MKW Chapter 1107


Chapter 1107  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Everyone is surrounding Liu Yi, praising him when at this moment, Duan Chou waves his hand and says to Liu Yi, “Liu Yi…come with me.”

Duan Chou then turns around and walks towards his room while the rest of the disciples look at Liu Yi with some worry.

“Eldest Senior Brother, is master going to criticize you?”

Ying’er is worried as she asks, “Looking at Master’s gaze…it seems a bit solemn…”

“How is that possible? Senior Brother helped out sect! Master will definitely praise Eldest Senior Brother!”

Wang Ming says, “How could he criticize him…”

“It will be fine. Everyone stop worrying.” Liu Yi pats Li Kai on his shoulder, “Master’s temper is very good and is not like Long San. I guess that master wants to talk to me about some matter. I will be back soon.”

“Eldest Senior brother, if you have no alternative, just shout for us!”

Ying’er shouted towards Liu Yi’s back, “We will rush in and save you!”

The rest of the disciples shouted, “That’s right. We will kneel down together and ask master for mercy!”

Hearing this, Liu Yi cannot help but feel emotional. He turns around and wave at them before pushing open the door and entered the master’s room.

Duan Chou’s room is very clean and simple, without any luxurious decorations.

This is also part of Duan Chou’s nature. He is an idiot for martial arts. Every day the matter that he is most concerned about his martial skills. Now that his cultivation had broken through heaven stage, he is very dejected as he is currently lingering at his 19th starjade.

After Liu Yi walks in, he respectfully cups his hands towards Duan Chou is sitting crossed-legged in his bed.


“Take a seat.”

Duan Chou opens his eyes and points at the chair in front of him.

Only then did Liu Yi take a sit and ask, “May I know what the reason master called me?”

Duan Chou suddenly asked, “Do you know what mistake you committed?”

“Disciple does not feel that he has made any mistake.” Liu Yi says, “Compared to the safety of my junior brothers and sisters as well as the honor of our sect, disciple’s personal matter is nothing.”

Liu Yi’s sentence causes Duan Chou to be lauding but somewhat gloomy as well.

“You, you, you. I wish to lecture you but am unable to say anything. Fine then, since this matter has already passed, and it is likely that Long San will not dare to come again. Master is looking for you to talk to you about another matter.”

Liu Yi says, “Go ahead.”

“Take a look at this.”

Duan Chou tosses out an envelope. Liu Yi receives it and realizes that it is an invitation letter.

“Master….this is?”

“This is the invitation letter from Ox Cliff Frontline.” Duan Chou asks, “Do you know about Ox Cliff City?”

“Of course I know. Master told me before.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Ox Cliff City is very close to territories where the shaman lives and is the very frontline of Xihe Ox State. There will be a war there every year to block the invasion from shamans.”

“That’s right.” Duan Chou nods his head, “Actually, Ox Cliff City will send out invitation letters every year to invite people from all sects of the four major states to proceed there to let the disciples from the sects have an opportunity to undergo a trial by fire.”

Duan Chou starts to be excited as he continues to speak, “I heard that the disciple in first place of this trial can obtain the title of Ox Cliff Vanguard. At that time, that person’s sect will follow after as the tide rises, the boat floats. Our sect’s reputation will be spread out.”

“I understand.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Relax, master. I will do my best to obtain this title.”

“Alas, originally, this frontline would be very dangerous thus, I did not wish to let you go.” Duan Chou continued to speak, “But after today’s fight, master realizes that your strength is no inferior to mine. Master is very gratified. Master has always been thinking about the reason I cultivated for so many years. Until today did I understand. Master cultivated till now is to meet you.”

Liu Yi is overwhelmed by the favor, “Being able to meet master is this disciple’s honor!”

“There is no need to say such things between us.”

Duan Chou waved his hand, “Master has known you for so many years and knew your character very well. Although you are ruthless when you take action, you are kind-hearted in nature and might be indecisive at times as well as easily moved by other people. Master is worried that you will meet with some unnecessary dangers as you proceed towards the frontline.”

“I will not master. Disciple will do my best to protect myself.”

“Master’s hope is that you protect yourself.” Duan Chou says, “Ignore other people, just care about yourself. The frontline is a thin line between life and death. The survival rate is not high enough. If you care about other people, then it will increase the difficulty of your survival!”

“Understood, master!” Liu Yi nods his head, “Then when do I set off?”

“Today rest. Set off tomorrow morning.”

Duan Chou sighs ruefully, “Being together for thirty years and suddenly going to part. Master is somewhat unwilling.”

“Master should find a wife.”

Liu Yi smiles, making Duan Chou deride him, “Stinky brat. You now dare to jest with master! That’s enough for now. Go and rest. From tomorrow you will no longer have time to rest.”

“Yes! Disciple shall do as you order!”

Liu Yi gets up and leaves. When he walks outside, he notices a group of people sticking to the side of the door, eavesdropping.

Seeing Liu Yi walking out, they immediately gather around him and start chattering incessantly.

Ying’er is the first to ask, “Eldest Senior Brother, master did not make things difficult for you, right?”

“Not at all. Why would master make things difficult for me.” Liu Yi smiles before rubbing Ying’er hair, “Master wants me to take a trip to Ox Cliff City.”

When Wang Ming heard this, he instantly exclaimed, “Ox Cliff City? Ox Cliff Frontline? Why go there? Eldest Senior Brother, that place is very dangerous!”

“I know. But right now, that place sent an invitation letter, inviting all sects to send their disciples to take part in the war. Those that perform well will be bestowed the title Ox Cliff Vanguard. With this title, the reputation of our sect will be established and spread out.”

The other disciples started shouting.

 “Wow! Then I want to go as well! I want to go!”

“That’s right. We also want to go!”

Liu Yi immediately suppresses them, “All of you stop making noise. This concerns matters of life and death. Your strength is not high enough, and you must stay here obediently!”

“Wuwuwu….I also wish to go…”

“Can’t Eldest Senior Brother protect me!”

The disciples still do not let it up; thus, Liu Yi can only persuade, “All of you be good. You all still need to stay here and protect our sect. With me not around, what will happen if people come and create trouble? I need you all to stay here and protect the sect, protect master. Can you all succeed in this task?”

The disciples agree to it one after the other, “Yes!”


Liu Yi nods his head. After placating these fellow apprentices, he went to his room and prepared to rest.

While Liu Yi is sitting crossed-legged in his bed, he closes his eyes and enters the deepest layer of his cosmos map.

While cultivating, Liu Yi realizes that his cosmos map is different from what his master had told him.

The cosmos map that master preached to me should have 28 starjades on it, while mine only has 10 sun jades. Furthermore, four of them are lit while the remaining ones are dim.

Currently, Liu Yi is gathering his strength to attack the fifth sun jade.

His qi within his body is repeatedly battering the surface of the fifth sun jade, but the fifth sun jade is very firm and is unmoveable despite the battering.

Liu Yi breathes out a mouthful of turbid air. “Looks like my power is still not enough…”

Liu Yi has a feeling that after his power has fully restored, his memories will also be restored as well.

During these thirty years, Liu Yi had always lived with a completely new identity. Although it is not bad following Duan Chou, Liu Yi feels that it is not real. He feels like he had forgotten important things.

This thing is too important…it is like my entire life!

Even if I sacrifice my life, I must find that which I have forgotten!

Liu Yi jumps off his bed and kicks out twice, kicking out two moonlights.

He is also unable to understand why he can learn moves instantly?

Liu Yi kicks out continuously as the moonlight becomes more and more eye-catching.

{Big idiot…}

At this moment, a voice seems to ring out beside his ear. Liu Yi got a huge shock as he immediately looked around.

Liu Yi looks left and right, but there is no one around him.

Strange, who spoke?

But there is only this voice and no movement in the surrounding.

Liu Yi believes that he did not imagine it. After all, with his cultivation level, it is nigh to impossible for him to fantasize about such things.

But this voice did not speak again thus, Liu Yi can only give up.

He knows that his cultivation is still not enough; thus, he gave up battering his fifth sun jade anymore. Instead, he chooses to lie on the bed and rest for a bit.

Sleeping in peace, tomorrow is a new day.

After the big fight today, Liu Yi is slightly exhausted. He lies on the bed and soon fell into a deep sleep within moments.


An enormous sun hangs in the middle of the sky. The scorching sun is overhead while a man is standing under the scorching sun.

In a blink of an eye, ten suns appear in the sky, causing the entire ground to dry up!

The suns are created by the man. He is standing on a magic cloud holding a spear in his hand.

“Devil…this person is a devil…”

A group of people underneath him shouts, “We will not surrender!”

That man gave those people a look before waving his hand, and a sun behind him flew over and exploded.

An enormous mushroom cloud rushes up the sky, and the entire sky was lighted up by flames!

When the mushroom cloud dissipates, not a single person is left!

The man laughs loudly with a rather haughty expression.


At this moment, a woman blocks in front of him and says, “Don’t continue! Please don’t continue forward!”

“Little lass, don’t block me!”

That man says loudly, “As long as I defeat that person, I can save all of you! My cultivation is already undefeatable!”

“No! You must never go! Lord, Little Lass, begs you!”

“Little Lass, don’t block me! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being heartless!”

Seeing that that woman is still not leaving, the man instantly waves the spear in his hand and stabs it at the woman’s heart!

Liu Yi suddenly woke up with a startle!

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Chapter 1107   [Don’t go over]

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