MKW Chapter 1109


Chapter 1109  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

When Liu Yi and Ying’er heard this voice, they turned around at the same time.

Only to see a dainty young lady walking in. She is wearing a red attire like a hot pepper with a faceful of arrogance.

A wide character is following behind her, and several more martial experts are following behind them.

After entering, the young hot pepper says loudly, “This miss is taking that room!”

Ying’er gives the young hot pepper a dissatisfied look and immediately says, “Hey! What do you mean?” 

But other than dissatisfaction, Ying’er is also slightly envious in her heart.

Because that young hot pepper’s figure is too good. Her curves are in the right places, and there is not a single bit of flaw to be found!

Liu Yi also cannot help to give that young lady a few more glances before withdrawing his gaze.

Although her looks are not bad, Liu Yi felt that he had seen too many beautiful women; thus, in comparison, there is nothing much to look at.

While several of the guests of the inn are staring at her, unable to withdraw their gaze.

One of the guests was originally walking out but knocked his head on the door due to him staring at the young hot pepper the entire time.

The young hot pepper says unreasonably, “Hmph, this miss shall take this room!”

“That’s right; our Young Lady Sima wants to reside here, so we are taking this room!”

The broad guy walks over. When the beautiful inn receptionist sees him, she immediately becomes respectful, “Young Master Xiong!”

“It’s great that you recognize me. Quickly prepare a room for our Young Lady Sima!”

This Young Master Xiong is called Xiong Jinian. He is the eldest young master of the Xiong Family. The Xiong Family is the biggest family in Ox Cliff City. Xiong Jinian can do anything he likes in Ox Cliff City, and there are few who do not fear him.

The young hot pepper standing beside Xiong Jinan is called Sima Jiao. She is the 3rd young lady from Sima Family of which is the biggest family in Xihe Ox State.

Sima Family’s lord is a playboy and had married a total of 13 wives and concubines. He has a total of eight sons and three daughters, and Sima Jiao is his youngest daughter. Because he got her when he was old, he pampers her the most.

As for those other martial experts by the sides, they are Xiong Family’s hired thugs.

Every ten years, there will be a hero gathering. This year, Sima Jiao had snuck out on her own to win first place in this hero gathering.

But when she came, she realizes that there are simply too many people there! The moment the Hero Gathering started, the entire Ox Cliff City became filled with disciples from all states, and there are people from all sects. She does not wish to stay in Xiong Family’s house because she simply hates Xiong Jinian too much.

But this person is annoying. He keeps following me around, but at this moment, it seems to be not too bad to have him around. At the very least, I have a place for me to stay now.

Although this palace is small, it can still be stayed in.

“Based on what!”

Ying’er is unwilling and immediately shouted, “Does your inn have any prestige or not! We already handed over the money, and you will let other people take the room! What a black inn! This place is a black inn!”

When Ying’er shouted, the people outside start to cast their gazes inside. The beautiful receptionist also becomes awkward and does not know what to do.

Sima Jiao snorted coldly, “Hmph, it is your honor that this miss wants to stay in your place!”

Xiong Jinian echoes after her, “That’s right. How dare you small fries be arrogant here! Men, drag them away!”

A group of martial experts immediately surges over, wanting to chase them out.

“Scumbag! All of you are too arrogant!”

Seeing these martial artists charging towards them, Ying’er becomes angry and immediately forms hand seals.

A green ghost fire ignited as a fist-size lamp bearing imp walks out from inside.

“What kind of thing is this. What a joke!”

One of the martial experts laughs and stomps his foot down on the lamp-bearing imp.

Ying’er snorted coldly and gave the command. A stream of ghost fire instantly shoots out, burning the foot of that martial expert.

The martial expert screams out in pain and withdraws his foot. He stomps about on the floor, but how is ghost fire so easily extinguished. It burns until the leg of his pants is gone; all of his leg hair is burnt off and burning quite a large patch of his skin before extinguishing.

“Good fellow. You dare to take action!”

Xiong Jinian got a huge shock and became angered, “Don’t be lenient towards them. Let them know the meaning of pain!”


These martial experts nod their heads before charging forward.

“Who, who is afraid of you!”

Ying’er does not accept this. She controls the lamp-bearing imp to toss out clumps of green ghost fire at those martial experts.

Although the ghost fire is hard to deal with, its speed is too slow. Now that those martial experts are on guard against it, they easily dodge them.

“Damn it…why am I unable to hit them…”

The ghost fire extinguished on its own after flying a distance away. Thus Ying’er did not hit a single person.

She is angered as her mood becomes irascible.

“You look pretty, but your strength is not worth mentioning.”

Xiong Jinian sneers, “Don’t tell me that you are here to take part in the Hero Gathering? Aren’t you just a cannon folder?”

“Loathsome! You are simply nauseating!”

Ying’er becomes angry, “If you have the ability, then step forward and fight me!”

“You are too weak. I can’t be bothered to fight you.”

Xiong Jinian says with disdain, “Let’s talk about it after you can beat my martial experts!”

While he is speaking, one of the martial experts had already arrived in front of Liu Yi. At the same time, he chops down his blade at Ying’er’s shoulder without any mercy.

Ying’er screams as she closes her eyes.

“You dare!”

Liu Yi lets out a roar of anger, and his voice shocks that martial expert.

Liu Yi extends his hand, and his Netherworld Thirteen Han directly claws that martial expert’s blade into pieces.

Sima Jiao cannot help but nod her head, “You do have some abilities.”

Xiong Jinian immediately became unhappy and shouted, “Just this? My underling can instantly deal with him!”

With that, another martial expert immediately steps forward and stabs his short sword forward towards Liu Yi’s throat.

This sword is fast, accurate, and fierce. But to Liu Yi, there is no threat.

Liu Yi grabs hold of that man’s shoulder with Netherworld Thirteen Hand before exerting strength with his palm and removes his arm, causing him to scream in pain.

Liu Yi relies on Netherworld Thirteen Hand and continuously disintegrates the attacking capabilities of the martial experts surrounding him. Within moments, a group of martial experts lies around Liu Yi screaming in pain.


Xiong Jinian looked at all of his underlings lying on the ground and was so shocked that he did not know what to say.

The weakest of his underlings are also at the earth realm, while the strongest are at the sky realm. And now, all of them were defeated!

There are differences among the sects in the Heaven Realm. Furthermore, there are even more and scattered numbers of them. There are countless minor and major sects!

Xiong Jinian actually treated Liu Yi as a disciple that was sent over by a major sect; thus, he questions, “Which, which major sect’s disciples are you from?”

“Buddha Stupa City, Netherworld Sect!” Liu Yi says heroically, “I am the Eldest Disciple, Liu Yi!”

By the side, Ying’er also hurriedly said, “I, I, I am the fourth disciples, Lu Ying’er!”

This makes Liu Yi cannot help but rub her head. This lass is really mischievous.

“Netherworld Sect? I have never heard of it!”

Xiong Jinian frowns, “People from a small sect dare take action against my Xiong Family!”

“Soon, you will know if my sect is small or not!”

Liu Yi is already prepared to put on a good performance during the Hero Gathering. Hearing the sarcasm from Xiong Jinian, he immediately retorted, “If you wish to become an apprentice, then you better do it as soon as possible!”

“Damn it!”

Xiong Jinian feels like he was being mocked and becomes angered, “Men! Kill him!”

But all of his martial experts are currently lying on the ground, and no one can reply to him.

“The two of you are very interesting.”

While Sima Jiao says to Liu Yi and Ying’er, “This miss appreciates the two of you and will give the two of you the opportunity to be this miss’s servants! The two of you can stay together with this miss. From today onwards, the two of you are mine!”

Liu Yi’s forehead is covered in sweat. Why is this lass still speaking like her words are law?

When did I become her servant?

“Who is your servant…”

Just as Ying’er is about to say something, her mouth was covered by Liu Yi. Who cares. After all, it is not like I lose anything. As long as I have a place to sleep.

This place is Ox Cliff City, and Liu Yi does not wish to get into a conflict so randomly.

“Si-sima Jiao, what, what is this meaning of yours!”

Hearing what Sima Jiao said, Xiong Jinian is also shocked, “They have beaten my people!”

“All of your people are trash and are useless! You are also trash! Stay away from me!”

Sima Jiao curls her lips and says, “This miss’s servant, come and toss this fellow away!”


Liu Yi immediately walks over and extends his hand. He grabbed hold of Xiong Jinian by his collar and tossed him out just like this.

At this moment, Liu Yi has a feeling of a dog who threatens based on master’s power…ah pei; it is the feeling of a fox exploiting the tiger’s might!

“Well done, my servant!”

Sima Jiao seemed to be happy, “In the future, the two of you shall follow this miss!”

She is delighted as she walks towards the room. Liu Yi follows behind her while Ying’er asks softly, “Eldest Senior Brother…this woman. She is not crazy, right?”

“Who cares about her.” Liu Yi raps Sima Jiao lightly on her forehead, “After all, we can stay here for free for a day; what can you have against that?”

“Eldest Senior Brother, you are very bad!”

Sima Jiao understood Liu Yi’s intention and instantly gave Liu Yi a look of disdain, “When we are outside, you must stick to formalities!”

Liu Yi laughs mischievously and continues to walk behind Sima Jiao.

The last room is the largest room in the entire inn. Liu Yi is astonished to realize that it is actually a suite!

There are a total of three rooms inside, enough for the three of them to stay in.

Unexpectedly, Sima Jiao says, “This miss shall take turns sleeping in here! The two of you servants can sleep on the ground!”

“Hey, you!”

Just as Ying’er wishes to say something, Liu Yi speaks first, “Big miss Sima. I’m afraid that this is somewhat improper, right?”

Sima Jiao asks, “Oh? How is this improper?”

Liu Yi smirks in his heart before saying, “No matter what, Big miss Sima’s status is that of a respected eldest daughter of an affluent family. Naturally, your servants’ identity is different as well. How can we sleep on the ground like other servants?”

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Chapter 1109   [Big miss]

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