MKW Chapter 1106


Chapter 1106  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
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Although Li Kai’s foundation is not firm enough, he is superior in innate talent and intelligence. His reactions are also very quick.

He learns from Liu Yi and keeps retreating to dodge Big Mouth’s kick. At the same time, he seizes opportunities to claw out with the Netherworld Thirteen Hand to counterattack.

Momentarily, Big Mouth is unable to obtain any advantage. Instead, his body is scratched up with numerous wounds.

The longer they fight, the more anxious Big Mouth becomes. The more anxious he becomes, the more he is unable to kick Li Kai.

“Ah!!! Full Moon Eighteen Dance!”

Big Mouth suddenly stops on the spot and starts kicking out continuously with both legs!

One crescent moon after another was swept out, which started flying all over the place.


Duan Chou pulls out the immortal sword that his disciple Wang Ming is carrying on his back before waving his hand.

Instantly a black sword curtain rises up and blocks those crescent moons that are flying all over the place, preventing his disciples from being injured.

While looking at Long San’s side, he does not care about his disciples. Some of his disciples were injured by the crescent moon, while others dodged them.

“Long San is still the same.”

Duan Chou cannot help but sigh, “He is not suitable to be the master of other people.”

After he had spoken finish, Big Mouth finally finished while Li Kai was also injured in some places, but since he had meticulously defended himself, none of the injuries were fatal.

Big Mouth pants. After all, he had just used a big attack; thus, he had used up quite a bit of strength.

A flash of vigor flashes across Li Kai’s eyes as he suddenly claws out, grabbing Big Mouth’s shoulder and claws out five blood holes on Big Mouth’s shoulder!


Big Mouth screams as he collapses onto the ground holding his shoulder.

Li Kai pants a few times before saying, “You have lost!”

Big Mouth’s forehead is covered with cold sweat as his face turns ashen.

“Long San, your people are defeated. Scram!”

Berated Duan Chou while Long San sneers.

“Among my subordinates, there has never been one who lost before. Black Dragon settle it.”

“Yes, master.”

A sturdy man instantly flashes forward and appears beside Big Mouth. He then raises his leg and kicks at Big Mouth’s head.

Big Mouth’s head was instantly separated from his neck by the kick, and blood was sprayed several meters into the sky before falling down.


Seeing this scene, Ying’er cannot help but cry out in fear.

“Long San!”

Duan Chou says in anger, “You are so ruthless towards your own disciples!”

“The weak are food for the strong.”

Long San smiles with cruelty, “People without strength do not have the right to exist. What I am doing is cleaning up some trash.”

With that, his gaze lands on the stunned Li Kai and says, “Black Dragon, dispose of that person as well!”


Black Dragon leaps forward and instantly appears in front of Li Kai. At the same time, his leg sweeps out at Li Kai’s head!

Li Kai still had not even reacted! Furthermore, even if he reacted in time, it is also hard for him to dodge this move! Black Dragon’s cultivation is countless times stronger than his!

At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly appears in front of Li Kai. At the same time, he grabs Black Dragon’s ankle with a single hand.

A dull sound rings out. Liu Yi did not even move the slightest bit while Black Dragon’s ankle is held firmly in his hands.


Long San got a shock while Black Dragon is also shocked. My leg strength is the highest in the dojo, and even my master does not dare to block it head-on. While this young disciple actually received it bare-handed?

“Your actions are too malicious. What is the point of having this leg? Let me keep it.”

With that, Liu Yi’s palm suddenly turns into Netherworld Thirteen Hand as his five fingers grab the ankle making him wail in pain.

Liu Yi pulled his hand backward, and Black Dragon’s thigh was torn off from his hip, and blood burst out.

Black Dragon screams in pain and falls to the ground.

This sight is very tragic. Because there is still the blood-curdling screeching sound, it is even more ghastly than Big Mouth, who lost his head.

This move from Liu Yi immediately intimidates all of Long San’s disciples! None of the remaining people dare to take action!

Fucking hell…this is too scary!

“Eldest Brother…”

Li Kai finally reacted as he looks at Liu Yi’s back in front of him as his gaze became complicated.

“Eldest Senior brother saved you!”

Ying’er hurried over and pulled Li Kai back to Duan Chou’s side.

“That’s right. Otherwise, your head would have moved house!” By the side, Wang Ying says, “It is all thanks to Eldest Senior Brother!”

Duan Chou also nods his head secretly while also feeling concerned. This time, Liu Yi undoubtedly will put forward some of his real power; perhaps our Netherworld Sect will become famous in Buddha Stupa City.

After thirty years and accepting some disciples, Duan Chou’s ideology had also gradually changed. Is becoming a master really that important?

Just like today, once we became famous, trouble will undoubtedly follow soon after. I am only a martial artist. Do I really have the spirit and energy to deal with so much trouble?

“Heaven cares for all living beings.”

While standing on the martial grounds, Liu Yi says faintly, “I do not wish to harm you; it is best for you all to leave immediately.”

The moment he said this, lots of Long San’s disciples had the urge to leave immediately. But they do not dare to because Long San is still here!

Long San roars in anger, “Talking big!”

He raises his leg and stomps on the ground fiercely. Instantly numerous cracks appear on the ground as numerous enormous stones fly up and pelt down at Liu Yi.

“This old fellow’s cultivation…. became stronger than before…”

Holding the sword, Duan Chou says, “Good disciple, let master teach him a lesson!”

His cultivation is almost the same as mine. Only I can fight against him now.

But Liu Yi says, “Why is there a need to let master take action! Let me teach him a lesson!”

With that, Liu Yi picks up the wooden sword on the shelf by the side and uses Netherworld Sword Technique.

Rays of black sword lights were swung out by him and smashed all of the stones in the sky. Upon seeing this, Long San pursues his brows, “Little kid, you have some abilities. It is wrong for you to stay in this small place. Why don’t you become my disciple?”

Duan Chou’s heart instantly moved as he muttered in his heart, it came!

Liu Yi laughs as he says, “My life was saved by my master. In this lifetime, I am master’s disciple. Long San, you are demented, and only those mentally disordered will be willing to be your disciple!”

“Wow, you are the one seeking death, so don’t blame me now!”

Long San yells as he springs forward and instantly appears in front of Liu Yi. He sweeps out with his leg, and that crescent moon is very beautiful. His skill is countless times higher than Black Dragon’s!

“Be careful!”

Seeing this, Duan Chou cannot help but feel greatly startled. I would find it hard to receive this move! Liu Yi’s situation is too dangerous!

But Liu Yi remains calm. He suddenly takes the initiative to take a step forward and kicks Long San on his stomach.

Long San was instantly kicked away and smashed onto the ground!

His astonishment is greater than his pain and finds it somewhat unfathomable. Was I kicked away by Duan Chou’s disciples? Furthermore, this move is my Moon Leg Technique!


Duan Chou cannot help but exclaim while the other disciples also praise.

Eldest Senior Brother is giving them face!

“Just now, I was careless. Now it is your death date!”

Long San does not believe that he was kicked away. He suddenly stood up before retreating a step back. He raises his left leg as the white light on the sole of his leg becomes bright and brighter.

This is his big move. He prepared to use this move to kill that kid!

While Liu Yi did not move from his spot. Instead, he put away the wooden sword and started forming seals.

“Netherworld Slave Technique!”

He points forward with two fingers as faint green flames suddenly ignited in front of him.

Ying’er exclaims, “Ah! It is Eldest Senior Brother’s Netherworld Slave Technique!”

“Don’t tell me that Eldest Senior Brother…wishes to use the lamp bearing imp to defeat Long San, right?” Li Kai exclaims, “Isn’t that seeking death!”

While soon, he is no longer speaking. Because what walked out from among the flame is not the lamp bearing imp but a two meters tall minotaur!

This minotaur is tall and sturdy, with red tattoos all over its body.

It lets out a roar causing the air itself to tremble.

It then stomps the ground, and cracks appear.

“Minotaur! Gods, it is actually a minotaur!”

Ying’er exclaims, “Didn’t master say that only by cultivating to the fourth layer of the sutra would one summon the minotaur? So, so Eldest Senior Brother had already cultivated the sutra to the fourth layer?”

By the side, Wang Ming did not say anything. He mutters in his heart; with just a look, this minotaur is clearly a high-rank god! If he had only just cultivated to the fourth layer, how could he have summoned such an awesome Netherworld Slave!

Clearly, Eldest Senior Brother’s sutra had long reached great heights!

“What a weird thing. Go and die!”

Long San kicks his leg as a palm-size crescent moon flies out!

Although this crescent moon looks very small, it might is very powerful. After all, Long San had gathered his qi for some time before creating it!

If it hits, it is likely that the entire residence will be completely obliterated!

While at this moment, that minotaur actually tosses its enormous ax.

The enormous ax was instantly tossed onto the crescent moon and clashed against the crescent moon.

An enormous white circle exploded in the air as the crescent moon, and enormous ax disappeared at the same time.


Long San got a huge shock as he did not expect that his huge move would be so easily extinguished.

While Liu Yi claps his hands and the minotaur extends its hand to the crack on the ground and pulls out another ax, and throws it at Long San.

Long San is shocked as he subconsciously raises his leg and kicks the ax.

The force behind the ax is huge, and it is not something that he can block.

His right leg is in indescribable pain and was injured by the enormous ax.

That enormous ax flies into the air and instantly drops down again, and was picked up by the minotaur.

Liu Yi smiles as he asks, “Still coming?”

When Long San sees this smile, it is like he had seen a devil!


“Then scram!”

Snorted Liu Yi, causing Long San to be frightened. He brings his group of disciples and runs out of the residence peeing in fear.

Liu Yi left behind a sentence causing Long San to nearly cry from fright.

“Tomorrow, send a signboard back! Otherwise, I will go and exterminate your Dojo!”

Isn’t it just a signboard! I will definitely send it!

Fucking hell! Is this really just a small dojo? Why is it scarier than a dragon’s den!

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Chapter 1106   [Fleeing in a wretched figure]

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