MKW Chapter 1108


Chapter 1108  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

When Liu Yi got up, he realized that he was in his bed.

The room is very peaceful, and other than Liu Yi, there is no one else.

He sits on the bed covered in a cold sweat. What was that dream earlier? It was so real.

Liu Yi looks outside of the window and realizes that the sky outside is starting to brighten up. Taking advantage of the fact that the other disciples still had not woken up, Liu Yi prepared to set off.

When he walks out of his room, he sees a figure standing outside of his door.

This figure is standing beside his door. She seems to be hesitating as she paces back and forth the door.

Liu Yi creases his brows lightly and walks over and asks, “Junior sister, why are you here?”

That person by the door is none other than his junior sister Ying’er.

When Ying’er sees Liu Yi, she immediately runs over in delight and hugs Liu Yi’s arm before saying charmingly, “Eldest Senior brother, you finally woke up! I have been waiting here for a long time!”

“You silly idiot. What are you doing here instead of sleeping in? The night air is very yin. What if you get a chill?”

Ying’er pouts and says, “Ying’er is not a child nor an ordinary mortal. How would I get a chill! Eldest Senior Brother, I want to go to Ox Cliff City with you!”

“Stop messing around!”

Liu Yi berates softly, “Ox Cliff City is not a fun place to be. Over there, wars happen all over the place!”

“I don’t care!”

Junior sister says coquettishly, “Since young, I have never gone to Ox Cliff City before. I want to go!”

When junior sister starts acting coquettishly, Liu Yi becomes somewhat, unable to handle it.

He is not afraid of anything, neither threat nor bribes; he is just afraid of this junior sister acting like a spoiled child.

Junior sister has entered the sect for over twenty years. During these twenty years, whenever she committed a mistake, she would use this move, acting coquettishly to make me give in.

“I wish to go and take a look…”

Ying’er swings Liu Yi’s arm and implores, “Since young, I have been sent here to cultivate immortality by my family. Right now, my cultivation has some small results; I wish to take a look at the outside world…”

“In the future, Eldest Senior Brother will bring you to other places to take a look. I heard that the north’s Luzhou is peaceful. When the time comes, I shall bring you there, okay?”


Ying’er keeps shaking Liu Yi’s hand, “I wish to go to Ox Cliff City! I wish to take a look at what shamans look like!”

“Aren’t you acting willfully…”

“I am acting willfully! Didn’t Eldest Senior Brother love me the most?”

Liu Yi sighs again. When this lass came to the sect, she was only 13 and still a young lady who just had her first awakening of love. Now she is a slender and elegant young lady.

I heard that the lifespan of humans in the Human Realm is less than a hundred, which is simply too short. Even the most short-lived immortal in the Heaven Realm can live for five to six hundred years.

Ying’er age, if changed to the age of a human, is the prime of life of a young lady.

The young lady of this age will be rather headstrong.

Thus Liu Yi has no choice but can only nod his head, “You can go along, but you must promise to my single request.”


Ying’er is excited before stealthy making a victorious sign.

“When we reach Ox Cliff City, you must keep close to me!”

“Then…when Eldest Senior Brother goes to the toilet…should I enter as well?”

Ying’er winks mischievously, and Liu Yi’s face instantly turns red as he says, “Get lost. You have already cultivated to this stage why we would still need to excrete!”

Ying’er does not wish to let Liu Yi off just as she smiles cheekily and asks, “Hehehe, then when Eldest Senior Brother goes to sleep, should I also accompany you?”

Liu Yi becomes quiet and does not know what to say.

“Hehehe, Eldest Senior Brother, you are really cute.”

“Impudent! If you continue to act willfully, then I will not bring you!”

“Ahh! I am wrong! I will no longer dare…”

Junior sister immediately makes use of her pragmatic coquettishness, making Liu Yi no longer have any temper.

Liu Yi does not wish to have those separating scenes thus, he says, “Then let’s go. In a bit, when the junior brothers are awakened, it will be hard to leave.”

“Okay! Wait for me to hire a carriage.”

Ying’er takes the initiative and says, “Traveling from here to Ox Cliff City will roughly take 3 days time.”

“No need. We will reach it in one day.”

“Ah? How?”

Ying’er exclaims in shock, “The fastest carriage will also need two days and one night!”

“We are not taking a carriage.”

With that, Liu Yi closes the gate to the courtyard and stands outside of the residence. He starts forming seals with his hands before saying, “Netherworld Servant Technique! Emerge!”

Liu Yi hits out a stream of ghost fire as a tall and sturdy horse immediately walks out from the ghost fire!

This large horse seems to be completely made up of bone, but it is wearing armor that covers it completely.

Green flames link the joints together, making it look strange and sinister.

The horse is also stepping on ghost fire under its hoofs, and its pace is vigorous.

“This, this is ghost flame warhorse!”

Seeing this big horse, Ying’er is instantly very astonished, “One, one needs to cultivate until the eighth layer of our sutra then they are can summon it…senior brother you…”

“Get on.”

Liu Yi had already flipped onto the warhorse. After which, he stretched out his hand towards Ying’er below.

Ying’er stares at Liu Yi blankly and subconsciously extends her hand out. Liu Yi grabs her hand and pulls Ying’er onto the warhorse, letting Ying’er sit in front of him with her back flush against his chest. His hands then grab the reins.

“Eldest Senior Brother…”

Ying’er wishes to ask a question when Liu Yi already urges the horse. The ghost flame warhorse immediately raises its front hooves and lets out a neigh before shooting forward like lightning.

“So fast!”

Ying’er exclaimed in delight as her body subconsciously leaned into Liu Yi’s embrace.

Ghost flame warhorse is the only summon in Netherworld Servant Technique that is used for mounting. Its speed is five times faster than common celestial horses.

Feeling the softness of Ying’er body, Liu Yi starts mouthing his sutras.

Although he still has his rationality, he is unable to control his natural reaction.

Very soon, Ying’er says, “Eldest Senior brother, what is the thing below. It is pushing against me.”

To be more accurate, it is currently pushing against the center of Ying’er’s butt crack.

Ying’er is still rather pure and has not got in touch with this kind of matter; thus, she does not know.

“Eldest Senior brother, could it be that you are hiding some tools in your pants?” Asked Ying’er curiously, making Liu Yi awkward.

“That’s right…it must be poking Ying’er…”

“That’s right, Eldest Senior Brother, you should keep that thing away!”

Ying’er says, “It is somewhat uncomfortable!”

Damn it. How can one keep this away as one wishes? Do you think that this is Sun Wukong’s golden cudgel?

Liu Yi can only say, “Junior sister, bear with it…senior brother still had not refined this treasure properly and is unable to keep and release it as I wish…”

Ying’er is rather obedient and nods her head, “Fine then. Ying’er will bear with it.”

With that, she shifts backward, pressing down even firmly on him.

Liu Yi nearly lost control while Ying’er says, “Eldest Senior Brother, your magic tool is very impressive. It became a lot bigger! What kind of treasure is it? Can you take it out?”

Liu Yi got a scare and hurriedly said, “This is not possible, definitely not possible!”

Ying’er pouts, “Eldest Senior Brother is petty!”

“It is out of the question…”

Afraid that Ying’er would still be curious, he can only say, “I still have not cultivated this treasure properly yet…if I take it out rashly, I’m afraid that I would injure Ying’er! “

“So that is the case!”

Only then did Ying’er nod her head and lean into Liu Yi’s embrace and say softly, “After you have refined it properly, show it to Ying’er! Perhaps, Ying’er can use it as well!”

Gosh, the more we talk about this, the more wicked it sounds!

Liu Yi is unable to say anything else at this point in time; thus, he can only nod his head.

“Be good, Ying’er. Sit still. We are going to speed up.”

Horsy, I beg you to run faster!

Liu Yi urges the warhorse and makes the ghost flame warhorse run even faster.

Buddha Stupa City is quite a distance from Ox Cliff City, but under Liu Yi’s intentionally to otherwise increase of speed, the two of them reach Ox Cliff City in less than a day.

When they arrive, it is deep into the night, but Ox Cliff City did not appear to be at night.

Numerous sky lanterns lit up the sky of Ox Cliff City, lighting up the entire Ox Cliff City.

Far away is the three hundred meters tall enormous city wall of Ox Cliff City. This is the city wall that is blocking the invasion of the shamans.

Numerous armored soldiers are bustling around the street, constantly on the move to safeguard Ox Cliff City, the frontline of Xihe Ox State.

“Eldest Senior Brother.”

Ying’er leans on Liu Yi’s embrace on the horse. Looking at the lighted sky lanterns in the sky, Ying’er cannot help but ask, “Why are there so many sky lanterns?”

“It is to prevent the shamans from doing a night raid.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “You also know that the shaman warriors become stronger in the night.”

“Then can we go up to the walls to take a look at the shaman’s?”

Ying’er actually became slightly excited, “I have never seen them before!”

“What is there to see.”

Liu Yi says, “Furthermore, before reporting, we do not have the qualifications to ascend the city walls.”

Ying’er nods her head and urges, “So that is the case. Then let’s go and report!”

“Who would go and report in the middle of the night.”

Liu Yi laughs, “Ying’er, you are too anxious. Let’s go and find a place to rest first; then we can go and report in the morning.”

“I shall listen to Eldest Senior Brother.”

Ying’er nods her head and thus follows Liu Yi to find a place to stay.

After seeking around, they realize that all of the inns were basically full.

Just as the two of them are about to give up, they finally found a room in a rather luxurious inn.

“Wow, the room is very expensive!”

Looking at the cost of housing, Ying’er exclaims, “It actually costs ten gold coins for a single day!”

“This is the best room.”

The beautiful receptionist of the inn smiles merrily and says, “Ten gold coins a day is already very cheap. Furthermore, this is the last room of this inn. If you do not take it, it will be taken by others soon!”

“Ten coins then.”

Liu Yi took out ten gold coins and placed them on the table before saying, “After all, it is better than sleeping on the streets.”

After all, during these 30 years, I had saved quite a bit, and ten gold coins are not much.

In the Heaven Realm, the most basic transaction system is copper coins. A hundred copper coins are equivalent to a silver coin, while a hundred silver coins are equivalent to a gold coin. A thousand gold coins can be converted into a gold ingot, while ten gold ingots can be converted to a gold bar.

Liu Yi’s saving is a total of three gold bars.

But at this moment, a tender voice came from outside of the room, “This miss shall take this room!”

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Chapter 1108   [Snatching room]

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