MKW Chapter 1105


Chapter 1105  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Second Senior Brother says loudly, “Let’s use the Netherworld Thirteen Hand then!”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Okay. But it is still best for us fellow apprentices to be lenient when exchanging blows. Let’s stop upon touching each other.”

Li Kai laughs, “Relax, senior brother. I will not harm you!”

With that, Li Kai suddenly takes the initiative by striking first and drooping forward a step, and immediately clawing out with a black palm at Liu Yi’s shoulder.

This claw is very fast and fierce, causing the surrounding disciples to exclaim.

Master always says that Second Senior Brother Li Kai is the most talented person in the sect, and that is indeed the case. He had only learned this move for less than a year, and this hand has been cultivated to the point of perfection!

If his hand claws on something, it is not a problem for his hand to break jade!

Liu Yi takes a step back and avoids Li Kai’s claw. But Li Kai is not surprised. Instead, he continued to wave forward his other hand.

Li Kai keeps clawing out at Liu Yi over and over.

Liu Yi kept retreating and finally knocked into the wall behind him.

Li Kai laughs loudly and claws at Liu Yi again and again.

Liu Yi lowered his head, and this claw from Li Kai scratched the wall instead, scratching out 5 holes on the wall!

The disciples behind cry out in alarm repeatedly as they say in their heart, this movie is impressive!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Liu Yi knocks his shoulder into Li Kai’s chest and knocks him retreating three steps.

Behind them, junior sister Ying’er clapped her hands and shouted, “Eldest Senior Brother is impressive!”

Li Kai steadied his center of gravity with great difficulty and stared inconceivably at his senior brother. “You…”

Liu Yi stands there and says, “Junior brother. Although your comprehension is not bad, your fundamentals are not solid enough. Furthermore, you were too eager to attack earlier, thus exposing your flaws. Thus, my counterattack went smoothly.”

Hearing Liu Yi’s lecture, Li Kai is unwilling. But what Liu Yi says is reasonable; thus, he can only lower his head and concede.

Liu Yi is the senior brother and continues to lecture Li Kai, “Second Junior Brother. You should practice more daily and stop rubbing heads together with your junior sister. If this goes on, it will be hard for your cultivation to improve.”

“Big Senior Brother! What are you saying!”

Junior sister stomps her feet, “What you just said is like it was all due to me wasting Second Senior Brother’s time; that is why his cultivation is not so good!”

Liu Yi hurriedly says, “It’s not, it’s not…that…that…alas…”

He does not know how to explain and only feels that his mouth is very clumsy.

“Hmph, Big Senior Brother is most hateful!”

Ying’er pouts and rolls her eyes at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi looked weary and did not know what to say.

“That, junior sister…what do you want…”

The youngest junior sister says vivaciously, “Hehe, I want Senior Brother to teach me moves that you are good at! I heard master say that Eldest Senior Brother is the best at sword techniques. Why don’t you teach me!”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “Cannot.”

Junior sister snorts, “Hmph, Eldest Senior Brother is being petty!”

Liu Yi hurriedly waved his hand, “It is not Eldest Senior Brother being petty, but one must major in a cultivation path. Although Netherworld Demonic Technique has three schools of techniques, either you are a martial cultivator, a dao cultivator, or a spirit cultivator. You cannot be all of the above. Junior sister. you are a spirit cultivator; thus, you should cultivate your Netherworld Slave Technique.”

Junior sister says in dissatisfaction, “Hmph, then why does senior brother know everything then!”

“That is why senior brother is not an expert in anything.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, and he says, master’s words back then were indeed wise.

“Senior brother does not wish to let you become like this. You are master’s last disciple.”

Duan Chou has a total of four disciples. Liu Yi is the eldest. Second is the proud and arrogant Li Kai. Followed by Wang Ming, but his body is very weak and is sickly. He hardly steps out to move about now. The youngest is Ying’er which is Duan Chou’s last disciple.

Duan Chou also hardly shows his face. The rest of the disciples’ cultivation techniques were imparted by Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s skills are very solid. Although back then, all of his cultivation was sucked away, Erlang Shen does not know that Liu Yi has a treasure called Heaven Dragon Mausoleum in his body.

During these thirty years, under the nourishment from Heaven Dragon Mausoleum, his cultivation had already recovered back to the fourth sun jade. This is under the state where Liu Yi does not know that he possesses the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum. If he took the initiative to revolve it, by now, he would have recovered back to 7 sun jades.

A single sun jade is already very impressive. Liu Yi’s cultivation has already broken through the heaven stage. But due to Duan Chou’s single sentence back then, Liu Yi had never displayed his real strength. Even Duan Chou does not know that his disciple’s cultivation had long exceeded his.

“Then senior brother, give me advice on my Netherworld Slave Technique!”

Ying’er still did not let off Liu Yi, “My lamp bearing imp is only so big…wuwuwu, it instantly dies from being stepped on!”

“That is because your cultivation has still not matured yet.”

Liu Yi smiles, “No matter if it is the sword technique or thirteen hands or Netherworld slave technique, all of them uses Netherworld Demonic Technique as its base. Junior sister, let me ask you which layer have you cultivated your technique to?”

Ying’er is bashful as she replies, “Only cultivated to the second layer…”

Liu Yi nods his head, “That’s right. The lamp bearing imp that a second layer can summon is only so big.”

Ying’er nods her head while Li Kai, by the side, mutters, “My own cultivation is only at the first layer! Netherworld Slave Technique can only summon lamp bearing imp while thirteen hands can only use the first hand while for the sword technique, one can only use the first sword…hmph…”

Ying’er pouts, “What do you know. Didn’t you still lose to Eldest Senior Brother!”

Li Kai defended himself, “It, it is because my fundamentals are not firm yet!”

“Tsk, isn’t that Eldest Senior Brother told you earlier!”

Ying’er gives her Second Senior Brother a look of disdain.

“Even Third Senior Brother is stronger than you!”

“That invalid…”

Of Duan Chou’s four disciples, Liu Yi knows all techniques while Li Kai was taught the Netherworld Thirteen Hand. Wang Ming was taught the Netherworld Sword Technique. As for the youngest Ying’er, what she was taught is the Netherworld Slave Technique.

As for the rest, Duan Chou no longer imparts his techniques to them to avoid inconvenience. His plan is very good. Let the four of them be his four big disciples and then let them spread the technique down to other disciples; that way, the sect will slowly become bigger.

Outside several artisans are working on changing the board. The original three large words ‘Netherworld Martial Dogo’ turn into two large golden characters, ‘Netherworld Sect.’

Several people who pass by outside cannot help but start discussing spiritedly when they saw the changed board.

“Wow, isn’t it a dojo? Why did it change?”

“Looks like they plan to establish a sect!”

At this moment, a group of people wearing navy blue attire rushes over.

The disciple at the head is a man with a bucktooth. He points at the newly hanged up board and says, “Master, master. It is here!”

Behind him is a middle-aged man wearing a brocade gown. His hands are behind his back as he looks at that board and says with a sneer, “A lousy dojo dares to establish a sect! Big Mouth, smash this board for master.”

“As you wish!”

Big Mouth nods his head and suddenly leaps three meters into the air and kicks that board.

That board instantly breaks into pieces and falls onto the ground.

When the people in residence heard this sound, they were all shocked.

Ying’er asked curiously, “What is going on?”

“Why is there such a commotion?”

“Let’s go out and take a look.”

Just as Li Kai is about to leave the residence, the gate was suddenly pushed open as numerous people in navy blue attire charge in.

The moment Big Mouth entered, he yelled, “Is there anyone in charge? Come out!”

Liu Yi immediately sees the fragmented board outside of the gate. He immediately frowned and asked, “Who are you?”

“Who are we?” The middle-aged man laughs, “Bigmouth, tell him who we are!”

“There is no harm telling you guys. Very good, we are the largest dojo of the Buddha Stupa City. Longshan Dojo! Your dojo snatched business and also wishes to establish a sect? What a joke. Who do you think you are?”

“Who is making noise outside!”

At this moment, Duan Chou, as well as the sickly Wang Ming, walks out together. Seeing the group of people, they immediately frown.

“Long San. It is you?”

“Hahaha, Duan Chou, it’s been a long time since we last met. You are still alive?”

That middle-aged man called Long Shan laughs as he gives Duan Chou a look of disdain.

“All thanks to you, I am living very well!”

Duan Chou’s gaze is filled with hatred.

“What is your intention! You dared to smash my signboard as well!”

“My goodness. I thought that this place of yours should long be closed down and I didn’t expect that it can still be opened. That is why I helped you out and took a signboard for you to prevent it from being smashed by others in the future.”

Long San’s smile is asking for a beating.

Li Kai’s temper is not very good. Hearing this, he immediately roars and charges up, “Damn it. You bastards think that my Netherworld Sect is that easy to bully?”

“This is not a place for you to butt in.” Long San raises his eyebrow and orders, “Big Mouth, slap him!”

“Yes, master!”

Big Mouth nods his head and immediately rushes up in front of Li Kai. He then slaps out his hand at Li Kai’s face.


Li Kai finds it disdainful as he takes a step back, letting Big Mouth’s slap swing into the air.

At the same time, his shoulder bumped forward and knocked into Big Mouth’s chest, causing him to be knocked backward.

Ying’er instantly smiles, “Wow, Second Senior Brother learned rather fast!”

“Children can be taught!”

Duan Chou also nods his head in satisfaction.

Ying’er added, “That is all because Eldest Senior Brother taught very well!”

“Eldest Senior Brother is the most impressive one.”

Wang Ming’s gaze towards Liu Yi is full of worship. In the sect, other than Li Kai, who is rather arrogant, the rest of the people respect Liu Yi very much.

Li Kai says in delight, “Just this bit of skill, and you dare to come to provoke my Netherworld Sect? You are asking for trouble!”


Long San’s gaze turns cold, scaring Big Mouth to quickly climb to his feet and says, “Master. I was careless earlier!”

After which, he rushes at Li Kai as he shouts in anger, “Damn it! I let you be delighted earlier! Now it is time for me to display my full strength!”

With that, he closes in on Li Kai as his legs start kicking out!

Liu Yi immediately determines that this fellow practices leg martial arts. Like the ancient saying, ‘Hands are two sliding doors completely relying on legs to kick people.’ When one masters this leg technique, it’s might will be formidable.

When Big Mouth kicks out his leg, his leg will carry a silver light like he is waving out numerous moonlights!

This technique is formidable, and there appears to be some qi within it.

But in Liu Yi’s eyes, it is full of flaws.

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Chapter 1105   [Drop in to fight]

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