MKW Chapter 1103


Chapter 1103  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG

“Don’t go up…”

Chang’e pulls Liu Yi, “I…I suddenly feel unwell…”

Liu Yi laughs, “Fairy Chang’e, you are also a heaven realm cultivator. How is it possible that you are feeling unwell! Could it be that you are the same as ordinary folk who can fall ill?”

“Who says immortals…cannot fall sick!” Chang’e says coquettishly, “Could it be that you have not heard of celestial being five declines?”

It was like he had received a shock as Liu Yi says, “If it was the celestial being five declines, then this situation is bad! Why would I send you here, I should send you to the Yellow Springs.”

“Get lost!” Fairy Chang’e rolled her eyes at Liu Yi, “You are cursing me!”

“How is that possible! I am hoping that you can be well.”

Liu Yi says honestly, “Otherwise, why would I travel so far away to the Heaven Realm to escort you. I was living free and at leisure in the Human Realm.”

Fairy Chang’e understood that with Liu Yi’s strength, he could be a tyrant in the Human Realm.

If he wishes for it, his strength can change the structure of the Human Realm. His subordinates are also well-trained, powerful and can allow him to become the second Qin Shihuang, but he did not do so.

Is there any ambition in his heart?

If he is a man with ambition, why did he not accept it when the Heavenly Court offered to confer him as a marshal.

But if he is a man without ambition, why did he establish the Massacre Shrine?

I am unable to understand him…

But right now….am I really going to send this man to his death…

Chang’e hesitated.

But if I do not do this, I will become enemies with the Heavenly Court. The entire Heavenly Court will list me as wanted, and I will also be wiped out from the Immortal Record and become a mortal.

If that is the case, I will lose my eternal beauty and age swiftly before slowly dying from loneliness and cold…

Chang’e cannot help but shiver.

At this moment, a rough voice came from the tower, “Since you have come, why are you still not coming up?”

“The person up there knows that we have come.” Chen Cai raises his head to look, “Don’t tell me that it is a cat immortal?”

“If he is a cat immortal, does he use cat gravel or not?”

Liu Yi follows after and makes fun of it, causing Ye Hanshuang to roll her eyes.

“That’s enough f. Let’s hurry and send Chang’e up.”

“Okay, okay. Let’s go.”

Liu Yi doesn’t wish to waste time; thus, he leads the way and brings Chang’e and the rest up.

The tower is several tens of stories high. If it was an ordinary person, it is likely that they will vomit blood climbing up halfway. But they are cultivators; thus, this is nothing to them.

After climbing for half an hour, they finally reach the top of the tower.

The scene at the top of the tower is not bad. By the side is the Xumi Ocean, and they can see the seascape.

Liu Yi says in his heart. This kind of building will be a sea view room in the Human Realm. Its price would be super expensive!

“Not a cat immortal. Too sorrowful…”

Seeing the old man with white hair but a youthful complexion, Chen Cai became disappointed.

Liu Yi thinks, does he really think that he is entering the world of manga?

“Chang’e, who is this person?”

That old man recognizes her.  

“This person is called Liu Yi. He is the person who is here to protect me.”

The old man points at a chair in front of him and says calmly, “So that is the case. Please sit.”


Liu Yi walks over and sits down casually.

The old man waves his hand, and a teacup immediately flies over from the side. He drank a mouth of immortal tea before asking Liu Yi, “Liu Yi, do you know why Chang’e wanted to bring you here?”

By the side, Chang’e expressions turn slightly ugly.

Liu Yi says, “She says that this place is the safest.”


The old man laughs, “This place is indeed the safest place. Because the entire Nanzhan Section State is very unusual. This place has a natural qi field that can affect the qi of all cultivators. Back then, all of the cultivators in the Nanzhan Section State were affected by it and found it challenging to cultivate. Later on, the Heavenly Court decided to improve this kind of situation; thus, they constructed a Sealing Wave Tower here in this place to suppress this qi field. While the place where you are sitting at, is the place where this qi field is the most intense. You have all of your qi sealed already!”


Liu Yi abruptly stands up as his qi and blood rush up to the top. A feeling of powerlessness bubbles up.


That old man extends his hand towards Liu Yi and points as a sealing mark appears on Liu Yi, making him unable to move!

At this instant, Ye Hanshuang and the rest turn pale with fright.

“Die demon!”

Ye Hanshuang is the first to take action as she wishes to kill this old man.

The old man waves his hand as an energy barrier rises, blocking the rest of them.

This energy barrier is very powerful, and they are unable to break it momentarily!

Liu Yi is not stupid and understood the situation.

His heart became heavy as he asks the old man, “Who are you?”

“Hahaha, take a look.”

The old man waved his hand in front of his face, revealing his original appearance.

“Erlang Shen! Yang Jian!”

Liu Yi’s heart trembles; damn it, I overplayed myself this time!

Erlang Shen roars, “Chang’e, you are still not taking action?”

Chang’e hesitated but did not step forward.

Seeing this, Erlang Shen roars again, “Chang’e could it be that you wish to be removed from the Immortal Record?!”

Chang’e eyes turn red as she suddenly runs over to Liu Yi’s side before kissing him on his lips.

Liu Yi jolted, but before he had time to enjoy Chang’e kiss, his qi within his body started to go out of his control and crazily flowed towards Chang’e body.

As for Chang’e, she is holding a small golden spheroid in her right hand. The spheroid is filled packed with engraved seal language. This golden spheroid is also rotating, forming a strange vortex that is sucking away Liu Yi’s cultivation.

Ye Hanshuang and the rest are hitting the energy barrier continuously, but this energy barrier is very firm. No matter how they attack, they are unable to break it.

Almost in a blink of an eye, all of the cultivation within Liu Yi’s body was sucked into the golden spheroid, and nothing was left!

Erlang Shen is delighted and pushes Chang’e away. He grabs that small spheroid and swallows it.

Instantly, that eye on Erlang Shen’s brow opens on its own as a golden light erupts from his body!

This surge of power is very powerful and breaks the barrier into pieces!

Ye Hanshuang and the rest rush in immediately and start attacking Erlang Shen.

Erlang Shen laughs as golden light sweeps out from his third eye, blasting away Ye Hanshuang and the rest!

Erlang Shen’s current strength had forcibly entered the 4th layer of heaven!

All of Liu Yi’s cultivation was consumed by him allowing his strength to fight against Gods and Buddhas who are at the 4th layer of heaven!


Chang’e suddenly jumps up and slaps a palm at Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi instantly crashes through the window and flies out, falling into the Xumi Ocean below.

Seeing this, Pearl immediately jumps out while the other people glance at each other before jumping out of the window as well.

Liu Yi’s safety is the most important!

But no one knows why did an enormous wave suddenly rise from the sea surface, instantly swallowing up Liu Yi’s figure.

[TL: any guesses on who it could be?]

“Liu Yi!”


Ye Hanshuang and the rest scream as horror filled with eyes.

Something…something happened to Liu Yi!

This man who had never had any fear and is able to support both heaven and earth…actually met such a huge accident!

Ye Hanshuang and the rest immediately go along the sea surface and start searching for Liu Yi.

But where to find Liu Yi in this endless ocean?

At this moment, Chang’e is kneeling blankly in front of the window as she looks at the distant sea surface. It is like she had become a statue.

Behind her, Erlang Shen raises his neck and laughs loudly towards the sky.

“Hahahaha, I, Erlang Shen, will be undefeatable from now on!”

As he speaks, his eyes suddenly land on the back view of Chang’e.

Erlang Shen immediately walks over with wide steps and pulls Chang’e up before saying, “Chang’e, right now my strength is through the sky. When we go back, I will tell uncle to betroth you to me!”

Chang’e smiles darkly, “Yo wish to marry me, but I do not wish to get married.”

“Why?” Erlang Shen does not understand, “Right now, I am the strongest in the Heavenly Court!”

“Strongest in the Heavenly Court? Perhaps.”

Chang’e says with ridicule, “Relying on strength that was stolen, so what if you are the strongest? When have I, Chang’e, not seen powerful people before? Hou Yi is a great shaman and the strongest. But right now, I don’t have any feelings for him.”


Erlang Shen is enraged, “I understand now. You are still concern about Liu Yi! Damn it! Like I had expected! With the two of you being together daily, you guys might have some sparks! Hmph, I shall go and kill that trash and destroy your longing!”

“You will not be able to kill him.” Chang’e suddenly smiles, “On the contrary, I feel that one day, he will come back.”

Erlang Shen says in disdain, “Nonsense! He is trash; what can he do!”

“He’s not trash. He is a powerful man.”

Chang’e says firmly, “He is the strongest person whom I have met. If he can come back one day, I, Chang’e, will marry him!”

Erlang suddenly lets out a roar of anger. A powerful shockwave erupts out, causing the tower to be lifted up and smash into the ocean.

“I am going to kill him and destroy this thought of yours! You are destined to be with me! Not only am I going to obtain your body, but I am also going to obtain your heart!”

As Erlang Shen speaks, he immediately jumps off the tower.

His strength had reached the 4th layer of heaven and had already broken the limit of the Heaven Realm. He starts flying around the sky and flipping the sea seeking Liu Yi’s figure!

But it is like Liu Yi had disappeared, and not even a single shadow of him can be found.

“Damn it!!! Where did he go!”

Erlang Shen did not give up and opened his third eye and kept scanning the sea surface.


At the same time, Ye Hanshuang and the rest are also looking for Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is their pillar; thus, they must find him!

Chang’e continues to kneel in the tower as she looks at the ocean and says faintly, “Liu Yi….you must survive…I will be waiting for you in the Heavenly Court…waiting for you to come back and marry me.”

The voice flies with the wind and floats above the sea surface. But who knows if Liu Yi can hear it.

The wind rises, and clouds gather. Xumi Ocean is no longer calm as it surges.

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Chapter 1103   [Wait for you to marry me]

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  1. The readers of this site hate Ma Yixuan, but what I really hate is Chang’er. She sell the MC and destroy all his power, just because she was afraid of losing her immortal beauty?

    And does she still try to act like a young maiden wronged, who waits for the MC to come back and ‘save’ her? … Hypocritical bitch…


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