MKW Chapter 1104


Chapter 1104  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

Duan Chou has been growing up in Xihu Ox State since young.

He is different from the rest of the other immortals. Numerous immortals ascend to the Heaven Realm from the Human Realm while he slowly grew up in the Heaven Realm.

Duan Chou has always been smart. He always had a thought, and that is to set up his own sect and become a sect master in the Heaven Realm.

He finally managed to fulfill this after a thousand years.

Back then, Duan Chou had joined several sects and learned a number of techniques. But these were all superficial techniques, but Duang Chou is very smart and very talented. And stubbornly mastered these techniques via a comprehensive study of the surrounding areas and created his unique cultivation technique, Netherworld Thirteen Demonic Technique.

There are a total of three techniques in this Netherworld Thirteen Demonic Technique. One is Netherworld Sword Technique, the other is Netherworld Thirteen Hand, and the last one is Netherworld Slave Technique.

Duan Chou planned to establish his sect and accept some disciples and impart these techniques separately to them.

After all, cultivation is split into martial cultivators, dao cultivators, and spirit cultivators. His set of techniques includes all of them within.

Duan Chou’s ambition is vigorous, and he wishes to establish his sect on a big scale.

Within the Xihe Ox Sate’s Buddha Stupa City, he had used his entire life’s savings to buy a decently sized house with a courtyard before handing a board ‘Netherworld Martial Dojo’ on the entrance of this house.

After doing all of this, Duan Chou cannot even afford to hire a lion dance group. Within the house, there is only an old turtle slave to work as a servant and take responsibility for all of the housework.

Duan Chou is filled with confidence and waited an entire three days and nights while sitting inside the house.

In the end, not a single disciple came up to his door! And this caused Duan Chou to be gloomy.

“You watch the house. I’ll go out for a walk!”

Duan Chou is gloomy in his heart as he walks out of the residence. As he walks and walks, he soon reaches the coast.

Facing the ocean, the gloominess in his heart is stifled to the extreme. He cannot help but stand by the coast and roar towards the ocean.

“Could be it that I am destined to be unable to become a master! Ahhh!!!”

The sea surface remains tranquil, but Duan Chou becomes even more unhappy.

“Fucking reply! Do you dare give any reaction!”

Just as he had finished speaking, an enormous wave rose and alarmed Duan Chou!

This wave is several tens of meters high, which is shocking! If it crashes ashore, it might flood Buddha Stupa City!

Duan Chou’s skill is exceptional, and his thinking is even more rapid. He subconsciously retreats a few steps to prevent himself from being assaulted by the wave!

But when the wave arrived in front of him, it suddenly retreated back as a dripping wet man was left behind lying on the shore.

Among that retreating seawater, Duan Chou seems to faintly see an enormous black figure retreating along with it.

“Strange. Don’t tell me that it was the legendary Xumi Ocean Devil.”

Duan Chou mutters but did not take it seriously. His gaze lands on this man lying by the coast.

“Don’t tell me that he is dead?”

Duan Chou frowns, “Forget it. Meeting each other is a kind of fate. Let me save you.”

As Duan Chou speaks, he took out a small golden pill bottle from his sleeve. Within this pill bottle is a total of eight Rebirth Pills. As its name implies, it has the effect of raising someone from the dead.

These eight pills are Duan Chou’s treasure which he planned to use to save his life.

He is not stingy and grabs the man by his head before stuffing the pill bottle into his mouth.

The effect of the pill is very powerful. In less than the time to boil a pot of tea, that man vomited out seawater before slowly opening his eyes.

“Where…where am I?”

The man feels like the whole is spinning and everything around him is very foreign.

“This is the Buddha Stupa City. I am Duan Chou, who are you? Why were you washed up by the sea wave?” Asked Duan Chou.

“Who…who am I…”

The man held his head and only felt that his head was in indescribable pain.

“Urg…I, I….I am Liu Yi…who is Liu Yi…”

Liu Yi held his head. Other than his name, he is unable to recall anything else. Furthermore, all of the spirit beasts in his body, including Lin Tong, Meng Xi, were all sealed and are unable to help.

“Looks like you received an impact and lost your memories.”

Duan Chou sighs, “Seeing that you and I are linked by fate, you shall be my sect’s first disciple then. Liu Yi, are you willing to follow me?”

At this moment, Liu Yi is unable to recall anything. Although there are some fragments of memories, he is unable to piece them together.

Although his memories are no longer around, his intelligence is still there.

He has seen Duan Chou’s kind brows and pleasant eyes and nods his head.

“Thank you…”

“Call me master, in the future.”

Duan Chou pulls Liu Yi up to his feet, “I didn’t expect that the first disciple that I, Duan Chou, would have is a person who nearly lost his mind.”

Duan Chou lets out a bitter laugh before patting out with his hand, and Liu Yi’s clothes instantly become clean.

“So….so mystical…”

Seeing how his clothes turn clean and dry in a blink of an eye, Liu Yi is amazed.

Seeing how Liu Yi’s root and bone are not bad, Duan Chou asks, “Do you wish to learn it?”

[TL: how could his root and bone be bad lol]

“Yes!” Liu Yi becomes delighted as he tugs on Duan Chou’s arm, “Master…teach me!”

“You are quite clever.” Duan Chou nods his head, “Okay. Then follow me.”

Duan Chou brings Liu Yi, who was washed up by the seawater, back to his residence.

In this way, the Netherworld Martial Dojo finally has its first disciple, who is also Duan Chou’s first disciple, Liu Yi.

In the practice grounds, the old slave is sweeping the ground by the side. Duan Chou stuffs a wooden sword into Liu Yi’s hand while he holds an immortal sword.

“Good disciple. Let master first impart you the most powerful technique of this Netherworld Demonic Technique, the Netherworld Sword Technique.”

“Netherworld Sword Technique?”

Liu Yi’s eyes are filled with novelty.

“That’s right. Take a look!”

After finally obtaining a disciple with great difficulty, Duan Chou is anxious to impart his techniques to him; thus, he starts waving the immortal sword in his hand.

Instantly black Netherworld Qi wraps around the sword, and with a wave from Duan Chou, it immediately flies out and splits the wooden pile in front of him into two!

“Wow! So impressive!”

Liu Yi claps his hands, and Duan Chou strokes his beard in delight. He says with a smile, “This move is actually very difficult to cultivate. Your master spent countless time before managing to comprehend this move…”

The moment he starts speaking, Liu Yi already swings out his sword.

A black crescent blade flew out and sliced all of the wooden piles in front into two.

Duan Chou widened his eyes.

What the fuck!

This move that I used over ten years to comprehend was instantly learned by this conveniently picked-up disciple?

“How…how did you use it?”

“By watching master. After master used it, I knew how to use it.”


Duan Chou does not dare to believe it and feels that it is a coincidence that Liu Yi can learn this technique.

“Then give this Netherworld Thirteen Hand a try!”

With that, black qi suddenly wraps around Duan Chou’s palm as his entire right hand becomes like black jade. He then grabs an ion pillar by the side. A very clear handprint immediately appeared on that iron pillar.

“Let me try…”

With that, Liu Yi also claws out instantly, leaving behind 5 finger marks on that iron pillar.


Duan Chou does not dare to believe his own eyes, “Give this a try as well!”

With that, he starts creating seals and activates Netherworld Slave Technique!

He summons out an imp. This imp only reaches up to his knees and is holding a stone torch that is lit up with will-o-wisp. It is running in circles around Duan Chou.


Liu Yi’s eyes brighten up and form the seals as well.

A green ghost fire emerges as an imp holding a portable lamp walks out from inside while chirping.

Duan Chou’s eyes widen.

Fucking hell! Just how impressive of a disciple did the Heavens give me!

But this matter must not be known by other people. Otherwise, there will be trouble.

Duan Chou questions, “Liu Yi, have you cultivated before?”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “I don’t know…”

“Alas. Fine then. It is not like I will get answers from asking you.”

Duan Chou exhorts, “You are a gifted genius which is a good thing. But if outsiders know of this, they will snatch you away. At that time, you will not be able to become my disciple anymore.”

“That cannot do. It is master who saved me. I will only be master’s disciple.”

“So obedient. Then you must remember to never expose your martial arts in front of outsiders, do you understand. Just pretend that you are very stupid, okay?”

“Understood, master!”

Just like this, Liu Yi became Duan Chen’s disciple.


In a blink of an eye, thirty years had passed, and Netherworld Martial Dojo also starts to have more and more apprentices.

Within the residence training grounds, Liu Yi is guiding some external disciples to practice their skills.

Besides them, several young inner disciples are playing cheerfully.

A pretty girl extends her hand and forms seals as she removes her qi.

She points at the ground, and instantly, a group of green ghost fire emerges.

Soon a lamp-bearing imp walks out. But this imp is only the size of a fist as it runs around in circles.

“Junior sister is so impressive!”

One of the other disciples instantly praises, “You can summon out an imp on your first try! You are even more impressive than me!”

That junior sister’s face is red with shyness as she says, “How can I be compared to Second Senior Brother’s talent…”

“Hehe, junior sister, why doesn’t Second Senior Brother give you a one on one teaching?”

The junior sister says coquettishly, “Definitely not! Master said that you have too many flowery thoughts! I do not want you to teach me. I would rather let Eldest Senior Brother guide me!”

The Second Senior Brother sneers and glances at Liu Yi in the training grounds, “Eldest Senior Brother? Eldest Senior Brother’s strength is below mine!”

The junior sister is unconvinced as she says, “Master said before that although Eldest Senior Brother is not powerful, his skills are solid. Learning from him will be good.”

“Tsk. If you don’t believe it, then let me show you.”

With that, Second Senior Brother walks towards the training ground, and the junior sister is unable to block him.

The Second Senior Brother’s name is Li Kai. He walks in front of Liu Yi before shouting loudly, “Eldest Senior Brother!”

“What is the matter, junior brother?”

“Senior brother, I wish to spar with you!”

When the external disciples by the side heard this, they became delighted.

Like the nature of China people, they do not mind and enjoy watching a bustling scene!

Liu Yi nods his head, “Master had instructed before that it is a good thing for disciples of the same sect to swap pointers occasionally. May I know which technique does junior brother wishes to ask for advice?”

Glancing at the junior sister who is worried, Li Kai says, “There is no need to harm the ambiance between fellow apprentices. Let me ask for advice on the Netherworld Thirteen Hands!”

Netherworld Thirteen Hands is one of the most ruthless techniques in the sect. Although Li Kai put it in this manner, he had already revealed his ruthless thoughts.

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Chapter 1104   [Netherworld Thirteen Hand]

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