downwards.”


Sima Jiao nodded her head and did not think too much about it.

Liu Yi immediately starts to wash downwards. Very soon, he reaches the deep valley between Sima Jiao’s legs and rubs it.

This rub nearly causes Sima Jiao to moan out loud.

“Ah…so, so strange…” Sima Jiao says, “Don’t…don’t wipe that place…it, it is too weird…”

“Cannot big miss. This place is easy to get dirty. If I do not wipe it properly, it will be bad!”

With that, Liu Yi’s hand continued to wipe deep below.

“Can-cannot…evil male servant…quickly stop!”

Sima Jiao berated, but Liu Yi does not care about her as he continues his great cause.

Very quickly, Sima Jiao feels like her body is rising up like she is about to fly up.

This kind of unprecedented feeling envelops her, making her want to stop but cannot.

This male servant…what magic is he using…he is only bathing me…but it is so comfortable…

After rubbing her for a while, Sima Jiao finally reaches the peak and lets out a moan as her body trembles heavily.

Sima Jiao feels like something seems to be spraying out from her lower body. This feeling…is really… strange…

“Servant…I, I have become very weird…”

Sima Jiao says, “Stop…you, you stop!”

“As you order, big miss.”

Liu Yi becomes delighted as he thinks, still wants to pretend to be a big miss. Now you know how impressive I am!

Liu Yi says to Sima Jiao, “Then I shall go back and sleep then, big miss.”


Sima Jiao feels that she is very tired right now. She does not even have the strength to raise her hand and can only say, “Go sleep.”

“Okay, then, Big miss.”

Liu Yi turned around and went back to his own room. After dealing with Sima Jiao, I should be able to sleep peacefully.

{Big idiot!}

Just as Liu Yi is about to return to his room, he seems to hear a voice.

He turns around, but there is no one, and cannot help but feel that it is strange.

Just who is calling me?

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend. There is no one around, just who is talking to me. Furthermore, it sounds like a woman.

Could it be a ghost?

This time is also the same. After calling out to me once, it disappeared.


Liu Yi sighs and prepares to sleep.

The bed in the room is not bad. Lying on it is very comfortable. After resting for a bit, Liu Yi prepares to enter his dreamland.

But at this moment, the sound of thunder came from outside.

This thunder sound is very startling, like it is going to split the world into two!

Liu Yi does not know if it is an immortal technique or just an ordinary thunder from the rain.

At this moment, Liu Yi senses movements outside his room and feels like something has entered. While this person does not seem to be an enemy. Before Liu Yi and asked who it was, that person had already slipped into his quilt!

A scalding delicate body embraces Liu Yi making him turn stiff.

Good gosh, so fragrant…this person who came seems to be a woman!

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Chapter 1110   [Squeezing into quilt]

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